Disclaimer: all the characters are from Stephanie Meyer and the story belongs to Redana Crisp. I only translate with her permission.


Chapter 5

As the car began to slowly move forward as they approached Bella's house, Rosalie pursed her lips.

"Is this where she lives?" she asked disdainfully.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot you were Angelina Jolie; you don't know what it's like to not shit money." She rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. Just go away already" she spat. Edward got out of the car and narrowly managed to close the door before she sped up.

"Bitch" he mumbled to himself, then looked at the white house.

The squad car was nowhere to be seen so he rang the doorbell and waited. Bella opened the door, and the smell of spaghetti flooded his nose. Fucking luck.

"You cooked for me? How nice" he greeted entering the house.

"How did you get here?" Before closing the door, Bella looked for his car looking over her shoulder.

"There was some shit at Emmett's house and there were several girls" he teased lying. "One of them brought me."


"Rosalie" he replied stinging his jealousy and annoyance.

"That damn girl."

"I bet you're afraid of her," he said and headed for the kitchen. Bella was right on his heels.

"Of course, I'm not. In Phoenix I belonged to the kickboxing team" Edward distended a chair and plopped down in front of the table, a smile gracing his pink lips. "You said you'd tell me why I'd pissed her off."

"It doesn't matter" he shrugged and downplayed it with a hand gesture. Bella gave him an ugly look from her place leaning against the countertop, arms crossed.

"Then get the hell out."

"Hey take it easy! You're a little haughty" She rolled her eyes. Fucking twitch. "Okay, Rosalie is kind of...a bitch and just wants to be the center of attention. And these pussies that are now after you like you're in heat or something used to be after her and like that's kind of over now so..."

Bella interrupted him.

"You do realize you're calling yourself a pussy too, right?" Edward looked at her in exasperation.

"Shut up" she laughed with a bubble.

"Wait... Rosalie's jealous? Of me?" he nodded and avoided rolling his eyes at her. Bella was so stupid. "Why?"

"Because you're hot. Now feed me, I'm hungry."

Bella's chest swelled with the first part of the sentence. Edward Cullen telling you that you were "hot" was a good thing, but then the image of him with a bunch of girls hanging around his neck clouded her mind and made her angry, and the balloon in her stomach popped. She grimaced.

She sat across from him not making the effort to offer him food.

"I didn't cook for you."

"¿And? Stop being such a suck-up, you should be thanking me for getting you drunk and giving you some fun at school. Now feed me."

Bella grunted something that Edward failed to hear and stood up. She poured some food onto a plate and threw it in front of him causing ketchup to drip down his expensive shirt and onto his face. She gave him a shit-eating grin in response.

"Nothing fancy" he wiped the sauce off his cheek with his finger and brought the fork full of spaghetti to his mouth.

"Hurry up."

"Sorry...I'm eating, I'm not a fucking vacuum cleaner or something, you ungrateful" he spoke with his mouth full of food just to annoy her. She grimaced.

"What were you doing with Emmett?"

"Some sexual stuff" she grunted and heard something like 'those bitches'.

"You're soooo jealous" he crooned. "By the way, give me some liquid, my saliva isn't enough."

Bella ignored him.

"What? Of course not, why on earth would I be jealous? For giving me Aids? No, thank you" touché.

"You're jealous and you know it and I don't have AIDS."

"Of course not... Not even if you were that hot. I've known better guys" and by this point, Bella was earning a fist in her face.

"You know what? You're so boring, I'm going to fuck off."

"Thank God."

"But first I'll finish this" he pointed to the plate, and she groaned. "By the way, I'm still waiting for the water."

"It's not a restaurant" she grumbled but still stood up and approached the fridge.




The first week at school went pretty much as she had expected. Boring and with a bunch of bitches hanging around Edward's neck and rubbing their breasts on his arms. The only thing she hadn't planned on was Mike Newton following her around like a puppy and Edward looking ugly when he approached her. It was amazing what Edward would do to get in her pants.

Her New Year's resolution had been to learn to play an instrument and considering she couldn't choose music as an elective because she sucked at calculus and decided to take that double class in hopes of learning something, she joined the school band. Charlie had the decency to buy her saxophone.

Then, Bella learned that Alice was the editor of the school paper, Rosalie was a cheerleader, and Jasper and Emmett were on the football team.

Edward laughed at her and called her a band nerd and that stupid stuff, then Bella stuck her arms out and pushed him making him almost fall out of his seat in Biology, and reminded him that he was also in music. He was quiet, for a while, then said he wasn't a nerd because he was the second quarterback and blah, blah. He flexed his arm, and his muscles were beautiful, and Bella had to hold onto the table to keep from touching them.

Today was Friday and she was worried about the fact that she couldn't make things right with Rosalie, well it wasn't like she was to blame but still. She had only sat with them on Monday and Wednesday and the remaining days she had gone with her fellow cheerleaders, and Bella came to the conclusion that she wasn't going with them because of her. Knowing that she had caused discord in their Hollywood group made her feel like shit.

As Alice and Bella were leaving History, Mike Newton intercepted them.

"Hello, Bella!" he greeted jocularly.

"Ehh...hi Mike" she mumbled pulling the Skwinkles out of her mouth.

"Do you want to have lunch with me?" he grabbed the straps of his backpack excitedly.


"She's not available, Mike" Alice rolled her eyes. "You should know that by now."

"What? But..." he started frowning at her. Bella popped the candy back into her mouth, looked at him innocently, and shrugged.

"Oh look! Here comes Jessica" Alice pointed behind his head, Mike turned and McBitch seeing that Mike was watching her took a lock of her ugly hair and twirled it around her finger, then winked and smiled at him.

Jesus Christ. At Forks High they were flirting like in the movies and holy shit, it worked.

"Hey, Mike!" she greeted in her squeaky voice, Bella pressed her ear feigning daze, and Jessica looked at her ugly.

"Hi Jessica," he said in his seductive voice, and then they left.

"Thanks for that, Ali. I owe you one."

"Simply Jessica is a slut."

"Who's a slut?" Edward reached over and slipped his arm around Bella's shoulders. Bella sniffed slyly at his cologne.

"You" Bella answered him and offered him a Skwinkles. Edward took it and bit it savagely, she grimaced as he chewed on her ear.

"Hello, Edward!" Tanya came and batted her eyelashes and pressed her book to her chest, so her boobs jiggled. Alice made a sound of disgust and Bella giggled. If she disliked people, it had to show. She didn't need to be pretending.

"What?" sighed Edward.

"My parents are going out tonight do you want to go to my house and watch a couple of movies?"

Bella's stomach churned with jealousy. Her blood boiled and she wanted to tear her blond hair out. Her thoughts came to a screeching halt as she realized she was becoming increasingly jealous of Edward. She inhaled deeply in hopes that the oxygen would calm her mind. Edward looked at her and smirked.

"I have something more fun to do, but another day would be fine." Okay, that had been a good thing but the 'another day would be fine' part was not good at all. It didn't calm Bella's tantrum one bit. Alice squealed under her breath and opened her Snapple after she had been shaking it for a long time.

"What could be more fun for you than going to fuck with Alpha Slut with an open invitation?" Bella asked as she mitigated the annoyance in her voice by licking her Skwinkles.

"Trying to get in your pants" he replied. Bella rolled her eyes. Edward was making her want to cry and undress at the same time. He was a pain in the ass, in her chest, and in her head.

"Hey man, get over it. She already told you she wasn't going to fuck you" Alice told him. Now Bella owed her two.

"Shut up, you midget" Edward mumbled.

When they got to their table in the cafeteria after buying lunch, Emmett and Jasper were already there and it didn't strike her as odd that Rosalie wasn't sitting in all her glory looking at herself in her mirror or some of what she used to do, like ignoring her.

Edward patted Emmett on the back, and he nodded his head in greeting.

"Come this afternoon, Esme and the SOB are leaving for their anniversary or some bullshit like that. There's your plan for the weekend, which you've been unable to do since Monday" Edward said sprawling in the chair, Emmett raised his hand, and they fist bumped. Bella turned to get her lunch out of her backpack and Edward murmured in her ear. "You're invited too, Bells. You will come, won't you?"

"No, thank you. I have something more important to do" She smiled at him. She didn't feel like spending the whole day with him after the upset she had just taken. The rest of the guys laughed. "Besides, what's SOB?" Edward looked at her with no expression.

"Son of a bitch. You need to expand your vocabulary, and stay home and read this garbage..." he picked up Wuthering Heights from where she had left it, "...it's no more important than going to go drink a little and have some fun." He threw the book back on the table and from there, it fell to the floor with a thump.

"You idiot!" she pushed him but failed to move him. As Bella bent to pick up the book, a voice broke the laughter.

"Hello" Everyone stopped laughing as Rosalie appeared pulled out a chair and sat down.

"Hi" Jasper, Alice, and Emmett greeted her all cute and she knew this was her chance to let her know that she didn't have to be such a bitch to her, but she was about to speak when Rose interrupted.

"Edward, Bella" Edward only shook his head slightly partially ignoring her, and continued to chip away at a piece of doughnut he had stolen from Emmett, Rosalie smiled at Bella, and she returned the gesture.

Crickets were heard.

"Edward was just saying he'll be alone tonight, come on" Alice saved the awkward moment.

"I don't know if Edward wants me there─ Rosalie muttered as she folded her arms and leaned back against the back of her chair, unloading the full power of her gaze on him. Everyone had missed something exciting because they looked alternately between her and Edward.

Edward snorted and let out a wry laugh.

"Ya. If you want to go I don't have a fucking problem."

"But..." she started.

"Get over it, Rosalie, okay?"

She didn't say anything anymore and started rummaging through things in her backpack.

"What the fuck happened?" Alice asked annoyed as she dropped her fork. Edward shook his head without looking up from his hands and Rosalie stood up ignoring him and going to buy lunch.

"Let's just say I exchanged a couple of words with her" Edward looked at Alice and smirked at her. Bella nibbled on her sandwich, Jasper and Emmett had stopped chewing since Rosalie had first spoken.

"Edward you don't have to be so mean to her" Alice began shaking her head, playing mediator.

"Sorry Alice but she was the one who started all this shit. Complain to her and leave me alone."

No one said anything and they continued eating, Edward leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his lemonade. Alice didn't take her eyes off him for a moment.

"Alice?" Bella called out to her, and Alice looked at her. "Can you help me with my calculus homework?"

"Sure" As Bella pulled out her notebook, Edward grabbed his lunch, and his backpack and stood up.

"See you guys later" he muttered and left. Rosalie arrived at that moment and sat where he was sitting before.

"I can help you if you want, Bella. I got that" she said after Alice started to look at her notebook.

After that hardly anyone talked much anymore, and Bella didn't stop feeling bad because she was almost certain that whatever Edward and Rosalie had had was her fault.

In English, Edward wasn't so grumpy anymore and was able to carry on a conversation with Alice, Jasper, and Bella without going off and doing those things he did when he was angry.

And in calculus, Rosalie was very nice to Bella, well as nice as she could be considering she was actually cold and brutally honest, but she was sure she controlled herself a bit so Bella would see that she wasn't mad at her anymore.

Unfortunately, Charlie wasn't working at night so Bella had to lie to him and tell him she would sleep at Alice's house, he didn't object. In the end, Bella had decided to go to the meeting. She hoped she wouldn't regret it.

Alice was accompanied by Rosalie, and she drove to Edward's house and Bella was not at all surprised when they arrived and saw the huge house in front of her. Charlie's house was a pigsty compared to that.

Emmett's Jeep was already there so they got out of Alice's car and drove up the driveway. Edward and Emmett were playing Guitar Hero in the living room and were already drinking, and Jasper was nowhere to be seen.

"Helloooo!" Alice crooned and plopped down on the couch. She took Bella by the hand and sat her on her lap.

"Where's Jasper?" Rosalie asked.

"He's exploring Carlisle's cabinet" Edward answered her without taking his eyes off the television.

"Look what I found!" Jasper came in with two bottles. "Vodka and good rum!" he left them on the coffee table. "Man, your dad's gonna fuck you up for this!" he patted Edward's back, he snorted.

"Just don't run them out because I don't want him to take my Volvo away from me again...and so soon."

It turned out that Jasper was a softie and ended up throwing up twice but didn't stop drinking; Rosalie had more stamina, but she didn't drink herself into unconsciousness, instead, she sat on the floor and started painting her nails leaning on Edward's mom's coffee table.

Alice, well, was Alice. She was too small for all the alcohol she had in her body, but she still challenged Edward to see who could take the most shots in a short time. Emmett soon fell asleep on the couch and Bella was on Edward's stereo playing loud music, but Emmett didn't wake up, and then she started to fear an alcoholic coma or something. Bella plopped down on the couch and saw Jasper on the floor moaning and groaning, then Edward and Alice came back from the kitchen.

"I'll go to sleep," Alice said. Rosalie followed her.

"Me too."

"Just don't throw up in my bed" Edward slurred the words and ran a hand over his face.

"It'll be in Carlisle's bed!" Rosalie shouted from the stairs, where she was helping Alice up.

"That's better!" he shouted back, and Jasper groaned at his feet. Edward kicked him and he let out a shriek of pain, then Edward turned him over and laid him face down. Bella laughed.

"Somebody turn on the air conditioner!" Bella fanned herself with her hand.

"That happens when you drink and start sweating alcohol. I've got something cold in the kitchen, come on."

Bella hopped up onto the counter with a jump and watched as Edward opened the fridge and reached in there for something.

"It's a popsicle. grape or strawberry?"

"Strawberry" she answered. Edward tossed it in her lap and just stared at her as she crossed her arms.

Bella shouldn't have done what she did that night. When they went to sleep. It had short and long-term consequences.




Bella just looked at him and her look had started to make him nervous; when the fuck did a girl ever make him nervous with a simple look? But it was Bella and Bella made him shit. She was funny, smart, witty, and sexy and she made him nervous. So he ran a hand through his hair because he used to do that when he was uncomfortable or anxious or nervous.

Bella put the popsicle in her mouth and sucked it in and out and she was doing it on purpose, he was sure. Or maybe his drunk brain and his needy friend were making him watch everything in slow motion or something.

They stood there without saying a damn word, so Edward tried to run away from her gaze and jumped up on the ledge, and sat down next to her. By the time Bella had finished her popsicle they still hadn't spoken. She tossed the popsicle somewhere, then put a hand on Edward's leg and gave it a squeeze and holy shit.

"Why were you angry with Rosalie?" she asked softly.

"Rosalie is a bitch" was all he answered.

"I'm pretty sure you told her something about me, that's why she got all cute with me."

Edward shook his head as he laughed softly.

"I didn't tell her anything about you" lie, "and besides Rosalie isn't cute with anyone" right.

She clicked her tongue.

Rosalie had been a bitch to Bella and that kind of pissed him off. Edward knew for a fact that they had made a mistake, and he knew that Rosalie had gotten her hopes up and when he told her about Bella he broke her heart and made her jealous. Edward had never wanted that to happen. He just didn't understand why Rosalie had gotten her hopes up, he hadn't done anything. Just kissed and caressed her, did that mean anything?

Edward and she had talked but Rosalie refused to do so any longer. She didn't want to show the pain he had caused her and somehow, she knew she had been to blame for getting her hopes up, Edward was her friend and Edward always had a girl after him. She couldn't know why she did it. There were a lot of things Rosalie had wanted to tell him, but she knew they would make him feel bad, so she buried them and let them hurt her. That night, Rose cried some more, and Edward had started writing another song, sitting on his balcony playing his guitar.

Bella was going to feel like shit seeing that only she had arrived, and everyone was fighting and in some stupid, crazy way Edward cared about her. So...

"I don't believe you but whatever" She jumped off the ledge and her breasts jumped a little and Edward had to look away because he knew she wouldn't let him even touch them. It seemed like all the progress they had made before entering the school had been for nothing. That girl was messing with his cerebral cortex. "I'm tired, where can I sleep?"

Edward reached down from the ledge and took her hand. He could do that, couldn't he? Without pushing his luck and getting a black eye.

"You can sleep with me" he winked at her, and she rolled her eyes.

"Not even in your dreams, Edward" he chuckled and guided her to the kitchen door.

Emmett was still asleep on the couch and Jasper was still in the same position, the music had stopped playing and Edward turned off the stereo. Then they went slowly down the stairs. Bella's stomach churned as she walked into his room and her skin crawled with goose bumps. Edward felt weird too, only Alice and Rosalie had slept there. They were too drunk, then Edward took pity on them and didn't kick them out. Besides they were his lifelong friends, like his sisters, so he didn't give a shit. Being Rosalie's brother kind of grossed him out though. Then he thought siblings didn't kiss... He shook his head chasing the memories away.

Bella plopped down on the bed and rolled onto her stomach.

"This is so cool!" she said against the pillow, "it's like ten times my bed!"

"Of course, it isn't. You're exaggerating" Edward went to the bathroom and started brushing his teeth. She stopped at the door watching him through the mirror with her huge, curious brown eyes.

"What?" he asked when he finished.

"I need to use the bathroom."

Edward rolled his eyes and walked out. As Edward was taking off his shirt, Bella came out of the bathroom and her knees trembled at the sight of his toned, muscular back.

"I used your toothbrush" she announced.

"Gross. I'll have to put that thing in a bio-disaster garbage can."

"Don't worry, if you didn't put your pants in there after sleeping with Tanya it's all good."

Edward chuckled and turned to look at her. He swallowed dry.

Bella had her back to him and was taking off her jeans and her ass greeted him from behind her mini boxers. She was doing it on purpose.

Then she covered it with a pair of shorts that was probably from the baby section and took off her t-shirt. When that happened, Edward quickly glanced in the mirror to see her breasts. Bella Swan had taken her pajamas from the baby section.

"Did you steal your pajamas from the baby section?" Edward asked without taking his eyes off her ass, "or did you bring them to let me know you want to sleep with me? Because that would be really nice

"That's funny, Edward. I didn't steal her from the baby section, and I don't want to sleep with you. You missed" She turned around and stopped her verbal diarrhea when she saw him. Ha. Take that one and suck it, Swan.

Edward snapped his fingers in front of her face just to piss her off, because she was hot when she got mad.

"Hello?" earth calling Girl Bike" She jerked his hand away and gave him an ugly look, then went back to the bed.

"Don't think so much of yourself Edward. I was looking at the pimple you have there" She pointed at him dismissively with her hand as she looked away.

Edward laughed because she was so pathetic.

"Stop playing hard to get, you know you're dying for me."

"Of course not" lie.

He ignored her because all that came out of her mouth were lies and started to take off his pants. He wanted her to see what she was missing.

"Stop your bullshit striptease already and turn off the light."

"I'm not doing that shit" lie. He gave up, pulled on his pajama pants, and tossed Bella's green Converse to turn off the light.

"Oh shit!" she muttered.

"What? " Edward had already got into bed too. Bella was so close. He wanted to reach out and touch her arm or the bare skin of her waist, he wanted to feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins and goosebumps.

"I forgot my stuffed animal in my bed."

Edward let out a laugh, it made the bed shake.

"Shut up!" she punched him in the chest. "I can't sleep if I don't hug something."

"You almost made my heart stop, and you can hug me anyway. Some girls say I'm huggable."

"I'd rather not sleep than hug you. I don't want to have to take a chlorine bath to avoid any infection, I'm already taking too much risk by having to lie here. And for some girls to say that is kind of embarrassing, you shouldn't go around saying that."

Bike Girl was gruff.

"Well..." Edward lay down with his back to her, "do whatever you want" Then he closed his eyes trying to sleep, even though it seemed impossible because he was completely aware of the girl's closeness and her warmth, her scent, and his enormous desire to kiss her.

Bella got off the bed and Edward opened his eyes to make sure she wasn't leaving with Jasper or Emmett, but she went to her purse and looked in there for something.

"That shit isn't in there, Swan. Get over it" She let out a whimper and as she was walking back to the bed, she tripped over something and fell on him.

Oh no.

Surprised, she let out a breath and her warm breath caressed Edward's neck. Their skin prickled.

"Why the fuck was my shoe there?" she asked with bated breath.

"I may have thrown it by mistake" he replied, she licked her lips, and he couldn't help but look over there.

Bella moved a little closer and he knew perfectly well what she was going to do so he moved a little closer too because he really wanted to kiss her; ever since that first day when he stole her bike to escape from her father.

Hearts were pounding, legs were stiff, and hands were sweating. His closeness was making her anxious, and Edward felt dizzy. He was imagining her soft lips, her pink, fleshy lips moving against his. A shiver ran down his spine. He was so excited, and the blood was boiling in his veins, the adrenaline was blinding him. Bella knew that if he came any closer it would be the death of her. What was this she was feeling? Lust, attraction, or the most dreaded thing: love?

She couldn't fall in love with him, it wasn't right. She was going to get hurt, just as she had by expecting something from her mother. Bella wondered if someday she could change her mind if someday her mind could change.

Not caring about anything else, not caring about the consequences, just the moment, Bella erased the distance that separated them, and Edward felt her lips on his. He closed his eyes and an involuntary moan echoed between their skins. Bella's lips were soft and moved insistently against his, eager; so he let her because it felt so good. After a few seconds, Bella broke the kiss.

"Stop doing that!" she growled, quickly moved away from him, and threw herself across the bed.

"What? You initiated!" Edward propped himself up on his elbow and looked at her intently. Bella's breath caught in her throat. God, that was so true.

"Well because... just shut up!" she turned around and turned her back on him.

"You can't start something like that and leave me with the word in my mouth!" Edward tugged on her hair.

"'Yes I can and...let's talk later. I'm tired."

"Whatever" he grumbled and turned away, with discomfort in his chest.

Bella closed her eyes tightly, but she could still feel the tingling sensation all over her body and still felt his lips pressed to hers.

Edward stroked his lips.




After the kiss incident, Bella behaved as if nothing had happened, and that frustrated Edward. She never commented again and neither did he. Whenever he tried to talk to her alone, she looked for any opportunity to slip away. Like Monday at lunch. What she did was a direct kick to his balls.

When Edward got to the cafeteria he saw Alice and Rosalie in line to buy food, so he looked over to the table and there she was; with her lunch on the side and copying someone's homework. He rolled his eyes and with a sigh went over there.

"Hey Bike Girl, I think we need to talk," he said to her when he sat down next to her.

"Oh yeah?" she didn't look at him and kept writing in her notebook in her ugly handwriting.

"Don't make yourself, we still haven't cleared up what happened on Friday" She sighed and finally looked at him, arched an eyebrow at him.

"What happened on Friday, Edward?" she asked in a bored voice.

"What happened on Friday!? You freak, kissed me!"

"Is there something wrong with that?" she continued to write, his hand itching to rip the fucking pen out of her hand and throw it straight at Lauren Mallory's head.

"No, it was great, but..." she interrupted him.

"Then I don't see what the problem is" She looked him in the eye and then shot a quick glance over her shoulder. "I have to go."

"No, you don't have to go," he said as Bella stood up and stowed her things in her hippie backpack. He grabbed her notebook and held it hostage.

"Sure thing. Mike Newton is coming this way" She snatched the notebook from him carelessly and slung her backpack over her shoulder.

"What?" Edward looked over his shoulder, "are you trading me for Newton?"

"That's right" That was like a direct kick in the balls and chest. "Tell Alice she saved my life in Calculus" She threw the other notebook at his chest- along with the shattered heart- and walked away.

"What's with that face, man?" Emmett patted him on the back as he sat down next to him, pulled Bella's food toward him, and began eating fries. Jasper sat down next to him.

"Bella is a pain in the ass. She traded me for Newton...that beast." Jasper let out a chuckle.

"Uh, Newton."

"Yeah, that's what I said myself."

"Where's Bella?" Alice asked as she and Rosalie took their seats.

"She left, oh and she said this hadn't done her any good" Edward slid the notebook across the table. "And said fuck you."

"Oh" Alice gasped, hurt.

Edward got up and walked away, carrying his backpack in his hand.

"What the fuck happened?" Rose asked.

"Bella fucked him up," Jasper said with a laugh. That Judas.




Bella and Edward hardly spoke at all, and it was tiring the rest of the group. When one would arrive, the other would leave a few minutes later or, blatantly, right then and there. Then everything would get awkward.

Edward put the grudge behind him a bit and on Wednesday, he tried to talk to her in Biology but failed miserably:

"Hey, Bella" he greeted her as he sat down next to her before Mr. Molina entered the classroom.

"Hey," she answered him, without taking her eyes off the book in her hands.

"Hey, we really need to talk" he began. Bella leaned the book on the table and looked at him.

" What's on your mind?" Bella moved a little closer and whispered when she realized that the pair of girls behind them were interested in their talk.

"I just want to know why you did it" she whispered back. Bella shrugged her shoulders.

"It just came easy to me; I really think it was a mistake" she replied.

Then Edward, as he looked into Bella's chocolate eyes, understood Rosalie Hale perfectly.




The rest of the day, Edward had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, it was a bit similar to the one he had had the last time he argued with Carlisle. When he got home, he locked himself in his room and tried to write a song. He couldn't quite do it. Maybe he wasn't inspired enough, maybe what had happened to him in Biology class wasn't good enough to capture, or, worst case scenario and what Edward didn't want for anything in the world, something else was just going to happen that would be the missing piece for his next song. God, he wished he had never met her.

Bella was left thinking about what she had done and said. As she looked at the series of lights she and Alice had placed all over the walls of her room, she wondered if what she had said was a mistake or not. In truth, Bella Swan believed that having fallen into her desire and kissed her nemesis had been a mistake, a mistake that would have short and long-term consequences for her.

She felt like she was in a bubble; but contrary to the bubble she had been in on Friday night as she kneaded his soft lips, this bubble was uncomfortable; it made her feel suffocated, heavy-limbed, and stony in the chest. It was actually dangerous to want him so much, to desire him so much, to want to caress his shoulder blades; which were deliciously marked through his T-shirts; to want to caress the moles on the back of his neck and all over his back, to want to tell him to grow a beard so she could kiss him and place her trembling fingers there, to want to hold him and want to sleep with him-in the dirtiest, most innocent sense of the word.

It dawned on Bella that what she had said had not been a mistake, but an echo of her own feelings and thoughts; and it also dawned on her that all this was dangerous. That falling in love with Edward Cullen was dangerous.




Friday after school. The best thing for everyone. The worst for Edward Cullen. He decided to put aside the feeling of disappointment and again, go back to the charge and ask, no, demand Bike Girl to give him a fucking explanation. All this caused him to be a train wreck.

"Cullen, for the love of God!" shouted Coach Clapp "Focus!" he waved motioning for him to line up next to Emmett.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Edward? You're a mess" his friend told him.

"Shut up and pass the fucking ovoid."

Emmett shook his head and handed the ovoid to James Linton, then the rest of the team got ready.

"I swear if it's Carlisle I'm going to break your mother" he mumbled and a bead of sweat slid down his forehead, splattered, and fell to the grass.

"He can fuck off, it's not him. I just went blank" Edward replied.

"The coach is coming this way" whispered Linton.

"Linton, throw the damn ovoid! What's going on?!" complained the coach gnashing his teeth. Linton didn't answer, just obeyed him.

"Blue 72, Blue 72, hut, hut, hike" snorted James.

"Defense, Whitlock, defense!" shouted the coach, Jasper positioned himself but too late, because Coach Clapp made them do it again.

It was a bad practice and Edward finished confirming it when Clapp called him out.

"If you keep up that attitude, I'll let you run for two weeks, understand?"

"Oh, please, no running. I hate that crap" Edward pleaded in a condescending tone.

"Then focus" The man punched him in the chest and trotted off across the field. Edward let out a spittle and pulled the small towel he brought dangling from his shoulder to wipe his forehead.

"Running, my balls" he spat.

Then, as if his antennae were on, he knew exactly when the band stopped rehearsing; it was when he heard Privet, the music teacher's whistle blow, and after a few seconds, when he heard the group shout, chanting "Spartans". It was now that he decided to talk to Bella.

He wiped the white towel over his face and as he approached the other roofed court, he wiped his neck. He could still feel the sweat trickling down the back of his neck and sliding down his back.

The band students began to file out and the bustle was not long in coming. Some girls smiled at him, and Edward waved at them with a vague hand gesture, still searching for Bella with his eyes. He found her in a corner, taking apart her saxophone while the case remained open on the floor. Then, he walked over there.

"Hey, Swan" he greeted her in a whisper. Bella looked at him quickly and blinked averting her gaze, pretending not to be surprised.

"Hey, you" she mused and fixed her gaze on the instrument. He removed the reed.

"I've probably got you up to your ass with this, but we need to fucking talk. Now."

Bella looked at him and arched an eyebrow. Edward returned the gesture.

"Would you mind letting me get this over with?" and without waiting for an answer she continued doing her job. Edward dipped his hands into his shorts and sighed.

Once Bella was done, the court was nearly empty, save for a couple of band nerds walking across the concourse.

"What do you need?" Bella asked and folded her arms.

"I need to know why you kissed me…" Bella gasped, about to interrupt him. "And I don't want you to say it was because it came easy to you and blah, blah, blah. I want the truth. I'm sick of it, B."

She sighed and almost glared at him, pursing her lips.

"Well because I could and I wanted to, just like that." Then Edward wanted to hit her.

"But why? Are we on the same page? Are you willing to try that with me?"

Bella let out a dry, cutting, razor-like laugh.

"I'm not going to sleep with you, Edward. ONE kiss means nothing, at least to me, as I told you, it was a mistake. I'd better leave now, and you'd better find someone else. You're not good enough."

Bella leaned over and picked up her instrument, case, and all. Without another word, she left.

Then the blades clicked into Edward's chest.

Break your mother: it's a popular expression in some countries of latam. Basically, violence lol (I can't think on an English expression now, sorry)

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