It was usual for it to snow so suddenly in the wild area in Galar. In fact, it was so typical that Pokemon didn't even think twice when their Silent Night with no sign of a cloud in the sky turned into a snowfield. Pokemon in the wild area were relaxed throughout the sudden change, like they didn't even bother to move or hide.

From a far-out Corner, a little Skwovet was running around from tree to tree, trying to find the best berries to eat. It didn't have to look far, for there are many Berry trees in the area, but it looked for only the best and its favorite, Kee Barry. As Skwovet searched, a sharp light got its attention. Confused, the tiny Pokemon went to investigate only to find itself in front of a large cave entrance.
The shining light seemed to be coming from deep in the cave. The tiny Pokemon hesitated as the light got brighter until it disappeared. The Pokemon rubbed its eyes before it heard something from its side. It sounded like something falling like rocks or something more significant. The little confused Pokemon slowly approached the cave entrance. It sniffed around for a moment before slowly walking deeper.

Skwovet continued to sniff around the cave the more profound it went in. It didn't hear anything from the ordinary, just a smell of an abandoned shelter. The tiny Pokemon continued until something hit it... it was a strong feeling... A feeling that the young Pokemon had never felt before. The Skwovet paused as it stared deeper into the cave, trying to see if it was safe. It was about to continue again when the feeling intensified, and four glowing yellow eyes appeared from the darkness. The Pokemon squeaked as the bright yellow eyes got Closer with the sound of an aggressive growl following the feeling of intense pressure in Malice became stronger and stronger the closer they got. Before anything else could happen, as the eyes got closer, a loud roar came from the back of the cave, followed by fire in the tiny Pokemon's Direction.

The tiny Pokemon yelped as it ran to get out of the cave as the fire got closer and closer. But just as the fire was about to make contact with the tiny Pokemon, it made it to the entrance and ran to the side. Avoiding being hit just in time. The Pokemon looked back into the cave after it was silent for a couple of minutes and wondered what had just happened. It turned around, about to run away but racing away as another Roar came from the cave much closer and louder than before. Not bothering looking back, Skwovet didn't notice the multiple eyes looking at it from the cave entrance.

Leon was very exhausted. It had been another year of battling the gyms, battling trainers, and putting on a show for the region of Galer. All events had just ended, and he wanted to return to his apartment and rest well. But before he could even make it out the door, one of Rose's assistants informed him there would be a meeting. Of course, he knew he didn't have a choice in attending, so he quickly hurried to the meeting room to get it over with as soon as possible.

" what is happening," he had asked all the gym leaders who were present. They all looked over at him and shook their heads, telling him they did not know what this meeting was about.

" I don't care so long as it ends fast so I can go home," Gordie snapped out as he leaned back in his chair.

" oh hush now," his mother snapped at him and a motherly manner making him roll his eyes " if Rose called us here then it has to be something important."

" but I agree with Gordie I do want to go home it's past Allister's bedtime," Bea spoke as her younger brother yawned. He was the youngest of the group of gym leaders, 13 years old.

"My apologies for calling you this late especially event since the events just ended moments ago." Rose spoke as he rushed into the room, signaling everybody to sit in their seats. " but this requires everyone's attention."

" what's going on," Milo asked as he sat up straighter.

"Normally, I would wait at least a couple hours for you guys to rest but you must be informed of this as soon as possible." Rose said as he looked over the gym leaders. " as you know the champion from the other regions will be holding a meeting here in Galer next year for the first time in 15 years. Of course, we have made it known to the public that the Pokemon League will not be accepting any gym challenges for the next year."

" yes we know that get to the point," Raihan said as he took another picture of himself.

" as I was saying we have come up with a problem that is unavoidable. As you all know the champion for the unova region has been missing for the past 3 years since the last Pokemon League meeting in Sinnoh. And because of her disappearance 3 years ago Pokemon League meetings have requested that we make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. And for that to happen we have to deal with the problem that has just come up in the wild area."

" if this is about that wild Pokemon in the giant seat just ignore it it'll go away eventually," Raihan spoke, rolling his eyes.

" I am afraid that we tried that, and it would seem that the Pokemon has gone too far," Rose spoke up before his assistant passed out a couple of folders to the gym leaders and champion. They all looked through the pictures and found that it was images of a boy to be in a hospital bed severely injured along with photos of Pokémon badly wounded. " the Pokemon during the gym challenge had attacked multiple trainers but we thought about it as a territorial dispute and left it at that and advised trainers to keep their distance from the giant seat area. It seemed like this boy did not listen to Our advice and proceeded to go to the Giants area as a shortcut to get to hammerlock. That is where he and his Pokemon made contact with this new wild Pokemon and were defeated. But unlike regular Pokemon instead of running away after defeating the trainer it proceeded to attack the trainer himself." gasps heard all around the room " not only that but Witnesses say that when they went to go help the boy the Pokemon instead of running away at their numbers decided that it could take them on resulting in multiple injuries."

" do they know what Pokemon it was"

"They were not certain. They were unable to collect a picture but from the descriptions, we could tell it is a type of Samurott."

" a wild Samurott that's impossible," Milo spoke, " they aren't even native to this region and even in their own region they're not wild Pokemon much less this violent."

" that is true but it seems like this one was brought over from the Unova region by a trainer and Released in the wild area." Rose spoke up, " when we interviewed the witnesses it seems like this Pokemon hates any interaction with any human along with the ranger that I have sent on multiple occasions it will avoid all of them until it doesn't have a choice but to attack and when it does attack it goes full out to the point where some of my Rangers have come back traumatized by the experience."

" That's horrible imagine what that poor Pokemon has gone through," Melany spoke as she put her hand over her mouth.

" if this continues any more than it already has this Pokemon will be have to put down forcefully. But we do not want it to come to that which is why you are all here."

" why can't anyone just catch it in a Pokeball get it over with," Raihan asked

" normally, that would be easy but the weather there has gotten increasingly worse. Apparently for the last couple of months it's been nothing but snowing there. It's been snowing so bad that trainers can hardly see five feet in front of them much less throw a Pokeball at a Pokemon that avoids humans."

" that is quite odd especially for the wild area," Leon spoke as he nodded his head " is there anything else we should know."

" it is believed by some of the Rangers that the Pokemon was seen with a baby Pokemon a couple of times before it was approached. Every time we approach the Pokemon the baby Pokemon seems to disappear into the snow not to be seen during the entire battle."

" it must be a mother Pokemon protecting its young. Oh dear, I wonder what abuse this Pokemon has gone through to react in such a way," Melany spoke as she placed the hand over her heart and looked over at her son, who just rolled his eyes at Her.

" because of this we have decided that you the Pokemon gym leaders of the Galar region along with the champion will be in charge of dealing with the situation. Anything you ask will be provided to deal with this along with medical and reinforcement if you so require."

" thank you, chairman but why all of a sudden why weren't we informed of this before," Leon asked as he continued to read through the file.

" you were not informed of my order because I needed you to focus on the gym challenge at the time. Now that the gym challenge is over I want you to put all your attention into this situation and deal with it as swiftly as possible." chairman Rose spoke. " the next couple days I will be sending some of my Rangers as the final attempt of my own. If the Pokemon is not captured by these Rangers you are instantly in charge of the situation do I make myself clear" he told everyone. Everyone in the room nodded before the meeting was disbanded. They all quietly talked amongst themselves as they left, and Leon could only stare at his best friend as he looked through the pictures of the Wounded people and wounded Pokemon.

"Are you okay my friend," Leon asked Raihan as he walked next to him.

" fine, just want to get this over with," he said before walking further. Leon knew that it was getting to Raihan that he was the only one that had not found his soulmate.

Out of all the gym leaders, Raihan was the only one that felt left out because he was the only one that had not found his soul sibling or his soulmate. He had looked for years, and no one had come up with the same Mark as he had, and everyone knew that soulmates were a sensitive topic, especially for the 21-year-old.

That same night as the meeting back in the wild area around the Giants Seat section. A large pokemon with white and red fur lay in front of a cave entrance. The Pokemon just lay there unmoving for several hours. It was covered in snow. However, it was still intimidating as it looked over the snow field. The Pokemon looked around its surroundings, not seeing anything out of the ordinary, same as always trees covered in snow and Ice, the lake covered in thick Ice and snow, and not another pokemon in sight. It shook its head, getting rid of some of the snow that became too heavy, and perked up its ears. It growled and snarled as it stood, hearing something in the distance. Getting up, it sniffed the air trying to get a good scent of who was approaching; it relaxed once it caught a scent before turning in the direction where the intruder was coming from.

A pokemon with white fur and brown antlers sauntered across the trees and high snow, carrying a basket with telekinesis. The Pokemon calmly walked toward the cave and the other red and white Pokemon. As it walked closer and closer, they both made eye contact before the deer-like Pokemon gave the nod with its oversized head before heading inside the cave with the red and white Pokemon following after it.

As both Pokemon walked deeper into the cave, they made it a couple of minutes before they ran into a tiny pokemon playing with an old-looking ball. Both Pokemon nodded their heads before they continued forward. The little Pokemon paid them no mind as it played and threw the ball into the shadows. The tiny thing happily barked into the darkness as the ball bounced back. Two glowing black eyes appeared in the shadows as the small thing played. Once the two white Pokemon passed, the Pokemon with black eyes growled and let out a roar-sounding bark. The bark echoed threw the cave and outside for miles. Seconds later, the snowstorm outside the cave intensified as it hailed.
Outside not a single pokemon could be seen for miles as the snow and hail fell to the ground. The only thing anyone could see that somewhat resembled a pokemon was a silhouette under the lake and Ice that strangely flouted close to the cave entrance with bright yellow eyes that glowed for what seemed a moment before it disappeared more profoundly into the lake.