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This story is my own, though it will be based on the crapilogue. The story begins with Harry being called into Shacklebolt's office and being sent on holiday.

The story takes the air date of Stargate SG-1 Secrets as Bane (21/08) as the day of the mission. I reversed the order of stories of Bane and Secrets for the purpose of my fan fiction.

In searching for an appropriate setting for the HQ of Potter Inc in the USA, I chose a 100 acre site in Cedar County near Stockton near St Louis. I hasten to add that I do not own the property, nor do I know the people who do and I have never been there. I am merely using the location for the purposes of this fan fiction.

The rescue mission for the US citizens held by Iran is fiction and does not imply any knowledge on my part. Likewise any interaction between real people/real events and this work of fan fiction is entirely that, fictional.

The police talked to Dudley, but he talked his way out. He said the four had plenty of enemies. He had tried his best to keep them on the straight and narrow. Harry was sickened by this turn of events. The four did move away, so that was one thing that had gone right.

The number one rule for time travellers was to be very careful about what you altered. Hermione had gone on about it for a long time. Harry thought about what that meant. The Unspeakables would know someone had comeback. They'd spend some time in searching for a person. They would search where Harry had comeback. That was in London. They would assume he would be hiding amongst the Muggles. In a way, he was. That was not intentional. Harry knew about his American relatives. Harry knew that the Americans thought Petunia was his mother. He'd get right on sorting that little mess out. Jack O'Neill? In 1991 he was a guest of the Iraqis.

Harry took action. He took his birth certificate and parents' marriage licence to his solicitors in Godric's Hollow. He told the man that he wanted a family tree, showing all branches. That had made the solicitor look happy. Harry then prepared for his mission to Iraq, He knew where Jack was being held and the Colonel who interrogated him. Jack needed potions of healing and pepper-up. Skele-Gro to regrow bones and limbs and sleeping draughts. Harry suspected Jack had been in a bad way after his incarceration. Make that; would be in a bad way.

Harry made his potions and waited for information. The mix-up with the Americans was finally sorted. His solicitors could then contact the Potter Inc. lawyers and start bringing that back under Potter control. The family tree was everything Harry hoped it would be. There was his Great-Great Aunt Marjorie Evans, the one who had become a GI bride and followed Captain Hammond back to Texas. Harry's great-grandfather, Bert, had hated the Americans and forbad anyone to talk of her again. The reason for Bert's hatred was not given.

Wednesday August 21at 1991 came and Harry was ready for his trip to Baghdad. This could not be more difficult than his mission to Nurmengard to kill Gellert Grindelwald. At least Harry hoped not. He had no idea why old Bagshot had given him the task. It must go with the Boy-Who-Lived thing. He'd survived the Killing Curse, so he could survive anything. Well, Harry had survived the Dursleys. Harry had avoided using his fame, first time around.

Vernon Dursley had been happy that morning. The Soviet attempt to mount a coup in Russia had failed. Vernon had not even shouted at Harry. Harry counted that as a win. He apparated to Baghdad. Harry found the Colonel he needed to influence. He cast a confundus. The Colonel would go in, make O'Neill gather all his stuff together and bring him outside, where he would drive the American a short distance outside the city. Harry watched as a feral smile played across the man's lips. A few minutes later, he escorted a clearly injured O'Neill outside. Harry, disillusioned, got into the car as well. He confounded the Colonel again and had him drive to the Kuwaiti border past all the destroyed vehicles of the Iraqi army. That army was broken and would never be capable of fighting again. He could see Jack grimacing. At the border, the pair crossed. The Colonel drove back to Baghdad convinced that the American had paid the price.

Jack found some outer garments for them to wear and a house in which to stay. Harry went through the spells to make the house unplottable, untraceable and untrackable. Jack then spoke.

"Aren't you a bit young for special forces work?"

"I have a saving people thing or so I am told," Harry replied. "You are in a bad way. Come tomorrow morning, you'll be hale and hearty."

"I have multiple broken bones and am weak as …" Jack passed out. Harry cast the spell Lockhart had used on him on all of Jack's limbs He did not trust himself to vanish the ribcage. There was too much to fall out. Jack awoke once during the night as the Skel-gro did its magic. He screamed, waking Harry. Harry gave Jack three sleeping draughts. He hoped he had not overdone it. He remembered the pain he'd been in from just his arm.

Jack woke up many hours later. He still ached. He thought he had some broken ribs.

"You could have healed my ribs."

"Sure, I could vanish your ribs, but I am not a healer. I could not keep everything that is in your ribcage where it is supposed to be."

"Oh. What is your name?"

"My name is not what? Harry joked.

"Who are you and what did you do?"

"My name is Harry Potter and I am a wizard, like you."

"I'm not a wizard, Harry. I can't do that wand waving thing," Jack said, gesticulating as though he held a wand.

"Is you grandfather alive?"


"Ask him about his mother and if he asks you who told you about her, tell him, the Boy-Who-Lived. There's also a company, Potter Inc. The managers think they own it. You're a cousin and I can certainly give you authority over them. I think."

"Fine. If I have time, I'll get involved." Jack sounded annoyed. "I suppose you're going to tell me you're related to Brigadier General George S Hammond."

"As it turns out, my Great-Great Aunt married his father. A wartime fling that turned serious. Don't be so sure that this is the first time you've met. Time travel does strange things like that. His grandkids are also magical. I don't know if you know Jacob Carter, but his son Mark marries a witch or a squib and their children are magical. A squib is a child born to magicals who is not magical."

"And my son?"

"Yes, he's a wizard, too. I have to warn you. In 1994, when Charlie is 8, there will be a day when Kawalksy enters your house and lets others in. There will be three wizards. One will make your son blow his brains out with your gun. His name is Bumfree. The NID team is lead by a Captain Maguire. 2 members of his team remain outside in their pick-up truck. They will convince you that Charlie found your loaded gun and blew his own brains out. Naturally, your wife divorces you and you are feeling suicidal, suitable for a one-way mission in 1996. Your wife actually gives you an ultimatum, delaying the divorce until you go on that mission."

"Yeah. My wife is tough."

"You should tell her. You should also let her divorce you. She can't cope with your very dangerous missions. There's a better love for you, anyways."


"Samantha Carter."

"Jacob's kid?"

"Yep. She'll be on your team."

"She's a kid."

"Yes, she is. Old Murphy has a really wild sense of Irish humour."

"She's a kid. I am not in the cradle snatching business. I've watched her growing up."

"She's watched you watching her. It really is not her father she is trying to impress. Do you know a Daniel Jackson?"

"No. I have heard of him. He's the nut job that thinks the pyramids were ancient aliens landing pads."

"He's right."

"Now that is just crazy talk," Jack said.

"After the day in your house, you should pretend you're suicidal. Say the Iraqis nearly broke you. They did a real good job on you?"

"Where do you live, kid?" Jack thought the kid looked malnourished and mistreated.

"4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. Oh, there's a Senator you have pissed off. Robert Kinsey. He'll be in your house to watch your son blow his brains out. C4 should do nicely."

Harry cancelled his spells on the house and left. He would turn a corner and apparated to Nurmengard. He could clean up and have a good meal, before going back to Durskaban.

Jack walked to the nearest US military base and requested to see Brigadier Hammond. Hammond escorted Jack to his office and closed the door. He indicated that Jack should sit.

"It's good to see you alive and looking so well, Colonel."

"Thank you, sir. I'd rather no mention of my living status was made. There's an Iraqi Colonel convinced I am dead. I'd like him to continue thinking that."

"We can do that, Jack." Hammond was concerned. A boy had been seen with Jack. "What about the boy?"

"A local who helped me."

"Local. He was western. Who is he?"

"Harry Potter, he lives at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England. Your mother was his great-great aunt. I was in that hell-hole for 8 months. Where was the rescue? What happened to leave none behind?"

"I am cutting orders to send you back stateside via Ramstein. Take a month off. Take your family somewhere nice. Spend sometime with your grandfather. He took ill after you were captured. I'll give you a pass to see him." Jack registered that that was not normal.

"Sir, I'm in need of a big meal and I can sleep on the plane." Jack was very tired or he would have asked the question how was it when Iraq was under US control, he was kept in a hell-hole in Iraq for eight stinking months. That question did occur to him as he was changing planes in Ramstein.

Brigadier General George S Hammond ran his right hand over his non-existent hair. He ordered his aid to clear his schedule for a couple of days. One time, he'd asked his dad about his mother's family. He'd been shut down. It was not a conversation for discussion. Or words to that effect. His father had sworn at him. Now, George could count the number of times on one hand that his father had sworn at him. It was time he visited his relatives over in dear old blighty.

Less than 24 hours later, George rang the doorbell of 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging. He'd noticed the short lad in rags weeding the garden. George suspected that was Harry.

Petunia answered the door. She was not expecting a general in full uniform.

"May I come in?" George asked, in his Texas drawl. Petunia indicated that he could. George made his way upstairs. The bars across one of the bedroom windows that he'd seen from the outside was complemented by three locks on the door to that bedroom and a cat flap. Petunia shooed him back downstairs into the lounge, George sat down.

"You may be wondering who I am and what I am doing here," George said. "I am Brigadier General George Spenser Hammond of the United States Airforce. I was recently going through my father's things when I came across details about my mother. Her name was Majorie Evans."

"Aunt Majorie," Petunia sneered. "The one we don't talk about, ever. The one who ran off with some Yank."

"Quite," said George with an equanimity he did not feel. "I have access to resources others lack and was able to track you down Petunia Evans. Harry chose that moment to enter.

"Boy, go to your room." Petunia almost spat that out.

"Cousin George has come such a long way Petunia. It would be rude of me not to say hi. You're Jack's boss?" Harry asked.

"Yes, son, I am." George immediately liked Harry. "You must be Harry Potter."

"Indeed, I must. Your President may have spoken of me. The Boy-Who-Lived."

George's eyes widened. "He's mentioned you, yes."

"Are you married, General?"

"I was. She died in a car accident on base. So did Jacob Carter, a good friend of mine. I've newly born grand-daughters."

"They're magical." Petunia gasped. "Literally," Harry continued. "That expands what your President will be able to tell you. The death of your wives might be connected and not accidents. Mark Carter's children are also magical. Charlie is, as is Jack. I'll bet he loves flying."

"He does."

"It must be a Potter thing. He is the great-grandson of MACUSA President Potter and my cousin."

You must leave," Petunia shouted.

"You do realise that the statistical probability that at least one of any children Dudley fathers will be magical? If you or Vernon mistreat either the child or Dudley, you will answer to me."

Dudley, who was eavesdropping was astounded. Here was Harry whom he hunted and hurt standing up for him. This was a matter for further thought.

"You can have the freak," Petunia said.

"Would that it were that easy. You know I will not be allowed to leave here," Harry said.

Petunia looked at him and said, "A certain whiskered wanker."

"The very same, Aunt Petunia." George had been in the Oval Office, when he had heard a man he had not seen there since phrase it in exactly the same way. He'd also said MACUSA and George could hear the capital letters.

"What is MACUSA?" George asked. Petunia gasped.

"It's the Magical Congress of the United States of America," Harry answered.

"I have to be going," George said. "It's been a pleasure, Harry. I expect the bars, locks and cat flap to be gone." George left. Petunia waited until he was out of sight and then turned to Harry and said, "Don't think anything is going to change, boy."

"It either changes or I will kill you." Harry walked off. The unemotional way he said it made Petunia shiver.

Petunia decided to say nothing to Vernon about her cousin's visit. Vernon was therefore completely taken aback when Dudley asked if Harry could eat with them. Dudley explained that this week was the last time they would be together until the school year ended and that they should all have happy memories. Vernon usually allowed Dudley to do whatever he wanted, agreed, albeit reluctantly. Petunia worked on Vernon to remove the bars, bolts and cat flap saying that it was not normal for a house to have them. Vernon liked keeping on Petunia's good side, so he did as she asked.

Dudley and Harry had a conversation, something Harry did not remember ever having before. Harry recommended that Dudley take up boxing, because 'he had the build for it'. In his previous life, Dudley had only taken up boxing in his fifth year. He had become quite proficient.

Harry also worked out that Dudley was dyslexic. Harry told Dudley he should make sure the school knew. His teachers should know as well. Harry suggested that Dudley say that it took him longer to see the words than it did others and he should not get frustrated. The school should arrange for corrective action to be taken. Dudley wondered what he should do, if others teased him. Harry's answer surprised him. If they were in his year or the one above, Dudley should put them in the school infirmary. He could use that to get his boxing training 'to learn control'. Those in years above he could say that while his weakness would be corrected, theirs could not be. Dudley felt better. Harry was helping him. It felt kinda weird.

1st September 1991 rolled around and Harry was dropped off at King's Cross with a gruff Vernon saying don't come back til summer. It was 9:30. Harry appraised his kit with a veteran's eye. His trunk was abysmal. His telescope was really backward. His cauldron was a death trap. Harry had taken the decision not to be different from first time around. Hagrid had selected his cauldron, telescope and trunk. They were, as Harry had already noted, substandard. Harry let Hedwig loose. She knew where to go. This journey, he'd sit with Neville and Hermione.

Harry found them already on the train. He steered the conversation around to wands choosing the wizard. Hermione lectured Neville on the need for him to get a new wand. Poor Neville looked browbeaten. Harry steered the conversation onto the three books that mentioned himself. Hermione seemed leased to be lecturing again. He realized that was Hermione's coping mechanism.

"Hermione, you're saying that the three accounts are identical in all regards?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Harry," Hermione said. Harry noticed Neville frown. Harry asked why. Neville explained that Hermione was breaking Wizarding etiquette. Both Harry and Hermione asked what that was. Neville lectured the pair of them on wizarding etiquette. He spoke, almost without stopping until the lunch cart stopped by. Harry bought the trolley. Harry smiled, seeing the friend and confident wizard Neville had become emerge.

Neville said that he should have a Regent as he was a minor. Harry wondered why he needed to mine coal, until he realized Neville was talking about being under aged. Neville, Harry and Hermione talked about their childhoods. They had all had hard upbringings and were lonely. The three bonded on that train journey north. Neville said that his parents could only remember being attacked. Hermione explained that her parents were both dentists and used drills to remove diseased parts of teeth. Neville shuddered at that. It was well after 2PM that Neville suggested Harry claim his House rings. He even said the words Harry should use.

"I, Henry James Potter claim my House rings by inheritance and by conquest." Harry knew he had to use his legal name and that the Peverell ring could not come. It did know that the rightful owner had claimed it. The Horcrux within was in for a torrid time. The ring would have chuckled, if it had been able to. The Potter and Black rings shimmered in mid air in front of Harry, as though they were having a conversation. Eventually, the rings fitted themselves around two fingers of Harry's right hand. Harry could make out the Heir Longbottom ring on Neville's middle finger.

Neville told Harry how they'd flown around Longbottom Manor on toy brooms, terrifying the House-elves. Hermione looked shocked and angry. Harry saw the formation of S.P.E.W right in that moment. Hermione narrowed her eyebrows.

Neville just carried on talking. Harry and he were god-brothers. Their mothers had been god-mother to the other boy. Hermione asked about Harry's god-father. He, it turned out, was Sirius Black and in Azkaban for betraying the Potters. Harry pointed out that he was wearing the Black ring and , although, he knew nothing about wizarding matters, it seemed unlikely that Sirius could betray him and still live. Neville frowned at that.

Hermione told them how Dumbledore talked to her and instructed her in magic, without being present. Neville looked alarmed.

Harry mentioned that the first letter he got was the Hogwarts Invitation Letter. He got 24 of those and they should have seen the line of owls waiting for a reply on the telephone cable leading from the house to the pylon. He told them about Hagrid visiting just after midnight on August first and shopping tour. His relatives had admitting to trying to beat magic out of him.

Hermione agreed to Harry taking her and her family under the protection of House Potter. She'd read the ritual and thought it would be fun to do. Neville couldn't muster the courage to stop them. He did tell them how stupid they had just been.

Neville decided all he was cut out for was Hufflepuff. Harry was pleased for him. He'd be a star. Hermione decided that Ravenclaw would be for her after she had summoned the Dagworth-Granger Lady ring and expressed her surprise that Dumbledore had not told her. As for himself, he had this to say.

"I have no friends, no cunning nor ambition and I am not brave, in the least little bit. Hufflepuff for me."

"You've a good brain, Harry," Hermione said.

"I've haven't used it in four years since my Uncle nearly killed me for getting a better report card than my cousin, who did not do well in class. Definitely Hufflepuff." Harry was decisive.

"This from the boy who was half a point less intelligent than me in the whole country in his 11+," Hermione said. "You'd better join me in Ravenclaw, since it's your idea."

"Okay," Harry said. He did not mind going into Ravenclaw. A duelling champion was its head. Harry needed the help Filius Flitwick would provide. That was if Albus Dumbledore did not try to reverse his and Hermione's sorting into Ravenclaw.

Neville did express disgust that a Head of House was not sent to escort Harry around Diagon Alley, as he should have had. Neville seemed to be getting quite worked up. Harry decided he needed to send a couple of letters and he sent his thought out to Hedwig that he would have letters for her to deliver.

He dug out some quills, ink and parchment. The first he sent to Regent Augusta Longbottom. He greeted her as etiquette demanded. He informed her that a Lord of House Potter he was reactivating the Potter Alliance. He asked that she move that 'All that James Potter was, Harry James Potter was now'. He wondered what would happen to Frank and Alice if they no longer remembered being attacked. Harry asked Augusta to be his Regent, too. He signed it Henry, Lord Potter.

The letter to Regent Amelia Bones followed the same first part as that to Regent Longbottom. He then added that Sirius not only did not have a trial, he was not even arrested. The Fidelius was cast on 24 October 1981 and Sirius was not even present. He then listed the 30 Death Eaters that Tom had introduced to him. Harry added that he was in a Blood Feud with Death Eaters. The Carrows were in France. Harry requested that the 10 Death Eaters in Azkaban were kissed by Dementors trying to escape. If Amelia needed to bring Aurors to Hogwarts she should ensure that they are not loyal to her. She should bring Kingsley Shacklebolt. He signed it Henry, Lord Potter.

Harry had just finished his letters, when there was a tapping at the window. Hedwig had arrived. Harry gave her the letters and told her who they were for and not to wait for a response. Hedwig nipped Harry's ear and sped off. Her wings were fully extended and she was in fast mode. Harry smiled in remembrance. Harry shut the window and put away his writing implements and parchment. Putting his trunk back in the rack above his seat. He then spoke silently that Nymphadora Tonks was reinstated on the Black family tapestry. He used his Heir ring to pulse that he needed to see her and she should bring Susan Bones. He sat down and waited.

Neville was being the most talkative he'd ever been. He was actually having a proper conversation with Hermione. He was explaining in great detail what she had just let herself in for. Hermione was asking for clarification. Then there was a knock on their door. The two girls entered. Susan, in pig tails, squealed when she saw Harry. Harry indicated they should both sit.

"Thank you for joining us. I am Lord Potter and have reinstituted the Potter Alliance." Susan nodded. She knew what that meant.

"I'm not part of that Alliance, Lord Potter," Tonks said.

"I have reinstated Nymphadora Tonks on the Black family tapestry," Harry announced. Tonks looked interested. Very interested. "I have to plan a contingency action should Dumbledore try to reverse Hermione and my sorting into Ravenclaw."

"There are 3 Weasleys already at the school," Tonks said.

"There's one joining them this year. There three Slytherins joining that my Aunt warned me about. Bullstrode, Parkinson and Runcorn," Susan said.

"Then the Weasleys and Runcorn are the ones we have to keep an eye on," Neville said.

"I know Stupefy," Hermione said.

"That is most useful," Harry said. Hermione beamed, in response.

"I'll rope in Hannah. I know she'll help," Susan said.

"Good move there, Heiress Bones," Harry said. The look Harry gave Susan told Susan that Harry knew she was Lady Bones and was merely going through the formal address.

The train soon pulled into Hogsmeade. Hagrid was there calling all the first years. Neville, Hermione, Harry and Susan got into a boat together. The boat moved off before Ron Weasley could try to board. Tonks had decided she'd sit with the first years. This year both Head Boy and Head Girl were from Slytherin. Tonks was not sure how that had happened, since she had better grades than the Slytherin. She had complained to Sprout. From how her Head of House was looking, she was very put out with Dumbledore. Tonks settled down for the sorting. She had the Weasley twins in her sights. A bombarda should deal with the pair of them nicely.

Outside, McGonagall was late. Hagrid had gone off to find her. Harry found himself visited by Malfoy and his two bookends and Ron Weasley.

"Hi, Harry, mate," Weasley said.

"Red hair, freckles, hand-me-downs; must be from the family that had more children than they can afford. I can help you, Potter, consort with the right kind of wizard." Harry was spared having to respond to either boy. They began to exchange insults. McGonagall arrived before the insults changed to grappling and other wrestling moves. She droned on about the Houses, family and points. Harry really could not give a shit. He entered the Great Hall. Familiarity, at last. He saw the Sorting Hat.

"Hello, Alistair, Lord Potter here. Hermione Granger is under my Protection that makes her also a Legacy student. Assign us both to Ravenclaw. Neville Longbottom is going to Hufflepuff. He's a genius with plants. Just so you can make plans accordingly. Put Zacharias Smith into Gryffindor. Rivers in Gryffindor and let the Patel twins stay together in Gryffindor." The Hat gave no indication that it had heard him.

The first indication that it had occurred when the Hat was placed on Hermione's head and the Hat immediately declared "Ravenclaw". Dumbledore had not liked that. He liked Neville going into Hufflepuff, even less. Harry being sorted into Ravenclaw almost caused Dumbledore to blow a gasket. Dumbledore let the Sorting continue. Weasley refused to go into Gryffindor. He wanted to be placed in Ravenclaw with his mate. After ten minutes, the Hat declared "Gryffindor". Ron refused to move. McGonagall had to chase him away. Zabini went into Slytherin. Was Dumbledore going to leave well alone and swallow his pride? Dumbledore rose.

"Alistair, I believe you have a made some mistakes in Sorting." No, Dumbledore was not leaving well alone.

"I have sorted based on the aptitudes of those being Sorted, as I have for a thousand years." The Sorting Hat sounded peeved that it was being questioned.

"I BELIEVE Harry Potter should be sorted into Gryffindor."

"Harry Potter is not brave. He is not cunning or ambitious. He has no friends, as yet. You will note that I have eliminated three of the four houses. Only Ravenclaw, remains."

"His family were all Gryffindors. They would want Harry to be in their House."

"Had his family raised him, they might have encouraged such traits. They did not raise him," the Hat said, icily. "My ruling is final."

Dumbledore persisted. "Harry needs to be in Gryffindor with his friend Ron Weasley."

"Friend is not a word Lord Potter uses to describe Ronald Bilius Weasley," the Sorting Hat retorted.

Penelope Clearwater saw that Harry wanted to speak. "Sonorous," she cast on Harry.

"You really want to do this, Albus. This is the hill on which you want to die? So be it. To everyone here, I am Lord Henry James Potter, head of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter. I have reactivated the Potter Alliance and declared a Blood Feud against all Death Eaters." Harry was also now committed. "If any of you have ever sent me a letter, I never received it. If you sent me money, I did not receive it nor do I know what became of it. I grew up with magic hating muggle relatives who tried to beat the magic out of me. It was not until Hagrid delivered my Hogwarts Letter, number 24 on the morning of August 1st that I learnt that I was a wizard. Heir Longbottom seemed most put out that Hagrid was sent to me and not one of the Heads of House.

Severus Tobias Snape owes House Potter a Life Debt. I accept that Life Debt. I name you as betrayer of my family and murderer of my Great Aunt and Uncle and magical grandparents. Muggle news reports say witnesses saw a 'greasy git dressed in black' stare into the car of my muggle grandparents before the car crashed a red light and got hit by cars coming from each side, killing them instantly. Now you knew those people very well. They had shown you much kindness. You repaid their good with evil. I call due the life debt, with immediate effect."

For a moment or two nothing happened. Snape laughed. He drew his wand to attack Harry and fell down dead. There were gasps all around the Chamber. McGonagall rose and departed the Great Hall. She had gone to summon aurors. Harry was now on the clock.

To House Slytherin full of junior Death Eaters I say, "Fiendfyre." Daphne Greengrass could not explain why she grabbed Tracey and Zabini by their coats and yanked them back. They were the only three Slytherins to survive. Dumbledore looked incensed. Harry had not noticed that Runcorn had not taken her seat at the table.

"You have gone dark, Harry,"

"Accio time-turner. Accio deilluminator." Harry caught the time turner and pocketed it. He caught the deilluminator and threw it onto the fire. Dumbledore raised his wand to summon the item back to him. Harry hit him with an "Expelliarmus" that threw him against the back wall.

"Avada Kedavra," Harry yelled at Quirrell. Quirrell did nothing to defend himself. A familiar black mist rose above his body.

"Salutare," Harry yelled. Seven pieces of Riddle's soul hurtled towards the mist taking the shape of a man. The Peverell House ring formed around Harry's middle right hand finger above his Potter ring. When the shape solidified into that of a man, Harry yelled, "Expelliarmus" and mist Riddle dissipated into nothing.

Dumbledore had now returned and began to fight Harry. Harry dodged spells that would have incapacitated any other wizard.

"You should not have come, Tom," Dumbledore said.

"Exsanguinis," Harry said. "Fiet Lamia. Legatus." Every House-elf in Hogwarts, Phoenix and Hedwig became bound to Harry. "Avada Kedavra." Dumbledore died, a vampire. "Fiendfyre." Harry burnt up the body. He cancelled the spell that had killed all the Slytherin, except for three. Harry would see that it was four, soon enough.

Then the aurors entered with McGonagall. Sadly, Fudge and Umbridge were present. Fudge picked up the Elder Wand and snapped Harry's wand, before Harry was escorted to Azkaban. Harry noticed the twins had been thrown back, Percy had been stunned, Ron had been incarcerated by a very hungry looking plant and Runcorn was lying on the floor laughing from various tickle jinxes.

Harry was very conscious that he had not had enough time to deal permanently and fatally with Peter Pettigrew. Still, it was not like he would be long delayed by Azkaban. Dawlish cackled with glee that Dark Lord Potter was incarcerated in Azkaban. He'd go to bed without any supper.

"Wouldn't be the first time," Harry responded in a low growl.

Warden Apennyworth gave him Sirius Black's old cell.

"Quite a day we've had. Dementor killing 10 Death Eaters. Took a lot out of us to calm those Dementors down. We got 20 Wizengamot Lords as our guests. Turned out they were Death Eaters."

Harry actually got a meal. It was not up to Hogwarts standards, but it kept hunger from gnawing at Harry's innards. Harry heard his cell door being opened. Party time! Harry pulled off a button and transfigured it back into his mother's wand.

"Expecto Patronum." Out came an irascible Hungarian Horntail mother dragon to defend her youngling. Gone was the noble stately peaceful stag.203 dementors died that day. It was supposed to be impossible to kill Dementors, but not when faced by a fully corporeal horntail in enraged mode. The Warden and the guards attempted to prevent the horntail from attacking the Dementors, but they all ended up dead. The horntail killed the 20 wizards, too. Since the horntail ate the dead, Harry did not have any clean up work to do. He did, however, find the cell that had belonged to Rookwood. The former Unspeakable had identified him as the time traveller and from when he had come. Harry knew this meant the Department of Mysteries knew who he was.

Harry went through the three spells to make the Isle of Azkaban unplottable, untraceable and untrackable. He then transfigured the wand back into a button and reattached it and changed the spell parchment into lining, again. Harry summoned the Peverell House-Elves. 100 that had worked at Hogwarts returned. Harry passed out. Too much magic had been drained from him.

It had been 600 years since a Peverell had last stood in the chambers and Harry had a choice of clothing from that era. It was better than what he had to wear in present day, so that's what he used. Amelia Bones was the only one who could now enter Azkaban. Harry waited for her to call him for his trial. Eventually, she did. Harry changed back into modern clothes and accompanied Amelia to Courtroom Ten. Harry was exonerated, very quickly. Harry spent some time with Sirius Black. He'd already reinstated Andromeda. Harry had to persuade him not to contact Remus Lupin and to spend at least a year at the family Spa in the south of France for issues arising from Dementor contact. Harry picked up a new wand FROM Knockturn Alley. A 10" redwood wand with a core of a tailfeather from a Thunderbird. Augusta Longbottom had agreed to be Regent. Sirius had approved.

Before returning to Hogwarts, Harry had a meeting with Croaker about accepting things from now on. The head Unspeakable had been clear that what Harry had done so far, the Department would let slide. Harry did ask how Enid Runcorn had not been sat in her place on the Slytherin table. He'd only got 66 of them, not 67. Croaker had smiled enigmatically.

It had been two weeks since Harry had last been in Hogwarts. His return found him, Hermione and Neville in Gryffindor. Neville did have a new wand. Tonks was now Head Gril. That was the extent of the good news. Neville, Hermione, Hannah and Susan had been punished. Hermione being punished was something Harry could and did end and countermand. The others he had to let stand. Like hell, he would. Hermione had had to do Ron Weasley's homework and be subservient to him. Neville had been bullied back into his shell. Harry caught Seamus and Dean bullying Neville. Harry put an immediate stop to that. Harry commanded the house-elves to make rooms for Hermione, Neville and himself. Then Ron had entered the common-room as Harry had talked with Hermione and saw the marks left on her face by hand slaps. Harry saw red. He punched Ron to the floor and then kicked and stomped on his former best friend, until Seamus and Dean had pulled him off. They'd rushed off to the Infirmary with Ron. Harry wrote a letter to his Regent and sent it off with Hedwig. Yeah, he thought, let McGonafail deal with a furious Augusta Longbottom.

A summons to attend the Headmistress arrived during lunch. Harry ignored it. Harry, Neville and Hermione were following the Hufflepuff-Ravenclaw timetable. When it came to Transfiguration, McGonagall was still its Professor.

"Mr Potter, you and your friends are not in these Houses. Leave this lesson."

"These are the Houses we were sorted into. You are in violation of the Hogwarts Charter. You punish my friends because you cannot punish me. You punished Hermione despite her being under the Protection of my House and counting as a Legacy student. Neville is my god-brother. You ordered him bullied. If you will not teach us, please let me know now so that I can arrange for a tutor to come in and teach us."

"You insolent young boy. You will accept the situation within Hogwarts." McGonagall was getting warmed up.

"You are in violation of the Hogwarts Charter and I will not allow you to get away with that. Ron Weasley has learnt the lesson that I will not tolerate actions against us. At least, I hope so."

McGonagall got on with teaching the lesson. After a month, Harry and his friends were moved into their correct Houses and those who had been sorted elsewhere were moved into their correct Houses.

In a move that surprised Harry, McGonagall hired Remus Lupin to be the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. Slughorn was hired to be Potions Professor, again. Harry effected a reconciliation between the Grey Lady and the Baron. He was pleased about that.

For the cost of around 100 lives, Harry Potter had stopped the Second Wizarding War. Of course, Harry had not stopped all threats, but that had not been the object of the exercise. Harry had to admit, as the years passed and Gryffindor hated him and stayed hating him, that he should have stayed in Gryffindor. Harry wondered, if Shacklebolt would have sent him on his enforced holiday had he known that, as a result, he'd never become Minister.



If you are wondering, Death did the switch of the recording of the Wizengamot with Harry present and the one had bought before Hagrid took him back to 4 Privet Drive.

A note to remind myself of the central plot of this story

The memory changes whilst he'd been in the hands of the NID had been performed by a wizard named Howard N Bumfree who'd had a partner, who had not been identified. Bumfree had cast the Imperius on Charlie to cause him to blow his brains out. Harry knew that the NID Operations leader had been a Gerald D Maguire, a Captain who'd had a personal beef with O'Neill. There had been 9 members of the NID team, with two outside in the van and three wizards. Out of the twelve people present, Harry could only identify two. Obviously Jack and Charlie had been there as victims, but Harry did not know from what he'd seen whether Jack's wife Sara had been present. Her memory had been modified, but she'd clearly had an imperative to leave Jack. It was as though the NID had wanted Jack to be suicidal and alone for that mission he'd done with a nuclear warhead. That meant they already knew things about the 'Gate'; information that had not been shared with those unlocking its secrets before the mission.