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Harry James Potter turned 21. It was July 31st 2001. He was a wizard, an Auror, a wizarding policeman. He'd just completed his Auror training - he'd insisted, even though Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, had allowed all those who had defended Hogwarts against the last big bad, Lord Voldemort, to become Aurors without needing to pass the training back in 1998.

Shacklebolt had also been Harry's sponsor for his Mastery in Defence against the Dark Arts. Harry's friend Neville Longbottom had also just finished his Auror training and Mastery in Herbology with Professor Sprout as his mentor. Neville had turned 21 the day before Harry. They'd had a joint party on Monday.

Back in May 1998, after the battle of Hogwarts had concluded, Harry had become the Man-Who-Conquered. To Harry's mind that was only a slight improvement on the Boy-Who-Lived. Hogwarts had suffered damage, some 40 students had perished in the battle. None of the Death Eaters, marked followers of Lord Voldemort had got away. There had also been casualties amongst those former alumni who had come to join the fight. Fred Weasley had died and his surviving twin was distraught. Remus and Tonks left behind a baby boy, Theodore who was Harry's godson.

Students from one of Hogwart's four houses, Slytherin, had not participated in the battle and were consequently thought worse of than they had before, which Harry had thought impossible. None of them had become aurors. Harry's best mate Ron Weasley had derided the Slytherins as cowards. Harry thought this a bit rich, since Ron hadn't drawn his wand in the battle. He'd also stolen ribs from a basilisk that Harry had slain, aged 12. Harry had forced Ron to return them to him and give up a De-illuminator that Dumbledore had left him. Harry thought the less said about Albus Dumbledire the better. The De-illuminator switched off street lighting, but its real purpose was to allow the user to listen into any conversation, keep tabs on somebody and tell them what to do. Harry had destroyed it. Ron had used it on Hermione Jean Granger, Harry's other best mate. Harry had known Ron liked her, but found that level of surveillance creepy. He'd also hesitated, when destroying a locket. Harry had used the Elder wand, one of three items known as the Deathly Hallows that Harry owns, supposedly made by Death. That tale was in Tales of Beedle the Bard, a book Harry had never read.

Harry used the Elder wand to detect and remove all detection charms and bindings still on his person. He'd then used legilimency on Ron to find out what he'd seen whilst hesitating about destroying the locket. Harry found it out. Hermione preferred Harry, romantically, to Ron. D'uh, obvious, much. Harry had then plunged into a month's cramming for his NEWTs. He achieved Outstandings in Herbology, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions and Defence against the Dark Arts (DADA). He'd later learnt that Hermione and Ron had had a blazing row.

Hermione had spelled her parents to forget her and move to Australia as Wendell and Monica Wilkins. She'd wanted Ron to go with her to recover them and restore their memories. Ron hadn't gone. He'd found them and restored their memories. They'd take a while to accept what Hermione had done to them. They'd agreed to fund Hermione's year at Hogwarts, but had decided to stay in Australia under their new names and bring up Hermione's new baby sister, Olivia, there.

Hermione had complained, tearfully, to Harry about this. Harry had told her that at least her parents were still alive and she could rebuild a relationship with them. She'd calmed down.

Harry had tried, unsuccessfully, to stop a statue of the Golden Trio being erected in the Ministry Plaza, replacing the previous statue of adoring creatures worshipping human wizards. The Golden Trio was Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. They all had the Order of Merlin, First Class. Harry was accumulating titles. Grand Sorcerer was one he didn't mind. His mother had received such an award posthumously. Harry had two of the Order of Merlin Wizengamot seats. Hermione hadn't wanted one and although Ron had demanded one, Harry had laughed in his face.

England had surprisingly won the 1998 World Quidditch Cup. England had usually had a pair of outstanding beaters and not much to support them. In 1998, England had a large Gryffindor contingent. Oliver Wood, in goal, Alicia, Angelina and Kate as Chasers and Ginny Weasley as Seeker.

Harry had been too busy with exams and sorting personal business. He'd finally got his parents' house in Godric's Hollow back off the Ministry and was getting it fixed up. He'd discovered that he'd actually inherited some house from Lily's parents. He'd actually lived in and been mistreated in his own home. His other tenants had been Severus Snape and Marge Dursley. Snape's possession that Harry had snagged included a diary in which he confessed to all the murders he'd committed at Dumbledore's behest. Marge Dursley had sadly been mauled to death by her dogs. Such a tragedy. He'd got his back rent that had been owed and sold the houses. Vernon Dursley and Petunia had moved to Australia, where Vernon as MD had bought an Australian company and reversed engineered Grunnings into it. Harry had sold his shares in the new company as soon as he could find a broker. Dudley had gone off to University.

Harry had also got hold of Nurmengard, thanks to Bagshot. This had been Grindelwald's operational headquarters in Europe for thirty years. Dumbledore had added to its stores of wealth both gold and books. Harry relaxed there every opportunity he got. There were spells there that were so useful.

Harry had seats in the Wizengamot, the wizarding worlds Parliament and Law Court for magical Britain. He appointed Andromeda Tonks nee Black as his steward and proxy. He also admitted her back into House Black. She'd been the one to convince Harry to declare blood feud on the Death Eaters and their fellow travellers. It gave him claims over titles and estates of Death Eaters. The Wizarding Wars had been devastating to the Noble and Most Ancient Houses. His own was down to just him, as was House Black. It had been the blood adoption performed by then Heir Sirius Orion Black that gave harry the right to hold House Black.

The Houses of Avery, Burke, Carrow, Crouch, Gaunt, Lestrange, Rosier, Rowle, Travers and Yaxley were extinct. Harry had executed the Matriarchs of the Lestrange and Rowle families and a female child.

The following Houses had one surviving member: Abbott, Black, Bulstrode, Flint, Longbottom, MacMillan, Nott, Ollivander, Parkinson, Potter, Prewett and Slugthorn. Andromeda had worked her claims very quickly. House Potter added House Gaunt. House Black added Crouch, Lestrange and Rowle. Neville's grandmother was a Rosier, so the Longbottom's inherited.

Shacklebolt as Minister got to vote the seats of Avery, Burke, Carrow, Travers and Yaxley until claimants could be found and accepted. That was still the case on Harry's 21st birthday. Of the 28 Sacred Houses only three weren't controlled by Light: Greengrass, Fawley and Selwyn. The Fawleys were Harry's relatives via grandmother Euphemia.

Shacklebolt passed reform after reform. Muggle taxes were introduced into the Wizarding World. Laws restricting Ministry jobs to Purebloods were abolished. Laws against werewolves were repealed. Harry had laws against his family repealed. The werewolves were found in the Forbidden Forest. That was part of Hogwarts and as the independence of Hogwarts was guaranteed by both magical Britain and Scotland, no-one could go in after them and one of them was wanted. He was none other than Fenrir Greyback. He had survived the Battle of Hogwarts. He was still at large three years later.

There had been another survivor of the battle from the Death Eater side. Augustus Rookwood, the former Department of Mysteries wizard. He'd not been seen since the Battle of Hogwarts. He'd obviously gone to ground.

Harry had sold his basilisk to the Dwarves of Dundee for 5 million galleons. The Dwarves, he'd later learnt had sold their share for twice that. Harry had opened an account with the dwarves. He'd had trouble getting any money out, since the Dwarves had loaned out everything they'd made. Magical Scotland's economy was doing just fine. Harry had discovered he could still speak parseltongue, the language of snakes.

Harry and the other members had a goblin sized problem. He and the rest of the Golden Trio had broken into Gringotts. They had used Polyjuice and the Imperius charm. Gringotts wanted defences against those. The Trio had left on the back of a badly mistreated dragon and smashed the glass dome getting out. The Goblins wanted recompense and the Trio to gut and otherwise cut up.

Solving the Goblin problem was Dick Cresswell's first task, back in the job as Goblin Liaison. He had very tactfully informed the goblins that the dragon had weakened the chains securing it so much that the next time it had tried to break free, it would have, with the same result for the glass dome. The goblins had executed Griphook and used wizards to test their tellers, allowing only those who could throw off the Imperius charm to continue to meet wizards and witches. The Ministry and Goblins set up a joint task force to devise a defence against Polyjuice.

Harry and Hermione research everything they can about Goblins and the various Treaties. Harry's 19th birthday, the mess had finally been resolved. Harry had never actually offered Godric's sword to an authorised to make deals employee. That item could not be seized by the Goblins.

Various treaties had specified Goblin liability for keeping dangerous dark items in family vaults. The fines had been escalated in about 4 Treaties. Harry and Hermione's intent to get in and out with the dark item without anyone being the wiser did go down well with the Goblins. The Trio had not intended to cause any damage. They had been surprised that the dragon had agreed to fly them out. Harry had turned down the large sum of money the Goblins had to offer under Treaty. A new dragon had been procured, along with experts who would train Goblins to look after it. The dragon was being leased that would mean it would be well cared for. That was important to Harry.

Harry had found the trunks belonging to his parents. They were both in the attic at 4 Privet Drive. He finally found out what his parents had done to provide for him after they were gone. It wasn't their wills, they only got read after Harry's 20th birthday. It had apparently been Remus' job to tell Harry where the trunks were on his 7th birthday. Remus had never done that. The Wills specified that Sirius Orion Black was not their secret keeper. There was a House Elf who would have been there for 7-year-old Harry named Tiffy. She was dead by the time Harry had turned 11. Another death to lay at the feet of Albus Dumbledore. No doubt another necessary sacrifice For the Greater Good.

Harry was also becoming increasingly concerned about Ron's antics on patrol. Harry knew he had Dumbledore's De-illuminator and was keeping tabs on Hermione. Not only was that intrusive personally, but also broke Departmental rules. Hermione was working in the Goblin Liaison Office and her conversation, from what she could tell Harry often included confidential information. She kept her face straight. When Harry told her, in writing what Ron had and what he was doing with it. Ron was also setting Harry up in dangerous situations. Harry extricated himself each time, but knowing he had no back up, well that was like Hogwarts had been. He was used to it. He was also used to Ron doing it.

Ron Weasley was a coward. He had never done anything brave. Harry should never have dragged him off to help Hermione, when he'd been the one to cause her to spend the day in an abandoned lavatory complex. That he'd been able to cast a spell he hadn't been able to pronounce that very morning, had surprised Harry then and still did now. Harry knew from experience how good Ron was at Wizarding chess, yet had made sure he didn't follow Hermione and Harry beyond the chess game. Second year and Ron had managed to stay on the 'safe' side of the cave in. Third year and Ron was in hospital, allegedly slashed by a werewolf (Remus), yet showed no sign of any werewolf features unlike Bill after he'd got slashed by Greyback.

Fourth year and Ron hadn't been there for Harry. He'd denounced Harry as a cheater. He'd never properly apologized either. Fifth year, Ron had gone to the Department of Mysteries and the first thing he'd done was to summon a brain to him and been nothing but useless baggage. Sixth year and Ron had stayed out of the picture, allowing Harry and Hermione to fall out over a book. Harry had not worked out if that had been caused by Snape or Ron. Seventh year and the Horcrux Hunt; Ron had abandoned Harry and Hermione, coming back only after they'd danced together. They'd all been captured soon after by the snatchers. Again, Harry could not work out if that were Snape or Ron's doing. Ron hadn't wanted Malfoy rescued. Harry would not have lived had Malfoy died. In fact, Ron Weasley hadn't drawn his wand the entire year and yet had been allowed into the Auror corps. Harry had complained to Croaker, one even, during a drinking session. He'd explained about the de-illuminator and what Ron was using it for. It had been removed from Ron and destroyed.

Harry's 21st birthday was a normal workday for Harry. Robards had him doing paperwork on his recently solved cases. He finished at 4pm on 31st July 2001. He was in Gringotts five minutes later and in his Potter family vault. His encounter with great uncle Charlus' portrait did not go quite as planned.

"You look like James, but yer not, are ye?" Lord Charlus had said.

"No, I'm his son Harry."

"Do you have my time turner?"


"Why not, it's yours. A Potter heirloom. The Potters are masters of time, but you'll know all that!"

"I am afraid I don't." Lord Charlus looked horrified by Harry's revelation.

"Normal ministry time turned have maximum travel time allowed of 5 hours. All the time turners belong to us, Ministry pays us a fee each year. Mine had no limit."

"I think the one Hermione used in our third year had no limit. McGonagall said the Ministry had provided it. She used to take us back from 5 to midnight to five to noon. Dumbledore told her how to use it. She still had it. Dumbledore left it to her."

"Not that fake poseur's to bequeath to anyone. Make sure you get it back. You've got the Cloak?"

"Dumbledore returned it to me Christmas of my first year at Hogwarts."

"Dumbledore," the portrait spat out the name like it was something yucky he'd just stepped in. "Family heirlooms are never loaned out. It's a blood feud, if anyone not of the family gets hold of one."

"I never knew. There's a lot I still have to find out," Harry admitted.

"The Head of House ring is over on that pedestal. I'm going to train you in the ways of House Potter. I'll teach you how to be a battle mage. I'll teach you all about House Potter and the ways of the Wizards. Taught your father, until he went into hiding with your mother. I wasn't a portrait then. I tried to tell them that Dumbledore was a good for nothing piece of excrement. They would listen to a word spoken against him. He had them fooled. You've full access to all Potters accounts and family holdings. I'll tell you how to deal with your goblin account managers."

"I'm not sure I trust the goblins." Harry was temporizing.

"Nobody in their right minds trusts the goblins." Charlus' portrait laughed. "Oh, by the way, did I tell you that we're honest to Merlin time-travellers."

"No, you kind of left that bit out." Now, Harry laughed. He'd be getting the time turner off Hermione, when he next saw her. He didn't begrudge putting her under House Potter-Black protection. She was now a Pureblood, by association. Harry left for a tour of Potter Manor.

The most senior of those he had tracked down in the past three years were Fudge and his wife and Dolores Umbridge. They'd murdered Aberforth Dumbledore. He'd put up quite the fight. Harry had put his name down as 'assist' on the kills. Killing Dolores Umbridge had been satisfying to Harry. He still had the scars on his right hand telling him to tell no lies.

Harry found the Potter Family Grimoire at Potter Manor, library. The Potter House-elves were as pleased to see him as the ones he'd reacquired on his 18th birthday with the Fleamont inheritance and the Potion businesses. No wonder Snape never washed his hair; all the Sleakeasy products were Potter products.

There was a spell in there that allowed the caster to witness historical events. Harry could not interfere. He couldn't stop himself being left on the Dursley's doorstep. He could see that Dumbledore, Hagrid and McGonagall were present. He could witness Snape murdering his Great Uncle and Aunt and all his grandparents. He could watch Dumbledore giving Snape orders to kill them. Likewise he knew Snape had murdered four Blacks and a Malfoy on Dumbledore's orders. Arcturus Black was getting too close to getting his grandson out of Azkaban and it was very nearly time for Harry to re-emerge into Wizarding society. Snape would pay for his crimes. Harry would ensure his role and Dumbledore's would become exposed.

Harry watched as Riddle murdered his mother. He stayed not sure why. Then he saw Dumbledore apparate in and give Pettigrew instructions about how to frame Sirius and where to hide out. Harry witnessed Dumbledore confound Sirius into going after Pettigrew rather than take Harry away to safety. Harry's blood was boiling. He had a mind to go to Hogwarts and take it out on the portraits belonging to Dumbledore and Snape. But first, Harry had to know whether Hermione and Ron were true friends.

Harry watched as Dumbledore mentored Hermione and then had her confound Harry to not read Hogwarts:A History or A History of Magic unless his homework required it. She'd used his Invisibility Cloak. Then she'd turned on them, being Dumbledore and Ron. She'd heard Dumbledore promising Ron that he'd have Hermione as his reward and Ginny would get Harry. Harry was now in a blazing rage. Was there a marriage contract that was about to be sprung on him? Harry was still in a state of disbelief three years on that Molly Weasley whom he had thought was only just slightly more than a squib had one shot Bellatrix Lestrange.

Portrait Dumbledore would be expecting Harry to come and damage his and Snape's portraits. He'd tell harry that harry was just being emotional and that on reflection he would see that it was for the Greater Good. Harry stormed up to Hogwarts and, much to the shock of Minerva McGonagall, had destroyed the portraits of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape. He had whirled around and stormed back out.

That evening he had talked with Hermione. She had handed the time turner back to him. Harry had told her that he had already forgiven her for the confounding before offering her Protection. Harry had taken her to Potter Manor for dinner and a chat. The chat wasn't what Hermione had expected. She'd always feared that Harry would cut her loose, if he had ever found out about her actions against him. He hadn't even been concerned by it. Hermione did talk Harry out of using the time turner to go back to change everything. She'd pointed out that the Department of Mysteries would be alerted to the presence of a time traveller and start searching for him. Harry agreed that adding another enemy to his already long enough list would not be sensible.

Hermione applauded that Harry was going to be using veritaserum on Ron and Molly. She was even more pleased that Harry wanted to make them fully fledged Auror interrogations.

Harry had found that his main family account had been drained somewhat of funds. He'd been pleased that his vault and the old Fleamont vault hadn't been drained. The number of vault keys he had was slightly confusing. Harry had discovered that his parents had paid for the goblins to hold his vault key to his school funds until he came in for them. They hadn't. Harry had lucked into Mundungus Fletcher. Lucked in in the sense that Dung was trying to steal from him. That had been just before he turned 18. Dung had proved invaluable. First, he'd known where Dumbledore had hidden away money and other valuables in the London Underground. Harry had taken some 10 million in galleons and moved them to his Fleamont vault on his 18th birthday.

Harry had had his revenge on the Dursleys. That first summer after his exams, in his free time, which wasn't much he discovered that he owned the properties in which the Dursleys and Snape lived. For some unknown reason, Snape left everything to Harry. That included Snape's family title. Snape may not have intended that, but the Prince line had ended in the battles against Death Eaters not killed at the battle of Hogwarts that had followed said battle in the Autumn of 1998. Harry purchased a couple of items for Dung, the Hand of Glory and the noose. Ah, yes, the revenge. Harry imperiused marge Dursley to kill all her dogs. Needless to say, her attack on the dogs cost her all of her social circle. Harry sold the property and wrote the rent owed off. Vernon wasn't so lucky. He had to repay all £60,000 they had received to care for Harry. Vernon had to pay all the back rent and move out. He and Petunia vowed they'd never speak to Harry ever again, which suited Harry just fine.

Harry was quite pleased that the Goblins owed him for allowing money out of a locked account and that they had allowed his vault key to be kept by Dumbledore. The later was even more serious as Dumbledore had been banned from ever holding a vault key. Harry had a new account manager soon after.

Harry had made Mr Borgin the sole proprietor of Borgin and Burke's on account of Lord Burke dying in a duel with Harry.

Harry had fired Cuffe and appointed Rita Skeeter, now a registered animagus, editor. Hermione had given him what for, when she had handed Lord Charlus' time turner back to Harry. Harry had spent August 1998 at Nurmengard, pottering about, browsing through the vast collection. Spending August in Nurmengard became a family tradition for Harry.

Harry had taken some light reading about being a Timelord – that was Harry's term for what the Potters were – to Nurmengard, for August 2001. Hermione had met him at his restored house in Godric's Hollow before he'd left and told Harry that she investigated Ron's exam results in Fourth Year. She had been worried that he'd failed them without her help. In awed breath, Hermione had told Harry that Ron was as smart as the rest of his family and just as good at magic. Harry knew what Ron must have felt about dumbing down, as he'd done the same. Ron had been promised Hermione. That had set Hermione off on a rant that had lasted the rest of the evening.

Harry didn't know what he was going to do about Hermione. They both had feelings for each other, but hadn't done anything about them for fear of upsetting Ron and the other Weasleys. Fred's death had left a long shadow, as well.

Whilst Harry was reading up on the benefits and pitfalls of messing about in time, Rita Skeeter attacked Minerva McGonagall. Did her readers want a Dumbledore toadie running Hogwarts? They decided they did not.

Harry had got back to sign some papers. One had been from the Society of Sorcerers. He hadn't read it properly. Minerva McGonagall became a holder of one of the Order of Merlin seats in the Wizengamot. Harry had not realised that the SoS was another name for the Order of Merlin. Harry purchased Lupin's farm at triple what the owner had paid for it. He hadn't spent nearly enough time with his godson, Teddy, so in a way of assuaging his guilt had bought him the farm Remus' parents had owned. Harry had not brought Teddy into House Black. Andromeda took him to task about it. Harry had always come back with the 'what if he does become a werewolf somewhere down the line?' excuse.

There had been some changes, whilst Harry had been away. Professor Sprout had taken over as Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Neville Longbottom had left the Aurors to become Professor of Herbology. Hannah Abbott had also left to become Transfiguration Professor. Horace Slugthorn had surprised everyone by getting married, to a woman, and becoming a father. He'd retired and Draco Malfoy had become Professor of Potions. He was now the youngest to ever get a Mastery.

Headmistress Sprout hired a new mediwitch fresh out of qualifying. Tracey Davis took up the post. Harry was not surprised to find out that Daphne Greengrass had become the new Professor of Charms, following Flitwick's retirement. He was returning to the Duelling Circuit.

Cuthbert Binns, the Professor who held the title of most boring professor in Hogwarts' history, turned out to not have tenure and was exorcised. Another ghost who did, Myrttle Warren became the Professor of a History of Magic. Ancient Runes, Astronomy and Arithmancy retained their existing Professors who were now able to teach the full ICW approved curriculum.

Sybil Trelawney was sent back to her family. Ron's old flame, Lavender Brown became the new Divination Professor. She combined the role with her weekly column in Witch Weekly. Justin Finch-Fletchley became the Professor of Muggle Studies. He'd found the jobs he had wanted in the muggle world really did need the Eton connection. Sprout dispensed with the jobs of Caretaker and Keeper of the Keys and Grounds. There were more than enough House-Elves to do both jobs. Luna Lovegood agreed to become the temporary Professor of Care of Magical Creatures. Sprout was pleased to have her. Jason Robards, who'd retired, became Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. There two new electives; Wandmaking that Garrick Ollivander taught and Alchemy that a Nic Flannel taught. Wizarding Etiquette was taught by Narcissa Malfoy. She was also Deputy Headmistress and as such never had to live with 'dear old' Lucius ever again.

Ron Weasley had resigned from the Aurors and gone off to help his brother George run their Joke Shop.

Harry was promoted to Head Auror. Harry snorted, on reading his promotion letter. He was there to attract recruits to the Auror ranks. He was convinced of this. Arthur Weasley had been promoted to Senior Undersecretary. Harry now had to look after trainee Aurors, Aurors, Senior Aurors, the Muggle Artefact Misuse section, the floo connection service, Wizarding Child Services and the Obliviators. He then found that he was also responsible for the Reasonable Use of Magic Decree enforcement including Track and Trace, the Statute of Secrecy enforcement and Births, Marriages, Wills and Death. Harry was sure Death was laughing at the last one. No wonder Robards had resigned, Harry had thought. He received a Howler after he missed his first Wizengamot Court Services meeting. Harry also had to liaise with Muggle Law Enforcement. Harry wasn't too sure what that left for the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to do. Harry was less than enthused to find out that John Dawlish was that head.

Harry was in way over his head. He needed a Secretary who knew about everything. Robards had left him a note advising him to hire 'the Battle Axe'. So Harry did. She had expected Harry to let her do all the work, whilst he collected the pay. Harry knuckled down to learn everything he needed to know.

Harry was complaining, Halloween 2001, to Minister Shacklebolt that there were too few people who could wield magic. Shacklebolt had told Harry that he might as well wish for the Second Wizarding War to have never taken place.

Harry thought about what Minister Shacklebolt had told him. He spoke to Croaker about policies on time travellers. The Department was notified immediately a time traveller arrived. There was a sort of a Trace on them. The Department operated a 'kill first, worry about it later' policy. Anyone who stayed more than 2 minutes was automatically flagged. Anything over a single piece of parchment was also flagged. Croaker said that they were trying to tighten those parameters still further.

As much as Harry wanted to go back and save his family, he could not. He had two big problems back there in Dumbledore and Voldemort. Going back would risk everything with no guarantee of success. Physically going back was out of the question. Eloise Mintumble had spent 4 days in Paris in 1400 and 15 people had not been born by 1899. That had risen to 25 by 1979. That argued that changes happened in the timeline. The other theories that said as soon as you went back in time a new different timeline/dimension was created. The other disproved theory was that the past was unchangeable. On second thoughts it could be a different timeline/dimension. Harry had no way to know. He did know he could go back and watch events. Could he influence people back in time to do different things? One thing harry was convinced of that was if serious changes were made, he and his current future would all disappear and he'd not be able to influence past events.

Harry had found the trunks belonging to his parents in the attic at 4 Privet Drive. The long thought lost wands were there to. Harry had also inspected the ward scheme Dumbledore had erected. They were blood wards. They were designed to drain magic away from Harry, ostensibly to power the wardstone, but they had drawn too much power to just do that. The blood had been Harry's original blood. Harry's blood had changed after the battle with the basilisk to include basilisk venom and phoenix tears. The wards hadn't worked since that time. It had been pointless sending Harry back to Durzkaban. That's when guards from Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix had started showing up for Harry's 'protection'. Of course, they had not been deployed, when Harry had accidentally inflated Marge Dursley. Obviously, Dumbledore had stationed all the Weasleys at the Leaky Cauldron and tipped off Minister Fudge. Yes, Harry thought, that made sense.

When should Harry go back and influence things in a minor way, yet improve his life? Everything had changed after his beating close to death just before his 7th birthday. After that beating, he became accepting and seldom took the initiative. Alternatives included letting Ron befriend him on the train to Hogwarts, aged 11 or if he'd waited for Padfoot to show up before getting the Knight Bus and changing the destination. Harry thought that making changes to himself was least likely to cause the future he was in to vanish into nothingness. Harry knew that was what was going to happen, eventually.

Harry was very tempted to rush things and go back as soon as he could. Perhaps when he'd reached this point before, he had rushed things. He could wait until Christmas/Yule before deciding. Harry did need more information. He appointed Susan Bones as his assistant. He'd never really got to know her at Hogwarts. He had apologized for that. He got her talking about her Aunt. She'd been able to get her away, when Voldemort had attacked. Harry got the date and time of her Aunt's death. August 5th 1996 8:05. Susan had confirmed that Yaxley had visited her Aunt shortly before.

The other death dates Harry was interested in were those of Pandora Lovegood (February 7th 1991) and Arcturus Black and 4 others (March 24th 1991) – they'd died very publicly in the middle of Diagon Alley. Of Dragon Pox, no less and the only fatalities of the supposedly virulent and deadly disease. Harry Potter already knew that Snape had murdered them and supposed that had been on the orders of Dumbledore. It was of course possible that Voldie had also given Snape orders to kill them and thus knew of his loyalty to him.

Harry read in the books on time that it was possible to send one's soul back exactly 20 years or rather any day in the month from a point 20 years ahead back to any day in any month of the year 20 years earlier. Harry could send his soul back to take possession of his younger self at any time in 1981. Dumbledore could have chosen to do it in 1997, when he'd been killed, and sent his soul back to possess the Dumbledore in 1977. The fact he always seemed to know exactly what was happening was because he'd already lived that time. That would mean he had gotten the spell from a Potter. He'd also bound young Harry's magic, presumably to stop an older Harry possessed baby Harry from realising that he'd got the soul of a much older Harry who also knew how things turned out.

Harry thought that he could really have died and been possessed in 1987 after the beating from Vernon. Dumbledore had to have placed a binding around Harry's magic at that time on general principles. Harry Potter would have to wait until 2007 before using the soul magic.

Harry had always been puzzled as to why Luna Lovegood's hair was the same colour as Draco Malfoy's. He discovered that Pandora Lovegood was actually Lucius' sister. Abraxas, her father, had persuaded her to change her name, once he discovered how much Lucius wanted to inherit the Malfoy fortune. Harry assumed that Abraxas has then obliviated Lucius of the memory that he had a sister. Harry discovered from Luna the time her mother had been fatally injured – 9:50 AM.

Harry decided that he would do three things. He would attempt to 'persuade' Hagrid to give the vault key to Harry on his seventh birthday. He would attempt to have Somerset House provide, for a fee, of course, Harry's genealogy and provide young Harry with a letter for Amelia Bones and 2 minutes worth of instruction. There would be no possession of young Harry. It would be his choice as to how to deal with the fury within, whether to release it or harness it.