Taylor's POV

Taylor frantically banged the locker door , but for the last few minutes the only damage she had accomplished was to her own hands, not that she noticed them bleeding as her mental state was way past sane. The darkness of the locker,the laughing of her classmates,the stench of toxic waste, and worse the insects currently crawling throughout her body had seemingly been brought together for the sole purpose of breaking her. At first she had cried and begged in hope someone would, for once, stand up against her bullies and open the door. Instead she got to listen to Emma , her ex best friend, laughing alongside countless students. Then the smell and memory of what she was currently surrounded by broke her restraints causing her to finally puke inside the small locker, This ,of course, led to her puking over and over for a few minutes up till the point she had nothing left. All through it, she kept scratching and banging the door, minutes past and her frantic movements only resulted in tiring herself out and getting cuts. Seemingly the kids had all gotten bored or gone to class as she hadn't heard anyone in the past minute.

'Is this how I die, Taylor Hebert, murdered by her bullies.''

'what will dad do'

She slowly broke thinking about it and how her badly her dad would react. He hadn't taken her mom's death well and likely would break down completely if she died as well.

'i can't die, I can't die'

'please , I don't want to die'

She tried to lift her hand to bang the door, but she couldn't, she really couldn't move anymore.

"Please" she cried out as loud as she could, nothing responded.

She was tired and in pain.

'I don't want to die'


Am going to die'

Ain't I.

At that moment, when she felt hopeless and resigned, the world turned black for Taylor Hebert.



[Connect queen administrator?]


[Stabilizing connection]


[3, 2, …]


[Link lost]

[Reconnection failed]


Unknown to the entities and shards, it hadn't been the only thing searching for a connection. For as they connected with a new host, in a new world the appropriate amount of time had just passed. Time enough for the needed mana to be accumulated for a spell to fulfill its casted purpose, the acquisition of powerful items for it's caster. Both connections may have happened in different times in their perspective dimension, yet through the gaps in reality both had seemingly been linked at the same time and just so happened to intersect. The connecctionsd had intertwined disrupting each connection , it left both sources empty handed, the Host Taylor instead got what the unknown caster had sought, alongside its owner.

In a way it was a positive outcome for the unknown source's world as it had constantly brought ruin over centuries to its inhabitants. Not that it wouldn't try again once its power was replenished, for it was just a magic pre-set to fulfill its long dead caster's wish. Not that it matters anymore for the player who was diverted to a similar world to their origin, perhaps in this world the similarities will lead them to behave less childish than those summoned before.

Pov Momonga

When he became the last member of ainz ooal gown who still played the game, he had to drastically change his playing style. In their guilds peak, he was a heavy hitter who could juggle supporting his friends with his summons and casting attack magic where needed, Ulbert may have had the greatest in destructive magic, but he was the most flexible member of the guild. That was in ainz ooal gown's glory days, but with time his friends stop logging on to the point he lacked guild mates to play with, normally a player would just find others or play solo. Not momonga though, he couldn't bring himself to abandon the guild that they had created and worked to keep it going. As a result he would spend every second online working to fill a task normally divided between members, fulfilling the monthly gold cost and maintenance for Nazarik. Day after day he would log on ,scout areas of enemy players, proceed to farm for coins in high level dungeons , then make his way back to base while avoiding dying. It was only expected that he became a bit paranoid, not a bad thing considering he kept his guild in the top 30 by himself over months

So when the counter reached zero and he found himself in an unknown hallway staring at lockers and hearing people's voices in all directions, his instincts kicked in and he casted perfect unknowable. Now invisible, he felt secure enough to glance around, he quickly spotted behind him what seemed to be rooms, each with glass windows between the doors. To his relief, he didn't see anyone in the hallway or facing him through the glass.

'Is this a expansion by the developers' Not that he really believed it , those shitty devs had never given anything out for free, why would they start at the end'. Curious about his situation and confident in his spell, he walked towards one of the windows. As expected, opposite of the glass was a room. Sorta like those high end offices at work, those lucky bastards who had the comfy jobs. Instead of a small office, this led to a large room with children seated in rows of small desk all facing a white board and a man around his thirties. The man was clearly explaining something just by how he moved.

The scene brought back a memory,' looks like something either bukubukuchagama or perochino spoke of, If i remember correctly this is how school were like long before the mega corporations took over schooling. Still unless i've been switched into a dating simulator or worse the games perochino played, then i don't understand what i'm seeing'.

As his began to stress out over it, something seemed to have calmed him down. He took a few steps back to avoid the possibility of someone seeing through his spell. Taking in a more detailed look at his surroundings, he began to notice something impossible. Firstly he could smell something horrible, this should be impossible as no company had developed the tech for adding smells. If they did, it would definitely be something way beyond his price range and his what his current set up could handle . Then there was the fact he recognized the smell,how horrible it was, his experience said it would be enough to have him gagging, yet he seemed unaffected by it. A cool breeze likely created from the air conditioner was passing through his bones and he could feel if it perfectly. Topping off these strange sights was how perfect everything looked, Normally even a vr game like Yggdrasil had small graphical errors that could be easily spotted, but this had nothing . 'What, this cant be happening. This has to be a dream'

This time he notice how calm he became, but didn't mind it ' If i really did become my character, then being undead would explain why I keep calming down or why I'm unaffected by the smell. ' ok so ,let's say this is real. Why and how. No I can figure that out later, I need to prioritize my safety. Yes ,so information is key . Ok so where do I start.' Turning away he spotted the locker he first saw, now focused he realized the stench was likely coming from it as well. Curious about the locker and having no other clues at the moment he headed towards it.

"Ding" "Ding" "ding"

He froze from the unexpected noise, turning around he watch as hundreds of students poured out like water from each room. He couldn't avoid getting hit, if he stayed still, but where to go.


While not to high, he was able to push himself against the top edge and avoid anyone impacting him. Looking down he realized that it was very likely a person was inside the locker. Mostly by how kids walking by seemed to react to it, some seemed to laugh and take pleasure in it. While others did there best to pass by it as quickly as possible and avoided even glancing at it. He wasn't such a hypocrite to judge those avoiding it as it was something he had to do most days while heading to work. Sometimes it was people dying from the toxic exposure while other times it just ignoring the corporate security's brutality towards someone. It was something most people just accepted as reality and these students displayed the same acceptance. 'Shame, but I guess humans never change'.

Still he wanted to know why the one inside wasn't making any noise or trying to escape,Something he would find out soon likely. He was pretty sure in a few minutes the kids would have to be in class, giving him a chance to check without witnesses, if what he remembered the stories correctly.

"Yup", kids all hurried back to the different room leaving the hall way empty

'I should do this quickly' floating back down, he made his way towards the locker. Opening it was pretty easy with his strength stats, just plied one finger and popped the door open.

"Disgusting" Inside ,he did find a person. A young girl with curly black hair stuffed alongside waste products, enough off them to reach her waist. Still, he needed to confirm whether this girl was the cause of him being teleported here. 'ok, let's see. This should work, probably '. [Appraisal]

Taylor Hebert (human)

Lv 1

Speed 1

Strength 1

Mana: 0

Class: parahuman


Summoner : Summoned a being from outside the barrier, while alive you provide anchorage to this reality allowing the summon to remain indefinitely.

-link to summon allows the user to share mana to or from summon.

-While the barrier is active, death will result in the summon being pushed out of these realities.

Status: sleeping


Frenzy, will lash out to anything near by.

Seems his suspicion was right, this girl,Taylor was what brought him here and seems to be what is keeping him anchored here. Still 'what type of class is parahuman and what's making the barrier, is it a world item. No ,it can be since his own world item would cancel it's effect. ' His best source of answers was likely this girl, still he didn't want to wait in this hallway Incase someone walked by and he definitely didn't want to touch her right now.

'umm, ok maybe that spell should work'


It was a low tier spell mostly used to remove debuffs from toxins or slimes. He remembered how many times his character would be slowed down after killing slimes in any swamp environment when he started playing. Worse where those players waiting to ambush you in that moment of weakness.

As he hoped, Taylor glowed for a bit and then everything covering her body disappeared. pickings her up gently,h checked once more for anyone looking and going as far as using life sense, he confirmed no one .

Teleporting outside, he quickly looked around for a quiet and private place to wake the girl up . After a few seconds he decided the roof of one nearby building would work, one more teleportation got him floating above it , once more he checked for life Signs. Finally confident, he floated down on the roof and placed Taylor on the floor.