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Wilde Times CEO, Bonnie WildeHopps Office.

5 years before present day

Police Officer III, Nick Wilde, Jr. stretched out in the comfortable padded chair of his sister's office. His fathers smirk that he inherited pasted firmly on his muzzle as he waited. She demanded that he meet her, and while he knew she would be late, he showed up early anyway. No better way to give your sister a hard time, even if she is a busy CEO, and keep her from giving you a hard time for being late.

Looking around, his smirk switched to a smile of pride. Youngest CEO in the history of Zootopia. Second youngest to earn a master's degree, at 19. Second youngest to earn a doctorate as 22. Her office was well appointed, yet not over the top like so many CEO's were typical of. Like the rest of the family, Nick didn't need to worry about money, he worked because he wanted to. He was a cop because he felt called to do it, and it put him in a position to more easily keep his part of a very dark bargain.

Those thoughts brought a frown to his muzzle, which quickly vanished when he noticed his sister enter the room. He admired and reflected a moment on the juxtaposition of himself and his sister. They were the spitting image of their parents, Him of their father, her of their mother, though she was only two inches shorter than him, not counting the ears. Something she always counted, as a counter to his point of being the older twin, by 2 minutes.

While he was all fox, but with silver highlights instead of black or white on his tail tip, ears, and paws. His sister was the spitting image of their mother, save the crimson highlights instead of their mothers black and cream. And of course their eyes. His were their mothers amethyst, while Bonnie's were the rich emerald of their father.

Grinning as he saw her reading something as she walked on autopilot, clearly not seeing anything in the room. He was tempted to trip her with his tail, or yip to scare her, but decided not to. She asked him there for a reason, was very urgent and insistent, and for some reason, he didn't feel like angering her just then.

Waiting until she had placed what she was reading on her desk and was seated. "Hey sis!"

Bonnie WildeHopps was a busy mammal. CEO of Wilde Times Ltd. and working to expand the business from a simple theme park into something more. She had already pushed the company into other areas as well, establishing a new hotel that would eventually link to the parks, both PredSide and PreySide. She was also working to secure a major land deal that would expand the WildeTimes holdings in such a way that they could spread out. It was all but a done deal, and by the time those that were selling the land realized what was happening, the deal would be over with.

She had been going over the last items for that very deal, making sure everything was ready for her signature later that day, when her brother's voice, in her office, took her completely off guard. "GAH! Nick?! What are you…" Suddenly remembering she had asked him to meet her. "Gods, what time is it?"

Smirk back in place, and glancing at his watch theatrically. "Just after 11am, sis. You are, as seems to be your style, exactly two minutes late."

Growling at her brother, Bonnie is unable to keep the return smirk from her muzzle." I'll never live that down, will I?"

"Nope. Just as you'll never let me love down that you are taller, with ears included. The only mammal I know that insists that the ears be counted, other than you, is uncle Fin." Their sibling pot shot ritual over as Bonnie rolled her eyes, Nick got serious. "Now… What is it you needed to talk to me about so urgently? I know your, it's urgent, tone."

Sitting back, her ears falling behind her, Bonnie sighed. "Not sure where to start. I've tried to keep it to myself, but I can't. Not anymore. I've confirmed so much at this point. I know what happened, Nick."

Raising an eyebrow. "Oh? What would that be, exactly?"

Bonnie frowned, then laughed, though with little humor. "You always were the hustler. Without parents, Nick. I don't know all the details, but I know enough. When you ran off, after they were attacked with Nighthowler. Something happened to you, but just as you got back, they figured it out and cured them.

Then… When they were gonna die because of the damage from that episode. I followed you to the smoke area. I heard your conversation with that… I assume that they were a demon. You sold your soul to save our parents, but now you are kind of buying it back. Right?

The experts say that there was no way for the nanite treatment to have worked the way it did. The tech was, and is, too unpredictable. The odds… No one would bet on those odds. Yet, it worked, and three vials also went missing.

Now there are reports of some flaming mammal attacking drug dealers and other scum of the city. Suffering from their eyes being burned out. Their bodies are still alive, yet as if soulless. I assume that is you? The power that thing said it would give you… Let's you do this? Makes you into this flaming demon mammal? A vigilante?"

Nick knew better than to try and hide anything from his sister. She truly was the only one that he couldn't hide anything from. So instead, not trusting his voice, he nodded.

"I see… So that means, what? If you get caught, they'll send you to prison, Nick. Then how will you pay that debt?"

Nick chuckled. "I actually considered that. Think about it. Prison would be a veritable gold mine. Keep in mind, I don't get my soul back until the end of the century, and even then, I still have to work for this demon for another 60 years. It isn't as if I'm doing bad things. I mean… I can tell how dark a mammal's soul is. I've had further conversations with my employer, as it were. The darker the soul, the more credit I get. As of last night's raid on a drug deal, well… I've worked off a full year of my deal with him, just with last night alone."

Slamming her paw on her desk, Bonnie growled. "Nick! It is a demon. You have to get out of this?"

Nick sighed and slumped back in his chair. "Bon… There is no getting out of it. That fact is, I'm lucky. That demon needed something that I could provide. In hell, souls are currency. They're power. The more souls, and the darker they are, the more evil they are, the more powerful they are, and therefore the more powerful the demon who owns them. That also means, a more evil soul, one that is more powerful is more likely to break free of its chains and try to return to our world. That's where I come in. I am feeding him. I am making him more powerful, which is allowing him to move up in the ranks within hell. His deal for the soul of an innocent gave him bragging rights, but he now gets power, wealth, and to claim that he twisted that innocent soul into his enforcer. It doesn't matter that I will get my soul back, or that my reasons were the purest. It's all about image."

Clearly frustrated with her brother, Bonnie wiped a paw over her muzzle and ears. "That is not the point, Nick. It's a demon. Their entire existence is to trick us into becoming or doing something evil. I'm sure capturing the soul of an innocent kit was quite the coup for him. But what is it with what he's turned you into? My gods, you're killing mammals! I know they are monsters in their own right, but Nick!"

Nick sighed and looked down sadly. "It doesn't really matter, Bon. I have made this bed. I have a degree in studying this stuff, remember. There was a reason I did that, and while useful in my job as a cop, especially when I make detective. There was a much more personal reason for it. I know his name, rank, everything, but all of that is useless to me without a soul that actually belongs to me. This is a long game, Bon. And it is something I have to play on my own."


Shaking his head. "No, Bon. I have to do this on my own. I won't keep you in the dark if you don't want me to. You're my sister. My twin. Despite our different appearances, we are more alike than anyone but a true identical twin. We have always complimented each other. But in this, one thing, the most I can ask of you, is to let me do this alone. Just be my sister. Let me vent, if needed. But don't interfere. I have a plan, trust in that."

"Nick… I…" Seeing the determination and begging look from her brother, Bonnie sagged in her chair. "Fine. I am not happy about it." Pointing a very non-prey claw at Nick. "But you will keep me informed about what is going on. You will keep looking for a solution that doesn't involve some half baked hustle of a gods be damned demon! Or just sticking out this agreement for the next century. Nick! What are you going to do when you get old?"

Nick chuckled, his smirk returning. "Bon. That accident that cost me the top spot at graduation. It was 100% lethal. I felt my bones break when I hit. I've been stabbed, shot, crushed. When he made the initial deal, he was planning on making the updated deal the whole time. I'm not immortal, but I am pretty close.

There is more, but I am still learning. I love you, Bon. Focus on your job. Let me do mine, both of them. But know your brother. I am not just going to roll over."

"I still don't like it, and you know I will do my own research." Holding up a paw. "No, I won't try making a deal to break yours. That never works in the movies, it sure as hell ain't gonna work in reality. But if a solution is out there…"

Nick looked sadly at his sister. "There is one. Technically, I was too young, and not informed. So I could void the whole thing."

Bonnie felt a cold finger up her spine at that. "There must be a reason you haven't done that."

Nick nodded. "Yeah. If I were to do that. Mom and Dad would die, quickly, and painfully. Everything they were saved from, would hit them all at once. It would be horrific. I'd rather he take my soul now and never have a chance than have that happen. So, I am stuck. But I do have a plan. I promise you that."

"A plan you're not going to let me in on it."

"Nope!" Giving a wide smirk. "I will let you know when it is time"