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The final battle of the blue warrior

All the lights were turned off… only some mechanical and robotics sounds were heard… a large shadow was projected on the wall, seconds later… The door was opened, slowly… then, the person was inside, with a big smile, so big as Chesire's one.

- My time is now… my sweet revenge is here… - He prepared his attack, a blue aura covered him, but then, his robotic foe opened her eyes.

- It's a pleasure to see you again… Mr Stoppable! O Mr Dead, I should say…

- Oh no… not this time…

The epic battle started, they had to wait for almost 3 years to see their faces again, but the noble young and just graduated Ron Stoppable wasn't going to allow himself to lose again, he defeated Monkey Fist, he defeated Warmonga and Warhok… now it's his time…

The blades of the evil device turned on at full speed, the young man took a great leap dodging the attack perfectly, the robotic companions wanted to join the battle, but with a decisive voice, the blender defended itself.

- No guys, this is MY battle, let me fight it.

- As you want, but it's nonsense for me. - SADI said from the window.

- You heard Stoppable, it's just you and me…

- As it always had to be...

They were ready to attack each other, when the lights came on.

- Ron Stoppable! What in the hell are you doing? - A female and very angry voice screamed.

- KP? Honey? What are you doing here? … I mean… you should be at…

- at OUR Farewell dinner with OUR parents…Remember?

- Yes I know pretty… but… I've to solve some business problems, you know, to end cycles and open new ones at college in Australia…

- And your "important business" to end your cycle at Middleton, is face… a blender? - The girl put her arms in her waist, to show her disbelief. - Did you leave me alone at the party for a blender?

- Is not just any "blender" Kim, she dishonored me!

- Now the blender is a "she"? Ron, please, leave it now!

- Sorry, It's an honor issue!

- Oh really?... Rufus! NOW!

The little, but strong naked mole rat jumped out from KP bag and attacked Ron's feet, knocking down the blond and in a matter of seconds, tying him perfectly.

- Ready! - Rufus gave little jumps celebrating his victory.

- Thank you Rufus! - Kim gave 5 to her little friend. - Ready Dr Freeman, we leave now!

- Thank you so much Kim Possible, I really didn't know what can I do.

- No big Dr, is just his Roness… See you later.

- And what's happening with me? I can't walk. - The angry man asked from the floor.

- Good luck in Australia Miss Possible!

- Thank you, I'll need it.

The redhead said goodbye happily, the rodent returned to her pocket, while she took her boyfriend by the feet and dragged him towards the door.

- This is no way to treat the hero of humanity!

- Let's see if you activate your monkey powers again and free yourself!

Kim and Rufus taunted the boy as they led him to the car. No matter how powerful he was now, Ron would always be Ron.


A funny one shoot that my sis asked me for! How can I say! I can't resits me! We love that scene of Car Trouble!