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Warning: mention abuse

"Your face is disgusting Misaki, you & your whole being is disgusting I despise you honestly It would be better if you just killed yourself" those words lingered in Misaki's mind he knew Saruhiko felt that way but it still hurt to hear them, he didn't think it'd end this way he lost his mother, his brother, & his best friends Saruhiko, Tatare, & Mikoto the day after his Mother's death his father threw him out, "Gomen Saru, Gomen for wasting your time gomen" Misaki had whispered as Saruhiko walked away he tried sleeping but his mind staying on the words Saruhiko told him, "It would be better if you just killed yourself" it kept playing in his mind over & over again he thought about killing him self many times before he even met Saruhiko but those thoughts were different his suicidal thoughts usually because of his step father who would ahem- drink when his mother was at work and usually after a couple of shots that man would well let's just say "play" with Misaki in ways that a father should never play with their child, sometimes that man would beat up Misaki but that was if Misaki was lucky, but Misaki never thought that he would have suicidal thoughts because of his lover yes his lover he loved Saruhiko so much but he also had feelings for Rikio and they had started dating about a month after Saruhiko left, Rikio had helped him even when he was self destructing he thought it was all his fault that Tatare died Tatare & Anna were the first ones to know about Misaki & Rikio's new relationship, and they promised to keep it a secret until the two told the others