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This story is my own, though it will be based on the crapilogue. The story begins with Harry being called into Shacklebolt's office and being sent on holiday.

The story takes the air date of Stargate SG-1 Secrets as Bane (21/08) as the day of the mission. I reversed the order of stories of Bane and Secrets for the purpose of my fan fiction.

Harry James Potter had been called into Kingsley Shacklebolt' s office on Friday 21st August 1998. Now, Harry James Potter had been the Boy-Who-Lived and was now the Man-Who-Conquered. Harry was a wizard and, if you didn't know better, responsible for single-handedly winning the Second Wizarding War against Lord Voldemort and his forces. The decisive battle had been fought at Hogwarts 2nd May 1998 and Harry had killed Lord Voldemort aka Tom Marvolo Riddle and the wizards forces had been obliterated. Yes, magic is real and Harry is a wizard. Harry is also famous, a fact he hates. Had been almost since he was born.

After the defeat of Voldemort, Kingsley Shacklebolt had become acting Minister for Magic. Kingsley had decided to make all those who had fought at the battle of Hogwarts, from Hogwarts, Aurors, if they wanted it. They were 14 who did, including Harry James Potter.

The Hogwarts 14 included Ronald Bilius Weasley, part of the Golden Trio of Harry, Hermione Granger and Ronald, who was apparently boyfriend of Hermione Granger. And that had been when trouble in the form of Harry James Potter began. Actually, it had begun right after the battle of Hogwarts, when Harry claimed the bodies of Greyback and Rookwood were not-Greyback and not-Rookwood. Then Harry had made some discoveries in the muggle world, Kingsley didn't know what those were. Harry came back opposed to the new Golden Trio montage in the Ministry entrance hall. Ron hadn't drawn his wand in the entire Horcrux Hunt or in the battle of Hogwarts. Kingsley had been shocked to learn that Ron had never done anything brave or helpful. Harry might have been slightly knocking of Ron, but Harry figured Ron deserved it after stealing Basilisk parts and Harry catching Ron in the act.

Kingsley knew Harry's endorsement was key to his Ministry surviving. He hadn't endorsed Scrimegour's and his had fallen and the wizard had been killed by Voldemort. Harry had appointed Andromeda Tonks as Steward for Houses Potter and Black and she was also co-caregiver for young Teddy Lupin, her grandson. She had set about claiming the Crouch estate and Wizengamot seat for line theft. She was also trying to add those of LeStrange and Rowle after Harry killed both matriarchs and a toddler at Rowle's mansion.

Ron had actually come up with a good idea for pairing the experienced aurors with a Hogwarts auror and assigning teams and their back up to an area of the country. Ron had insisted on being paired with his best friend. Kingsley had then had to listen to each of them protest the other after Harry destroyed the De-illuminator Ron had been left by Dumbledore.

Kingsley had more on his plate to allow two trainees really disrupt him like they were doing. He had magical Scotland and Ireland to bring in to magical Britain. The casualties to magical Britain had been such that there were now just 1200 muggleborn and 400 Purebloods and Halfbloods left. There were 600 muggleborn who might return, if Harry was on board. Kingsley was planning to use the 21 non-Sacred 28 seats (and the one reserved for Hogwarts) for their representation.

Harry and 12 other Hogwarts aurors had thrown themselves into studying for NEWTs they didn't need. Ron being the one not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kingsley didn't even have Hermione Granger around to keep the other two in line. She was off searching Australia for her parents. Ron hadn't gone on that either. Kingsley had to keep the Weasleys on board and that meant not rocking the boat. Otherwise, he'd set off Mount St Molly (Weasley) and he didn't need that distraction either.

His International Co-operation Head, Ibram Shafiq had told him about a cabin up on a lake in Minnesota that MACUSA was hiring out and they had a vacancy for August 22nd through August 31st. Kingsley had told him to book it for one Harry James Potter. Ibram had given him a look that spoke volumes. Potter was shaping up to be even more of a problem than Albus Dumbledore had been for the Ministry.

So it was that at 6:01 am on August 22nd, Harry James Potter took an international portkey to MACUSA and an ordinary one to their nearest field office to the Minnesota cabin. Harry's stuff fitted into his school trunk. Harry was given his house keys and keys to a car rental – not that Harry could drive) and by 12:05 am, Harry was in the cabin. You'd call it a cabin but it had a well maintained sweeping drive way to an entry porch. There was a kitchen and dining room and lounge off the central hall way. It was a bungalow and there were four bedrooms, the master had an on-suite bathroom and wc and there was a family bathroom/wc with another separate shower and wc rooms. There was a gym, though it had piles of boxes in it. Harry picked one of the non-master bedrooms and just crashed there. He had 500 dollars in notes and change courtesy of Shacklebolt.

Harry woke at 8 am central daylight savings time and got ready for his day. The cabin needed a good clean, so Harry gave it one. The dirt, Harry magicked into big refuse bin bags and placed them outside. There was a nice wooden planked veranda leading to a large lake. There were four places set up for fishing. Harry could see an island in the lake with what looked like a tree house on it.

Harry checked the fridge, which was half full of beer and the other half had food that had long since gone off. Harry threw that out as well and rang the number for food supplies. Harry checked they delivered and the final price included any tip required. Harry ordered stuff for himself for the time period he'd be there. He managed to keep his spending down to $20. Around 9am the delivery boy arrived and handed over the bag.

"That's everything, mister," the boy said.

"Thanks, I'm renting the place til the end of the month."

"Okay. The Colonel, Jack, didn't say he was renting it out."

"Bloody brilliant," Harry swore.

"You're a Brit, aren't you?"

"Yeah. What gave it away?"

"The not-tipping."

"As opposed to the swearing," Harry laughed. The delivery boy did, too. Harry put the stuff away. Harry went swimming. He managed to reach the island and its tree house. A few wandless reparos and the house was as good as new. There were photos of a young boy 7 or 8 years old.

Harry swam back to the cabin about 10am and made himself breakfast. A full English breakfast with orange juice and tea. That was a proper breakfast. Harry cleared up after himself. He unpacked, not that there was much. He wondered if he was going dark by killing a toddler. They had made the mistake of not going after everybody after the first war and Harry was not about to make the same mistake twice.

Since the war had ended, Harry had taken his NEWTs. He had the envelope in his hand with the result. He had taken 7 subjects and had Outstanding in all of them, including Potions. Eat your heart out, Snivellus.

Harry sorted out the letter giving him this place as rental til the end of the month. He had a feeling he'd need it.

Harry had finally tracked down the solicitor his parents had when they lived in Godric's Hollow. He'd seen a copy of the Wills his parents had made. He had had Andromeda make the Wizengamot unseal the Wills. He'd found out that he was a property owner. He owned the property he'd been abused in, the one Marge lived in and he'd been Snivellus' landlord. He'd asked Kreacher the Black House-elf to empty that property and put everything in a warded area of Grimmauld Place until he could go through it. Rent owed was being chased by said solicitor. He'd found his parents trunks in the attic of 4 Privet Drive along with the bones of a Potter House-elf. Their books and comments had been crucial to Harry doing as well as he had in his NEWTs. Harry had discovered his first name was actually Henry.

Harry or Henry had tried throwing away the resurrection stone and that hadn't worked. He had recovered the time-turner from their third year. It had belonged to Charlus Potter, the then Lord Potter. Harry had also recovered the Head of House ring for House Peverell. It was one of three head of House rings that Harry wore.

Harry activated the resurrection stone. His parents stood before him for a second time.

"You know this hurts us, son," James said.

"Did you know that Charlus Potter had died and that you were head of House?"

"No. What did he die of?"

"Dragon Pox."

"Impossible, the Potters invented its cure, you know?"

"No, I don't know. Dumbledore kept me ignorant. I kept being lazy as I did not want to lose my best friend Ron Weasley."

"What do you mean best friends with Ron Weasley? Son of Arthur and Molly?" James eyes had narrowed, dangerously.

"What do you mean, dad?"

"The Weasleys welched on a deal with the Potters. Uncle Charlus took them for everything they had."

"They never said anything about that. I did have to get my Vault Key back from Molly. I think I am trapped into marrying Ginny Weasley."

"Who set that up?"


"You were right about Dumbledore, Lils. I was the dumb one." James sounded bitter.

"How was growing up with Sirius?" Lily asked.

"I didn't. He got thrown into Azkaban for betraying you."

"Dumbledore knew he wasn't our Secret Keeper."

"That didn't stop him, mum. I got to live at Durzkaban with your horrible sister and worse husband."

"How was that possible. Our Wills cleared him. We said he wasn't Secret Keeper." James seemed bewildered.

"Dumbledore had the Wills sealed by the Wizengamot."

"Wizengamot didn't and doesn't have the power to seal the Wills of a Noble and Most Ancient House." James was now truly angry.

"Didn't stop it and I didn't know enough to undo it. Sirius escaped in my third year but I could get him the trial he never had because Snivellus convinced the Minister that we'd been confounded. Snivellus was supposed to be on our side."

"Not a chance of that," James Potter's shade declared. Lily looked like she disagreed.

"Got Riddle to promise to spare you, mum. Snape loved you."


"Voldemort's real name. Something else Dumbles kind a forgot to share."

"That explains why he asked me to get out of the way, three times." Lily-ghost seemed lost in her own world.

"Love? Just a trophy, that's all you'd ever have been to Snivellus," James-ghost averred. "What do you actually know about the Potter family?"

"Next to nothing. I did recently find your trunks with wands and the bones of a dead house-elf."

"Poor Tessy," Lily-ghost sobbed.

"I DIDN'T INCLUDE ANYTHING, BECAUSE I WASN'T THE HEIR." James-ghost thundered. He was now very clearly angry. "I did not expect to be shafted by Albus Dumbledore, like this. He always presented himself as a friend."

"Charlus and Fleamont sealed everything in their Vaults until I'm 21 and 18 respectively. I'm only just 18. Andromeda is sorting through what I have as Steward of Houses Potter-Black. She's a load of Wills to read. Kingsley Shacklebolt is the Acting Minister. He ordered me to take this holiday."

"You are a major player. You should not allow yourself to be outmanouvred like this," James -ghost chastised Harry.

"Magical Britain is on the cusp of dying out. I have to support the Ministry to stop that happening. Yes, I am hampered by not knowing anything. Is our House allied anyone who can be made to tell me everything?"

"Yes. The Longbottoms."

"Augusta. Frank's in Janus Thickey cursed into insanity and Neville is the same age as me."

"Not Augusta. She's a Rosier. Neville won't be told what he needs to be told until he's 21, either. Dumbledore's handiwork again," Lily-ghost said.

"Why don't you tell me?" Harry asked.

"I don't know, either," James-ghost said. "I wasn't either the Lord or the Heir. I was not initiated into the mysteries of my House."

"This leaves us at a disadvantage. This is just one of those things. You're saying but not saying that there's something I should know, but I don't know what it is I should know." Harry was flustered. He knew what he should do, but wasn't going to say it in front of the ghosts of his parents.

Harry allowed them to leave. Then he brought up the shade of Lord Charlus Potter.

"Great Uncle, I would not be summoning you, if I had a choice. I am James', son, Harry Potter. It'll be three years before I can access your Vault. I have a feeling I'm going to know what the family does before then."

"Harry. My plans to keep our family secrets safe from Dumbledore have screwed us over. I'll have you know I was murdered by Snape."

"I'M NOT SURPRISED," Harry thundered. "I'd kind of guessed it."

"There is someone who can fill you in. Croaker. There's a code phrase. Can you guess it?"

"I'd go with 'I hate lemondrops'." Harry laughed.

"Spot on Harry," Charlus-ghost laughed. "If he won't tell you, summon me again and I will tell you." The ghost faded away.

Harry settled in for an afternoon of reading the Black Book and seeing what House Black had on his family. He read how Linfred the Potterer had 7 sons. How he saved the life of King Edward III and became the first family to be appointed a Noble and Most Ancient House. Then how he had formed the first Wizards Council of 13 out of the Noble and Most Ancient families. He read how the Potters had intermarried with the Peverells and Gaunts, the two most powerful families of the fourteenth century. The Peverells were descended from Godric Gryffindor; the Gaunts from Salazar Slytherin.

Harry resolved to read about those two families, later. Henry (I) Potter was responsible for forming the Wizengamot in 1592. Ralston Potter served as Chief Warlock from 1610 – 1652. He was in favour of an International Statute of Secrecy. He was ousted by Cornelius Black, who wanted wizards to fight in support of the monarchy and against the Commonwealth. Henry (II) Potter fought against the version of the statute that was adopted in 1692. His brother Abraham Potter was an Auror who left for the Colonies, one of the 12. Another of Henry's brothers, a black sheep of the family, founded Salem Institute for Witches, would be thrown out of there for inappropriate behaviour and would go on to reform and later purchase Ilvermorny School and turned it into the American version of Hogwarts. His claims to have founded Ilvermorny were eventually proven untrue. Illvermorny, however, continues to use the Potter Crest as its own to this day.

The Black Book went into dry technical details about the Potter family struggles against the newly emergent House Black. The struggle continued until Henry (III) Potter failed in 1919, against a coalition of House Black and money from House Malfoy with support from Albus Dumbledore to have the Wizengamot illegally pass a declaration banning wizards and witches from fighting in muggle wars.

Peace of sorts broke out in 1922 with the accession of Lord Charlus Potter who married Dorea Black and his brother Fleamont Potter who married Euphemia Fawley. This peace lasted all of four years before a pamphlet definitively proven to have been written by Cantankerous Nott appeared removing House Potter from the Sacred 28 and inserting House Malfoy, who were no more than French upstarts. Albus Dumbledore used Charlus' son's death in WWII to exclude House Potter from the Wizengamot in 1946 and to use the seat as his own. (That son had been Henry (IV)).

The writer of the Black Book wondered what would happen should Henry (V) compel Malfoy to state on their life and magic that they are part of the Sacred 28. It took Harry a moment to realize that Henry (V) was him. He did see a Blood Feud being declared against House Nott. So had the writer of the entry in the book.

The Black Book went into considerable detail about the deal between the Potters and Weasleys that went south. House Black considered Potter Inc a competitor to Black Industries. Charlus spent considerable time in the USA building up Potter Inc after WWII.

There was a note about a squib brother, Edgar Potter who had taken the name Cartwright who had qualified as that and later took evening classes in law and became a solicitor. Harry had met the man who was another great uncle. He had promised he would re-start the stipend once he turned 21. Edgar had understood what had happened. He admitted to have been the one to suggest that Charlus draw up his Will that way. Harry was surprised at how much detail the Black Book had got on matters House Potter.

About 5pm, Harry went for another swim in the lake. He swam for about an hour and was thoroughly relaxed. He went back in the house, towel swung over his left shoulder and shorts, well he'd cheated and dried them using magic. The lounge was occupied. A man, woman and child. The man was clearly the O'Neill, owner of said cabin, but the woman and child were different from the ones in all the photos. Was O'Neill a bigamist? Silence fell. Their conversation ended.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"Harry Potter," Harry answered.

"What ya doing in my cabin?" the man asked a follow up question.

"My work decided I needed a vacation and booked this place until the end of the month." That was true. It was also true that Kingsley had not left him any wriggle room. The girl laughed.

"A mini Jack O'Neill. He's another who needs to be told to take a holiday." Harry could sense death around all three. Harry supposed it was something to do with being a Master of Death. Something had died in the woman and it wasn't a miscarriage. The woman was not happy, Harry could tell. She had drawn herself up into a foetal position and Jack was comforting her.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

The girl answered. "He's Johnathan John O'Neill, with two Ls, though he insists everyone calls him Jack and he's a USAF Colonel. The woman is Captain Samantha Carter. She's a national treasure, according to the Colonel. Very intelligent. I'm Cassandra Fraiser. Adopted."



"Me, too. You're not from around here, are you?"

"Not from here, no." The Colonel and the Captain looked out of it.

"I mean from off-planet," Harry said.

"Yes. All my people were murdered."

"Did you get the murderer?"

"No. She was performing genetic experiments. I'm Cassie, by the way." The Captain and Colonel were now looking worried. Harry had done silent legilimens on both the Captain and Colonel. The Captain had something in her that had a huge amount of memories. No wonder it was blocked off. The Colonel had blocked memories, which meant magicals, at least Harry assumed so.

"Cassie!" Captain Carter exclaimed.

"So why is a beautiful woman looking like her favourite cat just died?" Harry asked.

Carter smiled. "You've an NDA coming your way, young man. My father was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. He's only a short time to live. My mother died in a car crash." Harry's muggle grandparents had died in a car crash. Harry doubted it had been 'natural'. He had doubts about Carter's mother as well.

"I'm not speaking with my brother Mark, right now, but he's married to Julie, another teacher, and they have a son, David, aged 5 and a girl, Lisa, aged 4."

"Your back!" Cassie screamed. "It's criss-crossed with scars."

"Comes from years of living with relatives who didn't like me," Harry said.

"Oh. I call Jack Uncle Jack. He works with Teal'c and Daniel Jackson."

"Is that the Daniel Jackson who wrote a book claiming the pyramids are landing pads for alien spaceships. There's a foreword by a Doctor Rupert Giles, Curator of the British Museum who wrote that the book was rigorously researched."

"That's the one. He was right, but can't tell anyone." Cassie laughed.

"I was just about to do myself a steak. That okay for everyone?" Harry went into the kitchen. The others shouted their requirements for their steaks. O'Neill followed him.

"You think you're going to stay?"

"Ironclad contract," Harry said, simply. The goblins were involved. They might not be overly friendly or like him all that much, but business was business and goblins always kept that separate.

"Okay. You can stay." The Colonel turned away with two beers he'd taken from the fridge.

"I did some cleaning too. Threw out all the old stuff in your fridge. You should reduce your beer intake. What's your story?"

"Not much to tell. Son killed himself with my gun that I left out. Went on a mission and came back to find my wife had left, leaving divorce papers on the kitchen table. I'm a Colonel, a full Colonel. Cassie shouldn't have told you what she did."

"I have secrets of my own. I'll trade some of those. I'm not signing anything. I'll trust you not to share what I tell you in confidence. I'm not going to blab about your secrets. You're right about Cassie. She's trying to impress me. I get that a lot. You and the captain died, not too long ago."

O'Neill almost dropped his beers. "Yeah, we got revived."

"Some hope for your woman's father."

"They don't want to see us again."

"As my Uncle would say, the Americans making friends and influencing people. I don't like him at all, but sounds like he might be right on that one."

"Sam's not my woman. Regulations."

"Colonel, neither of you is entirely human anymore. You've both come back from the dead and she has an enormous amount of memory from something in her head. You've blocked memories, I'm assuming from the death of your son. It's not my area of expertise, but I can try to unblock it for you. You may not like what is uncovered."

"I'll think about it. What do you mean about enormous number of memories in Carter's head? Must be what the snake left behind."

"That a resource, if your Captain can make sense of things and develop a way to access them in a way that doesn't try to download all of them at once. She'll probably have access to some that will take her to the snake's people so they can extract her memories. Doesn't leave you with the information Sam has, of course. It's too valuable to be given up like that."

"She isn't my anything."

"She is your 2IC. Regulations be damned. I missed out on the girl, perhaps of my dreams, because I didn't think I'd survive. You love her and she loves you."

"You're out of line, Mister," Jack snarled.

"Someday, down the line, your unit could be compromised because you didn't express your feelings to each other. Maybe that's why you died."

"Anything else?" Jack asked sarcastically.

"Yep, dinner's done." Harry served up 4 plates. The pair carried them into the dining room. The other two came in. Cassie looked like she'd been crying.

The four ate in silence. Cassie ate some ice cream for dessert and then fled to her room. The three adults went in to the lounge for coffee.

"You could have got dressed for dinner, Harry," Sam said.

"So I could," Harry laughed. "It's vacation wear." Harry laughed again.

"Cassie had a crush on you," Sam said. Harry doubted that. He thought they had chewed her out over telling him their big secret.

"Who's your boss? Makes you take time off, too, huh?" Harry probed.

"George Hammond," Sam answered.

"Say, his father married some English girl. Maud or Mavis Evans. Her brother George was none too keen. He's a daughter and two grandkids, Kayla and Jenna, twins. They're eight, now, I think. Says their parents complain that strange things happen around them. George has never noticed anything odd." Jack was not sure about all the details.

"My mother's dad's name was George, too. Did they keep in touch?"

"I can contact George and ask him. I have to have a conversation with him about you."

"About Sam's father, too."

"There's nothing that can be done for my father." Sam sobbed.

"There's the genetic machine, Cassie mentioned and the extra memories you're carrying suggest sticking 'a snake' in his head." Sam looked up at Harry with renewed hope. Jack gave him a look of disgust. He was clearly a man of strong opinions about the snakes. He sure wouldn't be a fan of Slytherins.

"Mark, my brother, won't take my calls. This is what happened last time I called." Sam pressed a button and the recording of the call played back.

"Look Sam, I'm not taking your calls. I'm not visiting dad. Julie make our kids stop causing things to fly around our house. Bye Sam."

"How old are your nieces / nephews?" Harry asked. "Where do they live?" Sam looked upset, she already told him.

"My nephew is 5, my niece is 4. I haven't visited since well before they were born. I didn't even go to the wedding," Sam admitted.

"That recording has to be erased. That goes for any copies you might have made," Harry said. "I need to talk with those kids, now."

Sam looked at Harry and then at Jack who nodded. Sam dialled her brother's number, again. Mark answered.

"Sam, I've already told you …"

"Hello, Mr Carter, could you put me on speakerphone, I need to talk with your kids, now." Mark Carter put Harry on speakerphone.

"Hi kids. My name is Harry Potter."

"The Harry Potter," Sam's niece asked.

"Yes, the Harry Potter. Do you both know what a secret is?"

"Yes, Mr Potter, we do," the nephew answered. "It's where you can't tell anyone what you know or can do."

"Yes," the niece said. "It's very important people don't find out what we can so."

"What you're doing is called accidental magic. It happens when your emotions are highly charged, like you are with you gramps ."

"But we're so sad," the girl announced.

"Of course you are. It's important to know that it's part of life that living beings die. If you could do something, it would be reversed and your mother would get into trouble and you wouldn't want that. You can't reveal us to those outside your mother and father and have to keep what you can do a secret."

"We've told our friends."

"Your parents need a list of who you've told and what you've said. Think you can do that?"

"We can," the boy replied.

"If you can't control your accidental magic, your magic will be bound until you go to a school that will teach you how to control it. Right now you're being trusted. What you can do is not for using for revenge, either. Get them back, sure, but the regular way. You can do that, can't you?"

"Yes," both kids said.

"I'm here until the end of the month. If the kids want a way to contact me, let me know. If they've got the books about my childhood, well, apart from my general description and a saving people thing, the books are total garbage. I hope they've written well and the kids enjoy the stories."

"Thank you Mr Potter," Mrs Carter said. The call ended and Sam turned to Harry and let fly,

"Magic, you got them to believe in magic. Magic is not real."

"Oops, did I talk about magic in front of people who have none. My bad," Harry deadpanned. Jack remembered tales his Grandpa O'Neill had told him of men and women with strange powers and fabulous creatures. He wasn't about to say anything, though. His grandpa had always made life sound more interesting than the life his father had.

The following morning Jack had a discussion with his co, George Hammond and after getting the permission to arrange and NDA for Harry, Jack asked about George's father's bride. He confirmed his mother's name was Maud and her brother was named George and he had daughters Petunia and Lily. He had grandsons named Dudley and Henry. George lost contact with George around 1980.

By the time Harry returned from his swim, the NDA had been sent to Jack's cabin. The girls had gone shopping, when Jack confronted a freshly dressed Harry Potter. Jack told Harry about the information from George. Harry confirmed he was the Henry, George had mentioned. George had allegedly died in a car crash in 1980. Jack caught the hint that Harry thought it had been murder.

Harry refused to sign the NDA. Jack stopped the MPs from arresting Harry. Harry wondered if George had a means of conversing with the President. Jack said he had a direct line. Harry told Jack to ask George to ask the President to talk to the other President and tell him it's Harry Potter.

Jack did as Harry asked. It transpired that Harry Potter did not need to sign an NDA. Jack was astounded. Harry promised he'd keep what ever he learnt confidential. Harry asked if Jack wanted to have him look at his blocks in his memories. Harry told Jack that he was not skilled in this, but would give it a go. Jack was less than impressed, but thought he would give it a go.

Harry didn't want to say the word. But he did think using protego would go right to the blockage. Two gruelling hours later Harry was done. Jack looked like he had been through the ringer. The girls had returned and wondered what had happened. Harry suggested Jack go for a swim. Jack went.

Cassie asked Harry what had happened. Sam was preparing lunch. Her skills would cope with making sandwiches.

"Did you see your sessions with your torturer in looking at Jack?" Harry asked Cassie.

"Yes. Did you learn what he needed?" Cassie asked.

"Yes. Do you have George Hammond's number?"

"I've a phone too. It's number 2 on the speed dial." Cassie handed Harry the phone. Sam decided to listen in. Harry rang.

"George Hammond. Hey Cassie."

"General Hammond, I'm Harry Potter. First off, I'm Henry, George's grandson. He died in a car accident in 1980. I've been liaising with Jack. Two things I'm going to share with you. I'm only going to share one with Jack. Back in his childhood he was abducted a number of times by a Roswell Grey named Loki. I can't tell what was being done to him. The other thing is the death of his son Charlie. It was not a suicide. It was done by an organisation called the NID."

"You're telling me this, because?" Hammond asked.

"You need to be aware of threats your officers face. Whatever it is that you're doing you have enemies/opponents looking to take advantage of your command both on planet and off. I'm going to share information about Charlie with Jack, because it affects him personally."

"No, son, you are not. You can't tell Jack anything. Whilst you don't have to sign an NDA, your people will not allow you to share any information you might gather. I appreciate you telling me about the issues. I wish you could tell Jack. I'm sorry, as you seem to have bonded with him to help him. You can't tell him. Is that understood."

"I can't tell him anything. Yes, I understand. Thank you, General." Harry looked distraught. Two hours of effort and he had to tell the man that he hadn't been able to find out anything.

"Thanks for the loan of your phone, Cassie. That wasn't what I wanted to hear. Same goes for you and I know it must be cutting you up, inside." The pair hugged, drawing strength from each other. Sam, who had overheard Harry's end of the call, was ashen. She wanted to tell Jack what she'd heard, but knew her responsibility was to obey General Hammond's command.

Jack came in from his swim looking much more relaxed. He got dressed and looked forward to lunch. Over lunch he asked Harry what he'd found.

"I'm sorry Jack. I know I put you through the ringer, but I didn't find anything. I did say it wasn't my area of expertise. Again, I'm sorry."

Jack looked unhappy, but just nodded. "I'll teach you fishing."

"I'll enjoy that," Harry said. "Sam, do you know any techniques to organise your mind?"

"Yes, several. Why?"

"You might find it beneficial to expand it." That was all Harry said to her. Sam had to read between the lines and understand what Harry couldn't tell her. Sam knew that Teal'c was spending time off base catching up with Ally, a little girl who'd helped them and Teal'c in particular with a case recently. Sailors tended to have a girl in every port. Daniel had one on every planet they'd been to. SG-9 was the diplomatic team SGC had, but Sam was convinced Daniel knew more about what was happening than they did. She didn't know what pull Harry had that meant he did not have to sign an NDA, but he had, but he had also obeyed a direct order from Hammond. Sam thought Harry was on his way to becoming an honorary member of SG-1, like Janet and Cassie and Ally.

They sat down later for a meal Harry had cooked, which cheered them all up. Small talk got them all laughing. Harry read a chapter or two of Daniel's book and another family history in the Black Book. This time it was House Malfoy. Boy, did the Black's not like the Malfoys… Narcissa's marriage was more or less a peace offer from the Blacks to the Malfoys. There were some loans from House Malfoy coming due. The Malfoys understood finance, while Abraxas had, Harry was none to sure Lucius had the same affinity. Harry would ensure the Malfoys were paid back in full.

For the rest of his holiday, Harry read the Black Book about the Blacks, Longbottoms and Weasleys. It had been Septimus Weasley's marriage to Cedrilla Black that had set Charlus Potter off. Not even Cedrilla being blasted off the Black family tree had turned Charlus Potter from having his vengeance. Harry finished Daniel's book. Harry swam and cooked and chatted. He did have a bundle of documents to sign from the lawyers who dealt with Potter Inc on his behalf. He read the documents and signed as Henry James Black. That was his legal name, after all. A courier called to collect them.

Harry said his good byes and left before noon on August 31st 1998. At the west coast portkey station he ran into Julie Carter who gave him her address, so he could keep in touch with her children. They'd been much better behaved since his call. Harry was glad to help. He'd grown to like Sam Carter a lot. He'd do almost anything to help her family. Even if she were, as she currently was, estranged from her brother Mark.

Harry arrived back at Grimmaud Place well rested and looking forward to starting as an auror trainee on the morrow. There were Weasleys in the manor. What was going on? He and Kingsley would be having words.