Dishes clanged and echoed in the silence. The clanking of Luffy's handcuffs shifted even more as Luffy had the sudden urge to scratch a random itch between his fingers. His day couldn't get any worse.

Captured by the marines but escaped halfway, only to be saved for the rest of it by his crew. They tried everything but nothing seemed to make the cuffed links budge. It was one of Vegapunk's latest technology. A cross between seastone and diamond. Luffy's weakend state was not making things easier. It prohibited him from doing the simplest of tasks. Like eating for example.

Good thing Nami was there to help.

He cleaned off a lifted spoon to his lips and hummed merrily with his eyes closed. Sanji's cooking was the best.

"Thanks, Nami."

"No problem."

Said girl had brushed her hair behind her ears and leaned so close to her captain, it was well noted that she was practically helping herself through his plate, hers she fed to him without even realizing it.

She scooped up some gravied rice in the same spoon and brought it to her lips forgetting to switch spoons. She hadn't done so in a while now and didn't seem to care.


"Yes, please," her captain grinned and Nami couldn't hold back her smiles. Luffy was so cute. A blockhead but still tolerable. A reckless, senseless idiot but still her captain.

She discarded all cutlery and grabbed a healthy helping of meat with her hand and brought it to his lips which he cleaned with gusto. He licked her fingers and Nami's cheeks glowed pink. She fed him the same a second time.

"I didn't get that."


Luffy eyed the gravy that settled in her palm and Nami helped herself to it, licking the sweet sauce away and cleaning whatever was left on her fingers with a popping sound and a smack of her lips. Luffy watched the entire ordeal. Then she licked her lips clean and like a mirror, he did the same.

Was Sanji's food always this good?

"It's good, huh?"


The captain and navigator exchanged fond smiles and it took the sharpshooter of the crew to clear his throat to bring them back to reality.

"You two realize we're still here, right?"

Both looked up to catch the crew staring at them in silence. All their food barely touched.

"Were you always this close? It's embarrassing just looking at you."

"What are you talking about, Usopp? Nami's helping me."

"Perhaps one of you would like to take over instead?" Nami eyed her crew with a bored expression, grabbing a chicken leg off the plate and eating it leisurely. Luffy's bad habits were already rubbing off on her.

"I wouldn't mind," said Robin standing up but Luffy was quick to stop her.


All looked at him in surprise.

"Only Nami."

Nami sighed with her eyes closed.

"You heard the man. Now worry about what's on your plate and mind your own."

Franky and Brook remained silent that was until Brook decided to ask Sanji for a cup of tea but stopped himself upon seeing jealous silent tears run out his eyes. Zoro pushed his plate forward and got ready to leave in fear of throwing up but Sanji stopped him insisting that he better eat his damn food up to the last grain.

Chopper ate without complaint and Usopp soon joined him. Robin looked on at the two with her chin in her hand, smiling to herself still amused at her captain's blatant rejection.

Nami fed Luffy a large portion of meat in one go. While he ate, she used the napkin on his lap to dab at the corners of his mouth.

"Hold still."

Luffy hummed at the savoury taste and stilled and looked his navigator straight in the eyes as she cleaned his face.

"You're already a handful, Luffy, and now this. Your crew can only handle so much."


"Where would I be without you Nami?"

"Probably dead," Nami said dryly and helped herself to another spoonful of rice. The salad wasn't half bad either.

She ate over the sound of her captain's loud laughter and forked together pieces of meat before bringing it to his lips only to pull away and stuff it in her mouth with an innocent look on her face.

"Oops, sorry. Did you want that?"

That got her captain's gears ticking and he got mad just as she wanted. Teasing him was a ball.

"No fair, Nami!"

She laughed and laughed. Honestly, him being handcuffed like this brought much peace on the ship. And how well-behaved he had been all day made it all worth it. Mealtime had a novel atmosphere to it now. Almost sophisticated compared to the usual battlefield they had to put up with thanks to the bottomless pit they called captain.

Fed up, Luffy looked to his shipwright who promised him a key before dinnertime.

"What's taking so long Franky? I thought you'd have the key by now."

Luffy slumped as his belly growled in protest.

"More, Captain?" Nami smiled sweetly, giving Franky a fleeting look.

"About that..," Franky's eyes shot between the two most important members of the crew. It's gonna take another two-," Franky stopped himself seeing Nami hold up four fingers, "-another four days... Sorry for the delay."

Luffy nodded dejected and accepted another spoonful of food and salad. He was never one for salad but Nami had been feeding him so much, he never thought once to complain. She was after all only trying to help.

"What's that?" Usopp pointed out a shiny object between Nami's cleavage.

"Oh, this?"

Nami pulled it out for all the crew to see besides her captain who had his eyes closed enjoying the savoriness of the meat.

"Nothing special."

Nami smirked, replaced the object, and patted Luffy on the head like a well-trained dog.

At once all understood and didn't bat an eye once Nami scooped up another helping of meat between her fingers and brought it to Luffy's lips again or when she tenderly wiped the gravy from his mouth with a small, doting smile on her face.

This was in fact a good thing. And they all had Nami to thank for that.



There is canonical evidence in the manga and anime of Luffy and Nami eating from the same fork and drinking from the same cup. Hence how this fanfic came to fruition.

Thanks for reading!