It was just Clay's luck that 45 minutes after he got off the phone with Emma that there was a spin-up. 45 minutes was all it took to disappoint her. He called her back to let her know but she already knew, being that Jason got called in as well.

"I'm so sorry Emma. I promise I will make this up to you as soon as I get back." He pled.

"Just focus on coming home safely, Clay. Come home to me." Her sweet voice said. He heard her words run through his brain over and over again. 'Come home to me.' He was going to make sure that happened. He was gonna come home safe and take her on the best damn first date she's ever been on.

Clay entered the team room for their briefing and saw Sonny and Brock already there. Mandy and Lisa were standing at the front, hooking up their computers and waiting for everyone else to show up. He slung his bag on the back of his chair and sat down while Sonny eyed him suspiciously.

Clay looked back and forth between the front of the room and Sonny's stare before finally giving in. He shrugged his shoulders. "What's up, man?"

Sonny continued to stare without saying anything then broke his silence. "You look different."

Clay furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Before Sonny could answer Jason walked in with a purposeful stride. He sat down next to Clay and nodded his head at him without saying anything. All the others in the room looked on to the moment. Just that morning the two men couldn't even be within ten feet of each other without fighting and now they seemed cordial.

Blackburn then walked in the room and Mandy started her briefing on the most recent bad thing to happen across the ocean.

She clicked to pull up an image of a young girl. "This is Leilani Kamaka. She's the daughter of Ambassador Kamaka from Honolulu." She clicked again to show a picture of the ambassador. "Leilani was recently taking a school field trip to Egypt this past week. They were touring the Egyptian Museum in Cairo when her teacher took them all to lunch and did a head count; Leilani was nowhere to be found. She contacted the local authorities and 9 hours later the ambassador received this video."

Sonny spoke up. "What happened to a good ole' fashioned trip to the local zoo?"

A video popped up on the screen of what the guys assumed was Leilani. It was an angle from the back. She was hanging from the ceiling by her arms with what looked like rope. Then a man in a black mask, holding a wooden bat came into view. He spoke as he ran the bat up and down Leilani's legs. "Ambassador Kamaka, we warned you about what would happen if you decided to get involved in the business of our country. Now your beautiful daughter will have to pay the price." The man then swung the bat and hit Leilani in the stomach. She let out a loud scream and cry and all the men winced at the video. Mandy turned the video off and switched to a slide of propaganda pictures.

Clay clenched his hand on the desk. War was war. People got hurt but it wasn't supposed to be 15-year-old girls on field trips. "Where?" He asked gruffly.

Mandy spoke again. "We have reason to believe she's being held by a smaller, lesser-known extremist group called NTI; Northern Tribes for Independence. They're against American's coming into the middle east and African regions to try and solve conflict. They believe it does more harm than good. They first started out as somewhat peaceful protesters." She showed pictures of men with picket signs. "When they felt they weren't getting anywhere, they formed into a full-blown militia." She then showed the guys pictures of past damage that the group had done, including dead bodies and car bombs. "They have a primary base, so to speak." Next was pictures of blueprints and surveillance photos. "It's a series of ten 2-3 story buildings. But there's only one that ISR was picking up consistent movement in." She pointed to the building she was talking about. "We think there's a good chance she's being hidden in there. There's limited windows and the concrete walls on the outside provide good cover for all the exits."

"Any Ideas?"

Jason stood up and got a closer look at the pictures. He turned to look at the guys for ideas to get in the building and rescue the girl safely.

Clay looked at the pictures with intensity and a lightbulb went off in his head. He stood up to point out his plan. He pointed to the ISR surveillance photos. "There's roof access. We helo in at night, drop from lines and catch them by surprise. We clear down to the girl, grab her quick, keep clearing down and meet the helo half a click outside the village and were home free."

"That would be a great idea, Blondie. If we knew exactly where in the building she was being held." Sonny said.

Clay rolled his eyes and grabbed the PowerPoint clicker off the table. He flipped back to the video of Leilani. "Look at the time stamp on this video. It says 6:35 pm. This time of year, the sun would be setting right around then, and you can see the sun filtering in through the window behind her." He flipped back to surveillance photos of the building. "There's only one west facing window on the whole building and it's on the second floor. So that must be where Leilani is being held."

Jason nodded his head while looking impressed with Clay's deduction skills.

"Cerb can get a sniff on her too." Brock said.

"And I'll load up my kit with extra supplies." Trent added.

"Alright, get your gear. We'll wheels up in 2 hours." Blackburn stated. Everyone started filtering out of the room. Jason stopped Clay before he could walk. He watched and nodded at everyone else going out the door.

Once everyone was out, he looked at Clay but didn't say anything. Clay decided to break the silence for him.

"I'm sorry, Boss." He spoke.

Jason sighed and titled his head towards the ceiling. He stayed like that for a few seconds before meeting Clay's eyes again. "Me too." He paused. "Just make sure to go see her before we head out. She's at home." He walked around Clay and opened the door to leave. He stopped and turned around. "And Spenser?"

Clay turned around to look at his team leader.

Jason spoke again. "No funny business." He pointed his finger towards Clay to make his point then walked out of the room.