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AN: This is a miniature spin off/sequel (of sorts) to the excellent fanfiction Nullius In Verba by FlightfootKeyseeker/Keyseeker on AO3, in which akumatised victims remain as akumas instead of being purified. They challenged us to write more for this and…well you get the idea…

Most people ran away from explosions.

Most people would hear a superpowered fight and run in the other direction, especially if they valued their safety.

Alya Cesaire was however not most people. She ran a superhero blog and considered explosions to be an invitation, not a warning. (Much to the chagrin of both her parents and Paris's resident heroes and her best friend.)

So when a supervillain came crashing down to Earth in the middle of Paris, instead of running away like a sensible person, Alya charged towards the source of the noise and pulled out her phone. She had to make up for lost time after all. Months and months of being trapped in a warehouse with other akumatised people had put a major dent in the content on her blog. Instead of having thousands of hours of footage of Paris's superheroes, she had…well nothing really. Some footage of old akuma battles that was long out of date. That was hardly going to impress anyone.

Fortunately, she did have one major advantage over other reporters and even other citizens with phone cameras.

She dived into her phone, scanning the network for Parisians close to the fight. (Technically speaking, she wasn't entirely sure that she should be doing this, but…well it worked really well and so she decided that it was probably okay. Probably. She hoped.)

She soon spotted what she was looking for. A Parisian citizen pointing his camera at the fight below. It was perfect.

His phone rang and he answered. She leapt out of the phone and with a curse, he jumped back and dropped his phone.

"Sorry!" she said quickly, before moving closer to the fight.

On one side, she could see a man with a green cloak and steel mask standing in the middle of a wrecked street. His fists were raised and she could see a pair of glowing leather gloves on his hands.

"Green Punch," she muttered to herself as she began recording. A German superhero known for his magical leather gloves that granted his punches with superhuman strength and his cloak of protection that shielded him from blows that would shatter the bones of a normal person

On the other side stood another man with a green cloak. Or rather, some kind of robot. He had red arms of shiny metal that gleamed in the sunlight. To his sides stood five identical robots. Alya recognised him almost instantly. A German supervillain who called himself Multitude and who was notorious for his ability to duplicate himself and his robots.

The situation was not looking good for the German hero. He was looking more than a little bit beaten up and it was no surprise that the supervillain was advancing with a smile on his face.

Green Punch stood up and raised his fists into a fighting stance and Multitude laughed.

"It's over," he said, his voice echoing in an unsettling manner as the five robots advanced as one. "You are beaten hero. And now, the people of Paris will get to see you as you fail and die."

Green Fist said nothing and threw a punch at the ground, launching himself into the air and he dived onto Multitude, his fists swinging forward. Multitude swung an arm out hard and knocked him flying into a tall stack of scaffolding, which began to sway dangerously, before slowly beginning to topple. Then is suddenly stopped.

Out of nowhere, a crude support bar had appeared, holding the scaffolding up. To one side, she could see Nathanaël standing there with his pencil in hand and his tablet arm held up.

"Another hero?" Multitude growled, glaring at Nathanaël. Nathanaël looked up at him with a defiant glare. One of Multitude's robots charged towards Nathanaël but before it could reach him, it was suddenly was sent flying to one side by something completely invisible.

Standing on the other side was none other than Mr Haprele, holding what looked like an invisible golf club. Nathanael gave him a quick thumbs up sign.

From the clear blue skies, a bolt of lightening fell to smash into two of the robots at once. They lay where they fell, twitching and smouldering from the strike. Hovering there in the sky above was none other than Aurore, looking surprised as she looked at what she had just managed to achieve.

Multitude growled. Out of the five robots he had arrived with, three were little more than wrecks, destroyed by random superpowers no less! Destroyed by people who he had never even heard of! He was angry and it showed. He began to wave his arms as he began to summon up more robots. With a flash, two more appeared and he began to advance, only for the two new robots to vanish into small green balls of some kind. Multitude looked up and saw a giant robot standing above him.

Another bolt of lightening crashed out of the sky, destroying the remaining robot and although she was flying, Alya could see a look of surprised amusement on Aurore's face.

"Who the hell are you people?" he demanded angrily, waving a fist at them.

An invisible force slammed into him and he was smashed to the ground. Mr Haprele walked forward and tipped his hat at the fallen machine.

Multitude forced his robot to it's feet, only for a flying pause symbol to freeze him into place. Alya, much to her embarrassment, had finally remembered that she had powers as well. (Marinette would probably tease her mercilessly about it later. Which would probably serve her right really.)

Around them, people began to step closer in shocked silence. Aurore landed and both Nathanaël and Mr Haprele stepped forward. The giant robot vanished in a flash of green and Max reappeared in front of them with his oversized green glasses. Alya smiled and leapt down to the little group without any hesitation, just as Ladybug and Chat Noir arrived.

There was a stunned silence as the people around them looked on in surprise. Ladybug gave the former super-villains a curious look, while Chat Noir helped Green Fist to his feet. Then she smiled at them with a proud look in her eyes.

"Danke schön," Green Fist as he extended his hand towards Alya. He looked at Alya and the various former super-villains standing around her "Are you...new heroes?"

"They're the new heroes of Paris," Ladybug said with a smile and Alya let out a squeal of delight. Chat Noir grinned like a loon and gave them a thumbs up sign.

"Miraculous Ladybug!"

A wave of magical ladybugs washed over the city, repairing and restoring the city around them. When the ladybugs cleared, the wreckages of Multitude's robots were still there and Multitude himself fell over. As he looked up, Alya hit him with another pause symbol. Better safe than sorry after all. He glared up at the assorted heroes as he was taken away.

Alya looked at Aurore. Nathanaël looked at Max. Mr Haprele bowed and all four teens grinned.

AN: I'm in two minds about the ending. On one hand, I keep thinking that it's good enough. On the other hand, I keep having doubts. Also, I...may or may not be hinting at a possible future fic here. (FlightfootKeyseeker/Keyseeker future plans notwithstanding)