Clay knew in reality that he could never. He would get his ass kicked 5 times over for even considering or thinking about it. Bravo 1 through 5 would be out for blood. But she was just so goddamn beautiful. The first time he saw her he didn't even give her a look over. She was underage after all and he's not a pervert. But she came to pick Jason up from the latest spin up, she was grown now. Big college girl in the big city. Emma Hayes was no kid anymore. She was a gorgeous woman.

The guys had just gotten back from their spin up, it was a short one. Jason was grateful for it. Emma was visiting for Spring Break. And instead of going and doing god knows what with god knows who in Daytona, she decided to come spend some quality time with her dear old dad. Another thing he was grateful for. Had she gone, Bravo team would've just followed her down there. Just to make sure no perverted older college guys decided she would make a good notch in their bed post.

Jason walked off the tarmac to greet his oldest child. "Hey kid, its good to see you." He hugged her, she hugged back but rolled her eyes. "Dad, I'm hardly a kid anymore." and she smiled. She glanced off into the distance to see the rest of Bravo team making their way to their vehicles. She spotted Clay. Damn, he looked good. Where ever they've been running off to lately must have a lot of sun. His tan gleamed in the bright light of the late April afternoon, making his shaggy blonde curls seem that much shinier. She had always had a little school girl crush on him. What girl wouldn't!? Look at him. He built more and more muscle every time she saw him and his beard was manly and burly to boot. When she first met him at the BBQ to welcome him to the team, she couldn't stop the blush that moved up her face. She was only 17 at the time. She knew in reality that he would never even look her way. She was like a little kid to him after all. But, she wanted him to look her way. She practically begged for it in her own conscience. And then boom. There it was. It was like he was moving in slow motion. They locked eyes, he smiled and she blushed once again. She ducked her head down and moved to let down the tailgate for her dad to put his stuff in the bed of the truck. One more glance couldn't hurt. She turned around. Oh my god, he's walking this way. She gave herself a subtle once over. She was wearing a tight fitting tank top with a pair of jeans and flip flops. Perfect for this warm spring day in Virginia Beach. Perfect for her to see her school girl crush in? Hopefully so.

Clay walked over to the truck where Emma and Jason were standing. And with each step he feels a little more sweat dripping down his neck. A mix of the bright sun shining down on the black tarmac and the fact that Emma was staring him directly in his eyes. He got a ride with Sonny when they spun up and he specifically stated as they were landing that he had a date with multiple beers at The Bulkhead. Clay wanted nothing more than a shower before he thought about going anywhere. He had accumulated too much dirt under his finger nails and sand in every crevice to approach any place considered public. "Hey Jase, mind if I catch a ride? Sonny's taking his dirt with him to the bar." He looked at Emma. Was that a blush?

Jason nodded. "Yeah, no problem. You going to The Bulkhhead later?" he asked. Emma's eyes were now pointed at the ground and her hands tucked firmly in the back pockets of her tight fitting jeans. What he wouldn't give to replace her hands with his. He shook the thoughts out of his brain, her father is standing right there. Best not to ogle his daughter right in front of him.

"Yeah I'm in desperate need of a shower first though." he responded.

"Perfect, grab some extra clothes from your cage you can shower at the house and Emma can DD us." Emma looked at him like he had two heads.

"Great, I have to drive you guys there and then stay up waiting for Lisa to call me to pick your drunk asses up?" She crossed her arms in annoyance.

Jason laughed. "Of course not, you're 20 years old, you can hang out with me, Clay and the guys. It'll be fun." He patted her head like she was a little girl.

"You're gonna let me hang out at a bar?" She was ready for him to say he was just kidding.