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Harry Potter attended Boxing Day with Hermione and he parents. Harry explained that they met over common interests. He did not explain that those common interests involved making a fiendishly difficult potion. Harry was able to tell Hermione that the potions worked and the girls were no longer subject to the curse.

Harry Potter was in pensive mood on his return to 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. He was struck by an unsettling thought. What if Dumbledore had regained his positions and confounded those who wrote about them to say that he nearly lost them? That would mean that older Harry was still around somewhere.

Indeed, older Harry was somewhere else. He'd been trapped by Croaker.

"Saul, release me. The future has changed, Dumbledore has lost all his jobs!" older Harry pleaded.

"Were that still the case, Harry," Croaker said. "Dumbledore persuaded the British magical selected to replace him that the job had so much paperwork that he'd never see his family. He had the job turned over to him, in an instant. He then spent 3 million galleons bribing the ICW members who had been least against him to change their vote. It's a procedure allowed by the ICW to guard against use of the Mind Arts to force ICW policy. Dumbledore is once again Supreme Mugwump.

Dumbledore has also persuaded the Board of Governors to reinstate him as Headmaster. McGonagall just rolled over for him. She's no longer the witch who won an Order of Merlin, First Class or was so effective for us as an Unspeakable for a decade. We sent her to be our watchman over Dumbledore. He turned her.

My sources tell me that he's meeting with Fudge to get reinstated as Chief Warlock, at January's meeting of the Wizengamot. He also wants Fudge to turn you, the younger you, over to him."

"We must tell young Harry. He has to know that he's walking into a trap at the Wizengamot meeting.," older Harry exclaimed.

"We cannot act," Croaker said. "Young Harry is a resourceful young boy."

"He's only 7 and does not have Dumbledore's over a century of manipulating people."

"The odds are stacked against him, aren't they? Meanwhile you must tell me about the future. I wonder how our killing 15 Death Eaters will affect it. We have another 13 to go off your list, that did not include Pettigrew or Snape. Why did it not include Karkaroff?"

"He'd already killed Karkaroff. There are a couple I missed off the list quite deliberately. I'll tell you who they are, if you tell Harry what is going on. That's after you tell him, of course," older Harry said. He was wise to the game wizards played. He had three years in which he'd learned to play and play really well.

Young Harry was thinking along the same lines as older Harry. Dumbledore was this master manipulator. If he did not get his jobs back quickly, he would not deserve that moniker. Why had older Harry been sorted into Gryffindor? True he'd been put off Slytherin by meeting Malfoy. His anti-Slytherin stance was not really affected by Ron and Hagrid trash talking them. Harry had agreed, as he'd said, with Malfoy's assessment of Hufflepuff. That Harry had had no friends, either. Ron was the reason. Harry wanted to be with his new best friend. Older Harry had gone to Hogwarts determined to prove himself academically - Ravenclaw material, yet he'd ended joining the house of the brave or as older Harry had so eloquently expressed, the house that jumped into situations with both feet, recklessly.

What could Harry do now his advisors had gone? He portkeyed to Godric's Hollow, now all nicely fixed up. Harry's family could have hidden from Voldemort had they had the Potter heirloom Invisibility Cloak. Voldie would never have found them. Dumbledore had clearly removed it before then. What else had Dumbledore taken? He'd left the House after Hagrid had come down stairs to refuse to give him to Sirius. Older Harry told him that Sirius had a conversation with the half-giant on the stairs. Stairs older Harry had since seen were missing, along with a third of the house. Had Dumbledore failed to find something or just done it out of spite? He'd turned the place over to the Ministry as a National Monument. Voldie was too far away and weak to get back to the property. Dumbledore had no need to go back there. Dumbles must have persuaded Pettigrew to go elsewhere and Snape would have shunned the place Lily had been murdered in. Snape now loathed Voldie for not sparing her; Albus could have told him that Voldy had asked her, three times, to get out of the way. Young Harry Potter thought that was what had gone down all those years ago. Snape and Dumbles had removed the bodies and seen to their burial. There just wasn't anyone else who could have.

Harry dug out the amended spells his mother had made. These versions of Unplottable, Untrackable and Untraceable included blocks on magical animals like post owls, house-elves and any phoenix from entering. Harry cast the three spells. He felt very light headed after doing so. He sat in a chair, a nice comfy chair. He summoned Dobby before he fell asleep and told him that the Blacks and Abraxas had to destroy the horcruxes that Voldie had made, aside from the last one. The snake-woman Nagini. A different person must destroy each one. Harry would deal with one, on the morrow. Abraxas could destroy the Diary of Voldie's Hogwarts personage. Harry told them how to find the Diadem in the Come and Go Room in Hogwarts. He told Dobby to tell them that the locket was in Grimmauld Place. The Cup in the Lestrange Vault at Gringotts. He told Dobby to tell them about Voldie's origin: the son of a muggle and near squib Gaunt.

Dobby told Abraxas Malfoy who destroyed the Diary and every dark object the Malfoys possessed. He did it to spite his son. Lucius said he'd use the items against Muggles. In fact, for a man who professed to be anti-muggle, he spent far too much time torturing and raping young muggle women. Abraxas thought you proved your superiority by having as little as possible to do with muggles. Narcissa was a wonderful piece of flesh. Abraxas thought about killing Lucius and marrying his widow. His own wife had passed on many years previously.

Walburga refused to believe this 'fantastical' tale until she'd seen for herself. She returned, spitting blood. She'd seen the marriage license for the Riddle and the squib and the record of the birth preserved despite the fire. The Locket and Diadem were quickly disposed of. Arcturus restored Andromeda to go get the Hufflepuff Cup. As Bellatrix' twin, Andromeda was the obvious choice. She disguised herself to look like Bella probably looked after getting out of Azkaban. Bellatrix' appearance at Gringotts sparked rumours. The Azkaban Warden said Bellatrix was in Azkaban. He said that if both Sirius and Bellatrix had both returned to Azkaban after escaping, the Black family was indeed mad.

The Blacks and a Malfoy watched Harry fiendfyre the snake pit protecting the ring. They were aghast that he put it on. They recognized the Peverell Lord ring. They were relieved that Harry was fine, when he put the ring on. So was Harry. He had heard what the ring had done to Dumbledore from older Harry. Harry felt that just, considering what the old bugger had done to him, leaving him with the Dursleys.

"Where's Voldemort?" demanded Walburga Black, snapping Harry out of his reverie.

"Somewhere in Albania, with his snake-woman horcrux Nagini," Harry responded.

"Are you sure she's a horcrux? Could he be waiting until he's a body again before making her one?" Walburga followed up.

"He'd need to use some of his soul to do that and his soul, what was left of it, has been in me since that Halloween in 1981." Harry looked at them and then showed them his scar.

"His soul is under here," he said.

Abraxas Malfoy grew thoughtful. "I think I have a way to find him and that snake of his. My Death Eater son and a locator spell. I'm sure he'd want to see his oh so powerful master, again."

"We'll reconvene tomorrow at this time at 12 Grimmauld Place," Lord Black said. "I want to check the Black library for getting rid of unwanted souls. It sounds right up some of my very dark ancestors' path."

"I think Dumbledore is trying to get his jobs back," Harry said, tentatively.

"I'll grill Fudge at our New Year's Eve Ball at Malfoy Manor. It's a pity you can't attend, Lord Potter-Peverell; you could meet Draco."

Harry shuddered. That did not go unnoticed by Abraxas Malfoy. Perhaps, Abraxas thought, he should pay more attention as to how Draco was being raised.

Harry caught the Night Bus back to 4 Privet Drive. He found Amelia Bones waiting. He invited her inside and cooked her an evening meal. Amelia seemed uncomfortable.

"You've been seen in the company of the Blacks and Malfoys," Amelia said. Damn, Harry thought, he had completely forgotten about his tail from the Order of the Phoenix. That would get back to Dumbledore. Harry now fervently hoped that Dumbledore was so busy getting his jobs back that he would not pay attention to that report. Harry decided to play dumb.

"They never told me their names. They seemed quite pleasant," Harry explained. Amelia Bones spluttered.

"They were amongst You-Know-Who's most fervent supporters."

"Why do you call him You-Know-Who?" Harry asked.

"He put a taboo on his name. Anyone saying it would find Death Eaters appearing in front of them," Amelia answered.

"Do you talk to Susan about her parents," Harry asked.

"No, it's too painful. She doesn't want to know, either," Amelia said.

"I want to l know about my parents. That's despite the pain and sadness over losing them. I think Susan would be the same."

"About why I came. This meal was excellent, thanks. Dumbledore is getting his jobs back. He's already restored to Hogwarts and the ICW. He's looking to get his hands on you. You should be wary next Wizengamot meeting. Fudge has been talking about setting a minimum age at which a seat holder can take up his or her seat."

"I'm going to be ambushed by an incompetent Minister and a manipulative old man who has an unhealthy interest in me." Harry grew worried. His older self had given him no guidance on how to deal with any of this. "Can you tell me how to deal with this?" Harry pleaded.

"I am sorry Lord Potter, my hands are tied," Amelia looked very apologetic. Croaker had been very clear. She could warn Harry what he was about to face, but could tell him nothing about how to deal with the situation. Amelia departed leaving a dejected Harry Potter, behind.

Abraxas Malfoy used the Dark Mark on his son's left arm to locate Voldemort. Lucius protested, of course, but did not know why his father was using him. Lord Black found what he was looking for in the Black Family Library. He hoped Harry Potter was up for it. The technique promised to be very painful.

The six Blacks and one Malfoy were extremely surprised to see Harry apparate in the living room of 12 Grimmauld Place.

"The accidental teleportation thing worked. I was being tailed. I've also been told that there's going to be an age limit at which seat holders can take their seats and Dumbledore is going to control me as award of the state. I've got to break that." Harry looked very down.

"Let's deal with You-Know-Who," Lord Black said. "We can discuss your situation over dinner. I'll brief you with what you have to do, when we get to where we're going. I don't want you backing out." They all laughed. Harry did not like the sound of that.

The party of eight arrived near the clearing where Lord Voldemort and his snake Nagini had their lairs. Harry was instructed to force out the soul remnant. This Harry did. It was painful, yes, but he had endured worst from the Dursleys. Then Lord Black cast fiendfyre destroying Nagini and Voldemort.

Back at Grimmauld Place, Lord Black told Harry that he would ensure his faction backed Harry against Dumbledore. Harry was not too sure what that would mean when all the Dark Lords backed him. Dumbledore would claim he was going Dark. He managed to get himself back to 4 Privet Drive. Not for the first time, Harry looked at the portkey that would take him to Nurmengard and bring him back. He had Gellert Grindelwald to kill and spells to cast to take it away from Dumbledore. Well, that was something for New Year's Eve.

Harry had a good night's sleep. He supposed planning on killing someone was good for something. Really, he missed Miffy and older Harry and their company and advice. Harry took his mother's wand with him. He was going to use reducto: it seemed the cleanest spell to use. He picked up his pages of spells. The ones excluding magical creatures from having free access.

The following morning. Harry put on his Sunday best, gathered his wand, magical spell pages and his courage and activated the portkey. He felt a little bit nauseous arriving at the castle. He began the spell casting and in ten minutes he was finished. He sank back into the nearest comfy armchair. He closed his eyes. He had no idea how long he was out and came to to the sound of clapping. He looked up to see a man, stooping who was applauding him. He had a shock of unruly white hair and eyes of a different colour, one bluer and the other brown.

"Well done, and who do we have here?"

"You must be Gellert Grindelwald and I'm here to serve execution upon you."

"I suppose I must be Gellert Grindelwald. Who might you be? I always got very annoyed when Newt Scamander got sent against me, instead of Albus getting off his backside. You aren't here as another of Albus' not very funny jokes, are you?"

"Oh I am definitely not from Albus Dumbledore. I am Harry Potter and I am seven."

"Well, you don't mind, if I sit down, do you?" Gellert waited for harry to nod, before sitting down. He sighed. "I am old and tired. Potter? Any relation to Charlus Potter?"

"He was Lord Potter and my Great Uncle. So I was told, but not by Dumbledore who is supposed to be my magical guardian, according to him. I have a true magical guardian in Sirius Black who got sent to Azkaban for a crime he did not commit."

"I have listened to Albus go on at length about his plans for you. I think that before you send me to my eternal rest, I'll tell you all about Albus and his plans for you. The short version of course."

"I'd rather you can tell me how to keep my seats in the Wizengamot and not be a ward of state allocated to Albus Dumbledore."

"Yes. Albus regaled me with how you cost him all his jobs. And how he'd get them all back, except Grand Sorcerer. He hasn't done anything worthy of an Order of Merlin on British soil. He's got two jobs back. He plans to use Wizengamot procedure to get that Chief Warlock job back."

"I'd like not to be a ward of state."

"Did that get voted on?" Gellert asked.

"Did what get voted on?" Harry asked.

"Did the motion to make you a ward of state get voted on?" Gellert asked, patiently.


"Then you aren't one. If they try to hold a vote before you've seen the motion and can prepare a defence, it is not legal. That may not stop them. The Wizengamot did not have the power to name Albus your magical guardian. It goes back to the 1334 Royal Decree by Edward III establishing the Noble and Most Ancient Houses. Nobody but an allied House can be a magical guardian of a Potter. The Potters were the first Noble and Most Ancient House and were Chief Wizards from the first Wizarding Council in 1334 to the last in 1590. The Potters set up the Wizengamot. You've the right to dissolve it as well."

"That could come in handy," Harry laughed.

"In 1919, the Wizengamot passed an Act stating wizards would not fight in wars declared by the muggle monarch. That is treason. That Act was used to throw your great uncle Charlus out of the Wizengamot following the death of his son. He'd won a Victoria Cross - posthumously, as most award winners did."

"Lady Magic confirmed my position as a Wizengamot seat holder and as a Noble and Most Ancient House."

"That's useful. Albus hates it when Magic has her say. Many families have ages at which a seat can be held; the Potters are famous for having none. In some families you'd only be an heir until you turned 17, but not the Potters. You were a Lord from the moment your father died, though Albus laughed as he told me that your father never knew he was the Lord Potter. James thought the sun shone out of Albus' arse. That thought killed him and his wife.

Albus claimed he fought me all day. That was a lie. He was a school teacher. I trained to fight all day. It was your great Uncle, a battle mage, who fought me all day. We'd taken a break, exhausted, and Albus snuck in. Stole a time turner from your great uncle and brought me here.

You should look at the big book, I put out on the table over there. It includes the 1334 Royal Decree on the establishment of the Noble and Most Ancient Houses. There'll be a test on it tomorrow." Gellert laughed. It was a very thick book. Oh joy, Harry thought.

"The 1334 Royal Decree is your bulwark against becoming a Ward of State. It also states that a magical guardian of a Noble and Ancient House must come from another Noble and Ancient House. That invalidates Dumbledore's appointment. House Dumbledore is not a Noble and Most Ancient House. That he's Chief Warlock is of no matter. As you will discover, Dumbledore is not the executor of your parents' Wills. If Fudge says your parents left their property to the State, demand to know how this was done. Demand Dumbledore proves he is the executor, which he cannot do. He gloated, at the time how he made people believe he was. You will have to get the 1919 Act repealed first. Stating it is treason will get an immediate debate. Dumbledore cannot stop that. You must get the Wizengamot to change its vote on banishing you Great Uncle. The fact Lady Magic awarded you your seats is a powerful ally in this. If you have not been told about becoming a Ward of State at any time since the last Wizengamot, and you have not – so be there on the dot of two – a debate making you one cannot happen.

I am weary of life. It is time for you to kill me."

Harry used a well-placed Reducto to kill the man who had once terrorized the Wizarding World. He used Evanesco to clean up the mess. Harry was now a stone-cold killed. A murderer. The man had been sentenced to death in absentia. Grindelwald had wanted his death to count for something. Harry vowed that it would.

Harry picked up the big fat book that Grindelwald had put out for him. Had he known that Harry would come or had he just hoped for that outcome? The first thing he learnt was that House Potter was the first family with the right to create and dissolve structures for the governance of wizarding kind. Harry was not too sure what that all meant. He did grasp that his House held an enormous amount of power. The book was written in archaic English. Harry understood less than a third of what was written. He hoped he had grasped the essentials. Harry should have had the Potter family Grimoire that would have told him about his family and the rules within it. The older Harry had not mentioned it. Harry blamed Dumbledore for this. He blamed Dumbledore for a lot of things. He fell asleep reading the book. Harry awoke the following morning. New Year's Day. Harry picked out a wand holster. Lily's wand was almost as long as his arm. He was glad he had something of his mother's.

Harry portkeyed back to 4 Privet Drive and prepared for the Wizengamot meeting. He was unsurprised to find he had not been sent an Agenda. Harry had already apparated to 12 Grimmauld Place. He decided to get ready for the Wizengamot. About 1PM he apparated. He arrived to be greeted by a very surprised group of Blacks. Arcturus stilled them.

"What time do you wish to arrive at Courtroom 10, Lord Potter?" Lord Black asked, politely.

"Just before the doors are sealed," Harry answered.

"We've planned a surprise for you," Lord Black said.

"I look forward to it," Harry deadpanned. He really did not like surprises. Lord Black delayed his departure. He would accompany Lord Potter into the Chamber of the Wizengamot. The pair arrived just as the doors were being sealed. Lord Black moved to take his seat. Harry saw that his four seats were occupied.

"Get out of my seats," Harry snarled.

"Harry," Dumbledore said gently. "You were made a Ward of State at the last meeting."

"No, I was not. There was no vote. I have not been informed that there was an intent to make me one before the meeting today, so a vote cannot be held today on that matter."

"Hem, hem, am I to believe you are denying the Minister his prerogatives," Umbridge asked in a sickly sweet voice.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"As I told you last meeting, I am Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary."

"All I remembered about you were that you were a toad wearing a hideous pink cardigan. I may be new at this and not that old, but I am sure there is a dress code for attending the Wizengamot. That would be a dress code you are violating. You are ignorant and interrupted me. You only have the right to attend these meetings. You do not have the right to speak at them. Very lax, Fudge. Very lax. To answer your point, Lady Magic awarded me these seats, yet the Chief Warlock seems ignorant of the procedures of this Chamber. Is that deliberate or the result of senility." The members of the Wizengamot roared with laughter.

"Be that as it may, Harry," Dumbledore said. "You are still a Ward of State."

"Were you paying attention, Albus. I am not a Ward of State. Procedure of the Wizengamot protects my status, just as it does yours. I call on Aurors to eject the Senior Undersecretary and whilst they're at it, remove the four sitting in my seats."

Madam Bones directed the Aurors to remover the five people.

"Leave the Agendas. It slipped the Chief Warlock's mind to send me one." There was more laughter directed at Dumbledore.

"The Wizengamot made me your Magical Guardian and I decide who votes your seats until you come of age," Dumbledore clearly was not letting go, easily.

"Under the 1334 Royal Decree establishing the Noble and Most Ancient Houses, magical guardians can only come from another Noble and Most Ancient House. You are not a member of a Noble and Most Ancient House, are you Dumbledore?"

"House Potter lost its status as Noble and Most Ancient House," Dumbledore continued.

"I'm not yet familiar with the concept of rhetorical questions," Harry said. There was more laughter directed at Dumbledore.

"It takes more than a pamphlet written by a Death Eater House to remove a Noble and Most Ancient House. If you're referring to the 1919 Act and the 1946 expulsion of my Great Uncle Lord Charlus Potter, the 1919 Act is treasonous against the Crown, whose subjects we remain. I demand the Wizengamot repeal the 1919 Act and vote to overturn the expulsion of my Great Uncle."

After half an hour of frenetic debate, the Wizengamot repealed the 1919 Act and voted to overturn Lord Charlus Potter's expulsion. Harry was pleased about that. Harry moved the debate onto the Wizengamot's appointment of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore as Harry's magical guardian. Dumbledore looked to have successfully blocked debate, when Augusta Longbottom agreed with Lord Potter that a magical guardian had to come from another Noble and Most Ancient House.

Lord Selwyn made the point that other Sacred 28 Noble Houses could find themselves in the same boat as Lord Potter, with their destinies decided by Dumbledore. That seemed to strike a chord with the Sacred 28, many of whom had underage heirs who would succeed as underage should anything happen to the current Lord.

Harry did the maths. There were 28 members of the Sacred 28. He had 26 of them in his corner. At least he thought he had. Crabbe and Goyle would vote how Abraxas Malfoy told them to vote and that meant they were probably on Harry's side. Harry thought he had two votes from the 3 Order Merlin seat holders. That should give him the 30 votes he needed. The two earlier votes had needed only simple majorities, which Harry had just got, each time.

Harry tabled that debate for one on unsealing the Wills of his parents. He was confident that claiming his parents' cottage had been gifted to the nation could only have come from the Wills, meaning that they could not be sealed in the first place and that they only had Dumbledore's word that he was the Executor of the Wills. Dumbledore turned that into an attack on his integrity. Harry had seen the Wills and the Executor for both had been Augusta Longbottom. Older Harry had used magic to show the Wills. Harry won the vote 29-21. He needed 30 votes, so lost the motion. Dumbledore was now sure he'd the votes he needed to win the vote on Harry's magical guardian ship.

Harry was now back-pedalling. Harry was now in danger of sounding shrill. That was not the image he wished to convey.

Harry had to get his final pitch right. "Albus etc Dumbledore removed my magical guardian and godfather Sirius Orion Black by saying that he believed he was the Secret Keeper. Dumbledore knew that belief to be a lie as Sirius was not present on the night the Fidelius was cast. I was not the only orphan created on both sides during the War. I was the only one who ended up in the hands of Albus Dumbledore. He had himself named my magical guardian before the attack on the Longbottoms. I'd already been left on my magic hating muggle-relatives doorstep. Regent Longbottom made the mistake of believing Dumbledore's honeycoated lies. My mother was Neville's godmother, Alice was mine. The obvious intent was for Neville and I to be brought up together were anything to happen to either set of parents. Augusta Longbottom would have been more than willing to bring me up with Neville. The Wizengamot broke the 1334 Royal Decree to drop me in Albus' hands. Her family was disparaged by Albus Dumbledore. (Disparage had been his history teacher's favourite word whilst covering the Magna Carta and the many Magna Cartas issued before the one at Runnymeade and after.)

The War was over. Even the attack on the Longbottoms was not the precursor to a new wave of attacks. Those who had conducted the attack just sat around waiting to be arrested. Something very fishy about that. Bellatrix leaving somebody behind alive. That was really fishy. She'd never done that before. Why did all the Dark faction vote to enslave me to Dumbledore? That's easy to answer. Dumbledore threatened them with Severus Tobias Snape, a Death Eater, whom Dumbledore said was not. That is a lie. He could identify all those Death Eaters still at large, claiming to have acted under the Imperius charm."

"Lord Potter," Lord Black interrupted. "Perhaps the Wizengamot can show you some favour by passing a motion to state that whatever your father was, you are now?" Harry nodded his assent. Regent Longbottom seconded the motion. Harry only needed a simple majority to have that pass. He was shocked, but pleased to receive 30 votes. He smiled.

"Dumbledore presents himself as this great Leader of Light, because he has a phoenix. As any muggle child will tell you, a phoenix does not care if you're Light or Dark. It only cares for how powerful you are.

Now, I don't know what a magical guardian is supposed to do, but I have never seen Dumbledore over the last six years. How did I find out about the Wizengamot and that I had seats Dumbledore was illegally voting? I managed to avoid running into Vance and Diggle in the local supermarket. They were having a discussion about me. They were talking about how my muggle hating relatives had left me for dead and that Dumbledore had returned me to the property before muggle authorities could get involved. They talked about how they were to vote my seats in the Wizengamot. They talked about how Dumbledore wanted to keep me ignorant of wizarding matters and my heritage. I wished I was somewhere safe from beatings and ended up in the living room of the House Black family London townhouse.

The Blacks didn't seem all that friendly." There was laughter in the chamber. "As I explained my situation, they promised to help. They became the first adults who actually helped me. Lord Black said that Sirius Orion Black was his heir, much to Walburga's shock and disgust. She's gotten over that." There was more laughter.

"I am now going to reveal something. When Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, he visited me. He was in a bad way. He told me a few things. He said he was my godfather and that's information freely available in the Ministry records. He said he was my magical guardian and apologised for not being around. He bitterly regretted letting Hagrid take me from my house, even loaning him his motorcycle. You know, I remember flying in it. It was great. He told me he wasn't even arrested, just thrown into Azkaban. I told him he had to go back to Azkaban. I hoped he'd get the medical care he needed. He'd have been kissed on sight, if he tried getting that out of Azkaban. He said he was known as a Ladies man, but he drew the line at kissing a dementor." More laughter. "He told me that he'd blood adopted me. That explained why I'd shown up on the Black family tapestry. Dumbledore knows everything, so he must have known that. He knew there was no need for a new magical guardian.

Why did Dumbledore do it? To gain control over me and spurious reasons to illegally hold Potter heirloom items. It certainly was not to teach me about my place in the Wizarding World, which I must think is the reason for magical guardians. The 1334 Royal Decree states that my magical guardian must be of a Noble and Most Ancient House. Dumbledore is clearly not that. I ask the Wizengamot free me from Dumbledore's clutches." Harry sat down.

Dumbledore began to speak. Lord Black interrupted, "Keeper of the Laws, does the 1334 Royal Decree specifically state that the magical guardian of a Noble and Most Ancient House be from another Noble and Most Ancient House?"

Harry knew that it did. He'd read that book of Grindelwald's. A few minutes later, the Keeper of Laws read the relevant paragraph in which that was specifically stated.

Dumbledore began again. Regent Longbottom interrupted him.

"Dumbledore, do you intend to keep Lord Potter ignorant of his position in wizarding society and deny him knowledge of his heritage."

"Of course, Regent Longbottom, I intend to provide Harry with the information he requires."

"You have confirmed that you have taught Lord Potter nothing. Vance and Diggle seemed convinced that you never intend to do any such thing. Remember, Dumbledore, we have Vance and Diggle here."

"I have discharged my magical guardian duty to Harry."

"Stop calling Lord Potter, Harry. You have no right," Lord Black thundered. "You have not even told Lord Potter that he's a wizard. You've kept me away from my great grandson. You've kept Wizarding Child Services away from him. You have denied him medical healing. Year after year you'd tell us that Lord Potter is safe and well, when, in fact, the contrary was and is true."

"Severus Tobias Snape enjoys my total confidence and trust. Everything I have done has been for the Greater Good." Dumbledore sat down. Harry got his 30 votes and the Wizengamot rescinded Dumbledore's magical guardianship of him.

"We shall move to Agenda Item number 1," Dumbledore got out before Fudge interrupted him.

"I have reviewed the information Lord Potter provided us. Sirius Orion Black is indeed Lord Potter's godfather. He could not have been the betrayer of the Potters. The state I found him in, I have grave doubts that he could cast a spell that would have killed 12 muggles. I am ordering the release of Sirius Orion Black, with immediate effect. I am also issuing him a pardon that covers anything else he might have done. He is a free man. He's already been kind enough to exonerate me for my failures towards him. I owe my position to my arrest, which turns out not to have been an arrest of Sirius Orion Black. I, therefore, tender my resignation, with immediate effect. It will be for my successor to negotiate a sum of money for Heir Black's erroneous incarceration." Fudge left the Chamber, taking His Senior Undersecretary with him.

Whilst Fudge had been speaking, Harry looked at the Agenda. Straight into Agenda Item 1. No adoption of the minutes of the last meeting. No matters arising.

Before Dumbledore could speak again, Harry spoke. "Point of Order, Chief Warlock. I could have sworn I moved a motion to try you for line theft at the last meeting. There's no mention of that in this Agenda." Harry saw Regent Bones searching through the minutes of the previous meeting.

"Lord Potter is correct, Chief Warlock. He did submit such a motion, which Regent Longbottom seconded."

"I have disallowed such a case to be brought," Dumbledore announced.

"You have not the right," Harry announced, in a shrill voice. "We voted you out of office last meeting, by virtue of removing you from holding any seats. No proxies is still in effect, yet you've just ignored that. We sent someone other than you to the ICW, yet you took that back, so we have no agenda item on what happened at the last ICW. You've never briefed the Wizengamot what happened at the ICW in all the years you've been on it. Your motto should be: Just do whatever I the Dark Lord Dumbledore tell you to do."

"You are out of order, Harry."

"I move a motion removing you as our representative to the ICW, with immediate effect."

"Seconded," Regent Longbottom said.

"There will be no vote. It is not an agenda item." Dumbledore was no longer twinkling.

"Your agenda is invalid." Harry was now getting angry.

"All those in favour of removing Albus Perciaval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore from being our representative to the ICW with immediate effect." Regent Bones called for the vote. As head of the DMLE, she was the senior Ministry official.

This time all but those seats Dumbledore controlled voted to dismiss Dumbledore as the representative of magical Britain to the ICW. Dumbledore now looked angry.

"You slander me, Harry, by calling me a Dark Lord. All I have ever done has been for the Greater Good."

"That was Grindelwald's slogan and he was a Dark Lord. So are you. Mutton dressed as lamb."

"You go too far," Dumbledore said.

"I, Harry James Potter, Lord of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter do declare Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore guilty of Line Theft against my House. I name Rubeus Hagrid and Minerva McGonagall as also guilty of Line Theft. I do this in my capacity as the First Family of Magical Britain as well as Head of House Potter."

Dumbledore's eyes narrowed, dangerously. This was information that Harry would not know. It was, however, something Tom would have known. Dumbledore was looking at Tom Riddle in full control over Harry Potter. There was only one thing he could do. It was not what he wanted to do. The Greater Good required that he do it.

"Dumbledore removed me from my house, illegally. He took my blood, illegally. He placed me with my magic hating muggle relatives, illegally. He holds Potter heirlooms, illegally. He gave away my house, illegally. He claimed magical guardianship over me, illegally. He falsely imprisoned my true magical guardian. The penalty for line theft is death. It is time Albus for you to die." So saying, Harry fired off a reducto at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore evaded the incoming spell. He let lose a stunner at Harry. Harry had already moved out of the way. There was no way he'd win in a fair fight against the wielder of the Elder Wand. Who said he was going to fight fair. He'd seen the two dementors in the far corner of the chamber. They did not seem to know what to do. Harry was going to engage Dumbledore in battle. All he had to do was get Dumbledore to give him his full attention. Harry began casting jinxes at Dumbledore. He did not land a spell. Dumbledore had warmed up and was sending powerful stunners at him. Harry's shields held. Dumbledore was duelling. Harry would have just rushed himself, had he been Dumbledore. The man was actually in combat for his life and was treating this as a duel. Harry landed an Expelliarmus. This forced Dumbledore back, but the man retained control over his wand. Dumbledore began to send fatal spells at Harry. Harry dodged.

"I sentence you Dumbledore to death, by Dementor's Kiss. The Dementors moved quickly on Dumbledore. The man's agility was amazing, considering his age. Harry charged forward.

"Avada Kedavra," Harry shouted. Dumbledore barely had time to turn before the spell hit him. A flurry of Patroni kept the Dementors off Harry. The Dementors flew off.

"My father had the right to cast the Unforgiveables." Harry thought he saw Barty Crouch Senior laughing. Harry regained his seat and hauled himself into it. He was tired. He had one more thing to do today.

"I am most put out that the Wizengamot did not lift the sealing of my family's Wills. My namesake Henry Potter convened the first Wizengamot meeting in 1590. As his successor, I terminate the Wizengamot and Ministry with immediate effect. I charge the Regent Bones to convene a Wizarding Council of 13 wizards or witches with herself as Chief Witch, with immediate effect."

There were many faces that turned and fixed the Keeper of Law with their stares. It was almost 20 minutes later that he announced that Lord Potter did in fact have the right to dissolve the Wizengamot and Ministry.

Harry had retrieved some of the Potter heirlooms that day. He had the Nurmengard portkey with him. He whispered the word and soon found himself within the walls of Nurmengard.

"The Dark Lord Albus Dumbledore is dead," Harry shouted. He felt as if the great castle was very pleased. The last thing Harry hoped before sleep claimed him was that he done with having to deal with Dark Lords and that went for Dark Ladies, as well.

He was asleep and therefore missed the reply the castle gave him.

"Fat chance!"