Chapter 3, everybody! In which the boys continue to Shenanigan….

If you've been following me on Tumblr you might have seen some of the writing here I think last October? Had a nice run on this fic then. In other news, I headcanon Tadashi's favorite Disney movie as being The Emperor's New Groove so he doesn't miss a chance to reference it. Also both boys are Harry Potter nerds. And from personal experience on a campus college, most front doors do get locked after ten, but then again my first college also had a curfew so *shrug*

James the apple, thanks for the review! I agree with you on the first sentence but not the second, Legends might have been good but Game Freak blew their stack when they released a pre-alpha build at full price. :\

Big Hero 6 © 2014 Disney

Hiro was full of nervous jittery excitement, enough that Obake suggested they stash the money and drone elsewhere for now.

"There's an abandoned restaurant near here, we can store it there for now," he assured him, sending the drone that way—huzzah, he once again had funds.

"Oh gosh this is terrifying," Hiro said, balled up in his chair and rubbing his arms. "I've never done something like this—"

"Technically you did nothing but suggest the marker," Obake pointed out. "I did everything, you are technically not culpable."

"Yeah, but that was stealing—"

"Money that you were owed, plus hazard pay for him trying to kill you. Very simple."

"That was a lot of money—"

"I'll take half of it if it bothers you that much."


"Do keep in mind I nearly died last night as well. Plus I believe we can agree I'm much pettier than you are."

"I mean yeah," Hiro noised, tugging on his lower lip. "I guess…."

Hmm…perhaps this was enough fun for one day. "Tell you what," he said, closing the program. "Why don't you show me one of your video games? Something challenging."

"Are you trying to distract me from the criminal life?"

"Yes, you don't have the disposition for it."

Hiro glowered at him for a moment before relenting. "Okay you know what, fair—come on."

Tadashi returned after school to Aunt Cass telling him that Hiro had been here all day and behaved himself I have a real good feeling about today—well if that was the case….

Okay real talk this was Hiro behaving himself so they'd let down their guard and he could go bot-fighting again. But if he could get ahead of it…head for the living room, where Aunt Cass said they could eat dinner gotta get ready for the dinner rush don't mind me—

Tadashi froze at the sight of "Obake" sitting there—the kid took note of him staring, gave a sort of savage grin before redirecting his attention back to the game Hiro was playing.

Tadashi, meanwhile, had problems. "Aunt CASS—"

"Oh good—Tadashi this is Hiro's friend, Obake," Aunt Cass said, handing him a plate. "Go sit down, mingle."

"Mingle Aunt Cass," Tadashi protested—ran over to hiss at her better. "'Obake'? Seriously? That guy's probably a bot-fighter!"

"I mean yeah that occurred to me too but they've been here all day and haven't done anything rotten so…maybe not?" she hedged, shrugging. "I know I'm clutching at straws but let me clutch."

Tadashi sighed, looked back at the kid in the living room—Hiro's attention was focused elsewhere and Aunt Cass was already heading back to the kitchen, so they both missed Obake tracing a halo over his head before clasping his hands together and batting his eyes at Tadashi, a sickeningly sweet smile getting erased as he cackled at Tadashi's grief.

"What?" Hiro asked, not looking away from his game.

"Your brother is entertaining, as I've found out," Obake told him.

"No he isn't—he plays that stupid Shadow the Hedgehog game he's lame."

"Hey," Tadashi barked, coming over. "I have been at that game for ten years, I am almost done with all fifteen story lines, don't give me grief over that."

"It doesn't even have a Chao Garden!"


"Play nice, children," Obake said, leaning back on his hands and snickering to himself.

"Excuse me?" Tadashi asked. "Okay first of all you don't tell me what to do. Secondly—"

"Secondly you can stop right there," Obake countered, smug look firm on his face as he smirked at Tadashi. "Because you're not getting rid of me."

"Oh yes I am."

"AUNT CASS!" Hiro hollered. "Tadashi's manhandling people again!"

"What do you mean again who—"


"Okay when I'm done with this kid you're next."

Obake excused himself anyway after dinner, claimed it was getting late and he needed to get on home, away from being manhandled (this with a pointed look at Tadashi, who glared back).

But, he reflected as he returned to the abandoned restaurant, if we ignored the majorly crazy parts of this whole day this went rather well. Hiro was intrigued, Yama looked the fool that he was, Tadashi was tripped up by not behaving as the golden boy…today went decently.

Plus, he reflected as he partitioned the money out and stored some in his one hiding spot, he once again had funds. Let's see, what should he do first, get a vest so he had a proper outfit again? Ha, no, that wouldn't help. Phone and computer should probably be the priorities here.

Flop back on the thin bed, holding up his drone and considering. Ignoring the crazy parts for now because his sanity demanded it, what would be the next step he should take?

Okay checking into an insane asylum was out because that was acknowledging that all of this was insane and impossible and we weren't doing that shove away the crazy for now. Next option was to try heading back to the Lucky Cat tomorrow and see if he couldn't keep this going. The slow turning of Hiro Hamada to his own designs, the recovering from whatever this mess was, the reorienting to this new quote-unquote normal, the regular-ish meals…did that woman emote solely through food good night if he ate as much as she apparently thought he did he'd be bigger than Yama.

Unfortunately at least two of those issues involved addressing this impossibility, and he'd really rather not because this…this wasn't normal, he didn't want to adjust to this he still wasn't sure what this was.

Sigh, put the drone aside and stretch out on the bed. He'd take Hiro some of the money tomorrow and see about breakfast, then they'd feel things out from there.

What are you doing that boy is the reason you're in this mess to begin with if it wasn't for him your plan would have worked—

Sigh. This was unfortunately true. Getting rid of the boy before he became a problem would be the smarter thing to do.

Watching the boy butt up against his plans with a growing mixture of frustration and amusement, entertaining himself with testing the boy, poking and prodding—

Starting to get a nervous thrum as a possibility occurred to him—that this was who he had been looking for, someone on his level that he could shape into a protégé—

…That mindset had unfortunately not fully dissipated when his lair collapsed.

With him in it—

Shiver, sit bolt upright, scrubbing his arms—

Maybe that was why he was wanting to go back there, he decided. When he was in the Hamada house, all that warm coziness surrounding him and being annoying, he wasn't exactly thinking of that. Being there chased off that cold crushing failure, somewhat.

Sigh, flop back down. There was nothing for it, he'd have to address that eventually but tonight was not that night and tomorrow wasn't looking too good either. Compartmentalize for the sake of his sanity, maybe get some rest.

He very much doubted he could manage either.

To say that Tadashi was frustrated was putting it mildly.

"Look," Hiro said, cutting across his dark mutterings. "We were here all day. We built some stuff in the garage, played video games, ate a ton of Aunt Cass's cooking seriously I think she gave us our weight in food."

"And was that all you did?" Tadashi demanded, arms crossed tight and glaring at him. Wait for it, wait for it…he was squirming he was going to break—

"Maybe we made some bots and had a couple rounds in the garage?" Hiro hedged. "But it was all PERFECTLY LEGAL, we didn't bet or anything except to find out who got to pick the next activity, it was fine."

Tadashi groaned, pacing again. "Hiro. Seriously—"

"Oh no, here comes the lecture."

Huff, glaring as Hiro spun the chair around so he wasn't facing him—he didn't like this, that was the sum and scope of it. Hiro was always precocious and never really thought too far ahead, didn't quite yet grasp that his actions had consequences. One of these days, that would bite him in the rear and Tadashi wouldn't be able to save him.

Which made this other kid, Obake, a problem. Tadashi could sense this kid dragging Hiro down that destructive path and billing it as the path that rocks (could almost picture himself and the kid on Hiro's shoulders arguing about whether it was a dress or not), knew that if he let him win that was it, the next time he'd be seeing Hiro would be either the morgue or juvey.

He had to do something. Something drastic. But what?

Sigh, look around for inspiration…settle on Megabot, whom Hiro had obviously found.


"All right, fine," Tadashi said, grabbing a tote bag and stuffing Megabot and his controller in it. "If you're so sold on it, far be it from me to stand in the path of greatness."

"Do what?" Hiro asked blankly.

"I'm saying you win," he announced, dropping the tote bag in Hiro's lap. "You win, I'll be the nice supportive big brother from now on. So come on."

"Come on where are we going?" Hiro squawked, catching the shoes and socks tossed at him.

"Well there's this big bot fight across town—"

"What!? Wait how would you know?"

Tadashi had unfortunately had to learn to keep track of the various bot-fighting rings in the area when Hiro started this whole mess, had alerts active on his phone so he knew when he should start scouring. "I have my ways, little brother. Anyway get dressed," he said, tossing Hiro's hoodie at him too. "I'd say invite your friend, but that would bear asking if you knew his address or phone number."

Hiro's expression said that dig had landed, shifted to considering, wondering if he was serious….

Finally decided he was and tugged everything on.

"Okay Aunt Cass asks and I took you to the nerd lab to show you everything," Tadashi said as Hiro bounced up, ready to go. "But in order for the cover story to work we have to actually go to the lab first."

"Seriously?" Hiro demanded.

"Hey, when she asks you what you thought you want to have a viable answer, right?" Poke his head when he mumbled. "Right?"

"I guess so," Hiro muttered—batted his hand away and pointed at him. "But it better not be lame!"

"My dear little brother, have I ever steered you wrong?"

Although to be fair, Tadashi couldn't help but be a little nervous when he did finally pull up to SFIT. Bringing Hiro here was his big gamble—if SFIT didn't turn Hiro's head, he had nothing.

Hopefully it did just what he hoped.

"Okay quick gimme the two-bit tour so we can go to the bot fight," Hiro said, running up the stairs.

"Hey genius!" Tadashi called. "You want to go this way, front doors lock after ten."

"Seriously?" Hiro groused, following him.

"Hey, it's a security thing," Tadashi offered, tugging out his student ID and opening a side door for him. "Like Fred says, don't want some evil supervillain breaking in and stealing our projects for nefarious deeds."

"Yup, I'm in nerd central," Hiro sighed, walking into the labs proper as Tadashi opened the sliding doors for him.

But fortunately, he could count on his friends and their projects to stun Hiro and make him reconsider what he could do with college. Said friends were enthusiastic at finally meeting the little brother he talked nonstop about (well, comparing Gogo's enthusiasm with Fred or Honey Lemon's wasn't quite accurate, but for her she was excited).

And then the piece de resistance.

"This is Baymax," Tadashi introduced once they were in his lab, showing off the healthcare robot he had poured his blood sweat and tears into (quite literally in some cases—like tests twenty-three through forty-seven). Watch Hiro as he interacted with his project, answered every question Hiro asked and provided counters to his cheekier suggestions—

"Well, he really is something," Hiro admitted finally.

"Yup," Tadashi said, bursting with pride and doing his best to hide it. "He's gonna help a lot of people someday."

"You have been a good boy," Baymax told Hiro. "Have a lollipop."

"Thanks," Hiro said, accepting it.

"And when he's done and ready to deactivate, you say—" Tadashi started.

"'Mischief managed'?"

Tadashi snorted. "Maybe one of your robots."

"I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care," Baymax informed Hiro.

"Well then, I am satisfied with my care," Hiro said, waving his lollipop around a little.

And then the thing that just put the cherry on top—Professor Callaghan being the supervising attending tonight, Hiro talking to him and being blown away—

He knew he had succeeded when he tried to get Hiro to hop on the moped so he could take him to the bot-fight, was thrilled and relieved at Hiro's next statement.

"I. HAVE. To go here."