Piers, Allester, and Bea, along with other rangers, stood outside the cave entrance and observed the captured Pokemon. They were amazed at the creatures' size and strength as they thrashed and attempted to attack the Rangers and other Pokemon. Allister was particularly intrigued by the white and red Pokemon emitting a menacing aura.

He recognized the Pokemon they had seen previously, but this one appeared to be its older mother. Although he wanted to communicate with it, his sister insisted they wait until the Pokemon was more relaxed.

The Pokemon in the lake were causing a disturbance, creating splashes and causing frozen water to splash onto the main path. Kabu Gordie, Nessa, and Melanie were attempting to control it. Still, the Pokemon proved to be much stronger than they had anticipated. Despite the assistance of some Pokemon Rangers in the battle, they were nearly driven out of the area along with their own Pokemon.

After waiting for a few more moments, a deafening roar erupted from within the cave. The Pokemon accompanying them immediately assumed a defensive stance. Still, they were overpowered by a sudden burst of strong winds and a blinding light that engulfed the area. The cave began to radiate a bright light, almost blinding them. A few seconds later, the captured Pokemon began to roar, growl, and snarl as they struggled and thrashed about. The trainer's Pokemon quickly rushed to their side to restrain them. Still, it proved to be a difficult task as the captured Pokemon fought back even harder.

A Pokemon in the lake let out a loud roar, causing everyone to cover their ears. The Pokemon then calmed down, but suddenly, its skin began to glow bright gold. Its eyes shone even brighter, revealing its anger through the golden light.

Nessa muttered "crap" as she gazed at the furious Pokemon, which appeared even larger as it landed again. Its weight caused the ice beneath its feet to shatter, and the water surged closer to the shore as the Pokemon moved toward them. The water-type Pokemon didn't glow and was hesitant to fight back against the raging ice-type Pokemon, unleashing powerful ice attacks. The Rangers and gym leaders had to dodge and take cover behind objects to avoid being harmed. The decision was made to recall the Pokemon to avoid risking anyone's life.

Despite Kabu's best efforts, melting the ice proved almost impossible due to the constant reappearance of ice and attacks from the Pokemon. Meanwhile, Gordie and Melony stayed back, with Gordie even constructing shelters to protect everyone from harm. Throughout the ordeal, Gordie's mother kept a watchful eye on him and would occasionally grab him to ensure his safety.

Back inside the cave, they were struggling. Two Pokemon in them instantly started to Glow gold as they got angry. The other Pokemon cleared the area away from them. One of them managed to get behind them, grab the woman, and disappear into the small brush in the area. The angry Pokemon looked like an electrode laughing uncontrollably as it glowed brighter and dimmed, seeming ready to explode. The other Pokemon was much more slender and seemed to giggle as it prompted around, and dust particles scattered in the air. It was getting harder to breathe as the Electrod let out small explosions on the ground, picking up dust, and the Slender Pokemon kept Prancing with what looked like pollen floating from every Leap she gave.

They also have gotten faster because every time the champion and Gym Leaders attacked them, they would instantly avoid it, the other Pokemon protecting their backs in case they got shot too. The Pokemon worked together flawlessly, making it much harder for the trainers to get a solid hit or at least try to find a way to escape. The woman seemed to be long gone as the Pokemon that carried her off, the purple one, had disappeared into the darkness. The sunny day in the room was getting dimmer and dimmer as the Pokemon pranced around, making it harder.

" damn it, what do we do" Raihan spoke as he used Flygon to blow some air toward the dust that was trying to get closer to them that the Pokemon were picking up along with Leons Charizard. Milo also sent out his Pokemon with an attack, but nothing worked.

"Let's focus on our escape. We now know why they're doing this. Our priority is to inform everyone and contain the Pokemon within this area of the wild. Milo, ride on Charizard's back, and Raihan, use Flygon to get out of here quickly," Leon instructed.

Raihan asked, "What about you?"

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine," Leon reassured them.

Milo expressed concern, but Leon interrupted him, saying, "Trust your Champion. I'll make it out." Charizard flew them out with a tired smile, and Flygon followed Raihan's lead. As they departed, Raihan warned Leon that he would come after him in the afterlife if he didn't survive.

The glowing Pokemon looked over to where the trainers were trying to escape. Electrode looked at the slender one before seeming to nod and going after them. The brown Pokemon going with it. The slim Pokemon turned back to Leon and continued to attack, Leon just a centimeter away each time from getting killed by this sweet-looking Pokemon. From the outside, they could also hear the loud Roars of the Pokemon in the lake and the Pokemon outside the cave.

Leon looked at the Pokemon as it attacked, making him fall back and hit himself in the head with the cave wall. He let a gasp as he reached up to see the damage in his head; when his hand came back in front of him, he could see the Slate glimmer of what looked like blood dripping from his hand. The Pokemon seemed to giggle for a moment before it went quiet, the only light coming from that Pokemon itself as it continued to Glow. The only sound that could be heard was the grass moving and the slight Sizzle of lightning coming from the glowing Pokemon. Leon waited to see if the Pokemon would attack again, but it didn't; instead, it stared at him, seeming to be in some kind of Trance for a second as it stared at Leon's blood-covered hand.

"Please listen to me. I don't want to harm you or your trainer. Let's find a peaceful resolution to this situation," Leon begged. Despite the chaos outside and the echoing sounds within the cave, the Pokemon remained silent and still.

The Pokemon remained quiet and motionless for some time. It tilted its head in curiosity and took a step forward without making a sound. Leon anticipated an attack and raised his hand to protect himself, but the Pokemon approached him slowly. They stayed frozen longer until the Pokemon finally reached out and touched Leon's hand, seemingly in a trance.

Leon was startled when the Pokemon appeared directly in front of him, and it reached out to hold his hand while inspecting his blood. He found it strange that the Pokemon was fixated on his hand and couldn't understand why it was staring at him. Suddenly, the Pokemon called "Lilligant" looked up at Leon, leaving him even more confused. As he stared, he noticed movement in the corner of his eye and saw a pair of red, blue, and black Pokemon feet.

The Ranger and gym leaders struggled to contain the enraged dog Pokemon outside the cave. Despite their efforts to restrain it, the Pokemon's glowing body emitted powerful ground and fire attacks that melted the ropes and cage holding it. The Pokemon's anger caused it to thrash about, injuring itself and creating a dangerous situation near the mountain. The exhausted Rangers continued to throw attacks at the Pokemon, trying to keep it contained in a small area. Despite its outrage, the Pokemon couldn't help but cry out in frustration.

As the captured Pokemon sat in cages or struggled against tied-down robes, the white Zoruark watched with a sinister smile. Unlike the others, this Pokemon seemed to relish in the malice of the situation, waving its main and banging on its cage. Gym leaders tried to contain them all, but when Allister attempted to communicate with the white Pokemon, it only responded with maniacal laughter and mockery. Allister's soul sister had to intervene and reason with her brother. Eventually, Milo and Raihan emerged from the cave with a brown and golden Pokemon resembling an Electrode.

"Leon was right," Raihan called out to the crowd of Rangers that were battling the Pokemon and gym leaders. They all face him for a second before turning back to their task, telling him that they are all paying attention to what he is saying. " the Pokemon doesn't mean any harm. They are just protecting their trainer, who, by the looks of it, was severely injured and sick." he called out.

"They also have young in the cave. I spotted one of them hiding off in the brush. They don't mean any harm the best thing we can do right now is Retreat and come back when we are better equipped," Milo yelled out too.

" wrap this up and try to get away without getting more injured than you already are. The Pokemon that have been captured take them with us to ensure that we don't have to deal with them when we come back." one of the lead Rangers yelled out.

"Please refrain from taking any of the captured Pokemon, as doing so may have negative consequences."

"I am in charge while the champion is occupied. It is my responsibility to assign you a task, and it must be followed," the lead Ranger asserted sharply to Raihan upon his arrival.

" Leon is dealing with the Pokemon inside of the cave and trying to save that woman. He will be back out and he left me in charge he always does that and you know that you will not take charge in this-"

" chairman Rose left me in charge if the champion could not. Follow orders and we will deal with this after," the Ranger said back, getting in Raihan's Face with his Pokemon behind him. Flygon stepped up to defend his trainer.

"As a gym leader, I hold authority over the mission and expect you to comply with my instructions, similar to how you would follow the champions' directives," Raihan growled.

" this situation is out of your control I am taking control of it. Your status as gym leader means nothing here," the man growled at him. " wrap this up now take those Pokemon to the jet without getting yourselves injured we'll deal with this when we can get this information to Chairman Rose." the man said before side stepping away from Raihan to deal with the outraging Pokemon.

As Raihan stood amongst the other Gym Leaders, his clear and evident upset was met with silent observation. Knowing his best friend Leon would likely stand by his choices only added to the tension. The Rangers were already in the process of retreating, taking with them the Pokemon they had captured. Meanwhile, the other trainers did their best to handle the angry and distraught Pokemon.

Piers spoke up, "We can't leave without Leon."

The Ranger looked at Piers with disgust and replied, "The champion can handle himself. We have more important matters to attend to. Focus on the task at hand and hurry up to help us. If you don't, I'll speak to Chairman Rose about revoking your gym leader status and the Dragon Gym Leader's as well." The Gym Leaders glared at the Ranger but eventually followed orders and left without assisting in moving the Pokemon cages to the parked vehicles in the distance.

Of course, they assisted with the Raging Pokemon. Still, as soon as they had put a considerable distance between them, they hastily departed to join the Rangers.

Kabu got into the truck with the other gym leaders and asked, "What happened?" He had witnessed the Pokemon being put in strong cages with wheels and saw how upset they were. One Pokemon was even connected to their truck. Melony, Gordie, and Nessa followed behind him, all curious about what was happening.

" what happened" Kabu spoke as he got into the truck the rest of the gym leaders were in. He had seen the Pokemon that were being placed in reinforced cages that had wheels on them and had seen how angry the Pokemon were. One of them was even attached to the truck that they were in. Melony, Gordie, and Nessa followed after him getting in right behind him. They were all wondering the same thing as they got on.

In the cage, there was a white and red Pokemon that appeared to take pleasure in the discomfort of the others. It sat at the far end of the cage and glared, clearly unhappy about being separated from its den mates. The other Pokemon were initially rowdy but eventually settled down as the cars started moving, and they headed back to safety.

'... Foolish...'

Allister turned back to look at the Ghost Pokemon attached to their vehicle. The Pokemon's Spirit only said one word repeatedly occasionally, and that was the word foolish.

"Are you hurt, Allister?" Bea asked, examining him closely and causing others to turn their attention to him. However, he remained fixated on the Pokemon staring back at him from the window, ignoring their concern.

In a hushed tone, he disclosed that the Pokemon had insulted them as foolish and continued to do so even after settling down. Despite their exhaustion and desire to avoid any more clashes, they couldn't help but question the Pokemon's intentions in saying that.

Chaos ensued in the wet and rainy area as Lilliagent, a Slender Pokemon, pranced around in anger. She was covered in mud, and her pollen irritated other nearby Pokemon, including Ursaluna. Lilliagent didn't intend to upset others, but she couldn't control her emotions ever since being struck by lightning. She knew other nobles were experiencing similar issues. Still, she lacked the strength to resist the overwhelming power that kept her confined to her Noble podium.

She continued dancing until she heard a noise from the podium entrance. She quickly pranced over and found a young child there; she looked to be approximately 15 to 16 years old, but she wasn't sure. The child seemed very apprehensive as she looked around. Lilligant entered and watched as the young girl took out little baggies of what smelled like her favorite snack.

Lilligant continues to dance around and attack the child unwillingly as a child through these bags with powder that smells so much like her favorite meal. At some point, she started to feel very weak, and when the girl threw the last bag that she had, and it hit her in the head, she let out a final attack that the girl was not expecting.

The girl fell back while the Lilligant-consuming light vanished into tiny particles in the air. Lilligant was ecstatic to be free from whatever control it was under but didn't realize that the girl had fallen and hit her head on a rock.

When Lilligant finally noticed what had happened, she stopped and stared at the girl. The girl was smiling at her even though her head was bleeding, and the hand that went to look at the damage was also covered in blood. Lilligant had assumed that the human would run. She wore the uniform that the frightened humans always wore, so she didn't expect soon as Lilligant became aware of the situation, she stopped and observe the girl. Despite her head injury and bloody hand, the girl smiled at Lilligant. Lilligant had assumed that the girl would flee, given her uniform, which typically scared humans. However, the girl remained and greeted her cheerfully. Lilligant looked perplexed and glanced at her Guardians, standing at the noble Podium entrance, watching her closely. She didn't know what to do.

The young girl was approached by a gentle figure who came close enough for her to reach out if she wanted to. Lilligant placed her head on the girl's hand and cheerfully checked her well-being. The girl reassured the Lilligant that she was not injured or possessed despite the blood on her hand. It was uncommon for humans outside the Diamond Clan or Pearl Clan to treat them as equals, but this child was an exception.

After the child cared for herself, it took several hours for her to receive medical attention. Her wound worsened as she moved around, but no one noticed because she hid it well. However, Lilligant was concerned about the child's well-being and consulted her Noble friend Ursaluna. Ursaluna confirmed that the child eventually received medical attention, but it was delayed by many hours.

Lilligant made it a point to keep tabs on the child. She was appalled to learn of the mistreatment the humans subjected the child to, treating her like a wild Pokemon for no apparent reason.

The encounter made an unforgettable impression. Despite facing hostility, she was struck by the immense kindness of the child. She firmly believed that this individual deserved better and found it puzzling that none of the other humans seemed to acknowledge it.

As Lilligant gazed at the injured man who attempted to communicate with her, a vivid memory of her past surfaced. Despite attacking her and her companions, she couldn't find it in herself to harm him, much to the disapproval of Sneasler, who watched from a distance. She noticed how the man carried himself and continued smiling at her, which reminded her of the child.

The man's attempts to persuade her were met with some hesitation. She couldn't help but wonder if he had experienced the same treatment as the child.

The young Pokémon have made themselves known, and the man is expected to treat them with the same kindness child showed before. Any previous signs of fear should have subsided or at least not be as noticeable as before.

The unfamiliar figure left the inexperienced Pokemon anxious and uneasy, as past traumas at the hands of a now-abandoned village had left the creature distrusting humans.

The Pokemon noticed that the human was becoming weaker. She glanced towards Sneasler in the darkness, who responded with a nod and an eye roll. Despite their different perspectives, they agreed to postpone the discussion and focus on helping their trainer recover, possibly with the aid of a human.

The human dozed off swiftly after she used her pollen to make him fall asleep, akin to a slumbering Teddiursa cub. The Pokemon peered down at the sleeping individual, pondering whether allowing them to stay would be a mistake.