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Chapter 1


:::: Flashback ::::

Lynard Skynard's voice began to sound with Sweet Home Alabama. Bad choice of music. Led helped her decide. It was settled. It wasn't like Renée was going to notice anyway. She would... in three and a half months. When she got back from her vacation in Jacksonville with her asshole yoga coach. One more reason to get the fuck out of there. Renee had behaved like an immature hypocrite. She had chosen him over her...again. She had left only a note: "Bella; the other plane ticket will be used by John. See you in three months. Take care, your loving mom."

That bitch.

She sighed.

Big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to see my kin, singing songs about the southland, I miss 'ole' 'bamy once again, and I think it's a sin…

Ugh, Led…. Silence, please.

They had agreed to go together but she had chosen one of her many boyfriends again. That's why she was leaving. Her life was pathetic.

She gathered all her things that were out of the makeshift suitcase. She went to Renee's room and took some of her jewelry, she didn't think she would need it, John would buy her more. He was a millionaire pig asshole, so Bella didn't feel bad when he took a few greenbacks when she and her mother went to visit him at his house last week. Right now Renée was having sex on the sand with the fucking sea at her feet among many green Benjamins while her daughter was eloping to go live with her father, northwest of the country. She grabbed her bike and started pedaling trying to get away as quickly as possible from the ghosts that haunted her in Phoenix.

After an hour of pedaling she made it onto the northbound freeway, looked back and watched with joy as Phoenix, Arizona evaporated before her eyes.

Her legs were cramped, her butt was sore, and her t-shirt was sticking to her body from sweat. The sun was in full splendor above her head. Bella felt sick and was about to turn around and go home, but she wouldn't give up...Not now. She had already proven she could walk away, plus if she went back she was going to feel even more pathetic.

About five minutes later the sound of a car engine alerted her. She looked back and squinted to get a glimpse of the passengers, maybe they would give her a ride. She'd blow Renée's advice about not talking to strangers. It was all or nothing.

"Idiot!" a woman's shrill voice was heard, followed by giggles.

The car drove slowly past her, and Bella realized that she had been insulted.

"Fuck you, motherfucker!" she shouted at her with what little breath she had left.

The car slowed down and stopped abruptly. Three girls got out of the car. One tall, dark, slim and with long black hair; another a little smaller, of the same complexion and dark with short black hair and the last one was the same as them, only her hair was brown.

"What did you say?" asked the one with short hair, the one who had shouted.

"Fuck you, motherfucker!" Bella repeated angrily. She could feel the blows coming. The insulting girl stepped closer.

"I'm Leah," she introduced herself in a soft voice. "This is Kim," she pointed to the brunette, "and this is my cousin Emily," the long-haired girl.

"What's your name?" asked Emily, taking a deep breath trying to find her breath.

"Bella," she answered firmly.

"Where are you going?" asked Kim.

:::: Present ::::

Forks, Washington. Paper Towns Cafeteria

Bella came out of the restrooms. She sat at the bar and ordered a soda.

She thought about Arizona and Renee and her boyfriends and how she always chose them over her, maybe she did it because she thought she would be alone forever.

She remembered when she was little, she had rehearsed and tried so hard for the Mother's Day festival. The day came and Renée promised she would go but the bitch didn't go. Bella stood on the stage looking for her with her eyes but couldn't find her, she thought she was behind and couldn't see her, she sang with all her heart thinking of the smile Renée would have.

She stayed waiting for her to go home with her, it was there when she discovered that her mother had not attended, she returned home alone and found a note.

'Bella, I went to dinner with Nicholas...I'll see you tomorrow before school.'

Renée and her notes. Always her notes. And she had forgotten her festival.

"Hello!" a shrill voice greeted, startling her out of her depressing memories. She looked at the girl: slim, petite, black hair with a bob cut and she looked like an elf. She was dressed warmly, in vintage, 60's clothes. A retro girl. In her hand she carried a Snapple with a straw. The unknown girl smiled at her.

"Hello," she replied.

"I'm Alice, and you?" Her big gray eyes looked at her excitedly. She looked a little crazy. Alice in Wonderland suited her very well. Bella licked her lips.

"Bella" she smiled back at her. Alice sat down next to her and took a sip of her drink.

"What are you doing here?" she asked politely but the question ceased to seem rude. Bella frowned and scratched her forehead.

"Uhm...well...I decided to come here with my dad," she smiled.

"Great! Who's your dad?" Before answering, Bella took a swig of her cold Coke.

"Charlie Swan."

"You're Chief Swan's daughter?" Bella nodded. Alice raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Wow, I didn't know he had one-she muttered."

"Uh...yeah, I rode my bike across the country, isn't that cool?" Bella deflected the subject.

"What?" she shrieked. In less than five minutes, Bella knew that if she crossed paths with her again, she would have to wear earplugs. At this rate, she would be deaf by the end of this conversation. Alice caught the attention of some people around her. "That's fucking great!" Bella almost laughed, Alice didn't sound like a girl who cursed and with her voice it was even fucking better.

"Yes! In fact my bike is the one that..." Bella turned to the window and pointed her finger but stopped mid-sentence. "..that a bastard is stealing!" she shrieked and jumped off the seat, pushed the door of Paper Towns and followed the asshole who dared to steal her bike.

"Hey, come back here," she ran and ran but the stupid guy wouldn't obey her, "Give me my bike," the people who passed by looked at her and then at the boy who was riding her bike.

The thief turned a corner and Bella accelerated her pace but when she turned there was no one there.

"Bastard," she muttered and folded her arms. A lock of hair fell in her face.

"Shit!" someone cursed under his breath, Bella turned toward the trees that led into the forest and saw him. The thief was brazenly holding his bike.

"Hey!" she shouted and ran over to him, "Why are you stealing my bike!?"

"Uhm..." he muttered and said nothing more when Bella stood in front of him.

HE WAS RIDICULOUSLY SEXY. He had messy, but purposely messy, reddish brown hair and glorious eyebrows. He was tall, lean and what, once tender muscles, had now begun to harden in his arms and shoulders, the thief had beautiful green eyes surrounded by long eyelashes and his jawline...God, it was perfect. Bella swallowed her nerves.

"I asked you a question," she remarked and threw her arms up in the air.

"I had to...I'm running away," he said confidently in his thick voice, then smiled. "Who are you?" He frowned and his thick eyebrows failed to meet in the middle. He ran a hand through his hair. Bella understood why it looked so messy.

"Bella," she replied automatically. "Now, would you mind giving me back my bike?"

"Ahh...sure." He looked towards the street as if he was hiding from something. "But I think the tire didn't resist."

"What?! How dare you?!" Besides stealing her bike and giving her a scare, he was ruining it. Bella pulled her hands away from the bike and held it by the handlebars. "It's all I have! You know I crossed the fucking country on this, and YOU idiot ruined it!?"

Bella didn't mind at all yelling at him and losing any chance of a date. The boy thief folded his arms and looked at her in surprise.

"What? How could you do that?" then ran his gaze all over Bella's slender body. She shifted uncomfortably in place and pretended to move her bike to look a little more relaxed. "Well..." he shrugged. "Your legs aren't bad at all."

"You idiot…" She mused, pretending that his comment hadn't tugged at her self-esteem strings. She already knew that anyway. The athletic classes in Phoenix had done the trick.

"Relax, Bella," he said and ran, again, a hand through his incredible hair. "I just needed it to get away from Chief Swan, he was following me."

Bella rolled her eyes and feigned indifference at the mention of her father.

"Who the hell are you?" Bella folded her arms after making sure the bike was stable.

"I'm Edward." He held out his hand, but she didn't take it. "You're a bitch," he said solemnly. Bella let out a light laugh.

"Well, that's how I act with people who steal my stuff."

"I didn't steal it, Bike Girl," he shrieked. "You've got it there...I told you I was just running from the chief. I hate that man...Well, I don't hate him, but it seems like he hates me. He's like gay or something." Bella wanted to laugh. She bit her cheek. "I've never seen him a woman or some shit like that."

"Well...thanks for sharing, Edward. You owe me a tire." She grabbed the bike and started to ride away. "Oh, by the way..." she stopped abruptly and looked at him. "I'm Bella Swan" She continued on her way.

"What?" Edward shouted.

When Bella returned to Paper Towns, she ran into Alice, who was holding her suitcase.

"Bella! I see you got your bike."

"Luckily…" Bella gently stroked her arms.

"Great! You left this over here." They reached out and Bella was able to grab her suitcase.

"Ehh...yes. Thanks"

"It's okay" she shrugged. "Are you going home? I can give you a ride."


"Sure, let's go," she left and followed her.

Alice had a ridiculously cute car. Small and very 60's, just like her. Mint green and the inside smelled like chocolate.

She said she felt bad about what had happened to the bike. Alice was a nice girl. Stupid Edward and his amazing hair. And when they got home she helped her take her stuff downstairs, they exchanged numbers, said goodbye, and left.

It was obvious Charlie wasn't home if he had been chasing Edward. Bella looked for a key in the eaves and found it. She unlocked the house and went inside.

She smiled. Take that, Renée. Bitch.

After dropping everything in her room, which sucked, by the way; she put her beautiful bike away and waited impatiently for Charlie. After an hour she heard the front door open and heavy boots stomped on the wood of the floor. He ran down the stairs.

"Dad!" Bella crashed into him and clung to his neck.

"Bella!" he greeted in surprise and with an awkward movement, returned her hug. "What are you doing here, daughter?" he asked as he walked away.

Damn, in all the time she'd crossed the country she'd never really thought of an excuse for Charlie. She looked at him and he waited for an answer. Double shit. Yep, Bella Swan had come home.


After he had removed Tanya's head from his pants and left her kneeling on the floor of his room, he decided it would be a good idea to have a drink.

Tanya was unbearable but he needed her...once in a while. He stole half a bottle of vodka from her, he was sure she was going to get screwed, and walked out of there sexually frustrated.

Of course, Carlisle had been acting like an unbearable fucking bastard and getting pissed off about everything and had taken his prized Volvo from him, so for now he walked the streets of Forks.

He stopped on a sidewalk and took a fresh swig of his newly acquired drink, but what he hadn't counted on was that Chief Swan...or, as he called him, Shit Swan would be monitoring the fucking streets.

"Cullen, put your hands where I can see them!" he shouted out the window of his super patrol car scaring him to death. He got out of the car and ran towards him in his police uniform, but Edward threw the bottle and ran away. Damn, it was good vodka.

He ran and ran. Shit Swan couldn't handle his quarterback status. The old jerk must have thought of that. He passed Paper Towns and saw a bike there that some asshole hadn't locked so he picked it up and started pedaling without stopping. After a few seconds he heard a girl yelling at him about what a jerk he was and to give her back her bike, he turned a corner and hid on the path that led into the woods.

"Bastard," he heard how the girl cursed between her teeth.

"Shit!" he said and instantly regretted it because it had sounded too loud, plus the stupid bike tire had been ruined.

The girl ran up to Edward and started screaming like you scream at someone who tried to steal your bike.

That female was totally hot. She had these big brown eyes, and her hair was chocolate colored, she was slim, and her legs were killer and her face was fucking great. But best of all, besides her legs which he could easily see because she was wearing shorts, was her ass. It was svelte and upturned, plus it looked firm, and her breasts were not so big and not so small.

They were perfect and glorious. Just right for his hands. Edward stirred anxiously.

Edward wanted to know who the hell this girl was, that she might well be good company so he could get past Tanya.

"Bella" she answered. Bella. Bella was a goddess.

And then, after that she kept complaining to him about the stupid tire. Did she see a sign on his chest that said "complaints and suggestions" or what the fuck?

Then Bella told him about riding across the country on that bike, familiarizing him with her beautiful legs.

"What? How could you do that?" Edward was amazed and took that as an opportunity to look at her body. "Well..." he shrugged his shoulders because he wanted to look relaxed. "Your legs aren't bad at all."

Then came the insults. Edward had to explain to her the reasons why he had taken her bike. Bella shifted uncomfortably and curiously in her seat and wanted to know who this amazingly handsome boy was.

Good God.

He wanted to be nice, but she was rough and tough, a good challenge. Edward called her a bitch and he was surprised that instead of one more insult or complaint, Bella chuckled. The laughter sent a current down his spine and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

Interrupting her claims again, Edward felt the need to explain himself better, but his mind played tricks on him, and he ended up talking about Chief Swan.

"Well...thanks for sharing Edward." She shrugged as if the talk hadn't bothered her. "You owe me a tire." She pointed to her bike and walked away. "Oh, by the way…" she stopped again, and Edward looked at her. "I'm Bella Swan" and then she was gone.

"What?!" he shrieked. That couldn't be true.

The Shit Swan couldn't have a daughter, besides Bella had heard him say shit about her father and maybe she was one of those protective girls and would be mad at him forever and, let's face it, his crotch wouldn't be happy at all.

He sighed.

So he called Alice to make use with interest of her and her car and her full tank, but Alice was busy and cut the call short. He gave up calling Rosalie, the blonde bitch of the group and thought it a better idea to wait for Alice. After half an hour, a car pulled up and Edward got in.

"Alice, I met a really hot girl," was the first thing he said as he got in. "Her name is Bella and she's the Chief's daughter. Can you believe it?"

Edward reached over to the stereo and changed the music. Alice gave him an ugly look, but Bob Dylan could wait.

"Yeah, I met her at Paper Towns too," little Alice shrugged, playing it down. "Someone stole her bike, and she went and got it back. She's great."

"Yes, I stole it," he announced proudly.

"What?" Alice muttered in confusion.

"That's right, the Chief was after me." Edward shrugged again and rapped his knuckles on the window. "Where are we going?"

"To Emmett's" Ali smiled and licked her makeup-free lips. "We have a meeting." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Meeting? Isn't his mom supposed to be home?"

Alice clicked her tongue as she bobbed her head to the music.

"Her mother is completely sedated...as usual. She won't even notice."

Edward chuckled and stopped chuckling progressively as a bitter taste populated his mouth. He licked his lips.

"Well, then I guess let's go."

"That's right, dear friend." Alice replied and turned up the volume of the music.

Edward sighed again and Emmett popped into his mind. He knew how much Emmett cared about things, he knew he had parental trauma and he wanted to help him, damn he wanted to, Emmett was his friend but how is it possible to help someone out of a hole when you're in a deeper one?

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