Some time had passed since Mary-Louise Dumas had got her very first tattoo, a phoenix. Not unlike her lover and girlfriend, Beatrice Hamelin, whose tattoo is a dragon. Even when the tattoo ink had dried up, the hot, sharp, piercing pain still remained fresh on Mary-Louise's back. Not that it bothered her even half a bit. If anything, it made her feel hot, bothersome, and dare even say, sexy. That date of 17th April 2015 just so happened to be their shared birthdays together.

"How was it?" Beatrice asked about the tattooing process itself as the two women walked down the seemingly derelict subway corridor. She wore a simple black dress and jacket.

"I felt worst," Mary-Louise answered with a light shrug, wearing a light-brown leather jacket and vest as well as black tights and boots.

"What kind of worst?" The thirty-six-year-old Beatrice questioned curiously.

The twenty-eight-year-old Mary-Louise tutted as she took a sweet amount of time to remember. "Not feeling you touching me?" She spoke with a cheeky smile.

Even Beatrice couldn't help herself but blush at such a revealing statement, but deep down, she knew she should've known Mary-Louise would answer with something like that. Mary-Louise then leant back against a nearby wall, clearly yearning and beckoning for Beatrice without further words to speak. And in a way, Beatrice yearned for the other girl too, after all it was their birthdays, so the two may as well spend it as much as they could.

Pinning Mary-Louise head-on against that cool sterile wall, Beatrice brought together their shuddering lips together once more, warm breaths touching and filling their mouths against the cool mild air that dared to surround the two lovers. Both their beautiful tattoos danced along with the rest of their sensually aroused bodies. Beatrice cupped both hands around Mary-Louise's smooth neck like a protective wall, while Mary-Louise herself grasped onto Beatrice's buttocks. Beatrice's tongue darted forth and made love to Mary-Louise' own tongue exploring the rest of the insides of her fresh mouth.

"Do you wanna know how wet you make me feel?" Mary-Louise whispered to Beatrice in between kisses.

"God, do I...?" Beatrice whispered back rhetorically.

Beatrice's lustful right hand then moved down Mary-Louise's chest, sparing several seconds to play with the breasts rather teasingly, much to the other woman's further arousal, then carried on down the torso until it reached their grinding groins. Feeling a small yet noticeable warm wet patch right between the thighs, the two women parted their pelvises for the time-being so Beatrice could slip her hand right beneath Mary-Louise's black tights and panties.

Those loose fingers soon began massaging and tugging the slippery folds of Mary-Louise, forcing her to gasp already on pure instinct. Beatrice looked on with a cute smile, knowing this is what both of them wanted more than most else for their birthdays. Hungry for more, much more, Beatrice inserted not one or two, but three fingers right into the glistened opening, already managing to find her G-spot. Sexually charged up, Mary-Louise puffed and panted, flinching her body and bucking her hips just as slowly and gracefully as those sensational fingers, at first.

As she licked the young woman's warm neck, Beatrice's fingers soon pumped harder and faster, causing Mary-Louise's pelvis to thrust just as hard as fast as well. Before long, the rest of Beatrice soon moved down as well, kneeling down to see that precious clitoris right up close enough. She used her free left hand to pull down those tights to just above her girlfriend's knees before she released her tongue once again, this time to lick and dip in just as deeply as her still thumping fingers.

"Oh shi-" Mary-Louise grunted with deep delight from the combined tongue and fingers inside her. Seeping in cool inhaled air through her grounded teeth, she parted such teeth as heavy breaths of hot bothered exhaled breaths poured out of her.

"You gonna come for me?" Beatrice huffed.

"Yesss, yesssss..." Mary-Louise hissed with heavy emphasis on the 'S'. "I wanna come, please. I wanna come for you".

"Good," one last word Beatrice would speak before dedicated her whole mouth and hand to pleasuring her one and only girl.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Mary-Louise loosened her body and arched her chest and neck, her eyes rolled and fluttered, her legs wobbled like pillars of jelly, and her hair getting almost messy. "It's coming, baby! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna- Oh my- ah!"

Mary-Louise had finally reached the peak of her orgasmic climax, gushing all over Beatrice's face as she licked and sucked all of the liquid. She was greeted with the sweet taste of fruity nectar, but as she looked up at her positively flummoxed lover, she knew there was one last bit of happiness to end this out on. And that bit of happiness would come in two simple words.

"Marry me," Beatrice spoke up.

Upon hearing those two quick words, Mary-Louise lit up once more. "Did I hear that right?"

"You did," Beatrice confirmed with an assuring smile.

Mary-Louise certainly did, and why would she ever want to say no to such, especially such fantastic foreplay and insatiable intercourse. "Then yes. Fuck yes!" The two snogged once more.

The End...?