Chapter 1

Author Note: Hey everyone back with another new story that I have slowly been working on off and on over the last several months. This time it's a Naruto x Stripperella Crossover the first one ever if I am correct.

Now for those that are unaware Stripperella is a character created by none other than the Ultra-GOAT Stan Lee himself back in the early 2000's if I remember right…That's right TECHNICALLY Stripperella is part of MARVEL LOL!

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(City Nighttime)

In a small little discount store that sold everything for 89 cents people went about their business. A single overweight security lazily kept an eye on things while also reading a book titled 'Security Guarding for Dummies'. A elderly woman droned on repeatedly saying "89 cents" as she scanned a shoppers items one by one when suddenly the front door to the store was kicked open revealing three men.

"Attention Shoppers, this is a robbery!" The man in front said holding a gun that looked to be held together with tape. His outfit was as shabby looking as his weapon consisting of a green onesie with brown 'Cent' signs, a red sash over his round belly, an old fashioned dickey, and a weathered top hat. The two men behind him were even less impressive wearing normal jeans, and hooded sweatshirts with a single 'cent' sign on the front of them and weren't even armed instead holding their fingers up like they were guns.

The sudden declaration of it being a robbery didn't faze anyone at all except for the security guard who let out a panicked scream and grabbed a nearby baby right from its stroller much to the mother of the child's shock and used it as a human shield "Don't shoot, for the love of god don't shoot!" the guard whimpered, sliding away with the mother chasing after him.

"...Wow that's pretty messed up" one of the henchmen said blinking owlishly as he couldn't believe that just happened.

"Keep a lookout boys while I help myself to the old five fingered discount" the leader says as he walks into the store to begin looting "I will take this box of wine, bottle of shampoo, can of generic meat mix, and this stapler" the man says with a smirk as he pilfers several random items before walking up to the cashier lady and pulling the marker out of her jacket pocket "Tell them, Cheapo was here" he says with a grin before drawing a 'Cent' sign on the woman's forehead with a laugh as the three men leave the store while leaving the shoppers bewildered by what just happened.

"Can somebody please explain what the fuck all that was?" one of the shoppers asks to which everyone else just shrugs before going back to their business.

(1 hour later)

On a small abandoned dirt road outside the city sat a tiny rundown trailer with a beat up car out front of it. Inside the trailer the three men from the robby sat at a small table in front of an old television with a coat hanger for an antenna "Picture all those stupid morons, buying ketchup when you can get it for free at any common burger joint" Cheapo says with a laugh as he squeezes ketchup packets into a empty bottle of ketchup. "Another reason why their idiots and I'm great" he smugly adds with a smirk tossing the empty packet away.

One of the henchmen reaches over and turns on the tv showing a black and white picture with a title card with the name 'Sally Rose' on it as the three start watching the show.

(Television studio)

A blonde woman wearing a low-cut gold colored dress sat behind a host desk looking at a camera and studio audience while sitting next to her on a guest couch were two blondes one male the other female in hero outfits.

The woman was wearing a dark blue tight dress shirt with matching miniskirt, and matching heeled boots and biker gloves, with a dark blue domino mask hiding her identity.

The man was wearing a Black designer long sleeve open leather jacket, an gray elegant designer vest, crimson leather gloves, black dress pants, and a black domino mask.

"I'm Sally Rose we're back with sexy superhero duo Kitsune and Striperella. So Striperella you've always been outspoken in your support for animal rights." Sally said with a smile.

"That's right I've just started a new charity called Animals, Need, Universal, Support, or A.N.U.S." Striperella explained, glaring back at the chuckling Kitsune after she finished.

"Any time you wanna plug anus on my show I'll be more than happy to have you. So tell us a woman such as yourself with such beautiful features, luscious lips, supple breasts, firm lickable thighs you must get a lot of action." Sally said grabbing and rubbing Striperella's hand across her cheek.

"Well actually. Being a superhero can get kind of lonely and making dating difficult but thankfully I have a great partner in Kitsune to keep me company" Striperella replied with a smile.

"Awww." The crowd said in sadness and endearment.

"Well let's take some calls, Max from New York you're on with Striperella and Kitsune." Sally said

"Uh, I was wondering if it's true you and Kitsune are secret lovers?" Max asked causing both heroes to blush

"No Comment/No Comment" Kitsune and Stripperella say at the same time.

"You hear that folks it sounds like Stripperella's new A.N.U.S. foundation isn't the only thing getting plugged" Sally says getting cheers from the studio audience while Kitsune and Stripperella blush slightly

"Oh it looks like we have another call this time a Collect Call from a Cheapo? Did I say that right?" Sally says reading the teleprompter with a confused look and causing Stripperella and Kitsune's eyes to widen.

"Hello Stripperella, Kitsune, guess who's out of prison and back in town" Cheapo's voice is heard over the studio's speakers.

"Cheapo I thought we put you away for good!" Stripperella says in anger at the villain being at it again.

"Well between time off for good behavior and our VERY Liberal Governors RIDICULOUSLY lenient work-furlough program I turned my 20 YEAR sentence into a 20 DAY sentence, and now I'm planning on committing my biggest crime yet" Cheapo explains before taunting the two heroes at the end.

"We really need to have a word with the Governor as that is freaking stupid" Kitsune says with a deadpan look on his face at 20 years being reduced to 20 days.

"Not if we have anything to do about it" Stripperella states determinedly with her hand on her hips.

"Well if I have anything to do about it, the two of you won't have anything to do about it, because if you get in my way I'll kill ya" Cheapo taunts over the speakers causing the audience to gasp.

"Oh please Cheapo you have a better chance of killing the crabs and lice that infest that ginger mop you call your hair than killing us" Kitsune says with a roll of his eyes causing the studio audience to laugh at the burn causing Cheapo to scream in rage before hanging up.

"Well that was exciting and we will be right back after these commercials. Coming up after the break we have a man who cheated on his wife with a goat…a MALE goat" Sally says with a saucy grin as the audience cheers.

"...And with that we take our exit" Kitsune says with a deadpan look on his face wanting to be nowhere near that fucked up situation as he and Stripperella leave the stage.

(Cheapo's trailer)

The villain scowls as he turns the tv off and upon seeing the looks his henchmen are giving him raises an eyebrow "Yeah what is it?" he asks irritably.

"Well me and Henchman 1 have been thinking…Maybe you wanna put a little more into your operation" the blonde henchman says.

"Yeah, Henchman 2 is right. I mean we only have one gun and it's falling apart and you won't even let us buy any more bullets for it" the brown haired henchman states.

"Buy more bullets? We still have three bullets" Cheapo says angrily as he checks the revolver to see three bullets still in it.

"Sorry boss" the two henchmen apologize seeing their boss angry at them now.

"Geez now I am all worked up" Cheapo complains with a sigh before perking up "I know how's about we go on a crime spree!" he says with a side grin causing his henchman to smile.

"A crime spree sounds great boss!" the two henchmen say in agreement.

"Cheapo-style!" Cheapo adds with a twirl of the revolver causing his henchman to deflate slightly at that.

About a half hour later the three men are at a gas station holding up the cashier "Take a penny leave a penny? I think I will take a penny!" Cheapo says with a wicked grin on his face as he points his gun at the cashier and grabs the whole container of pennies dumping it into a pillowcase held by Henchman 1.

Not long after that Cheapo is standing in a park by a fountain as his henchman pop out of the water and deposits a handful of change each into his top hat as he holds it out for them. Cheapo then points back down at the fountain causing them to sigh and take a deep breath before diving back underneath the water.

A bit later a mob of people stand outside a "Fake Fur" clothing store holding signs saying stuff like 'End Non-Cruelty to Animals' as Cheapo and his henchman run out of the store covered in fake fur clothing passing by a sigh that says '4th street'. The three men run and run all the way until they reach a sign that says '28th street' each of them visibly out of breath as they pant heavily.

"Next time can we please park a little closer?" Henchman 1 asks as the three men lean against their junky car.

"This…was the closet spot we could find…that already had money in the meter" Cheapo pants out trying to catch his breath as the sounds of police sirens could be heard startling the three crooks.

"C'mon let's go!" Henchman 2 says in a panic not wanting to get arrested.

"Wait! There is still 3 minutes still left on the parking meter" Cheapo says gesturing to said meter as his henchman sigh and the three proceed to stand around waiting for the meter to run out.

(Tenderloins Strip Club)

"Please welcome to the stage Angel!" the announcer's voice said over the club's loudspeakers as heavenly music started playing. As the curtain parted a dark skinned woman wearing a white nearly see through nun-like white robe walked out onto the stage and down towards the stripper pole.

Turning to the men sitting in the chairs in front of the stage, Angel shakes her butt up before spinning around the pole and sliding down it, getting down on her knees like she's about to pray before getting up.

"She's got the bible out she's preaching again! Religion doesn't belong in our schools or in a gentleman's club" a glasses wearing man complains as he watches Angel dance on the stage with the bible.

"Oh calm down Kevin, you honestly think any of the guys watching her dance are caring or paying attention to the bible" a spiky haired blue-eyed blonde wearing a black suit, black tie, and white undershirt asks with a quirked eyebrow as he scans the room for anyone breaking the rules of the club.

Angel takes a hold of the pole giving a sexy wink to the audience before clutching it up bringing up her knees to her breasts she spins around and around kicking out her legs causing her see through dresses back to flap exposing her white panties to the crowd. She holds a hand to the top of the pole as she sensually arches her front reeling back to bend down the bible in hand. She shakes her hips and sensually moves about the stage, walking up to the front of the audience discarding her robes to reveal her bare chest and stomach with a tattoo of 'Sal 3:16' along with a pair of wings on her back and a halo headband on her head.

"You see she is flashing her tattoo as well, how is that not preaching Naruto?" Kevin says as he points at the tattoo on the woman's stomach as she continues to sensually dance on the stage.

"Bossman you already knew she had the tattoo when you hired her, it's obviously going to be seen by people given her being an exotic dancer so what's the issue?" Naruto asks with a roll of his eyes and a sigh.

"No but it's the principle of the matter," Kevin says, causing Naruto to sigh and shake his head before heading over to where a busty blonde woman in a white low-cut halter top that exposes a large amount of her ample EE-Cup cleavage and ends above her belly button, and a white thong sits at small table.

The blonde woman was watching a brunette with her hair in pig-tails wearing a small yellow shirt that seemed two sizes too small tied at the front and booty jean shorts so small they might as well have acted as panties given how little they covered. Said brunette was giving a man a lap dance "Uhg why is it so hard to find a decent guy to date?" the brunette complains with a pout as she works her hips in her dance causing the man to bite his lip at how good it felt

"Oof rough date last night Giselle?" the blonde asks with a slight giggle.

" Erotica you have no idea how much of an understatement that is. First he takes me out to dinner…at a fast food restaurant and has ME pay! Then we take a ride in his crappy car which was some run down dorky car called a Gremlin that I think made in the 80's? And I have to pay for his gas! Finally to top it off he drives to this cheesy make-out point spot and without any warning or buildup takes off his pants revealing his mico-chode of a dick and tells me to suck it! Like what the hell? Is it too much to ask to find a nice, caring guy, that is also hung or at least average?" Giselle rants with a sigh as she jerks her hips back and forth rapidly while gyrating them causing the mane to spasm a bit before he slumps in his seat.

"...Wow honey that has to be up in the Top 5 worst dates I have heard of" Erotica remarks with wide eyes at how bad the date was based on what Giselle said.

"How is everything over here ladies?" Naruto says reaching the two and giving them a kind smile.

"All good over here just watching Giselle for a bit before my dance later" Erotica says with a shrug that causes her breasts to jiggle a bit. This was something she purposely did as the normal reaction a guy would have would be to stare however Naruto's gaze didn't dip so much as a centimeter from her face causing her to internally smile at this.

"Sounds good…Um Giselle you might wanna stop your grinding. I think the guy is about to have a heart attack or seizure from blowing his load repeatedly" Naruto says, pointing to the guy who is spasming almost non-stop under the dancers' gyrations.

"Oops my bad" the southern girl says with a shrug as she gets off the guys lap and reveals the whole front of his pants stained "...Really hope that's all jizz" she adds with a blank look before she turns to see a older man with white hair and mustache wearing a fancy white suit enter the club with three asian men one of whom was an older man in a military uniform "Oh my golly! It's my dad, he is coming over here" she says, panicking slightly.

"Giselle?" the old man asks with a slight southern hint to his accent.

"Daddy! Erotica this is my father" Giselle says introducing her fellow exotic dancer to the man.

Standing up from her seat Erotica puts on a kind smile "Hi Giselle's father" she says politely waving at the man.

"The name is Roger, it's nice to finally meet you" the man says quickly as he grabs the woman's hand surprising her and goes to kiss it only for a hand to grab his wrist and squeeze tightly causing him to wince.

"No touching the girls sir" Naruto says with a steely eyed glare and icy tone.

Roger narrows his eyes at this "Boy do you have any idea who I am?" he asks angrily causing Giselle to gulp.

"No and I don't care if you were Colonel fucking Sanders himself. Here at The Tenderloins we take great pride in the ladies who choose to work for us. Their health and safety is our top priority which means strictly following the rules chief among which is that patrons of the club are not allowed to touch the girls regardless of who they are. The fuckign president could walk through those doors and not even he would be allowed to touch the girls. Do I make myself clear or will I need to remove you from the establishment?" Naruto explains with a hardened glare at the man while behind Naruto Giselle and Erotica blush slightly at the conviction in his tone.

"So be it." Roger says with a tight lipped look before looking at his daughter "Giselle I had best get back over to the table…Don't screw this up for me, you better strip good!" he says sternly causing her to gulp as he leaves.

"Um what was that about?" Erotica asks in confusion by the sudden turn in the mans demeanor.

"He's here with some important clients and is trying to seal the deal on a big advertising account. Guess it all just comes down to me stripping good like always" Giselle says sadly with a nervous look on her face.

"Look, you're a great stripper Giselle. When your dead sees you up there grinding that pole, thrusting your crotch into the air, and picking up dollar bills with your perky tits, and bubble butt. He's going to be so proud of his little girl" Erotica says to the girl trying to cheer her up while also copping a feel of her braeasts and ass when she referred to them.

"Yeah Erotica is right Giselle. You are an amazing stripper and easily among the top 3 here at the club. If your dad can't see that then his loss. I mean personally I think its pretty messed up how he is basically using you to secure a business deal but that's just my opinion, and you are worth so much more than just being a pawn in his business schemes" Naruto says with a smile causing Giselle to brighten up a bit as she brushes a lock of hair behind her right ear.

"Thanks you guys I just hope you're right" Giselle says with a sigh as she slowly trudges off to get ready for her dance as Angel finishes up her dance and collects the money thrown on the stage before walking back behind the curtain.

"Alright folks coming up next is Giselle!" the DJ announces as behind the curtain Giselle takes a deep breath and puts on a cowboy hat.

As the curtain draws back and country music plays Giselle smiles at the people watching her and takes off her hat before bringing io between her legs, and starts to thrust up her hips. She tosses the hat away as she sways and struts up towards the audience namely her father and his investors all the while men whistle and cat call at her. Spearing her legs Giselle takes a hold of the pole bumping and grinding against it, before bending down and thrusting out her butt as she moves around the pole. She then unites her shirt freeing her large DD-Cup breasts and starts to spin around holding onto the pole, her breasts moving back and forth with each spin. However as she goes faster and faster around the pole she trips up losing her footing and resulting in her flying off the stage and smashing head first into the crotch of the asian man wearing the military uniform sending the chair he is in flipping over "Uhn Sorry" the woman groans out while her dad looks on in horror.

Acting fast the old man's associates help him up and start dragging him out of the club given he is knocked out "Oh that is it! You blew business deal. You brought shame on corporation" one of the men says in broken English, with his accent being VERY thick.

Giselle walks over holding her head and stands next to her father "I just lost the big account because of you. I'm ashamed to call you my daughter!" Roger yells in fury before he storms out leaving Giselle looking heartbroken as Erotica and Naruto walk over to see if she is okay.

Seeing Giselle on the verge of tears Naruto wraps his arm around her shoulders and in a comforting side hug as he leads her towards the dressing room for the girls as she wipes at the tears forming in her eyes with her right hand and clutches his suit with her left. As Erotica watches this she then turns to look in the direction Roger left with a frown and thinks to herself.

(Cheapo's Trailer)

"This is the big time boys! Starting tomorrow the world's largest cubic zirconium imitation diamond is going to be on display at the 'World's Largest Items' Museum. It's valued at almost $300!" Cheapo says with a wide greedy grin on his face as he holds up a newspaper he had stolen earlier that day for his henchmen to see.

"Awesome!' Both henchmen yell in excitement at the prospect of FINALLY pulling a job that would actually be worth something.

"Alright boy here's how were going to do it…You 2 henchmen are going to stand guard, in front of the North, South, East, and West entrances while at the same time overtaking the security guards, disengaging the alarms, and disabling the security cameras" Cheapo explains causing the two men to just look at each other in confusion as to how the hell he expect them to do all of that let alone at the same times. "Now there's only two things that can get in our way" Cheapo adds with a scowl.

"Logic and manpower?" Henchman 1 asks with a sarcastic tone.

"No Stripperella and Kitsune! I want them both dead! Put the word out on the street, that to whomever kills Striperella and Kitsune, I Cheapo will pay a bounty of no less than EIGHT DOLLARS!" Cheapo yells as he fishes out eight heavily crumpled single dollar bills from his red sash and holds them up as if they were the holy grail.

"Um boss the standard going rate for a hit, especially on not one but 2 superheroes is around $100,000" Henchman 2 points out causing Cheapo to sputter.

"WHAT! That's exorbitant, it's outrageous, it's fiscally irresponsible!...Fine I guess we'll just have to kill them ourselves" Cheapo yells in outrage before sighing and putting the dollar bills back in his sash as he pouts.

(2 Hours Later, The Tenderloins Strip Club)

Naruto stands off to the side of the room keeping an eye out for anyone breaking the rules or causing trouble as the curtains of the stage pull back away to reveal Erotica dressed in a red classic southern Belle outfit. She adjusts her shoulder as she holds up her small umbrella with a smirk. See this Naruto raises an eyebrow and whistles softly to himself "Wow been a while since she went the Southern Belle look" he thinks to himself as he had to admit it looked really good on her.

The blond struts down the stage tossing her umbrella to the crowd with a trio of men pouncing on one another as they fight for it. Erotica undid her hair freeing her mane of golden blond hair.

Her hands moved back to undo the straps of her dress revealing a tight pink corset, panties-garter belt combo, and pink stockings as she tossed her dress into the crow with another trio of patrons one of which was a woman all of whom begin fighting for the keepsake of the beauty before them.

Erotica grabbed hold of the pole and began to twirl around and around as the crowd eagerly cheered, she pressed her back up against the pole slowly squatting down as she grinded her ass on it.

"Erotica I got your message and came right down, what's important?" Roger asks impatiently as he had been pulled away from trying to salvage the business deal from earlier.

Erotica turned to Gisele's father cupping his chin "I just wanted to tell you…Giselle's dead" she says causing the man's eyes to widen in shock.

Hearing her say this Naruto ust sighs as he realizes what she is trying to do "Seriously Erotica there couldn't have been a better way for you to try and mend the relationship between them?" he thinks to himself as while an admirable attempt it was kinda tactless.

"Giselle? My Giselle? How? Why? NOOO!" Roger asks in total shock sobbing as Erotica turned upside down with her leg raised against the pole before flipping over pushing her chest upwards as she sits on the edge of the stage spreading her legs out

"I was just kidding, she's not really dead" Erotica says looking at the man who just stares at her blankly not understanding her "I just wanted to make you realize how much Giselle means to you." she adds.

"So…Giselle's not dead?" Roger asks in hope as Naruto just pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration as this was honestly kinda hard to watch.

"No but her feelings are hurt. Don't you think you're being too hard on her?I mean so she screwed up a simple pivot turn, big deal all of us erotic dancers have slipped doing a pivot turn at some point" Erotica says as she turns her back to him she spreads her legs showing off her firm ass.

"She's alive, my daughter's alive?" Roger asks in order to confirm what he thinks Eoritca is saying.

Hearing this Eoritca rolls her eyes "So you lost an account big deal. I speak from experience when I say clients come and go all the time. However daughters are there forever, well unless they're dead" she says as she grinds her body against the pole she wrapped one leg around it to do a quick spin before turning around pressing her back to it bending up and down. "Sir this is your chance to make a symbolic pivot turn and apologize, don't slip on the runway of life" the blonde bombshell dancer adds.

Erotica spun around several more times before pressing up her back up against the pole and shaking her breasts a few times before turning back giving a couple of good squats while wiggling her ass to crowd before he belly ring started vibrating causing her eyes to widen "Oh no my belly ring is vibrating I got to call headquarters…Not that I have a headquarters as I don't. Superheroes and Secret Agents have headquarters. I am merely an exotic dancer" she says quickly after realizing her mistake before running back up the stage and into the back. As she does so Roger lets out a sigh of relief and pulls out his wallet to look at a picture of Giselle as a baby next to a more recent picture of her with a soft smile.

Off to the side of the room where he stood Naruto feels his watch vibrate causing his eyes to widen before he slips away and into the mens room. Locking the door behind him he opens the ventilation air duct and pulls out a bag containing his change of clothes and changes into them quickly. Now in his Kitsune persona outfit Naruto stuffs his work clothes into the bag before putting it back into the ventilation shaft , unlocking the door, and leaving the room via the restroom window entering the alley next to the club. Running over to a seemingly closed dumpster Kitsune seemed to phase through the top of it before an engine was heard and he rode out of the holographic dumpster on his spy-motorcycle. Said motorcycle was a high-tech looking, sleek beast of a machine. The front end of the motorcycle was extremely aerodynamic as it smoothed down to a point. The front fender was a mix of red, blue, and gray sections with a headlight on the underside of the point at the end. The front suspension was held in place by pieces of red metal that went back to the fuel tank that was blue on the sides and gray in the middle. Following this was the seat that had a high curve in the back with the brake light at the end and with dual the exhaust pipes on the sides pointed up in the air like those of a dragster.

Meanwhile Erotica had managed to slip into the same alley moments before and changed into her Stripperella costume before hopping on her scooter which transformed into her sleek blue chopper-style motorcycle. As she drove out of the alley she noticed a light behind her and looked in her mirror to see Kitsune following behind her on his own motorcycle "Fancy seeing you around here Kitsune. If I didn't know any better I would think you were following me" she yelled with a coy smirk.

Hearing this Kitsune just chuckled "I would follow you to the end of the Earth my dear and appreciate the view the entire way!" he yells back, getting a giggle from her "But to answer your previous remark I happened to be in the area when I got the alert" he adds as the two race each other weaving in and out of traffic as they head to the secret location of their headquarters.

(Below Flinderman's Department store)

Kitsune and Stripperella wait for a shutter door to open so that they can enter their bosses office and as it does they walk in "Chief Stroganoff, Agent 69 reporting for duty" Stripperella says, snapping a brief salute.

"Agent Kitsune reporting as well" Kitsune says with a lazy wave only for he and Stripperella to duck as the Chief swings his golfclub launching a golf ball into the main room behind them where it collides with a holo-map projector causing a mild explosion.

"Darn sliced it again…Stripperella, Kitsune, as you are likely aware the Discount Villain Cheapo is out of prison and intel suggests he plans to harm the two of you. I want Cheapo back behind bars, before it's too late. The two of you are our top agents and nothing is more important than your safety," Chief says before winding back and hitting another golf ball that starts ricocheting off the walls of the room. Ultimately the golf ball went heading straight for Stripperella's head causing her to duck however as she bent down her backside was presented a bit to closely to the open fireplace in the office. After a moment the back of the woman's skirt caught fire causing her to yelp as she hopped around trying to put it out.

Acting fast Kitsune ran over and delivered a few slaps to the on fire woman's ass, smothering the flame and getting a yelp out of her with each slap. Once the fire was out Stripperella gave her fellow secret agent a bit of a glare as he had a smirk on his face "Just trying to help" he says with a shrug causing her to cross her arms under her incredible bust pushing them up and tap her foot in a huff for a moment with a look on her face that highly doubted him.

Stripperella then turned to the chief with a sigh "Um Chief people usually practice their putting indoors" she points out as she wipes off any soot that might still be on the back of her skirt.

"Well my putting doesn't need work. Now the two of you go down to our lab-like place and get some gear from Hal and Bernard" Chief says waving his hand dismissively as the two spies leave the room.

Once outside the office Stripperella turns to her partner and gives him a look "Did you really have to spank my ass to put out the fire?" she asks with a skeptical tone.

"No not really but we both enjoyed it. I mean it's not like I have slapped your ass before and I seem to recall you liking it pretty well the previous times" Kitsune remarks with a sly grin that causes Stripperella to flush every so slightly.

"That is an entirely different situation" the female spy says quickly defending herself "Now come on we need to get our gadgets from the lab" she adds as the two start walking down the hall towards the transport tubes.

"Ugh YOU need to get your gadgets I don't use any fancy ones other than my standard gear remember. I don't even like gadgets. It feels cheap to be honest, I mean how can our skills stay sharp when we have a handy gadget of the week that can save us" Kitsune says with a shrug pointing out his dislike of gadgets other than a few basic ones he has on him.

"I seem to recall you liking the use of gadgets a number of times in the past" Stripperella counters back with an impish smile on her face.

"Oh no you don't, I know what you're trying to do. That was in the bedroom only, and I seem to recall I only enjoyed the use of gadgets when I used them on you…and you seemed to enjoy them even more than me" Kitsune counters leaning in and whispering huskily into his female partners ear causing her to have to suppress a shiver. She then let out a yelp when she felt him pinch her ass causing her to chase after him as he chuckled, beating her to the transport tubes and getting in one to escape her fury. The blonde was then sucked up into the tube, his laughter being heard as he disappeared with Stripperella following right after him in the next tube over.

(Headquarters, Science Lab)

Kitsune walked out of the transport tube with Stripperella following right behind him with a pout on her face as the two entered the lab. As they walk into it they see Hal and Bernard the two lead inventors for the agency standing at a table arguing over something.

"Hey Hal, Bernard" Stripperella greets the two getting their attention and causing them to blush a bit at seeing her causing Kitsune to roll his eyes at their reactions.

"Oh hey hi Stripperella, you look real fetching" Bernard the taller of the two inverters with dark skin stammers out.

"So what do you guys have for me today?" Stripperella asks heading over to the workbench where several items are sitting.

"Well we have laser lipstick, poison mascara, tampon dagger, and uh suicide gum…The gum is wintergreen, your favorite" Hal the shorter stocky white skinned inverter says collecting the items and handing them to teh female spy.

"Oh we've also been working on a new homing thong for you, so uh we're going to need to make another mold of your ass" Bernard says peeking around Striperella's waist to ogle her ass only to hear a slight growl. Looking at the source he sees Kitsune giving him a death glare causing the man to stop his ogling and shrink back.

"You guys have made like seven molds of my ass. What happened to the one you just made?" Stripperella asks her hands on her hips as she narrows her eyes at them.

"Bernard took it home and broke it" Hal says with a slight glare at his co-worker for ruining the mold before he got a chance to…inspect it.

"Alright thats it I will be the one making a mold of her ass this time and if anything happens to it afterwards there will…trouble understood?" Kitsune snaps out glaring heavily at the two scientists who gulp in fear and quickly nod their heads.

"Understood" they both say quickly as they still nod their heads "Oh we have one last thing for you Stripperella, it's a penny disintegrator just put a penny in and it gets disintegrated" Bernard says handing her the small device.

Strpperella looks at the device for a moment before shrugging "Thanks it might come in handy you never know" she says attaching it to the belt of her outfit before a ringing is her. Pulling out a small compact makeup case she opens it to reveal a miniature video communicator "What's up Chief?" Stripperella asks as the screen turns on revealing said man.

"There is a burglary in progress at the old recycling plant. It could be the work of Cheapo" the man states.

"We're on it chief" Stripperella as Naruto nods in agreement. As she goes to close the compact the chief stops her as he starts speaking again.

"Be careful you two. Cheapo is viciously cheap, viciously cheap. He's viciously devious, and he's cheap" the man says dramatically.

"We got it chief, Vicious, Devious, and Cheap, we're heading out now" Kitsune says with a deadpan look on his masked face at the man's rambling before he reaches over and closes the compact just as the man was starting to ramble again "Well we got our orders partner let's go stop this Super Viciously Devious Villain who also happens to be Cheap" he adds with a mocking smirk before he and Erotica run back to the transport tube in order to get back to their motorcycles.

After they leave a hatch door in the lab opens and out walks a short elderly man in a lab coat "EXCELSIOR! I have done it. It only took me 15 years but I have created a portable telephone and it only weighs 10 pounds!" the man shouts in excitement before looking around "Hmm where is Stripperella? I heard her voice out here and was planning to give this to her? Oh well next time I guess, but for now I must head back to my lab to continue my work on an electric typewriter!" he adds before shrugging and walking back through the hatch door closing it behind him while Hal and Bernard just sigh at their bosses antics.

(Kitsune and Stripperella)

The two heroes sped down the busy streets of the city weaving in and out of traffic "I have to say our boss is really freaking quirky but I am at least glad he is finally using my correct codename" Kitsune shouts over the wind and sounds of traffic.

"Oh I don't know, I rather liked the old one" Stripperella teases with a giggle as the two think back on their first meeting.

(Flashback 3 years)

"Ah Agent 12 inch thank you for joining us" Chief says sitting behind his desk with Stripperella standing in front of it

"Chief, you know my code name was changed to Kitsune last week" Kitsune says with a deadpan stare while Stripperella raises an eyebrow in confusion as it was rare for an agent to change their codename.

"Ah yes that's right. Anyway Stripperella this is Agent 12 Inch, the two of your are going to be partners from here on out" Chief says seemingly disregarding what Kitsune just said causing the agent to grit his teeth as he eye twitches.


"So why did you change your codename?" Stripperella asks out of the blue as the two drive their motorcycles through the city to the crime scene.

"Let's put it this way, how would you like it if you had your cup size as your code name?" Kitsune asks with a deadpan look on his face as he hated his old codename.

"Yeah that would be pretty bad...holy crap!" Stripperella says before her eyes widen in realization at just what Kitsune meant by that reference.

(End Flashback)

Stripperella laughs loudly in remembrance of the meeting causing Kitsune's eye to twitch in annoyance "Yeah yeah laugh it up just remember this '12 Inch' has made you scream and defeated you countless times" Kitsune shouts over to her causing Stripperella to stop laughing i blush at the statement given how true it was.

After driving for a bit the two heroes arrived at the old recycling plant and parked their motorcycles before walking up to the chain link fence guarding the property. Pulling out her lipstick laser Stripperella proceeded to cut a hole in the fence in a perfect shape to her body before strutting through it. She then turned to Kitsune and game him a smug smirk waving her fingers at him teasingly.

Seeing this Kitsune grinned as he said "Show off" before leaping into the air and flipping over the fence landing gracefully right beside her.

"Now whose the showoff?" Stripperella teased with her grin still on her face.

"You know you love it" Kitsune replied, giving her a wink as he walked in front of her giving the heroine a clear view of his ass in the tight pants of his costume causing her to bite her lip sexily at the sight as she followed after him.

After walking for a bit they passed by a random pile of trash only for a flashlight to turn on revealing Cheapo sitting in a chair as Henchman 2 held the flashlight dramatically on him and Henchman 1 stood next to them "Hello Striperella and Kitsune" the villain says with a smirk.

"Well if it isn't Creapo" Stripperella remarks getting a snicker from Kitsune as the two turn around and see the villain.

"That's Cheapo" Cheapo remarked with a frown of annoyance at the wrong name being said.

"I know what I said I was mispronouncing it on purpose" Stripperella quips with a haughty smirk causing Cheapo to deflate a bit.

"Well that's just mean and rude" the villain says slumping in his chair a bit at the hurtful remark.

"You know Cheapo I have to wonder, do DC and Disney know that you're ripping them off?" Kitsune remarks with a slight grin on his face that gets a giggle from Stripperella.

"What do you mean?" Cheapo asks in confusion not understanding the remark given how to his knowledge he hasn't done any crimes against the two companies.

"Well I mean you look like a cross between the Riddler from DC Comics and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. One has to wonder if they know you are parading around resembling their intellectual properties. If I was you I would be worried about them suing your ass for millions of dollars" Kitsune says with a shrug causing Cheapo to pale and sweat heavily.

"Well what do I care I am a villain" Cheapo says trying to act tuff before leaning over and whispering to henchman 2 "Remind me later to look up those characters and then change my costume to not resemble them so we don't get sued" he says getting a nod from the man.

"Enough small talk Cheapo you're going down!" Stripperella announces pointing at the villain dramatically.

"No, the two of you are going up!" The villain responds by pressing a button on a remote causing the two heroes to be pulled up into the air by a large magnet on a crane due to the metal on Striperella's utility belt and the metal in Kitsune's shirt.

The two heroes find themselves dangling in the air stuck to the magnet in the 69 position as Cheapo laughs at their plight "Well I have to admit this is kinda embarrassing but at least the view is nice…ooh you wore the sexy little red number today" Kitsune says his face in Stripperella's crotch giving him a clear view of her red thong.

"Yes I did but now's not the time for that baby" Stripperella says, her cheek pressing against the outline of Kitsune's member through his pants. The superheroine fights her instincts to nuzzle against it like she has so many times in the past.

The two heroes yelp as the crane begins to move, hoisting them above a huge empty glass bottle "...How the hell did we miss that?" Kitsune questions before the two heroes are dropped into the bottle with a yelp.

Getting to their feet, Stripperella goes over to the side of the bottle and glares at Cheapo as he walks over "You'll never get away with this!" she yells causing him to raise an eye and cup his ear.

"What?" the villain yells not having heard what she said.

"Allow me" Kitsune says, walking over and breathing on the side of the bottle to fog it up before writing 'You'll never get away with this' in the fogged up area.

"Oh yes I will!" Cheapo yells as loud as he can which is surprisingly loud enough to be heard by the two agents.

"What is it you're trying to get away with!?" Stripperella yells back with Kitsune writing it in the fogged up section again with a sigh so Cheapo could read it.

"I'm going to steal the world's largest cubic zirconium imitation diamond from the Museum of the World's Largest Items" Cheapo yells, pulling out a paper and holding it up for the agents to see.

"Huh nice centerfold" Kitsune says as the paper was in fact a centerfold of a curvy blonde woman in red lingerie "Granted not as hot as you babe, or that famous excotic dancer Stripperella but still not bad" he adds with a shrug while unknown to him Striperella blushes slightly and gulps before chuckling nervously.

"But first I am going to kill the two of you!" Cheapo says not realizing he held up a centerfold instead of a newspaper clipping. The villain then walks over to a control panel and pulls a lever causing a silo to open above the bottle causing a flood of pennies to start raining down on the two heroes and slowly fill up the bottle while burying them. Cheapo has an evil grin on his face as he watches the two heroes struggle to stay atop the ever increasing amount of pennies in the bottle "Remember you two a penny saved is a penny earned…for murder!" he says before chuckling evilly and walking off with his henchman following right behind him.

"You know I wonder if Cheapo realizes the sheer amount of money he is throwing away right here. I mean when you think about it this has to be at least a few hundred dollars in pennies so far" Kitsune says as he and Stripperella still struggle to not get buried by the continuous deluge of pennies falling on them.

"Oh we can't drown in pennies!...Hey the Penny Disintegrator!"" Stripperella shouts before realizing she has just the gadget for the situation they find themselves in currently. Reaching down to her belt the heroine removes the device from her belt before turning it on and putting a penny into it.

The device beeps before an automated voice is heard saying "Penny inserted, penny disintegration in 5 minutes".

"5 Minutes to disintegrate a single penny!" Stripperella yells in disbelief and frustration at the absurdity of the device.

Hearing this Kitsune's eyes narrow "Remind me to punch Hal and Bernard in the face next time we see them" he says finding the idea of a freaking timer let alone one for 5 minutes on the device was ridiculous.

(World's Largest Item's Museum)

Cheapo and his two henchmen stealthily crawl out of the world's largest air vent and successfully enter the museum "Three adults,admission…Free!" Cheapo quips getting a few snickers from his companions as they begin searching for their prize.

(Stripperella and Kitsune)

The two superheroes struggled against the ever increasing amount of pennies filling the bottle before Stripperela had an idea "C'mon laser lipstick!" she says pointing said item at the side of the bottle and firing a blast. However instead of cutting through the bottle the laser simply bounces off ricocheting around the inside of the bottle several times forcing the two to dive under the pennies to avoid it.

(Chepo and crew)

The three villains ran through the museum looking for their prize with the henchmen in awe at several of the exhibits "Whoa look, the World's largest pair of underpants! I gotta take Gladys and the kids here" Henchman 2 says in wonder at the sight of the massive pair of briefs hanging from the ceiling.

(Stripperella and Kitsune)

The two heroes popped their heads out from underneath the pennies as the laser blast finally stopped ricocheting around the bottle "You have anything else you wanna try?" Kitsune asked with a deadpan look.

"No, if only we had some heavy, probably weighing around ten pounds to throw at the glass" Stripperella complained with a pout.

"Well I have an idea, let's hope it works" Kitsune said as he managed to make his way over to the side of the bottle and flip around so the bottom of his feet were facing it. From the bottom of his shoes came two exhaust ports from which flames erupted as he activated his rocket boots. The male hero fired his rocket boots in short bursts heating up the side of the bottle before the glass broke creating a large hole spilling pennies and the two heroes out onto the ground.

"You know I have to wonder why you have a motorcycle when you have rocket boots?" Stripperella remarks as she gets to her feet.

"You now I can only use them in short bursts mainly to increase my jump height or decrease the speed at which I am falling…or have you forgotten the time we fooled around using my rocket boots" Kitsune says with a sly grin on his face as he stands up.

"Oh silly me how could I forget" Stripperella remarks with a slight blush on her face as the memory of that event comes to mind.

"Well you did pass out briefly when on a descent my co-Penny disintegration completed" Kitsune begins to say only for the penny disintegrator to cut him off as it completed its task. The device then emitted a bolt of electricity that channeled between all the pennies in the area and disintegrated them as well.

"Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me" Striperella and Kitsune say at the same time with the latter adding on "That's it I am shoving one of those nerds heads up the ass of the other" with fierce glare at the absurdity that just happened. Not wasting any time the two heroes run back to their motorcycles before speeding off towards the museum to stop Cheapo.


Finally finding their prize the three thieves walk up to the display before Chepo snatches the imitation diamond "I got it! I'm a hundredaire!" he declares in victory holding the jewel high in the air.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" Stripperella declares as she turns on the World's largest light switch with Kitsune standing next to her cracking his neck from side to side.

"You know Cheapo not sure why you're celebrating being a hundredaire when you just spent probably a thousand dollars trying to kill us with that bottle trap" Kitsune says with a shrug not seeing the reasoning behind it.

"And that is why I am a criminal mastermind! I have not only got the world's largest cubic zirconium imitation diamond but also all the pennies I used to try and kill the two of you once I go and collect them!" Cheapo declares before laughing triumphantly at his frugal geniusness.

"The pennies are gone" Kitsune states with a deadpan look and tone that stops Cheapo's laughing dead cold.

"Gone, what do you mean gone? How could they be gone!?" The villain demands fiercely, his face twisting into a snarl.

"We used a penny disintegrator therefore all the pennies were disintegrated" Kitsune replies casually causing the villain's jaw to drop in horror.

"What kind of sick twisted sadistic evil bastard would create a device that disintegrates perfectly good pennies!?" the man asks in shock and disbelief at how anyone would create such a evil device.

"A pair of nerds" Kitsune states with another shrug that causes Striperella to sigh at his labeling of their co-workers. However given the whole penny disintegrator debacle moments ago she couldn't really blame him this time.

"I should have known…CURSE YOU NERDS!" Cheapo yells loudly looking to the sky as he shakes his fist in fury.

"Enough chit chat it's time to administer the world's largest ass kicking to you villains!" Stripperella states dramatically as she points towards the three thieves.

"You heartless bitch you can't even give me a moment to grieve the untimely mass death of those poor pennies….Well alright then get them boys!" Cheapo yells before grabbing one of the world's largest pencils and sharpening it in the worlds largest pencil sharpener as his henchmen run at Kitsune and Stripperella. As they run, the henchmen grab the world's largest fork and butterknife to use as weapons. Cheapo then throws the sharpened pencil like a javelin at the pair of heroes only for Kitsune to slide under it as Stripperella vaults over it in a handstand split before vaulting off it with Kitsune running from his slide.

As Stripperella flips through the air Cheapo sling shots the world's largest key at her only to miss and have the key fly into the world's largest door knob. The female heroine lands on the floor gracefully right in front of the henchmen before grabbing the world's largest spoon and twirling it around her like a staff. Kitsune then slides up next to her with a section of the world's largest dental floss in his hands and cracks it like a whip.

"What are you two waiting for? I said, get them!" Cheapo yells before Henchman 1 runs at the pair with his large knife, and Henchman two right behind him with the largest fork. Kitsune twists to avoid the knife as Striperella uses the spoon to delfect it, sending the henchman flying through the air. As Henchman 2 charges Kitsune lashes out with the dental floss wrapping it around his ankle and pulling, sending the man falling to the ground. The hero then turns and yanks on the floss, sending the criminal flying through the air in the same direction his fellow thief went.

"Oh you two are just pathetic!" Cheapo yells at his henchmen while he charges at the heroes from behind only to fall to his knees in agony as Stripperella hits him in the groin with the handle end of the largest spoon. Seeing his chance Henchman 2 recovers and charges at Stripperella from behind only to yelp in pain when he feels Kitsune whip him across the ass with the dental floss. Henchmen one then rejoins the fight slashing at Kitsune with the knife only for it to be blocked by Striperella's fork.

Cheapo, seeing the two heroes preoccupied with his henchmen, decides to make a break for it and runs away but not before stopping to check to see if there is any change left in the vending machines on his way to the museum exit.

Striperella and Kitsune fight in perfect harmony as he lashes out with the dental floss creating openings for her to swipe at the henchmen with the the spoon, and when said henchmen target him she deflects the attacks with the spoon. However Henchman 2 manages to get a lucky strike in sending Kitsune flying back which distracts Stripperella long enough for Henchman 1 to hit her with the flat side of his knife sending her flying back into the world's largest vibrating banana. Stripperella flips up onto the banana with the henchmen climbing up after her causing it to rock back and forth. Using her foot the heroine turns on the banana causing it to vibrate intensely and making the henchmen unsteady on their feet. This gives the woman enough time to run at the men and sucker punch them with a brutal haymaker sending them flying into the air and crashing into the world's largest script. Striperella then straddles the banana with a slight moan and turns it off "Ohh!I love fighting crime, but toys just don't do it for me anymore" she says with a sensual moan.

Kitsune rushes over to the two dazed thieves and uses the world's largest stapler to staple them to the script trapping them before he looks at his partner with a wry grin "Well I can't possibly think of anything that could have ruined toys for you" he remarks sarcastically as she slides off the banana and walks over to him.

"Oh I think you know exactly what ruined toys for me" Striperella says sensually as she drags her hand across his cheek with a sly grin before the two chase after Cheapo.

(Outside the Museum)

Cheapo chuckled as he drove his old crappy car away from the museum barely reaching 15 miles per hour. Glancing in his rearview mirror he spots Kitsune and Stripperella not only chasing after him on foot but also gaining on him. Turning sharply around a corner he runs over the curb causing one of his hubcaps to go rolling away. Stopping the car the villain quickly gets out and runs after the part before grabbing it and reattaching it to his car "Paid retail for this one" the man mutters to himself before getting back in the car and driving off.

Stripperella and Kitsune gain even more ground on the villain only to duck as a gunshot goes off from Cheapo leaning out the window and shooting at them. The pair jump over the next bullet figuring the villain would assume they were going to duck again and aim lower which he did. The third and final bullet misses completely without them needing to dodge as right when Cheapo fired the gun the tape holding it together snapped resulting in it falling to pieces in his hand.

The villain snarls in anger at this before his car starts sputtering. Looking at the dashboard he sees that he is almost out of gas and just as he is about halfway across a suspension bridge the car dies. Forced to abandon his vehicle Cheapo tries to make a run for it only for the pair of heroes to easily catch up to him. Faced with no other choice he turns towards them and holds out his prize over the edge of the bridge "Don't come any closer. One more step and I throw the cubic zirconium over the bridge" he threatens with a grin.

"Don't do anything stupid" Striperella says with a scowl on her face at the standoff.

"Yeah besides we know you aren't going to throw it over the bridge as it's against your nature. You would be throwing away THREE HUNDRED dollars after all" Kitsune says with a smirk calling Cheapo's bluff.

"Oh yeah.." Cheap begins to counter only to lose his grip on the gem due to his gloves resulting in it starting to fall towards the water below "...Uh oh" the man says, noticing this.

Stripperella and Kitsune act in the blink of an eye leaping over the railing after the gem. Stripperella reaches it first and grabs it pulling it tightly to her chest before reaching into her utility belt and pulling out the tampon dagger and throwing it up towards the bridge railing where it sinks in right in front of Cheapo, startling the crook. She then grabs the cord attached to the dagger just as Kitsune reaches her and grabs her as they start to swing on the cord. Kitsune then activates his rocket boots as he pulls Stripperella to his chest resulting in the two using the momentum of the swing to fly back up to the bridge and over one of the suspension cables. While in the air Striperella twirls the cord of the tampon dagger making it dislodge from the railing and wrap around Cheapo before he is hoisted upside down into the air and hanging over the edge of the bridge's railing.

Looking down and seeing the water below him Cheapo gulps in fear "I'll make a deal with you two. Let me go and you can keep the cubic zirconium" he offers, swinging back and forth and trying not to puke from the motion.

"Okay" Stripperella says with a small smile causing his eyes to widen in shock.

"Wait really?" Cheapo asks in disbelief that they were actually going to accept his deal.

"Nope not really so just hang tight until the cops arrive" Kitsune says with a laugh right before Striperella releases her grip on teh cord causing Cheapo to go plummeting towards the water with a scream before a splash is heard as the two walk away.

"I'll get you two…" The man is heard screaming as he bungies back up over the railing before back down into the water "No matter the cost!" he screams before the process repeats over and over "Well maybe not no matter the cost…" he yells before another splash is "But you know what I mean!" he yells one last time before his screams and splashes fade from the two heroes' ears as they walk out of range of his voice.

(Kitsune and Stripperella)

The two heroes had walked back to the museum to return the cubic zirconium and retrieve their motorcycles "So that was a rather costly mission" Stripperella says with a slight chuckle.

"Yeah for Cheapo" Kitsune adds and the two heroes share a laugh "So what do you say we get out of here and head to our usual place for a little after mission 'debrief'" he says with a grin and wink.

"Mmm sounds lovely but I have to stop somewhere first…How about we meet in say 2 hours? I will definitely make it up to you for the wait" Stripperella says sensually into his ear as she traces his jawline with her index finger on her right hand only to yelp as she receives a spank to her tight bottom.

"It's a date, and do make sure to be ready as we aren't going to be getting much sleep the rest of tonight as I am going to work you hard tonight" Kitsune says huskily as he kneads her ass causing her to bite her lip to suppress a moan before with a chuckle he ceases his actions and gets on his motorcycle and zooms away leaving Stripperela standing there all hot and bothered.

"Oh we will see who will be working who" Stripperella says with a challenging smirk as she gets on her own motorcycle and speeds away.

(Tenderloins 30 minutes later)

Erotica sat at the club's bar next to Persephone, another exotic dancer who has tanned skin, green eyes, red shoulder length hair, perky DD-Cup breasts that were on full display as she was topless at the moment, and a model-like curvy body. Behind them the bartender Leonard polished a glass, while all three watched Giselle slowly walk around the stipper pole on the stage with a depressed look on her face.

"Is she still depressed over what her father said to her?" Naruto asks walking over and seeing them all staring at Giselle.

"Yeah what her father said to her has really messed up her confidence and her emotions in general" Persephone says with a sigh saddened by seeing her friend down in the dumps like this.

Naruto was about to say something when he notices Giselle bend over and lazily shake her ass towards the crowd only for one of the men to reach over and slip some money into the strap of her panties.

Feeling this Giselle turns to see who did that only for her eyes to widen as she sees it was her father who has a smile on his face "Nice pivot turn" he compliments causing Giselle to smile as tears well up in her eyes. With an excited "Whee!" Gissele leaps up and locks her ankles around the pole before hanging upside down and sliding down it as Roger walks over to the bar.

Upon reaching the bar Roger gives Erotica a wink which she returns before he walks off with a wave just as Giselle runs over "Look he tipped me a $100 bill" she says excitedly showing the money to her friends.

"Oh it looks like he wrote something on it…To the world's greatest daughter, and the world's greatest stripper. I'm glad you're not dead!Love daddy. Ah that's so sweet" Erotica says before she reads what was written on the money.

"Now I can buy that vibrating banana that's supposedly modeled after Kitsune's penis that I always wanted! It's said to be a foot long and as thick as my wrist and comes with multiple intensity settings and a special feature where if you load it with liquid it will even climax inside you!" Giselle says excitedly causing Erotica and Persephone's eyes to widen and Naruto to choke on his spit.

Leonard the bartender however puts his palm to his cheek and smiles "Mmm I might just have to get one, no three of those for myself if they do all that" he says with a lick of his lips causing Naruto to shudder slightly though it goes unnoticed by everyone.

"That's the last time I model for a Kevin Clines underwear line while in my Kitsune disguise…Only going to use the mold to better fit the boxer-briefs my ass" Naruto thinks to himself while making a mental note to see if he can get a lawyer to order a cease and desist against the vibrators being made…or at least get a portion of the profits.

(One hour later)

The club was closing up for the day and most of the dancers and staff had gone home. Naruto was getting his work bag out of the security room before heading out when he notices Erotica walk out of the dressing room for the dancers. She was wearing a tight black crop top that zipped up in the front and was exposing a large amount of her ample cleavage. A pair of skin tight black pants that hugged her ass and legs showcasing both, and a pair of black mid-heels.

"Great work today Erotica" Naruto compliments with a kind smile hefting his bag over his shoulder.

"Thanks you too Naruto, especially with helping out Giselle earlier" Erotica says with a smile of her own as she brushes a lock of hair over her ear.

"Ah it was nothing, to be honest you did most of the hard work. Afterall I saw your little chat with her dad during your dance, love the southern belle look by the way" Naruto replies to his fellow blonde giving her a thumbs up and grin.

Seeing this Erotica chuckles finding the action cute "Thanks for the compliment, and I am just happy they were able to reconcile and things are back to normal between them" she says looking out at the empty club floor.

"Yeah me too Giselle is too much of a sweetheart to be depressed like that. Anyway I am headed out, would you like a ride to your place?" Naruto says offering her a ride given how late it was.

"No thank you, I will be fine. Thank you for the offer though" Erotica says politely declining the offer as she had somewhere to be not that she could tell him.

"Alright just remember anytime you would like a ride just let me know" The male blonde says giving her a wave as he walks off out of the club before discreetly putting on his Kitsune outfit and riding his motorcycle to a certain penthouse suite at a certain hotel. Unknown to him, Erotica was doing the same thing.

(Hotel Penthouse Suite)

Opening the door to the penthouse suite Kitsune grinned upon seeing Stripperella spread out on the large bed in a sexy pose "Hmm it seems room service has left me a sexy gift"Kitsune remarks with a lick of his lips.

"Well then I guess you should leave them a tip after you give me a BIG tip" Stripperella says with a coy grin and sensual lick of her lips as she eyes her partner up and down.

"Oh I definitely will especially the maids after we destroy this room" Kitsune says as he begins removing his clothes and Stripperella does the same until both are in ust their underwear and masks. Walking over to the bed Kitsune positions himself on top of Stripperella and claims her lips possessively causing her to moan and squirm underneath him as his left hand snakes around her back to remove her bra and his right hand slides down her panties. Stripperella isn't idle in this as she manages to slide his boxers down with her hands before moving them the rest of the way with her feet in an impressive display of flexibility.

The two break the kiss and stare at each other passionately as Kitsune's right hand sneaks up to try and remove her mask only for Stripperella to slap it away with a coy grin as she wags her finger at him "Uh uh uh you know the rule, masks stay on" she chides as if she was a school teacher discilpining a naughty student.

"One of these days we are going to lose the masks and finally see each others faces in their full…but for now I will settle on watching your face contort in orgasmic bliss for hours on end" Kitsune says before pouncing on her and the two begin their passionate dance of carnal passion for the rest of the night, their lovemaking echoing throughout the room and even out into the hall with how fierce and passionate it is.

End Chapter 1

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