Author Notes:Hey you guys it's me Jerry Ruffin with a brand new Ben 10 crossover story. Here's a Ben 10 and Sword Art Online crossover. I read some Ben 10 Crossover Idea stories and see some reviews the readers requested the authors to write a Ben 10 and Sword Art Online story so I decided to do one on my own.

This one is messing two universes into one.

The story takes place after Ben 10:Omniverse Ben and everyone who appeared before Ben 10 Omniverse will have their appearances from Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

In the game Ben will still have his Omnitrix with the Ultimate and Omni-Kix, and Omni-Enhanced features.

Disclaimer:I don't own Ben 10 or Sword Art Online. Ben 10 is own by Cartoon Network and Sword Art Online is owned by Reki Kawahara.

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Chapter 1:Welcome to Aincard


It was a nice beautiful sunny day at Bellwood, everything was nice today no criminals galactic warlords or robots attacking the town and it has been quite a while.

In a house a young boy around 16 with brown hair, green eyes, wearing a black t-shirt, a green jacket with white stripes and a big number 10 on the left side and on his left writst a white, green, and black square wrist-like device with a green and black hourglass symbol on its faceplate.

This boy was Ben Tennyson,protector of Earth, savoir of the universe and wielder of the most powerful device in the universe the Omnitrix which transformed him into various alien species across the universe. He defeated countless villains and save the universe multiple times.

Ben was at home alone his parents went on vacation for two weeks since he was alone he was watching movies on Netflix while eating popcorn.

''Is there anything on Netflix right now? I'll probably watch the news instead let's see what that jerk made up this time.'' he clicked on the TV remote to news 3:00 p.m.

His parents aren't home so it's just him at the living room eating the remaining popcorn in the bowl.

''Uh-huh...yup...wait for it...there we go.'' he said the news reporter Will is once again trying to ruin his name to make everyone think he's the bad guy. ''Man that jerk is that how you say thank you to someone who saved the world and universe many times?''

He clicked the remote to turn off the TV not wanting to hear anymore fake news from Will.

It's been 3 months since the road trip across the universe with Rook, Gwen and Kevin Nothing happened in a week.

''Man, I wish it was something that I can do or someone out there that needs to be saved.'' Ben talked to himself.

Then his Omnitrix was beeping and he was getting a call from someone. He tapped the Omnitrix and answered the call. ''Hello.'' he replied.

''Ben, I need you at Plumbers HQ.'' it was his Grandpa Max Tennyson.

''Why, Grandpa?'' asked Ben.

''I've have a special assignment for you.'' answered Max.

''Okay, I'm on my way.'' responded Ben then he pulled his black and white tennis shoes and walked of his house.

He got in his car the DX Mark 10 and drove off to Plumbing Headquarters.

After a few minutes Ben stopped at an abandoned area with little houses. As the car drove into a more secluded portion of the land, a mechanism beneath the car suddenly brought it below the ground. As this happened, the DX Mark 10 was revealed to be going through an underground tunnel. After a minute, the car was stationed at a space filled with vehicles that seemed to be out of this world.

As the teen hero came of the car he saw Rook, Gwen, and Kevin standing there waiting for him.

''Hey guys.'' he greeted.

''Greetings, Ben.'' said Rook.

''Hey, Ben.'' replied Gwen.

''What's up Tennyson.'' stated Ben.

''So, what wanted Grandpa wanted with us?'' asked Ben.

''Actually this assignment is for you.'' answered Rook.

''For a special mission.'' responded Gwen.

''And the three us will take care of everything while you away.'' added Kevin.

''Okay.'' reported Ben. ''Did he said was my assignment was?'' he inquired.

''No, I think it would be best if Magister Tennyson was to elaborate more on that.'' answered Rook.

The Alien Force enter a room they saw Max Tennyson, Ben and Gwen's grandfather and the Magister of Earth.

''Hey Grandpa Max.'' greeted Ben.

''Hey, Ben glad you can make it.'' smiled Max.

''So do you have a special assignment for me?'' questioned his grandson.

''Yes, this one is about a video game.'' answered Max.

''What kind of video game?'' asked Ben.

''Have you ever heard of Sword Art Online?'' asked Max curiously.

''Of course I did.'' answered Ben. ''Sword Art Online is a virtual MMORPG game where you develop your own avatar and conquer the incredible castle of Aincard. You improve your skill, you from Guilds with your friends, fight monsters, bosses, mini bosses, and the undead. If you can survive all 100 floors?'' he explained.

''They are also in the store world live.'' began Gwen.

''A lot of people have bought copies of the game.'' added Kevin.

''And there are special helmets NerveGears which you put on and entered the virtual green world.'' finished Rook.

''That's the one.'' replied Max.

''Lucky I got a copy of the game and NerveGear back at my house. I'm ordered it yesterday from Amazon.'' said Ben as he explained how a copy of the game.

''That's good that's your assignment.'' responded Max.

''So, you would wanted me to play the game?'' asked Ben.

''Exactly.'' answered Max. ''Also I would need you to free everyone that is trapped inside the game.

''What you'd mean trapped?'' inquired Gwen, confused.

''Indeed.'' agreed Rook.

''After 10,000 of people entered the game a message was sent on TV by Akihiko Kayaba the creator of Sword Art Online the players can't log themselves of the game with the Log Out Button and no one from the outside world will be able to shut down or remove the NerveGear from their heads. In anyone attempts to do so, a transmitter inside the NerveGear will discharge a microwave signal into their skull, destroying their brain, and ending their lives ''And at least 2,000 players have met their end.'' explained the old Plumber.

The Alien Force's eyes widened in shock and surprise after they heard 2,000 innocents had died in a dead video game and met their end so shortly they were young.

''Their only way for them to free themselves from SAO they have defeated the boss on Floor 100, and they would have clear the game.'' continued Max. ''And worse if their HP when if players battle with each other get killed another one or battled monsters their will reached 0, their avatar will be deleted from the game and their brain will be destroyed in the real world ending their lives as well.'' he finished.

Then Ben and his team have his angry looks on their faces after hearing the exception of people around their ages have died too soon at a young age.

''A lot of people have died too soon in a short time.'' replied Gwen with a sad expression. ''

''Indeed imagine how their families must feel.'' agreed Rook.

''Right with you man.'' nodded Kevin. ''So what'd do now?''

No one responded until Ben spoke up. ''I'm going to entered Sword Art Online and free everyone that trapped inside the game.''

Gwen, Kevin, and Rook looked at the Omnitrix wielding shocked and surprised.

''What?!'' yelled Kevin.

''Ben?! Are you nuts?!'' cried Gwen.

''You could died in the game!'' shouted Rook.

''It's not about me dying in a video game.'' said Ben as he countered. ''It's about saving people who are sucked, I may not save the ones who died and I'm gonna be inside to free the ones who are still alive.'' ''You maybe forgot who I am? I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the Omnitrix I'm stopped the Highbreed invasion, I'm defeated Vilgax in hand to hand combat, I'm stopped the Dagon the Destroyer, defeated Malware, stopped the Incursions, save the Multiverse and defeated Maltruant and ended the Time War I'm not feared anyone or anything.'' he continued. ''I've played video games and this will be my first time in a virtual reality one. I'm gonna enter Sword Art Online to save everyone who is trapped inside of it. I've faced a lot of dangerous people all the time and I've always came at top no matter what strong they're and I'll save the people in the game.'' he finished.

Max, Gwen, Kevin, and Rook were speechless at the alien hero's amazing speech and never got up attitude after moments of silenced the four of them couldn't help but smiled.

''Well said partner.'' responded Rook.

''Nice speech, Ben.'' stated Kevin.

''You're right, we may not maybe save the players who died and one person that can save the rest of them. It's that Ben 10.'' smirked Gwen.

''I'm proud to have you as my grandson.'' grinned Max. ''Okay, your mission starts now.'' he announced.

At the vehicle stationed Max, Gwen, Kevin and Rook were wishing Ben good luck on his sole mission.

''I guess I'm be going now.'' said Ben.

''It's sure does.'' agreed Rook.

''Please be careful, Ben.'' replied Gwen worriedly.

''And don't try to get yourself kill, man.'' declared Kevin.

''Kevin!'' Gwen screamed at her boyfriend.

''Be safe there, Ben and come back in one piece.'' reported Max.

''I will, Grandpa.'' smiled Ben. ''When my parents come back from their trip let them know where I'll be at.''

''I will.'' nodded Max.

Ben turned around to his team. 'Guys I don't know how long I'll be in Sword Art Online, I need keep Bellwood until I'm get back.''

''Consider it done, Ben.'' remarked Rook.

Gwen and Kevin nodded in agreement.

Ben smiled and got in the DX Mark 10 and drive out of Plumbers HQ heading straight to his house to started his mission.

After Ben arrived back at his house he slowly walked up stairs to start the game. He got sucked in a video game before when he and Gwen got sucked into Sumo Slammers:Smackdown when they 10 on a rainy day, when Gwen was beating him at the game, Ben had transformed into Upgrade to merge with the computer, resulting Gwen's score to 0, then lightning stuck through the Rusket Bucket's satellite desk sending them both into the game. Where Ben can't transformed into aliens at last he find their tokens, they met Ben's favorite Sumo Slammers character Ishiyama and stopped Kenko from using Upgrade's token to escape into the real world, at the end they and Max defeated him and Both Ben and Gwen went back home.

Ben opened his bedroom and went into his room, there he two saw familiar figures standing in his room.

''Professor Paradox, Azmuth what are you two doing here?'' asked Ben.

''Hello, Ben, Azmuth and I are hero to wish your journey in Sword Art Online.'' answered Professor Paradox.

''Yeah, I'm gonna be in there for a while.'' said Ben.

''Before you get started, Azmuth has some gifts you get you.'' explained the Time Walker.

''Your grandfather called me and explained about the game, since you need my Omnitrix while in the game.'' Azmuth showed him a shape plug. ''This one is similar to the NerveGear you contracted to the Omnitrix and once you are inside of Sword Art Online the Omnitrix will appear along you.'' he explained.

''And the gifts?'' asked Ben.

''I have to add a few things to the Omnitrix, such an extended time on how long you transformed and how many you can transform along with new transformations.'' explained the Galvan.

''That's it?'' questioned Ben.

Azmuth nodded. ''Since you already have the evolution and Omni-Kix armor functions you all need extended time to stay alive and keep my Omnitrix safe.'' then he hopped onto Professor Paradox's shoulder.

''Well we'll be seeing you Benjamin and good luck.'' responded Professor Paradox with a smile before teleporting out of the room.

''I will.'' remarked Ben.

Then Ben opened the box the one he ordered from Amazon and picked his copy of Sword Art Online and a metal helmet with wires. He placed the Sword Art Online CC in his computer disk player and on the screen was an image of a conical steel building floating in the sky with the words Sword Art Online across the screen, letting the teen hero know the game was ready to play.

He placed the wires that Azmuth gave him into the Omnitrix. Before Ben could play the game he looked at his cell phone and looked at pictures of his family and friends one more time. ''I'll be back soon guys after save everyone in the game and be back in the real world soon.'' he thought.

Ben laid on his bed and placed the NerveGear over his head and then he closed his eyes.

''Link Start.'' he said, and the world in his eyes turned white with a lot of color coming at him, like moving down a tunnel. He saw that he was in a black and white room with a keyboard floating in the air.

''I guess this is where I entered my name, and chose my avatar appearance.'' Ben talked to himself. Then he took the time to customize his Avatar and such.

When he finished he was asked to input his name, and he suggested giving his real name rather than an in-game alias. Then the game let him know that the links to his senses were up and asked for confirmation in starting the game. He clicked the 'Yes' Button.

'Welcome to Sword Art Online' appeared before of him, then the rainbow tunnel appeared, taking him somewhere else.

Town of Beginnings

When Ben woke from the Avatar selection, he noted the place was an open area with the ground paved with some bricks, and surrounded by buildings and decorative plants, making it a sort of plaza. He looked at his hands and flexed them, feeling a sense of satisfaction.

''It's looks like I'm made it in.'' he said.

Ben's Avatar consists of a black jacket with white stripes, a number 10 in a white circle, a green t-shirt with the Omnitrix symbol on it. Green pants, a blue utility belt with a 10 logo on the belt, a black superhero cape, high-tech green sunglasses on the upper of his forehead. And finally he had his sword strapped to his back.

''I look cool in here.'' he laughed with a bright smile. ''Judging by it it looks like I'm on Floor 1.'' he realized.

Then he walked around the town he was told it was called the Town Beginnings since he was new he learned a lot of things from other players since they are big fans of him.

''Okay, first is known stats. To see my HP Bar. It is in the top-left of vision like the other players say.'' replied the teen hero. ''My name is in English. Think of the Menu to the open game menu. he waved his right hand down, making a screen appear in front of like the air was a touch screen, giving him several options to access. ''Col, huh? Must be the game's money.'' he had 100 in his possession. ''Sword Skill, much like the fighting style of the game using swords. The players said that outside is a good place for hunting Wild Boars, the weakest creatures in the game.

From what he learned if he defeated bosses and creatures, he would get experiences, find treasures he would level up.

''I should've practice my sword skills.'' insisted Ben before walking off to outside forests to find some Wild Bears to level up.

Ben walked around through a forest but it didn't take long to find the intended target.

''I'm find one.'' said Ben seeing a large one minding it's own business.

He made a simple strike at the bear. It first charged at Ben, and the Omnitrix Wielder dodged, missing as well.

Ben then pulled out his sword which the blade is green, the grip is black as well as the cross-guard, the pommel is silver and finally the rain guard was of the Omnitrix symbol.

''Cool, my sword looks amazing.'' he awed as his sword looks amazing.

Then his sword started to shine while holding it charging. It wasn't long before sounds were heard from the sword itself, as if it were vibrating then the charge was complete. And Ben charged to attacked the bear and slashed in an arc and the bear was badly damaged then died, bursting into shining bits of broken data, followed by a screen telling Ben how much Col and Experience he had earned.

''This is good!'' he exclaimed as he came up to another bear in the field and slashed it earning him more Col and Experience.

Before anything else could a bear in the size 2 towers was even the same as Humungosaur.

''This one is huge!'' yelled Ben.

Ben then looked on his wrist to see that his Omnitrix appeared in the game along with him. The teen hero looked at the giant bear and smirked.

''It's Hero Time!'' he called out his catchphrase. Ben activated his Omnitrix he was scrolling through his holo-wheel playlist of aliens he selected the icon head that he was looking for and slammed the dial he was engulfed in a flash of green light.

When the green light died down standing in his place was a humanoid dinosaur-like alien standing about 12 feet tall with hard skin that is colored brown on its outer side and beige on it inner side and green eyes. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

''Humungosaur!'' he shouted.

Humungosaur charged at bigger bear. He grabbed one of its paws and stratching it with owns claws in the face causing it to yell in pain. Humungosaur punched the bear in the chest sending it further into the field. Humungosaur started growing to the height of 65 feet with hardened plated forming on his chest and arms. With spikes growing from top of his head, to his knuckles, from his back all that to his tail.

He charged at the bear again hearing glowing loudly and seeing back on its feet. Humungosaur grabbed its left arm, he pulled it with all his might and tore the arm off. The wild animal roared in pain and pushed the Vaxasaurian away with its right arm.

''I don't have time to play around you anymore, so it's time we end this.'' stated Humungosaur, he tapped the Omnitrix symbol on his chest and four metal spikes popped out and a green light started spreading throughout his body.

When the green died down. Humungosaur was now a 20 foot Ankylosaurus, looking much more buff and muscular than his pre-evolved form. He now had camo green skin instead of brown and beige. A dark blue spiked turtle shell covered his chest, torso and back. His helmet has 3 silver spikes running down the top and 2 downward pointing black horn on his plated chest and torso are dark blue with five spikes on each end and tail has a black mace on the end with silver spikes. His ferocious and menacing appearance was amplified by his knuckles having silver barrels visible on them.

''Ultimate Humungosaur!'' he shouted.

Ultimate Humungosaur urged the bigger bear to come at him and watched the creature charged at him. Ultimate Humungosaur lifted up his arm and hand morphed into a rocket launched as missiles shot out of them towards the bear. The bear got closer to him immediately turning around his wrecking ball of tail connected with the bear's body before morphing his other hand into a rocket launcher and blowing the bear into pieces.

''Good riddance.'' he replied turning his hands back to normal. The hyper-evolved Vaxasaurian slapped the Omnitrix symbol transformed back to normal Humungosaur, then he hit again and was transformed back to Ben.

After defeating the bigger bear Ben earned a lot of Cols and Experiences and Level Up to Level 2.

''This kept get easier and easier I'm better get going and get to the 2nd Floor.'' reported Ben.

Then the alien hero walked off and looked for creatures to fight.

Somewhere else...

A pair of players consisting of a boy and girl were walking together in a forest on the 1st Floor. The boy has long but neat black hair, and black eyes. His Avatar consisted of black pants with a black belt that had a silver buckle, a black v-necked shirt that was worn underneath a black trench-coat with gray lining going down the sleeves, and black boots with silver plates to protect his shins. He had a silver plate worn on the left side of his coat, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. He wore a strap that went over his right shoulder and under it to wrap around his left side his sword is an Elucidator. This is Kazuto Krigaya also known as Kirito aka The Black Swordsman.

And the girl next to him had long orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing a red and white uniform and wielded rapier called Lambent Light. This is Asuna Yuuki a member of the Knights of Blood Guild.

They two of them came to the 1st Floor to fight some bosses and creatures to earned some more Cols and Experiences.

''Why'd we come to the 1st Floor?'' asked Kirito.

''We came to fight some wild animals and a dungeon boss.'' answered Asuna.

''Okay.'' said Kirito with a nod of understanding.

Asuna smiled as they continued to walk and talk to each other.

''I'm heard from some other players that we've have a new player.'' replied Kirito.

''Yeah, I know.'' responded Asuna.

''Whoever they are I hoped they would be nice.'' wondered the Black Swordsman.

''Me too.'' answered the Knight of Blood girl.

''Anyway, let's find the Boss and then head for more Floors.'' stated Kirito.

''Right.'' nodded Asuna.

Then the duo walked further to find a boss in the area.

Back with Ben...

Ben was walking through the area for quite a while looking for some Bosses, creatures, and monsters to defeat in order to Level Up faster and get some more Cols and Experiences.

''Okay Ben, this game has 100 floors and 100 Bosses. A near infinite number of quests and challenges to get with it.'' Ben listens to the details about SAO. ''It's the best thing to do right now is Level Up higher the first step is to battle weak threats to get more experience and money, work my way to buy better weapons and more. Okay quests start when a player to an NPC, the NPC then gives a quest along with some instructions on what to do. Some of them are easy, some are hard, some even come in chains. But they always give a reward when they are completed. Since I'm on the first floor, most of them won't be so difficult. Unless the programmer altered that too.''

Suddenly he heard some rustling, and halted the conversation.

''It's must be monsters.'' he noted.

He got on his guard and readying his sword and a small pack of wild wolves showed up, growling with apparent hunger.

''Guess these wolves are stronger than the boars.'' commented Ben with his sword ready.

He ran and managed a single thrust to eliminate one wolf. Then jumped on the back of another stabbed his sword through the wolf's back turning it into data dust. Then another one. And finally the fourth and final one.

Once the fighting was over, a screen appeared in front of Ben after he killed the wolves. telling him that he had earned more Cols and Experiences.

''Wolves are down, now time to find that dungeon.'' he said.

Then Ben walked off to find the dungeon to fight a monster to Level Up.

Ben have walked through the area for a few minutes until he finally find it the dungeon looks like a maze-like structure.

''I guess this is the dungeon. It's like a maze.'' pointed out Ben.

''It looks like we're here Asuna.'' said a male voice.

''You're right, Kirtio.'' spoke a female voice.

Ben turned around to see a duo of players around his age they were Kirito and Asuna who arrived at the dungeon as well.

''I guess they here to defeated a Boss too.'' thought Ben.

Then Kirito and Asuna arrived and noticed Ben there.

''Hey there.'' greeted Ben.

''Hi, who are you?'' asked Asuna.

''Wait, I know you. You're that alien hero Ben Tennyson.'' replied Kirito.

''Oh, that you're Ben Tennyson.'' admitted Asuna.

''Yeah, that's me.'' responded Ben.

''What's a world famous hero like you are doing in Sword Art Online?'' inquired Kirtio.

''I'm here you free you two and everyone else from the game.'' he answered. ''So what are you names?''

''I'm Kazuto Kirigaya but you called me Kirtio.'' introduced Kirtio.

''And I'm Asuna Yuuki.'' introduced Asuna.

''So you two came to defeat a monster too?'' questioned Ben.

''Yeah.'' answered Kirito.

''We came to defeat some Ruin Kobold Troopers.'' added Asuna.

''I can come with two?'' asked Ben.

''Sure why not we wouldn't mind at all. We could use an extra hand.'' smiled Kirito.

''Alright, let's go!'' cheered Asuna.

Then the trio walked into the dungeon.

1st Floor Labyrinth

Labyrinths are tower-like structures with many floors each Aincard Floor to the next.

Right now Ben and his new friends Kirito and Asuna are walking through the Labyrinth to looked for the Ruin Kobold Troopers.

''So where you are two from anyway?'' Ben asked the duo.

''Japan.'' they both answered.

''Japan is a really nice country.'' compliance Ben.

''Thanks.'' said Asuna with a smile.

''What you Level you on Ben?'' Kirtio asked the teen hero.

''I'm on Level 2 right now.'' he answered. ''I'm trying to Level Up quicker.''

''So you're a gamer?'' inquired Asuna.

Ben nodded. ''I've been a quite gamer for a long time and I love video games. And this my first time in a virtual one.''

''That's cool.'' commented the Black Swordsman.

''And the great Ben 10 has come to free us from SAO.'' added the Knight of Blood girl.

Kirtio nodded in agreement.

Before they could comment anything the trio heard monster sounds coming behind them. They saw humanoid creatures with bulky bodies, large tails and rabbit-like ears and they were also only wearing pants. These creatures are Ruin Kobold Troopers.

''I guess these are the Ruin Kobold Troopers?'' guessed Ben.

''It looks like it.'' answered Kirtio.

''They are the Ruin Kobold Troopers!'' stunned Asuna.

Then the three players ready their swords.

''They're Level 6 Monsters.'' pointed out Asuna.

''Then let's get them!'' exclaimed Ben as they the three of them charged at the monsters who have weapons as well.

Asuna changed up her Light Linear to slash a Trooper at least with three hits bursting the Trooper in data dust. Her screen menu appeared earning her more Cols and Experience. She beat another Trooper with a simple sword swing.

Kirito changed up his Elucidator and killed a Ruin Kobold Trooper with two sword swing turning it into data dust.

Ben quickly dodged the rest of the Ruin Kobold Troopers. ''That was a close one, I've had to do this quick or I'll lose some of my HP.''' he stammered. Ben looked at his Omnitrix when give him an idea. 'Okay I think it would best to go with a speed.'' he grinned.

Ben quickly activated his Omnitrix scrolling through his playlist of aliens and selected the icon head that he was looking for and slammed the dial he was engulfed in a flash of green light blinding Kirito and Asuna who shielded their eyes from the light they know what Ben was doing.

When the green light died down standing in Ben's place was an alien that resembles a semi-armored Velociraptor. He has black orbs on his feet, a black tail with five blue stripes, and bulky claws on his 3 fingers that can only open and close. He wears a black-cone helmet with a protective visor that slides over his face. When his visor is lifted, his face is blue with green eyes, black lips, and stripes running under and in between his eyes; the rest of his head's features are unknown. He wears a black bodysuit and turtleneck-like shirt with a white stripe on the center. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

''XLR8!'' he shouted in a raspy voice.

XLR8 ready his sword but suddenly the sword started to glow in the same flash of green light as his Omnitrix. When the green light died down. Ben's sword had transformed into XLR8's design.

''Whoa, that's cool!'' proclaimed XLR8.

Kirito and Asuna looked at his sword in amazed and surprised.

''Wow, his just transformed like him.'' muttered Kirito.

''I know right.'' agreed Asuna.

XLR8 smirked and looked at the Troopers. ''Alright, boys let's dance!'' he quipped.

XLR8's visor and the Kineceleran changed up his sword and he sped off towards the Troopers who charged at him. XLR8 dodged their weapons with his reflexes. XLR8 spinning his sword and a tornado which hit a Trooper spinning it around and after the tornado disappeared XLR8 finished off it with a fast sword swing burst into data dust.

And two of them remained. ''One. Two to go.'' stated XLR8.

The Troopers were behind Kirito and Asuna who attacked them back with their sword skills the Troopers hit both Kirito and Asuna making them lose some HP.

''Asuna, you okay?'' Kirito asked her.

''Yeah, I'll fine.'' she answered.

Before the Troopers could hit the duo again. XLR8 charged at them and swung his sword in speeds and charged up his sword. ''Later creeps!'' he yelled.

XLR8 swing his sword and killed the Troopers with a simple swung burst them into data dust.

''And that's wrap.'' laughed XLR8 then in a flash of green he transformed back to Ben.

Then a screen appeared in front of Ben telling him that he earned 300 Cols and more Experiences as well a item called a Healing Crystal.

''Healing Crystal that means I can heal my HP.'' smiled the teen hero. Then he turned back to a certain duo. ''You guys are okay?'' he asked them.

''Yeah, we'll be fine.'' answered Kirito.

''We just need to heal that's all. And thanks for the save, Ben.'' smiled Asuna.

''You're welcomed back.'' smiled back Ben.

Then the trio leave the Labyrinth through Teleporting Crystals by Asuna.

Outside of the Labyrinth...

When the trio made outside of the Labyrinth it was late evening in Aincard the sun was setting.

''That was great.'' said Ben.

''It sure was.'' agreed Kirito.

''Yep.'' nodded Asuna.

Then Ben's Menu appeared again telling him he Level Up to Level 3.

''It looks like I'm on Level 3 now.'' replied the superhero.

''Anyway it's getting late, we've sure find a place to stay for the night.'' responded Kirito.

''Oh yeah that's right we've should.'' agreed Asuna.

''I saw a hotel that was not far from here. We can stay there.'' inputted Ben.

''I guess we've should.'' nodded Kirito.

''And I can cook us dinner.'' added Asuna.

''That would be great!'' cheered Kirito.

''Hey, you wouldn't mind if I joined you throughout the game?'' demanded Ben.

''Sure you can joined us.'' answered Asuna.

''Since I'm a solo player I don't see why.'' smiled Kirito.

''Alright then let's go!'' screamed Ben.

''Right.'' replied Kirito and Asuna.

Then the trio went on the direction towards the hotel for the night. Ben and his new friends have now started to journey back to the real world begins now!

A/N:Well that that is for the first chapter of my brand new Ben 10 and Sword Art Online crossover story I hoped you liked it and enjoyed it.

I was planning on doing this one for months and came up with it.

I also hoped you liked Ben's Avatar and Sword which can transform like the Omnitrix. If you are one in a drawer on DeviantArt be free to draw it.

Both Ben 10 and Sword Art Online are taking place in the same universe so the timeline in SAO will not charge.

Will there be OG transformations in the story as well.

The story is placing after Sword Art Online Episode 6 and the rest of Season 1.

Anyway Ben will team up with Kirito and Lisbetth to down defeat a Frost Dragon in Episode 7.

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