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How it all shook out in the end.

It took three days to transport all the mammals back to civilization. Their first stop was a military base where they were put through some basic tests, given some initial counseling, and a short course on what the world now was like. The kits were then transported to Bunnyburrow and the Hopps burrow complex where they were started into schooling and given all the love they could stand.

The testing included genetic tests to confirm who the parents of the kits were. Given what was in Nick's report, as well as the description by the actual mammals in question of what happened while they were possessed. An effort to determine the parentage of the kits was completed using samples taken from the survivors and the various bodies left behind in the town. The results were kept for the kits so they would at least know their parental medical history. The adults and kits were given the option of finding out who their parents or kits were, depending. Although given how they came about, there was no obligation made, other than to inform.

Interestingly, due to how old some of them were, some of the adults were the kits of some of the other adults. In one case, there were five generations alive, four adults and a ten year old kit, all of the adults seeming to be the same however chose to be a part of the lives of the young that they spawned. All of whom moved to Bunnyburrow once released to be near said kits.

After a few years, they established a new town, essentially an extension of Bunnyburrow called Salvation. The town expanded quickly, and while still part of the larger Bunnyburrow farming community, it hosted many additional businesses that welcomed the influx of mammals seeking good jobs away from the city. It included processing facilities for bug and bird products, the farm products of Bunnyburrow and surrounding communities. It also added some manufacturing jobs and other than farming jobs, quickly became the major employment center of the region outside of Zootopia itself.

As for the town of San Bengalis itself. The bodies were recovered and given proper burials. No one wanted to try and figure out which body was of a mammal that was a willing member, and which were like the survivors, but couldn't take the horrors committed by the spirit that had possessed them. The town, and the valley it resided in was then used to test various weapons and military techniques.

Once the valley was a blasted wasteland, Engineers went in, planted explosives and fully demolished the inner walls of the valley turning the sloped sides into sheer cliffs and burying the rubble of the town. A dam was then created and it became a mammal made lake, seeded with fish, and turned into a wilderness resort when purchased by a resort conglomerate. All information on the town that once existed there was erased. The militaries files, the ZPD's secure files, everything but the memories of those directly involved, be it the survivors, or mammals like Nick.

Nick/Rider completed his tenure with the ZPD as a Deputy Chief of Police. Given his status, everyone agreed that he simply couldn't go any higher. He'd end up actually supervising himself, and that couldn't be allowed. It didn't bother him. His brother made it all the way to Assistant Chief of Police and his sister the actual Chief of Police.

Judy and Nick finally expired of old age shortly before Nick retired from the ZPD. As expected by anyone that knew them, Nick died first, and Judy followed only a few hours later. Mephisto tried to cash in the outstanding favor to extend their lives, but Nick did not bite.

Nick returned to Grizzgow and ended up dating Jessica for about a year. It never went past that however. They were good together, but him still being possessed bothered her in the end and they ended things amicably. Later, Nick finally found the love of his life, a Coyote/Arctic fox vixen and they had five kits. All but one look like foxes, the last, named Judith Piberius WildeHopps, looked the spitting image of her paternal grandmother, save the heterochromia, giving her one emerald eye and one amethyst eye, both of which were primal slits from birth.

Once he left the ZPD, and unaging so long as he and Zathros remained linked, Nick joined several superhero groups, and continued to use his Hunters license. It turned out that Nick was hardly the only mammal with abilities far beyond those of the everyday mammal. They just didn't go around advertising it the way he had. Hairry introduced Nick and he found comradery with these other mammals who could relate to his own experiences. He was also called in to the ZPD and other organizations to consult on matters of the supernatural, cults, and the like.

Before his parents passed, Nick worked with them and his siblings to work out a set of criteria. The purpose being, should Nick ever figure out how to pass on his power to another mammal, they figured they would want a mammal that would continue all the good done by Nick. He never did mention to anyone that he already had a way to do that. The outstanding favor that Mephisto still owed him.

Over the years, Zathros became a regular sight within the Hopps burrow, and after some coaching about what stories were acceptable to tell the kits, he was even trusted with overseeing them. Most of the kits and even a good number of the younger adults came to know him as Uncle Zath, or just Uncle Z for the youngest kits.

At two hundred and fifty years old, Nick finally decided to call in the favor he still had outstanding with Mephisto. Before doing so, he worked with Hairry to create an amulet that provided a small measure of the powers and abilities Nick himself possessed. Nick was then seen wearing said amulet for several years, even going so far as to not seem to be able to transform unless he was wearing it.

Once he had established an apparent link between his powers and the amulet, Nick summoned Mephisto and called in his favor. He asked for, and was granted the ability to transfer his power, as is, to a new mammal who would willingly accept it. That they too would be able to transfer that power to a willing mammal, and on down the line. It was also established that the power would transfer on its own if needed to a worthy mammal, according to the set of standards that determined the worthiness of the mammal the power would attach itself to. He thus created a legacy into the future of the Demon Rider, a force for good and justice.


Nicholas Piberius WildeHopps Jr.

1st born - 2 min before Bonnie

Appears as a Red fox, but with silver-gray instead of black or white markings

Bonnie Victoria WildeHopps

2nd Born

Appears as a Rabbit, though slightly larger, nearly as large as a fox, and while Grey like her mother, her markings are crimson instead of black

Stewart Arron WildeHopps

1st Born - 2 years and 2 weeks to the day after Nick Jr.

Appears as a mottled Grey and black rabbit

Elizibeth (Lizz) Francine WildeHopps

2nd Born - 30 seconds later

Appears as a silver fox, but with longer, rabbit like ears and slightly shorter tail

Johnathan Erin WildeHopps

3rd Born - 3 minutes later

John is the true hybrid of the group, appearing as a true cross of his parents.

Eric James WildeHopps-WolfordFangmeyer

Actually 2 weeks older than Nick Jr.

Eric is named after his grandfather, his parents being some of the last to have their collars removed, but not before the administration triggered the Nighthowler in all collars to try and create enough chaos to escape. His parents were killed by ZPD officers who knew what was actually happening but killed them anyway. Those ZPD officers were tried and executed on his 10th birthday.

Janice LuAnn WildeHopps

Born at the same time as Lizz

Janice was born early due to the triggering of her mothers collar before it could be removed. She had actually come to the hospital to have it removed. Sadly, it cost her her life due to a corrupt ZPD officer shooting her with his lethal firearm. They were however able to perform an emergency extraction of Janice, saving her life. Judy was actually the one that shot and killed the officer that killed Janice's mother. Thus the reason John was born a few minutes later.

Melanie Artcticia WildeHopps

The youngest, 2 years younger than Nick Jr. and Bonnie

Her actual birthday is not known, though estimated to be around the same time as Nick and Bonnie, so that is when it is celebrated. Her mothers collar was triggered while she was in her home in Trundra Town, and while she birthed Melanie, she did not herself survive. The vets did confirm that she was able to nurse Melanie for a few days prior to succumbing to the toxins and shocks from her collar. Due to this, Melanie's eyes are permanently in a feral state, due to her secondary exposure to the toxins. Her mothers name was Artcticia, and she was named Melanie based on a note left in the home.