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Anywho…had a pretty lengthy conversation with someone on Tumblr once and we came to the conclusion that Baymax's behavior at the climax of "Countdown to Catastrophe"…wasn't really Baymax's style. Even if he had those code words said, are we really to believe that Mr. "'No' is a construct made by patients" who wouldn't leave Hiro alone in the movie and persists to the point of aggravation in the Baymax! series would see an obviously broken man with the intent to do self-harm and go "nah we good enjoy being crushed"? Baymax would have 100% yoinked Obake out of that situation and the only way I'll believe otherwise is to have the statement that Obake left some other program running after pulling that chip out (probably as a failsafe for if Hiro managed to get it out).

Also bold of Gogo to think she can take the living embodiment of the Twilight Zone on in a fistfight. She's also quoting the Muppets. And a big thank-you to Baymaksu for telling me back in the day the San Fransokyo equivalent to Nob Hill.

So the story of Alexander and the Gordian Knot is that whoever could untangle the knot would rule the area (or world, I forget which)—to which Alexander took out his sword and cut the knot, thus untangling it. Obake is also quoting the Dwayne Johnson Hercules movie (Blackbeard's actor in that movie specifically XD) and Tom Cruise from the movie Edge of Tomorrow which I…honestly hated and in my opinion that line is the only salvageable part of that movie.

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The place was coming down around his ears, all that hard work undone, him beneath the rubble as the bay water gushed in—

Was suddenly ripped off the other by a broad hand, the other hand seizing him by the front of the vest before Baymax blasted out of there, dodging rubble and surging out of the barest of spaces and into fresh air—

"No no no! What are you doing!?" Obake demanded of the robot, struggling against his grip.

"Tadashi, and Hiro: had concerns," Baymax declared. "I was to ignore any attempts at dismissal and instead bring you with me if you showed any indication of self-harm."


Those stupid. Idiot. Hamada. Brats.

Steam as Baymax swooped down and dropped the both of them onto the docks, scrabbling with the intent to sock himself one as Baymax swerved around to rescue Hiro and Fred—

Gogo skidded to a halt next to them first. "Hi there."

Backhanded a discus into his face so hard that Obake was absolutely positive that it left an indent in the metal, sending his past self sprawling across the docks. If he wasn't unconscious, he was nursing the mother of all headaches even before you factored in her hitting the SK—wince when he saw the sparks—

Flinch when she turned her attention to him. "Are you going to feel that in the morning, or should I hit you too to be safe?"

"Please don't," he said—flinched when she thrust her hand out—gingerly accepted her help up.

"For the record, I don't exactly believe this whole time-travel thing," she said, looking him over before returning her attention to the old him. "Saying that…I don't exactly disbelieve it either."

"My alternate theory is dimension-hopping somehow. Or Rod Serling is involved."

"Eh, I'll deck him too," Gogo said, shrugging—looked over as the others came running over—

Obake squawked in surprise at Hiro crashing into him with a hug.

"You're alive! You're alive—is he alive?" Hiro asked, taking note of the other Obake laid out flat.

"Gogo hit him, so if he is he's going to wish he weren't," Obake said.

"We don't hit people," Tadashi told Gogo sternly.

"I think we can agree that a supervillain isn't a people," Gogo countered.

"My dude we defeated our first supervillain!" Fred cheered. "Team Sherlock defeated Team Moriarty!"

"Also Fred is about to not count as a people either."


"Uh, guys?" Wasabi asked, waving at them as he watched some flashing lights approach. "I'd really like to not be here real soon."

"Right. So what do we do with him?" Tadashi asked, indicating the unconscious Obake.

Honey Lemon held up a couple of chem balls. "I got it."

They beat feet away from the docks, barely dodging into the warehouses before the police arrived—Fred had apparently made a call, led them to where Heathcliff was waiting with the limo to give them a ride.

Obake explained things on the way to Fred's house, hands wrapped around the back of his neck and hunched over staring at his shoes as he went over everything in a monotone. He really didn't have a choice, they were all buttoned up in the back of the limo and he had promised them the whole story when it was all over.

Knowing what Baymax had to do, Hiro wondered if Obake had made that promise with the intent of not being there to keep it.

Obake finished before they reached Nobu Hill, leaving them to ride in painful silence until they reached the Fredrickson garage. Fred assured them that they could hide the costumes there, which made Hiro wonder what his parents would make of it or if they'd brush it off as rich-people eccentricities.

They had to go the rest of the way on foot, traffic was insane, cop cars were everywhere, no one seemed to know what to do about the star that had appeared over the bay and then was snuffed out. Maybe they realized how close they all had come to disaster.

Tadashi caught him, straightened him up as Hiro realized the same thing, knees suddenly not wanting to work.

Aunt Cass had clearly progressed far past stress-eating and was deep into the stress-cooking when they finally reached home, dropping her bowl of batter and running for them, crushing them all in a hug and demanding to know where they had been she had been SO WORRIED

Obake didn't react, had been the walking dead ever since he had finished his story in the limo, not looking at anyone or speaking at all. No one had really felt like talking after all that, and Hiro could…sort of get not wanting to interact with anyone. Confronting yourself—literally—then leaving him behind for the cops to nab…which, as Baymax had reported, had ended up being Plan B.

"There, see?" Aunt Cass said, turning Obake towards the big wall-mounted TV and hugging him from behind. "See that? He's not going to bother you anymore."

Hiro looked at the TV, looked back at Obake when he saw that older version of him—no relief, no reaction, still numb. And if he had told the truth, the idea of Aunt Cass trying to comfort someone her age was…weird. Actually no, all of this was weird.

Answered her questions as she posited them—she had heard part of what happened at SFIT, that that guy had attacked there, and then the weird thing with the star and was that Fred's kaiju? It took forever to dance around everything—looked at Baymax when he realized Obake wasn't there. Baymax blinked—looked upstairs.

Hiro eased up the stairs, turning into their room—didn't see Obake at first. Not until he was well in did he spot him squashed in the far corner, knees hugged to his chest as he stared at nothing. Hesitate…go over and crouch down next to him.

"Are you okay?"

That question shouldn't have made him twitch, but Hiro expected the delay in the answer—it was…sort of a complex question right now. "I'm sorry," Obake managed, voice creaking. "I…I should have done something earlier, I should never have come here—"

"Stop," Hiro said, easing into kneeling. "I forgive you. I'm sorry too. I…I was worried, and angry, and it's this—big tangled mess but I'm tired of it and…what was that story you said with the big knot that the guy cut?"

"Alexander and the Gordian Knot," Obake muttered, still not looking at anything. "He solved the unsolvable by taking an unconventional approach."

"See? That's what we did. And…and if you were really a bad guy you wouldn't have helped us. You wouldn't have stopped…well, him."

"Don't," Obake said. "I didn't do any of that for…for selfless reasons—nothing I did was out of the goodness of my heart I was being—even stopping Tadashi was borne of selfish motivations I—"

"Stop," Hiro repeated. "Because if you really are like, Aunt Cass's age, then I'm not ready to be the emotionally mature one in the conversation." Obake stopped. "Wanting to do good stuff and not be lonely isn't exactly bad, Obake."

"The wording implies it isn't good either."

"Still kinda creepy, all things considered," Hiro said. "Also I'm still mad at you for keeping it all bottled up and not telling anyone. Except Fred, apparently."

"To be fair, I wasn't expecting Fred to figure it out."

Hiro nodded, sagged back a little…looked back at him. "So what happens now?"

"I don't know," Obake said. "I never made it this far. I…honestly I'm supposed to be dead now. He was supposed to die—th-that's what happened before, how I ended up like this….I-I keep expecting to just…disappear, any minute."

Hiro looked him over. "You want me to sit up with you?"

Tighten up on himself, pain evident in his eyes even though he wasn't looking at him. "If you don't mind."

Hiro nodded, crawled over to sit next to him, tipping over to lean on his shoulder.

"You can't die yet anyway," Hiro said, throat feeling tight. "You have to be Silco for Halloween, remember? And who's going to help me nemesis Karmi if you're not here? I haven't even finished explaining Kingdom Hearts to you yet." It felt like a ton of broken glass being dumped into him, shards digging everywhere—so many missed opportunities leaking out like sand out of a cracked hourglass. "Please don't go."

He didn't think it was possible for Obake to curl up tighter but he did, feeling like when Hiro had tightened a screw so much the head came off—pressure until even metal sheered. "I don't want to."

Nod against his shoulder—in the end…in the end Hiro still considered him his friend, and knowing that he felt this way…he didn't know what else to do except be there. Be there with the knowledge that maybe Obake wouldn't be, soon. None of them really knew how this worked, how it had happened or what would happen now that it had run its course, whatever it was. Look over blearily when Tadashi came up the stairs—

Tadashi nodded, came over and sat down on Obake's other side, reaching over to put a hand on Hiro's shoulder and tug them close, Obake in the middle. Ordinarily Hiro would have teased about making an Obake sandwich, but it was just another pointed reminder—the feeling that if they just hung on long enough and tight enough he'd stay.

Except he didn't know if they were succeeding, if they could succeed at all—knew Obake felt the same way when he started shaking, hugged him tighter when a sob wrenched out.

"I don't want to go," he sobbed into his knees. "I'm not ready."

Hiro and Tadashi exchanged miserable glances, curled tighter around him. There was nothing that could really be said, nothing that could be done now except be there for him.

Nothing but to make sure he wasn't alone when he went.