Welcome to one of the tortures my muse subjects me to when I don't write often enough. I do hope you enjoy it.

To be clear, this is absolutely NOT canon to either of my main stories. If anything, it might be a bit closer to the original Zootopia story-line, with some GhostRider added in for extra flavor.

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Nick mounted his bike, thinking furiously. Just what he didn't need right then was some evil souls wandering around and he didn't have time to hunt them down. That said, they'll be following him around so he should be able to hopefully pick them off. Time would tell, and he was late starting out thanks to the interruption.

Crossing the invisible line into the true wilds, Nick rode for several hours, periodically checking his maps and GPS location. Finally stopping in the early afternoon he set up the charger for the bike in a clearing with a good few hours of sun left and had a ration. As he was sitting on a fallen log, the senses he had for evil souls in his vicinity started tingling, something he had picked up after being possessed by Zathros for so long.

He knew the soul was nearby, and likely one of his new minders. He also knew he didn't want to have them around, and at no point had Blackheart said he had to tolerate them either. Plus, if he tagged them for Mephisto and sent them back to hell, they likely couldn't tattle on him for doing it.

Focusing, Nick invoked his chains, but only his chains. It took a lot of effort to do, since he wasn't otherwise transforming. He snaked them through the shadow of the log he was sitting on towards the soul. All he needed to do was ensnare the soul with his chain.

The soul growled at Nick. "What are you doing? You need to keep moving."

Nick turned to look towards the soul that was standing only a dozen meters from him. "I have to charge my bike so I can actually make it all the way there. Or would you rather I walk?"

"Just transform and ride that way. Nothing will mess with you and you'll be there in hours."

"You seem eager for me to succeed."

"Your success means our continued freedom from hell, so yeah. So just transform already."

"Can't. Sun's out."

The soul rolled its eyes. "That's not true. You're not evil, and technically neither is the demon that possesses you. Means the sun isn't a limitation unless you let it be one."

Nick stood, fully facing the soul. "Is that so?" Nick then transformed with a wicked grin. "Well, what do you know?" The chains snapping suddenly around the soul, wrapping around it."

The soul screamed in rage. "What are you doing? You need to get the contract."

Stepping up to the soul, Rider chuckled darkly. "So yeah, it seems I can be like this in the sun. I appreciate the information. However, it takes a lot more to maintain, so I'm gonna let my demon feed on you before we send you back to hell. Though you don't have to worry, you won't belong to Blackheart anymore. Look into my eyes!"

The soul screamed as the hellfire from Rider quickly encased and seemed to consume the soul. Rider quickly returned to his normal state. He wasn't kidding, that took a lot of effort to maintain. He might be able to do it, but it was something he quickly filed away for emergencies only.

WIth that done, Nick checked the charge on his bike, and seeing it topped up, he put things away and got back on the move. After several more hours Nick made camp. It was taking longer than he really wanted it to, but the terrain being what it was, and the need to constantly stop to check his position, meant he wasn't making nearly as good time as he wanted. That said, he was still well within what he had planned for.

Setting two of the sparrow drones up for patrols with proximity alerting, he set up his tent and tried to get some rest. Getting up in the middle of the night, he swapped out the drones for fresh ones, putting the first two to charge. He woke up just before dawn when his senses went off again. Exiting the tent he found another soul, but this one seeming to be at the center of a small dust devil.

"What are you doing? Why are you wasting your time sleeping! You need to hurry up!"

Transforming, as it was still well before dawn, Nick and Rider growled. "You don't seem to get it. What Blackheart is doing is not how things work." His chains snapping out but passing through the soul.

Laughing, the soul picked up several large rocks and hurled them at Rider. "Fool! You can't touch me with your chains. I am the air itself. I am the whirlwind!"

With that the small cyclone that the soul seemed to be at the center of expanded, picking up larger and larger objects and flinging them at Rider. In response, Rider started spinning his chains, lanced out so they acted like a corkscrew, forming his own cyclone of sorts. The soul screamed in rage, trying to fight against the suction Rider was creating.

Rider laughed wickedly. "You are far more powerful now than when you died. However, you are still just a damned soul that belongs in hell, and it is quite literally my job to catch you and send you back. So…" The cyclone Rider created having fully captured the soul, but not able to draw them all the way to him, ignited with the hellfire from his chain's, becoming an inferno that quickly consumed the soul. Once gone, the wind the soul had created dissipated.

Frowning, Rider shook his head and cast his senses wide. There was a massive miasma of evil in the direction he was heading. It was powerful enough to sense at such a distance that shocked Rider, although Zathros just seemed to grunt in acknowledgement of that fact. Beyond that, he couldn't really sense any evil soul or anything else nearby.

With that, and it being just before dawn, he knew trying to get any more rest was pointless. He reverted to his normal state and began cleaning up his camp site, ate something and got ready for the last leg before he got to the town itself. Some six hours later, he found himself at the base of the mountain the town was on the other side of. In truth, the town sat in a bowl-like valley surrounded by mountains.

Checking his map, Nick located the pass, sort of, that broke through the mountains. Based on the satellite images he had pulled up, it was a stream fed by the small lake on the inside of the bowl. It was actually a really smart, defensible location to put a town. Good water source, clear of a lot of trees inside the bowl, but decent enough sun to allow small-scale farming, while the mountains themselves had lots of trees to provide the lumber needs of a small town. If he didn't know what had happened there, Nick would have been surprised to not find a thriving town.

Deciding to camp at the outlet of the stream, he turned his bike and rode for another two hours. As he set up camp, Nick thought with some surprise that he hadn't had any really significant issues thus far, save for the souls left behind by Blackheart. As his senses detected multiple evil souls approaching suddenly, he chastised himself for tempting Murphy, even in the privacy of his own mind.

Knowing he only had a few minutes, he quickly found a hide between a large boulder and the cliff that made up one side of the pass through which the stream cut. Stashing his bike there, he used a light to quickly confirm that there was no apparent access through the other end, at least not without digging. He then slung the DemonFox over his back and readied the BlackWolf.

He carefully launched a pair of sparrow drones, setting them for an initial high altitude recon of the area, then having them slowly work their way down until they located the mammals approaching. He knew from his sense that they were not souls like he had taken down during lunch. These were actual mammals, they were not nice people, and they likely knew he was there but not that he knew they were coming.

Whoever they were, they were not being quiet, even if he hadn't sensed them coming, he would have heard them. They were literally just smashing their way through the brush. If anything, it didn't sound like they were quite sure how to walk in their bodies. They sounded more like they were just lumbering.

Deciding that he wanted to be slightly more subtle, given his apparent opponents, Nick switched to the DemonFox from the BlackWolf. The BlackWolf still slung in a ready position on his back. As he waited, he quietly screwed a suppressor onto the DemonFox. Slipping in a set of the smart earplugs and his smart ClearBlue flash suppressing goggles.

Checking the video feed from the sparrows, he found they had located what was approaching him. Four wolves, three moose, and a sheep. However, they were not moving like normal mammals. Their movements were jerky, almost mechanical, and they looked very dead. Locating himself on the video by having the drone fly up until he was able to see the stream and the boulder he was hiding beneath, Nick checked the other sparrow. Confirming that there were no other mammals, he slunk out of his hide and around behind the apparently undead mammals.

One of the wolves that still seemed kinda lively spoke, though its voice was clearly problematic. "Fox. We do not come to harm thee. We wish only to welcome you."

Nick spoke from where he was on a boulder above and behind them, crouched and sighted in on the moose. "Is that so? Then what's with the big blades?"

"They for to protect you."

Nick chuckled. "Riiiight. And I'm the Zootopian ape."

"We do not know what ape is."

"Tell me this. Why are you moving like you don't know how to use that body anymore? How come the sheep looks like he's walked right off the set of the Walking Dead?"

"What is this?"

Deciding he wasn't going to waste time explaining TV to what he suspected was an evil soul possessing the body of some unfortunate mammal. Nick switched his aim to the worst looking of them, the sheep, and put two rounds in its head. Something that did not immediately drop the animal "Yeah, y'all ain't real mammals anymore, are you."

"What you do?" The wolf asked.

"I shot the clearly undead sheep in the head, twice, and he's still standing. Ain't nothing normal about that." Switching to one of the wolves that looked very dead. Nick put two rounds in its head and one through its chest. It also did not fall. "Yeah, don't know exactly what y'all is, but normal mammals you are not."

Nick quickly safed the DemonFox and swapped to the BlackWolf. He then swapped in the magazine loaded with the ARC Fragmentation slugs and Hellfire incendiary. The wolf that was speaking now seemed upset, perhaps angry. "You no do this. We no hurt you. We protect you. We protect all in town."

"So, you are the sentries. You find unsuspecting mammals, draw them back, willingly or not, to the town so you can add them to your number or possess their bodies, maybe both?"

"You not know this. Cannot. You die now."

Charging the BlackWolf, Nick sneered. "Doubtful. I have far too much to live for. You, on the other hand, are already dead I suspect. Which means, I'm going to have to do enough damage to these bodies to force you to vacate them."

He then put an explosive round into the sheep and the following incendiary into the wolf he'd already shot. The sheep became a scattering of clearly rotted chunks of mutton, and the wolf did not last long as it burned up from the inside out. He then put an explosive round into the first moose, the next incendiary into another wolf, and the next explosive into another moose. He repeated the process with another wolf and moose pair, leaving just the talkative wolf left.

He watched as the evil souls left the now destroyed bodies, joining up with the soul that clearly possessed the wolf. These were clearly not normal souls. Hopping down off the boulder, Nick approached the last wolf that now had eight souls in its body. As he approached, he could sense a ninth soul.

That ninth soul wasn't evil, and clearly suppressed, the body still actually alive. Seeing as they were in the deep shadow of the trees and mountain, Nick shifted into Rider. His chains encircling and binding the wolf. "You will all leave the body of this wolf, or I will burn you out."

"We will not. He belongs to us, just as the others do. He signed. He agreed. He is not innocent."

"No, he may not be, but unlike you, he is not evil, and clearly his agreeing and signing was done without truly free choice. Release him."

"You hold no power over us, Demon!"

Opening his jaw like a snake, much as he had done with the tiger those many years ago and many times before and since. The hellfire reaching out from his open maw and flaring up from his chains. The souls screamed in an odd harmonic as all eight did so with the same voice before being pulled into Riders flaming maw.

After a few seconds, only the original soul of the wolf remained. Carrying the wolf back to where he was going to set up camp, Rider quickly tied up the wolf. The soul may not be evil, but there is no telling how sane, or not, they would be when they finally woke from such a nightmare. Once that was done, he transformed back to himself and set about making camp

While he waited for the wolf to wake up, Nick charged the two sparrows he had used and launched the other two to keep watch on the area. About an hour later, as Nick was eating, the wolf woke up, screaming. This came as a shock to Nick and he ended up choking on his bite. After coughing it up, Nick looked up at the wolf. "Damn, dude. You'd think after being possessed for that long, you'd know how to not wake up screaming."

Looking around wildly the wolf gasped again, panting heavily. "What? I… What?" Where am I?"

Nick looked over the wolf. "Okay, let's start simple then. Name?"

"Kyle Jarrel."


"Twenty three."

"What year is it?"

"What year? Weird question."

"Look, Kyle. You have been possessed by a very evil spirit for the gods only knows how long. Knowing what year you think it is helps me, and you, understand how long you have been possessed."

"Where is that… Thing? It tortured me."

"I have no doubt of that. Your screams and agony likely fueled it, kept it fed, as it were. So yeah, not shocking. Now… What year?"

Kyle looked at Nick like he was crazy. "Honestly, I'm not sure."

"Okay, what song was popular when you came out here?"

"Oh, that's easy. Eweverly Brothers, Dream. Such a great song."

Nick pulled out his phone and then pulled up the song on Ewetube, very glad he had included the extra cost for unlimited satellite data stream. "This song?" After a few moments, the wolf nodded, staring at Nick's phone in confusion.

"What is that?"

Nick smirked at Kyle. "Oh, this? Just the latest Zoogle Pixel 24. I hate to break it to you, old mammal, but you are over a hundred years old. It would seem that, unlike the others, or maybe them too and they were just older, the soul possessing you, kept you alive. Once you recover, you'll age normally again. Although you will have a lot of catching up to do. What possessed you to come out here anyway? Were you prospecting? Looking to set up a homestead?"

"Me and a bunch of my friends were out here looking for the treasure of San Bengalis. The legends say that, before the town was raised, they had amassed a huge fortune in gold and gems. Things that they didn't retrieve when they burned the town. One of my friends managed to locate some maps from before the town was reduced to anything but rumor and legend."

Nick nodded. "And you decided to ignore the warnings and seek out your fortunes. In exchange, you earned yourself more than a century of possession by an evil spirit of San Bengalis and a one way trip into the future. You managed to miss the horrors of the Bellwether administration. Never had to wear a collar, or watch your mate and pups do the same. I wonder how many others were taken in by the evil of this town for the same reason."

Giving Nick a nasty look. "And what, are you, as a simple fox, going to do? You'll be possessed in moments."

"Well, first of all, I am immune to possession by such evil spirits, as I already have a demon hitching a ride. Which answers your question as to where that soul is. It, and the other evil souls, got a one way ticket to hell and the ownership of the duke of hell that I have a deal with. Which is how I come to be possessed by a demon."

Kyle's eyes got wider to the point of panic. "You're possessed by a demon? That's worse than what I went through."

Nick shrugged. "Not really. Zath isn't what you are thinking of. While he is a demon, he is also an aspect of sorts. He's a demon or spirit of Righteous Vengeance and Justice. So, as I'm a cop back in Zootopia, it works out for both of us. He feeds on the evil mammals do, so he gets to feed off the drug dealers, gangsters, etc… that I take in. In exchange, I get to be essentially bullet proof."


Shifting, Nick gave Kyle a skeletal and flame enwrapped grin. "Oh, I'm quite sure." Shifting back as Kyle started screaming. Nick laughed hard enough to hold his gut, and resulted in Kyle glaring at him hatefully. "Oh gods, that never gets old."

"That was terrifying, not funny."

"You didn't get to see your face. Now, if I cut you free, are you going to behave?"

"You're a fox, possessed by a demon, and unless I misunderstand what I'm seeing, are armed to the fangs." Seeing Nick's nod. "Yeah, not going to cause you trouble."

Nodding, Nick untied Kyle then offered him some food. While Kyle ate, he swapped out the sparrows for the freshly charged ones. Something that had Kyle watching in rapt fascination. "You're wondering what those were?"

"Yeah. Some sort of tiny flying machine?"

Nick nodded again with a grin. 'Yep. Top of the line sparrow drones. Now, Kyle. I'm willing to escort you back to civilization. However, I have some things I have to do in San Bengalis first. So you may be stuck here for a few days."

"I want nothing to do with this place. I don't care how much treasure is there. And I need to get away from here before another spirit decides to take up residence in my body."

"Well, that is at least something I can relieve your concerns about. You'll be essentially immune to possession by just about anything for several months, and even then, most things that would be able to do so won't be interested in you. You are, used goods, as it were. Besides, your body wouldn't last long. Possession is actually pretty hard on the body. That you're as old as you are indicates that the soul that possessed you liked the body and wanted to keep it up. It therefore made sure to eat, and do all the other things of life. Also, it willed you to remain young, or at least younger. Even then, you look like you're approaching fifty, not a tender twenty five."

"I suppose that is reassuring. So you expect me to just wait here?"

"You could follow me, or you could venture out into the wilds and hope to find your way back to civilization. The nearest town is at least four days walk from here, and that is just to get to the logging camp that I stayed in. It's another two days walk to the town proper." Pointing. "Generally that direction. Without a map, you could easily miss the town and, well… I suppose you might find a town once you hit the ocean and pick a direction. That is, however, a good two months' walk."

Kyle nodded. "Yeah. I think I will wait here then."

"Smart. So, I'm going to get some rest. I will be starting out very early in the morning and head for the town. Once I get there, I'll take care of my business, and then come back for you. Have some sense. Do not agree to any deals. I'm offering to escort you back as an officer of the law."

Kyle shook his head. "This is insane. I guess I will wait here for you, at least until the food runs out."

With that, Nick climbed up a tree and slept for a few hours. Waking, he jumped down, finding Kyle keeping watch. "Not sleeping?"

Kyle shook his head. "I… I can't sleep. I tried. Every time I close my eyes, I get visions of what was done by my body while I wasn't in control."

Nick nodded. "Ah. Yeah, sorry. Didn't think to warn you about that. Unfortunately, you will remember just about everything that happened while you were possessed. Being possessed doesn't stop the normal body processes, including the brain storing memories. You'll be able to tell the memories made while you were possessed and those that are natively yours. That won't however mean that you are not going to need counseling. It's one of the reasons I wanted to escort you. As I said, I'm a cop in Zootopia, and the fact that I have a demon along for the ride is a known thing. I can get you hooked up with some mammals that will be able to help you deal with it all, and the memories."

Kyle looked at Nick in surprise. "And you're not asking anything in exchange?"

"Nope. Just that you wait here so that I can help you when we head back to civilization. On that note, I'm heading out. Any information you have about what I can expect?"

Kyle shook his head. "I… None of the memories make sense."

"Wouldn't happen to know where the contract is stored?"

Kyle laughed. "Yeah, actually. There is a very strong memory for that. It's in the church." Taking on a look of confusion and horror. "Yeah. It's in the church, and that is in the center of town. There are hundreds of mammals there, Nick. Most look like they're about to fall over because they don't look alive anymore. There are also a few newer ones. I guess, try not to kill those that could be saved like me. There is also a whole mess of pups, kits, and others. Young mammals that haven't been converted yet. … Oh gods! They… They eat the ones that refuse to join. They use the bodies they possess to create more. Oh gods… I have so many pups… Pups that are not old enough. Pup that were and refused. That I… Oh gods… I ate them, Nick."

Nick grabbed Kyle and shook him. "That wasn't you! Take in the feeling of the memory, it's detached, like a memory that isn't actually yours. Because it isn't. You were not in control. You are not at fault, and if there are kits in that town, I will do all I can to save them. That's what I do. That's what my demon does. He may be a demon, but he's one of the good guys."

Kyle took several shuddering breaths before nodding. "Yeah. The memories are weird. Like the memory of watching a film, but you were a part of it. Like the memory of a nightmare."

"Right. Remember that. You're going to have a lot of that. It's why I want to hook you up with the help I can. You're going to need it."

Kyle nodded, still clearly disturbed. "Okay… I"ll… I'll try and sleep."

"Expect nightmares."

"Yeah. I think at this point, those are going to be the only dreams I have for a while."

"Probably. Do try and be here when I get back."

"I will."

Nick then turned, collected his backpack and duffle, and headed up the stream towards the town and his hope for obtaining his freedom.


A mere hundred yards upstream, Nick turned back, moving around to come back towards the camp from the side. He had been sensing two other souls that Blackheart had set as his minders. They hadn't bothered him because he took out their friends, and he hadn't deviated from what was expected of him. That didn't mean that one of them wouldn't make a play for Kyle.

As Nick approached the clearing, he could hear the soul trying to convince Kyle to a deal. "I can help you! I can take away the nightmares, the memories. They can all go away. It will be as if you fell asleep and then woke up here."

"Nick told me not to make any deals. Almost like he expected someone like you to show up."

Leaping into the camp clearing as he shifted, Nick turned Rider's chains flashed out trying to ensnare the soul. "I very much expected this."

The soul managed to dodge the chains and hissed. "No! I am free now. You will not send me back. Not without a soul belonging to me that I can barter with!"

"You had one, and you sold it off. That's why you are in the position you are in now." His chains still whipping about trying to grab the soul. "Now hold still."

With an evil howl, the soul wove through the flailing chains towards Nick. "I'll take your soul, and claim your demon. Then Blackheart will free me!"

Grinning with his wicked, skeletal and flame enshrouded grin, Rider pulls a transformed version of DarkFox. The soul screaming just as he fired, putting three rounds of hellfire bullets into the soul. This stunned and knocked the soul back, allowing the chains to wrap around it like pythons. "You are now rebranded. Owned now by the one that owns me. Back to the pit with you."

Opening his maw wide, his flames reached out, drawing the soul in and he appeared to swallow it. Once finished, he turned to an utterly horrified Kyle and smirked. "What? I sensed it in the area and knew as soon as it thought I had moved on, it would go after you. It was under the mistaken belief that it could earn power by claiming your soul for itself. It lacked the ability to do that, because it could not do what it was promising it could. That's one of the requirements of such a deal. In order to be able to take ownership, you have to be able to satisfy your part of the bargain."

Kyle nodded, staring at Rider. "But, did you have to eat them?"

Rider laughed. "I know what it may look like, but I didn't actually eat them. Shortest route back to hell. I basically have a portal to hell inside me."

"If you say so."

Shifting back, Nick nodded. "I do say so. You shouldn't be harassed now, but the point remains. Don't make any deals with hell souls, demons, etc… Yeah, I know I'm possessed by a demon, but I am also not trying to offer you deals or promise you anything."

Kyle took a shaky breath. "Yeah… I get that. Still freaked out."

Shrugging, Nick turned and headed back up stream again. "I'll be back. Again, do try and be here when I get back. The help I offer you is as an officer of the ZPD, that's it."


Nick knew the last minder soul was up stream, in the stream, having fled when Nick went after the most recent one. He didn't know if there were more, but four seemed likely to be the most Blackheart would put in play. Souls typically gained some elemental abilities after a time in hell and then when they made it back to Earth. The last last two clearly had some kind of affinity for air, the way they were able to fly and spin through his chains or simply ignore them. The last one, he was betting, had a water affinity. It could be trying to trick him, but unlikely. In his experience dealing with souls that had escaped hell, they were not generally that bright. If they had an ability, like water manipulation, that's what they would do. Typically not bright and not very creative.

After several hours of hiking, Nick exited the mountains into the deep protected valley that contained the town. To his shock, the satellite images were wrong. So wrong it was very worrying. The town was not in ruins, it was quite intact, and heavily populated. The amount of evil pouring off the town was staggering. He'd felt the miasma of it before, but the hit of it now, unfiltered, was shocking.

It was no wonder both Blackheart and Mephisto wanted the contract. If you were the one to call in this contract, you would have a force and power that would be quite shocking, even to the denizens of hell. Whichever of the two that obtained it, it would change the face of hell.

Nick moved along the inner rim of the valley and up a distance. This allowed him to take out his scope and look over the town and try to plan his way in. Overlooking the town, it was bustling and looked for all the world like any moderately small town in the world. If it were not for the fact that most of the residents looked dead and moved like they were on the set of a zombie movie. Night of the Dead. Brains… BraINs… BRAINS!

He could see the church where the contract supposedly was. There were zombies, he was just going to start calling them that, going in and out of the building. Looking towards the opposite side of town, he could see a fenced and walled off area that clearly housed the children. What he saw there raised his hackles, puffed his tail, and pulled a very demonic growl from him. Zath was just as displeased by what they saw.

The kits were basically in prison, and clearly made to work. The entire situation just made him angrier. It would almost be a mercy to simply call in an air strike, flatten the town and then collapse the mountains down around it to bury it beneath a million tons of stone. He knew that there were innocents down there though. The children, and many of the bodies wandering around were possessed by the evil souls doing this.

It suddenly mattered less who took possession of these souls, and more that they be claimed and dragged to hell where they belonged. Thus freeing those that were still alive enough to survive and saving the possibly hundred plus kits he could see. His instinct, and Zaths own drive was to charge into the town and kick some tail until there was nothing left. Nick however knew that to save the kits, so as to not kill any innocents, they were going to need to be a bit more strategic. His drones, and the explosive he brought with him were going to be put to a great deal of use.

To pull this off, he was going to have to channel his father, his auntie Skye and Uncle Jack, as well as every fox and sly rabbit, ever. Forming the plan in his mind, he would use the sparrow drones to deliver some explosives to strategic locations. Setting it up so that it would seem like a directed attack. As he was thinking, he started working. Opening his duffle, he pulled out the explosives and parsed out the ARC explosives into 10 sections of various sizes, each with a detonator.

He then rigged one of his Falcon Scout Drones with one of his DarkFox pistols and the only extended magazine he brought. He didn't think he'd actually need it, hadn't even loaded it, but was now very glad he gave into the whim to grab one, loading the 30 round magazine with a random selection of HVHE ARC explosive and XXL Mega-fauna. He then loaded magazines for his DemonFox with the Armor piercing and locked the scope to it.

While he waited for the first sparrow to get into position to drop the explosive charge, he began reloading the magazines for the BlackWolf. While he hoped that the distraction he was going to lay down using the explosives and Flacon with the DarkFox mounted to it would be enough. If he needed to fight his way out, the BlackWolf would be his primary tool in doing so.

Over the next several hours, he reorganized his magazine load out, parsed out the HellFire incendiary into eight sections and used the Sparrow to deliver those as well. He then set up the non-firing Falcon with a program to buzz over the area his attack would be coming from, with one of his 1000 lumen flashlights set to emergency flare strobe. Thus adding a nice aerial distraction to the whole thing. The explosives set to go off in a programmed sequence ensuring that the whole thing should last nearly an hour. Hopefully enough time for him to get in, and back out.

Once everything was set, he sat, watched, and waited. He would make his move in the early evening. About an hour after the sun fell beyond the rim of the valley, but still technically not night. He used the scope on his DemonFox as well as the Sparrow drones to watch and try to get a feel for how they went about their lives. If you can call shambling along in the rotting, functionally dead, stolen body of some poor mammal, a life.

It was clear as he watched that, even those that looked healthy, were possessed. It was only the kits, younger than about 12 or so, that were not possessed. Some of the teenagers might also not be, but it was hard to tell. They were being used for hard labor, so there was no telling. It was clear to him that he would have to call in assistance once this was done. Either that, or he would be leading a massive train of mammals, mostly kits, out of the wilderness.