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Jessica Knight's Plus One

Jess took Jimmy's arm as they left the NCIS office building on the way to Jessica's car. Jess decided to drive since she knew where they were going.

"Since we're going to a wedding, who is getting married?" Jimmy asked.

"My cousin, Diane."

"Are you close to her?"

"It's more that I'm close to my Aunt Karen, her mom."

Jimmy nodded. "Thank you for inviting me. I haven't been out with anyone since Breena died. I know we're just going as friends. But if we weren't, you look gorgeous in that dress.

Jess blushed a little. "Thank you and thank you for agreeing to come with me. You don't need to apologize for complimenting me on my dress. I'm glad you like it. You're quite dashing yourself."

Jimmy smiled at her compliment.


They arrived at the church with fifteen minutes to spare. Jess parked in the lot away from the other cars. She took Jimmy's arm as they headed into the church and sat on the bride's side. There were about 100 guests attending the ceremony. Jess looked around for friendly faces who were sitting toward the front in the family area. Jess wanted to sit closer to the back to delay questions until the reception.

Jimmy and Jess sat next to each other fairly closely due to the number of people in their pew. Jimmy looked around the church noticing that he was sitting next to the most beautiful woman there, next to the bride. He was wondering if he should be thinking about Jess in that way as they were colleagues at work. It also hadn't been that long since Breena died. Jess let him know the names of the wedding party as they went down the aisle so he would feel more comfortable at the reception.

Jess was sitting there next to Jimmy glad she invited him. He looked very dapper in his suit and was a really great guy. She wondered why she was so reluctant to invite him to the wedding. She told Torres it was because she thought he needed to be home for Victoria but wasn't sure if that really was the reason. Jess looked at Jimmy from the corner of her eye. He certainly was handsome in his own way. Was very smart and caring and always treated her with respect. He even had a good sense of humor once you got to know him. She decided to enjoy the evening and make sure Jimmy did too.

The music started and everyone rose when the wedding march started. Jess took Jimmy's arm as they stood so he would know that she was glad he was here. The gesture surprised Jimmy at first but then made him relax. Jess was glad Jimmy was comfortable with her gesture. When they sat down for the ceremony, Jimmy put his hand on Jess' as she continued holding his arm, letting her know it was ok.


Jimmy and Jess sat at the table with several of her single cousins. She told Jimmy that the married ones were always trying to get her hitched. Jimmy laughed. "I guess I shouldn't laugh because Breena and I tried to help all of our single relatives of a certain age to find a spouse. It's part of sharing your joy. But it must be annoying to the people you're supposedly helping."

Jess smiled at Jimmy. "Thank you for being so understanding of my plight."

"No problem. And thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone."

Jess nodded. "My pleasure."

When it was their table's turn to get food, Jess took Jimmy's arm again as they waited their turn. Jess squeezed his arm while Jimmy smiled at her. The gesture was not unnoticed by the mother of the bride who was wondering who this man was who Jess brought.

The music started for the bride and groom to have their first dance. As the family members joined in, Jimmy decided to be bold and offered his hand Jess. "Shall we?" Jimmy asked with a smile.

Hiding her surprise, Jess took his hand and allowed him to lead her onto the dance floor. The music was a waltz and Jimmy led Jess expertly around the floor. While dancing Jess said "Why Dr. Palmer, you didn't tell me you were a younger version of Fred Astaire. Something you picked up in Med School?" Jimmy laughed. "You're not so bad yourself Agent Knight. Part of your NCIS training?" Jess laughed in return. "I took ballroom dancing in college. I thought it would be a great way to meet girls." Jess raised an eyebrow. "Someone as handsome and smart as you had a hard time meeting the ladies? I thought you would be fighting them off." Jimmy grinned. "You think I'm handsome and smart? That's quite a compliment from someone a beautiful and smart as you are." Jess grinned back. "Why thank you, Jimmy. BTW, I took ballroom dancing in college too. I wasn't chasing boys though. I just needed the units." Jimmy responded with a smile. "I'm glad you did."

The song ended and the next one started. Jimmy didn't let go of her so Jess held on and went with the next dance, a swing step. One song led to another and they kept dancing until it was time to cut the cake.

"I haven't danced that much in ages." Jess said.

"I haven't either. I hope I haven't stepped on your toes too much." Jimmy added.

"No at all. Didn't you dance with your wife?"

"A little, but it's more difficult to find time when you have a small child at home."

"I haven't had time either with work and training. I forgot how much fun it is."

"It is a lot of fun especially when you're dancing with someone you enjoy being with."

Jess nodded. "You're right, Jimmy. I am enjoying dancing with you because I like you."

Jimmy smiled. "I like you too, Jess."

They decided to take a break from dancing to get a piece of cake and some champagne to drink. Finding a table, Jimmy held Jess' chair as she sat down. "Thank you, Jimmy."

"You're welcome." While sitting there, the mother of the bride came over. "Who is this handsome young man you brought with you tonight, Jessica?"

Jimmy stood to greet her. Jess spoke up. "This is Dr. Jimmy Palmer, the M.E where I work."

"And this, Jimmy, is Margaret Knight, my cousin and the mother of the bride."

"Pleased to meet you." Jimmy said.

"A doctor, Jessica. You're moving up in the world."

Jess shook her head. "Jimmy and I came as friends."

"Well, we can always hope, Jessica."

Jimmy watched Jess squirm a little at the exchange. He hoped that it was because she liked him and it might lead to something more.


When it came time to throw the bouquet, Jess had to be encouraged by Jimmy to go up there. She stood in the back hoping it wouldn't come anywhere near her. The throw, however was very high and very strong, somehow eluding the eager single females and landing right in her hands. Everyone cheered, including Jimmy. Jess took the obligatory photograph with the bride. Unknown to Jess, Jimmy took out his phone a snuck a picture of her with the flowers.

The garter ended up in Jimmy's hands as well. He thought afterward that is was planned since his date caught the bouquet. Jimmy took a selfie with Jess to commemorate their good fortune.


The bride and groom left the festivities but the music continued on for another hour or so. Jess took Jimmy's hand and dragged him back to the dance floor. After a song with an upbeat tempo, the music slowed. Jimmy took Jess in his arms holding her close. Jess put her head on his shoulder feeling closer to Jimmy than she would have imagined beforehand. Jimmy really enjoyed holding her in his arms.

Driving back to NCIS to get Jimmy's car, Jimmy said "Thank you for inviting me. I really had a great time with you."

Jess looked over at Jimmy. "I'm glad you came. I had a really great time too."

Jimmy smiled. "Now that I know you are such a great dancer, we should go dancing at a club if you would like to."

Jess pondered the invite. "I really enjoyed dancing with you too and being with you. Let's talk about this later."

Jimmy nodded and smiled, hoping that it would lead to something more between them. When they got to his car, Jess stopped and turned to Jimmy. "I really had a great time with you Jimmy. Thanks for being my plus one.

Jimmy faced Jess. "I had a great time with you too, Jess. I hope we get a chance to do it again."

He reached out to squeeze her hand. Jess surprised him by kissing him on the cheek. Jimmy couldn't hide his grin as he almost floated to his car to drive home.