Something I got from a fic of similar nature. So, this would take place in a bit better version of Season 4 of Angel, that being Connor rescued from Holtz and still a baby, so we're not getting ruined Cordelia or annoying teenage Connor.

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Wesley was at the reception desk doing some research and reading books, as usual, when he heard the door open as Lilah marched in in a dress.

"Hello, Wesley." Lilah said with a grin on her face.

"Lilah. What brings you here?" Wesley asked, his lips slightly curving into an intrigued smile.

"Was wondering what were you up to." Lilah said.

"Just some research as usual. Angel, Gunn and Fred are out in the streets. Cordelia is babysitting Connor elsewhere for tonight." Wesley said.

"So it's just you by your lonesome here?" Lilah asked teasingly.

"You had something in mind?" Wesley asked, intrigued.

"Well, I was thinking bright lights, few games and foolish choices." Lilah said and Wesley sighed, remembering the recent fiasco with Lorne and DeMarco in Las Vegas.

"I'm not exactly in the mood for casino." Wesley said but the next thing he knew, Lilah jumped over and sat on the counter.

"Well, I can think of other foolish choices." Lilah said lowly in a teasing tone and a smirk that Wesley shared an instant later before she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss, while Wesley pulled the zipper on the back of Lilah's dress, exposing her back and they knocked the papers and pens down on the floor and laid down.

The dawn was coming, when Wesley went out from the office, with combed hair and buttoning up a new shirt, while Lilah went down from upstairs with wet hair, just having taken a shower.

"Well, Wesley, I must say, you were hungrier than usual." Lilah said.

"Well, the starvation was worth it." Wesley said as they grinned at each other and kissed but pulled away, when they heard the door open and Angel, Cordelia with baby Connor in her arms, Fred and Gunn entered.

"Hey." Angel said with an edgy tone.

"Hey…" Wesley said politely.

"Hello." Lilah said in a neutral tone.

"Great. The bitch from Hell is here." Cordelia drawled.

"Well, I just—" Lilah began.

"—had a sex with Wesley in my bedroom." Fred snapped, shocking both Wesley and Lilah.


"Dennis just tossed this out of the window." Angel said, showing a black-laced bra and Lilah immediately blushed.

"I was wondering where did it go, when I was showering." Lilah said.

"Look, we get you two are in a bad place but next time do it elsewhere. Not here." Gunn said.

"Wait a minute." Cordelia handed Connor to Angel and approached the desk and then fumed as she glared fiercely at Wesley and Lilah. "On the desk? Really?!"

"We didn't—" Wesley began.

"Everything on the desk is out of order, it's not like how I left it. My desk?! You have a whole hotel to yourselves and you do it on my desk?! Of all the places you do it here?!" Cordelia snapped, while Angel turned around and covered Connor's ears, not wanting him to see his surrogate mother angry and Gunn and Fred backed away nervously and turned, with Gunn measuring the distance to the front door and Fred thinking she just had to outrun Gunn.

"Everything's fine, buddy, mama's just working things out." Angel said lowly.

"Well, we may have gotten a little carried away." Lilah said.

"May have?" Gunn asked sarcastically.

"A little?" Fred said in the same tone.

Angel sighed, trying to defuse the situation. "Look, just next time, do it elsewhere. Not here."

"OK." Wesley said awkwardly, though Lilah just shrugged and was unfazed, not caring.

"No promises." Lilah said.

Cordelia sighed in frustration as she sat down. "God, what a day. Now I have to sanitize the whole desk."

Wesley and Lilah widened their eyes at Cordelia.

"Uh, Cordy?" Wesley said nervously.

"What?" Cordelia asked before she noticed the awkward looks on Wesley's and Lilah's faces.

"You may want to sanitize the chair too." Lilah said bluntly.

Cordelia's eyes widened as she shot up from the desk with a disgusted look and rushed upstairs, taking off her top. "Oh, God! I need a shower and new clothes, right now! When I get out, I'm killing you both if you stay here, starting with that bitch from Hell!"

Angel sighed in frustration, while Gunn and Fred just looked annoyed, while Wesley looked a little embarrassed and Lilah just grinned in amusement. The awkwardness in the air lasted for about a minute before Angel finally spoke up. "Next time find your own place for sex. Not here."

"I'm fine with that." Wesley said, more than happy to avoid another awkward situation.

"No promises." Lilah said, smirking, annoying Angel, Gunn and Fred.

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