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15:00pm Shizume City HanakiRestaurant

"Thank you Rikio, for bringing me here" The young girl said, "your welcome, ya know, when I was younger me and Yata used to always come here with his grandma, the only person in his family that cared about him" Rikio said "wait how come she was the only one who cared about him?" The girl asked "his parents were always busy trying to get famous or getting their dream jobs his mother was a model but she only was in small magazines, that barely anyone read, his father wanted to be a movie director his mother didn't care about him because she kept on trying to be famous and was rarely ever home, and when she was, she just ignored Yata" Rikio said "that's so sa-" Anna was about to finish her sentence until she saw a vision, her eyes widened at the horrifying image she saw, she jumped out of her seat and ran towards the exit 'wait for me' Anna thought as she ran "Anna!" Rikio asked "anything else?" A waiter asked "the check" Rikio said

15:00pm Shizume City Bar HOMRA

"I told you I don't know!" A man with amber eyes and chestnut hair yelled at a man from JUNGLE Mishakuji Yukari and was being tied by Gojo Sukuna, Yukari had then put a gun to Yata's head "now tell me where Kushina Anna is or your going bye bye" Yukari said "I said I don't know!" Yata said, and with that said the trigger was build

15:05pm Shizume City

Rikio was chasing after Anna as she ran to the bar once she got there she was horrified with what she saw she saw Misaki lying on the floor eyes wide, and a bloody hole in his forehead, "MISAKI!" Anna screamed as cried, she ran towards Misaki and dropped onto the floor pulling his head onto her lap, about a minute later Rikio came in and saw the dying Yata, "DON'T JUST LOOK CALL 911!" Anna yelled at Rikio he instantly wiped out his PDA and called 911

16:00pm Shizume City Shizume Hospital

"Anna I heard what happened" a man with blond hair and purple sunglasses said walking into the waiting room where Anna & Rikio, Eric instantly ran to them he and KĊsuke had gotten a call from from Kusanagi who got a call from Rikio, Anna's head was focused on her lap as her fists tightened gripping her dress but she eased after hearing the soft voice of Kusanagi she instantly got up and ran into Kusanagi's arms, he had kneeled down to hug her properly the nurse had came out of the room Misaki was in, "Is he ok?" Eric asked quietly his voice had shown a lot of concern "I'm very sorry...for your loss" The nurse replied walking away, after hearing the nurse's words Anna's eyes widened and she cried into Izumo's chest "I know baby, I know, it'll be ok" Izumo said trying to comfort the young 12 year old girl in his arms