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Last time Max sent Ben on a new mission to enter Sword Art Online where thousands of people were trapped inside the game. After costume his avatar and defeating some enemies Ben meets Kirito and Asuna and they together defeated Koolded Troops.

Ben transformed into XLR8 but his sword can transformed as his sword transformed and one swing Ben defeated the boss and earned rewards.

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Chapter 2:The Temperature of the Heart

Floor 48...Lindas...

Lindas is a medieval village-town themed city, with a rural and tranquil atmosphere, characterized by its abundance of canals, waterwheels and support-class shops. The spacious city has stone paved roads with large trees planted in regular spaces along it, the count covered in grass and canals threading the road.

Right now it was late evening on the 48th Floor. We went over to a Blacksmith Shop called Lizebeth's Smith Shop. Inside the work ship a girl was sharpening a sword on her waterwheel.

The girl had fluffy pink with a white hairpin, and rosey pink eyes. She has clusters of small freckles on her cheeks under each eye. Her blacksmith uniform looks more like the uniform of a waitress: a dark red top with puffed sleeves and a flared skirt of the same color, combined with a pure white apron on top of it, as well as a red ribbon atop her chest.

The pink haired girl was finished sharpening the sword. ''Good.'' she said. ''Here's you go all done.'' the sword belonged to Asuna.

Asuna got back up. ''Thanks, you're the best Lizebeth.'' she payed the pink haired now named Lizebeth.

''Sure anything.'' replied Lizebeth with a smile, her face turned glanced and annoyed. ''Hey aren't supposed be hurting with the Guild today?'' she asked, curiously.

''Yeah I have to took the day because I have a little with someone.'' answered Asuan.

''Oh..'' uttered Lizebeth she noticed Asuna's earrings with an interested face. ''I bet you have a little meeting with someone.''

''It's not like that..'' stated Asuan.

Suddenly the bell rang.

''Oh, I have to get going.'' Then Asuan towards the door.

''I bet this person is really special.'' remarked Lizebeth.

Asuna turned to her. ''Did you said something?'' she asked.

Lizebeth shook her head. ''Oh nothing, it's rude to keep your date waiting.'' teased the pink haired girl.

''It's not...Oh whatever see you later!'' Asuna leaves the shop.

After Asuna left Lizebeth look at an old picture of her friends.

''I wonder if I've ever found someone special.'' retorted Lizebeth, in relief.

She wondered if she would find someone special.

The Forest...The Next Day

Ben Tennyson woke up early in the morning looking for Wild Animals to battle. It's been a few days since he logged in SAO he have helped out many players as he could and he would help anyone because he's Ben 10 a hero who helps people anywhere he goes.

Right now our hero is looking for a pack of wolves that he heard from other players so he could level up high.

Before the teen hero could walk any farther he heard growing noises he turned around to a pack of wild wolves, growing with apparent hunger.

Ben drew his sword. ''Finally some action.'' he smirked.

The Wielder of the Omnitrix gets ready, and the wolves pounce as one. As one wolf charged at him. Ben managed to get a single thrust to eliminate the wolf. The second would have possibly ripped him in two, it wasn't for Ben changing up his sword skill, lashed out and practically bisected it.

Ben have an idea that would to finished the rest of the off.

''Since, you guys are wolves how about I will show one of my own'' he grinned. Ben activated his Omnitrix scrolling through the playlist of aliens he tapped the icon head he wanted and slammed the dial sown; his body engulfed in a flash of green light.

When the green light died down standing in Ben's place was an alien with the appearance based on a werewolf. He had grey fur, a long flowing black mane and a large bushy tail with three sharp claws on each hand and foot, and inside of his mouth was green. He has spiked elbows and shoulders and wore a white jumpsuit with black stripes. He wears the Omnitrix on his chest.

''Blitwolfer!'' he shouted in a deep howling voice.

Blitzwolfer charged at the remaining wolves as they charged at them but the Loban used his agility and reflexes to dodge them. He jumped into the air and landed behind the wolves and bisected three of them with his sharp claws.

''Man, you're guys are easy to handle.'' he laughed.

The Loban opened his mouth and fired a powerful sonic howl at the wolves as they screamed in pain and two of them turned into dust. Which leaves one more left and this one is bigger than the few ones.

The huge wolf charged at the alien werewolf and two wolves crashed up into a brawl. The opponents dodged each other's claws and attacks. Ben pulled his sword from its scabbard and in a flash of green light it transformed when the light faded away and the sword transformed into a megaphone.

''Man, I love this sword.'' smirked Blitzwolfer. He placed the megaphone towards his mouth.

The Loban open his three mouths and unleashed a very powerful sonic howl through the megaphone creating powerful sound waves at the huge wolf in seconds the wolf was destroyed.

Blitzwolfer breathed heavily. ''That was tough.'' In a flash of green light he transformed back to Ben.

Once the fighting was over, a screen appeared in front of the Omnitrix Wielder, telling him that he had earned some Col and Experience and he also earned an item.

''Man, the game keeps getting easy then I thought it would.'' he remarked.

Lizebeth's Smith Shop...

Lizbeth was Blacksmith a brand new sword by melting metal in a red glow a new sword was created. Once it was finished she grabbed it with an annoyance glared on her face.

''Hm, good enough I guess.'' she said with a frown.

The door bell rang and someone entered her shop. Lizbeth placed the sword on the table.

''I better get ready for the customers.'' replied Lizbeth she pulled an item menu and she cleared her appearances. The pink haired girl looked at the mirror with a smile. ''Perfect.''

She opened to the shop's door and went to see the costumers.

''Welcomed to Lizbeth's Black Smith Shop.'' she greeted.

The customers were Ben and Kirito who were looking at the swords in the shop. They turned around to see the pink haired Blacksmith.

''Oh, hi.'' spoke Kirito.

''Hey.'' said Ben.

''We were wondering if you do costume orders?'' asked Kirito. The duo walked up to the counter.

Lizbeth her face at Kirito. ''Hm, he doesn't look like doesn't much money.'' she thought. ''I can but the thing is metal purchases are kinda high these days.'' she explained

''Oh, we not worry about the cost, I just wanted the best sword you could make.'' reassured Kirito.

''And I wanted another sword.'' added Ben.

''I've have different swords but if you have any idea of swords you wanted I can make it.'' stated Lizbeth.

''One second.'' retorted Kirito he removed his sword from his scabbard. He showed it to her. ''So I've looking for something even something better than this.''

Lizbeth then unsheathes the sword, and shock fills her face seeing the black blade, she quickly opens the sword state. ''An Elucidiator...It's one of the best magic swords you can get from a monster drop.'' she looked at the sword.

''So what do think?'' asked Kirito.

Lizbeth then turned around and searched for a weapon in her weapon storage, then she turned to her customers showing them a long sword with green guard, the blade is thinner than the Elucidiator. ''How about this one? It's the best one that I've ever made. I called it my Master Piece.''

Kirito then took the sword, and tried a few swings. ''It's a little light...'' he muttered.

''It should be I used the Speed Type metal to forge it.'' explained Lizbeth.

''Hey Kirito, let me try?'' asked Ben, requesting.

''Okay, here, you go Ben.'' replied Kirito as he handed the teen hero the sword.

''Wait, you're Ben Tennyson?!'' questioned Lizbeth in surprise.

''Yeah that would be me.'' answered the teen hero. Ben swings the sword and he was really good with it. ''This sword is good I think I will tale it.'' he given it back to Kirito.

''I would like to test it.'' responded Kirito.

''Test how?'' asked Lizbeth, confused.

''Test it's durability.'' answered Kirito as he took his sword in his left hand while the other was Lizbeth's Master Piece. He positioned his sword in front of the counter as he raise the best sword that Lizbeth ever made.

''The heck you're doing?! she demanded. ''If you do that your sword will break! I'm not responsible.''

''If it breaks then I'll not give crap!'' stated Kirito.

Kirito's sword in his right hand glowed as he struck down on the black blade. ''Too bad!'' he proclaimed striking down on Elducator as to the three surprises especially Lizbeth was shocked to find the sword Lizbeth worked on, broke.

Leaving Lizbeth, Ben, and Kirito speechless for moments.

''Oh no, Kirto why did that?'' inquired Ben with a sweat dropped.

''Ahhhh!'' screamed Lizbeth in panicked taking the sword Kirito...You broke my Master Piece...'' Kirito look on feeling guility as the sword shattered to pieces...''Ah uttered Lizbeth falling to the floor in despair.

She then quickly stood up and gripped Kirito's shirts.

''What the hell were you thinking?!'' she asked in anger.

''I'm sorry.'' he apologized. ''I didn't think your sword was gonna break so easy.

Ben sweat dropped.'' Really?!'' he deadpanned.

''Are saying my sword...My Master Piece was weaker than you expected?!'' exclaimed Lizbeth, angrily.

''Uh, anything like that.'' muttered Kirito.

Lizbeht let go of him and placed her arms against her hip. ''For your information if I have the right materials I could make a dozen swords that would snap yours in half!'' she yelled.

''Oh yeah, that sounds like a sword was looking for.'' Kirito raised an eyebrow and smirked. ''Oh I'd really love one.'' he said with a challenging tone. ''Something that could snap this in two.''

Lizbeth face turned red in anger. ''Then you'll have to help me every step of the way!'' she shouted.

''Every step of the way?'' inquired Kirito.

''Yeah, starting with obtaining the metal.'' stated Lizbeth. '

'I can get it myself. I'd rather not have you slowing me down.'' replied Kirito.

''Don't you insult me. Believe it or not, I'm an expect mace user.'' countered Lizbeth.

''Then where do we find the metal?'' asked Kirito picking up his sword, the Elucidator and sheathing it inside its sheath.

''On Floor 55, on the Western Mountain, there's supposedly a Dragon that eats crystal. According to rumor, it builds up a rare metal in its body.'' explained the pink haired Black Smith.

'''Floor 55, huh I should probably go-Before Kirito could finish.

''And, to get the metal, you need a master smith with you.'' interrupted Lizbeth.

''She's have a point, Kirito.'' agreed Ben.

''Okay.'' spoke Kirito as he turned to Lizbeth. ''Just keep quiet, and stay out of the way.''

''Hwy!'' she cried.

''My name's Kirito.'' Kirito introduced himself.

''Okay, Kirito, and Ben let's go!'' Lizbeth told the male players.

''You're being rather curt...Well, whatever. Lizbeth.''

Floor 55:West Mountain...

''Achoo!'' Lizbeth hugging herself shivering. ''It's cold...'' she muttered.

''Don't you have any extra clothing?'' Kirito asked the shivering girl.

''I didn't know Floor 55 would be this cold!'' answered the pink haired girl.

''Don't worry I've got you cover.'' said Ben.

Ben activated the Omnitrix by its faceplate scrolling through holo-ring playlist and tapped the icon head he wanted as the faceplate slides and the core popped up he slammed the dial down; as his body engulfed in a flash of green light.

When the green light died down standing in his place was a plasma-based life form whose body is composed of a super hot inner plasma body covered by dark red volcanic rocks. As a fire-based entity, his body radiates high amounts of heat. His feet have a slight oval-like design with two toes and one back toe. While hos collarbone resembles a volcano which generates a fiery 'hair' that covers his head, leaving a mask-like face visible with no nose or ears. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

''Heatblast!'' he shouted in a deep raspy voice.

Heatblast ignited his body with high levels of heat to Lizbeth could be warmed.

''There you go..'' replied Heatblast.

''I'd better already, thanks Ben.'' Lizbeth told him.

''You're welcomed.'' smiled the Pyronite.

''What's wrong, Lizbeth? Giving up already?'' questioned Kirtio turning his head towards her.

''I'm just fine! And if you plan to be jerk anyway, just call me Liz.'' responded Lizbeth catching up to him.

''Right, right...Got i, Liz.'' retorted the Black Swordsman.

''Get over yourself!'' Liz shouted at him.

''It's beautiful!'' exclaimed Lizbeth as they reach a place filled with crystals.

''I know.'' agreed Ben who turned back to human.

Lizbeth then spotted the largest crystal in the area up-ahead, causing Lizbeth to run forward with glee, eager to explore.

But before she can towards it, Kirito pulled his coat on her.

''What are you doing?!'' asked Liz, angrily with a tick mark, turning her head towards him.

''Get your teleport crystal ready.'' replied Kirito.

''I know.'' answered Liz as she then took out her teleportation crystal.

''And I'll do this part with Ben alone. Once the Dragon appears, hide in the shadows of one of the crystals. Do not come out.'' Kirito said to her.

''What? I'm no newbie...I can help.'' stated Liz she was cit off.

''No!'' yelled Kirito quickly cutting her off, surprising her as Liz looked at him scared, as she reluctantly nodded her head.

''Alright. Let's go.'' said Ben with a smile as he and the Black Swordsman pat her head.

Liz touch the spot where Ben and Kirito had pet her with both of her hands, but was off when they head a roar of a dragon.

''Get over there and hide!'' ordered Kirito pointing to his left as Liz complied.

''X'rphan the White Wrym...This is gonna be fun.'' whispers Ben with a grin, unsheathing his Omni Sword.

The Dragon was large, large, the Dragon has blue skin with crystals on its back, its wings spread open and it roared. Both Ben and Kirito stared at it.

The Dragon then pulls its head back, as a blue light appear in its mouth.

''Its breath attack! Dodge!'' scolded Liz behind the crystal.

The Dragon unleashed its breath attack, but to Liz's surprise Kirito walked up to the front and slashed the freezing breath, covering them with it. When it was clear, she sees both Ben and Kirtio seemed fine.

''Wow...All with that thin weapon? Who is he?'' wondered Liz, mentally.

''Alright, Dragony! How about I'll get some crystals of my own!'' smirked Ben.

He quickly the Omnitrix scrolling through the playlist and tapped the icon head he wanted and slammed the dial down.

When the green light died down standing in his place was a silicon-based life form. Whose body is composed entirely of blue crystals which are a very hard and durable diamond-like substance. His lower body, torso, and the top of his head consisted of indigo crystal which has black lines and dots over it. There are six crystal shards on his back and he also sported two more on the front of his chest, his eyes are green. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

''Diamondhead!'' he shouted in a deep voice.

In a flash of green light his Omni Sword glowed and transformed into a diamond sword along with a diamond shield. The Petrosapein got into a battle position.

''Alright let's do this!'' he exclaimed.

Dimaondhead charged towards the Dragon. He slashed the Dragon's legs with his transformed sword, as the legs were a complete slice off its body and shatters, staggering the Dragon. The Dragon roared in pain, from losing both its legs. Kirito used this chance to run towards the Dragon, as he then slashed at its chest destroying its crystal skin. ''This will hurt, a lot.'' remarked Diamondhead as his sword glowed runs to the Dragon's side and slashes the Dragon's side.

After a few slashes, he landed as Kirito jumped and slashed the Dragon's stomach again. The Dragon now knowing its disadvantage quickly flew into the air.

The Dragon roars and charges at the jumping Kirito. '''Hyaaahhh!'' cried the Black Swordsman slashing the Dragon in arm, cutting it off.

''Go on and finished him off!'' called out Liz coming out of her hiding place.

''You idiot! Don't come out yet!'' screamed Kirito.

''Oh, no.'' moaned Diamondhead mentally turning towards the Dragon.

The Dragon instantly spotted her, as its eyes glowed red as it took towards her. ''What? It's over.'' inquired Liz as suddenly, the Dragon use its wings to create a wave, pushing all of the snow into a giant snow wave.

Diamondhead saw the attack, he instantly jumped in front of Lizbeth. ''A giant snow wave, huh?'' he asked himself. ''Liz, get behind me!'' he ordered as Liz briefly nodded and nodded and quickly got behind him. ''Okay, time to fight Dragon with Dragon!'' he grinned.

Diamondhead slapped the Omnitrix symbol; as his body engulfed in a flash of green light. When the green light died down standing in his place was a Dragon-like alien who is blue, black, green, brown, and white. His main color is black, he has green stripes all over his black body. His wings are white and the tips of his wings, claws, and toes are blue. The brown parts are like pieces of ropes that can be found on one shoulder, on one arm, and the legs. His eyes are green and he wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

''Darkflame!'' he shouted. ''I was going for the other one but I guess this will do.''

Darkflame took a deep breath and shot a black fire breath to melt the snow wave. As the snow wave keeps coming Darkflame keeps using his black fire breath to melt the snow away. As the snow wave, keep coming, it resulted a powerful wind that blows Lizbeth straight to giant pit.

''Ben!'' shouted Liz, Darkflame turned to her, wanting to save her but kept standing in his spot as he sees that Kirito has it under control.

''Liz!'' yelled Darkflame and Kirito as the Kirito landed on top of a crystal, as he quickly jumped towards as Lizbeth fall into a giant pit in the ground.

''Kyaaaaahhhhh!'' screamed Liz a she was thrown into the air. ''No!'' she cried out with tears in her eyes, but a hand stopped her.

''Liz, hand on!'' exclaimed Kirito hugging her and switches position where he is below her.

''Kyaaahhhh!'' screamed as she and Kirito fall into the dark hole.

''Liz, Kirito!'' proclaimed Darkflame as he spread out his wings and flew after into hole following the duo.

The blown of the hole...

Lizbeth opened her eyes, and what greeted her was Kirito's body under her. While Ben who turned back to human was next to her. Her HP bar was orange because of the fall and she could tell Kirito's HP bar was orange for the taking for fall for her. Ben's HP bar was normal because he flew down after the Omnitrix timed out.

''You're alive...'' spoke Kirito. sitting up.

''Yeah, I'm alive...'' she replied, sitting up as well.

''Drink one of these, just in chase.'' stated the Black Swordsman, taking out a red position and handing the position to her.

''Okay.'' she responded taking the position while she stared at Kirito what took out another position and drink it.

''Um, thank you guys for saving me.'' Liz took them, taking a sip of the potion. Then she, look at her potion.

''It's a little early to be thanking us. How do we got out of here?'' muttered Kirito looking up at the pit.

''We can teleport.'' suggested Ben.

Liz nodded in agreement taking a teleportation. ''Teleport:Lindas! No way...'' she said sadly as nothing happened after she wanted to teleport.

''If we can't use crystals, that means there should be another way.'' remarked Kirito standing up. ''

''We don't know that. The trap could be meant to kill anyone who falls into it.'' explained Liz.

''Plus the Omnitix is still recharging until it turned green I can't get us out of here.'' pointed out Ben.

''Yeah, that's true.'' argued Kirito as Liz sweat dropped.

''Come on...At least try to cheer me up!'' she groaned as she stands up.

''Okay, so how do we get of here again?'' asked Ben.

''I have an idea.'' retorted Kirtio.

''Really?'' demanded Liz.

''Yeah, to run the wall.''

''Are you stupid?!'' she asked.

''Le'ts find out.'' said Kirito readying himself to run up the all up the all, much to Ben and Liz's disbelieve.

''Unbelievable...'' whispered Liz.

But unfortunately Kirito fell down halfway to the top. ''Uwahh!''

Lizbeth cringe as Kirito crashed into the ground.

''If there were a little more running space, it'd work.'' compliment Kirito.

''Like hell it would.'' commented Liz.

Later that night under the star sky, the trio lie down in their sleeping bag, with a lantern above them, watching the sky.

''What a strange feeling. This would never happen in real life. Sleeping next to someone I've never met in a place I've never been. And a superhero.'' Liz told Ben and Kirito. ''And running up walls? You really are a weirdo.'' she chuckled at Kirito.

''Sorry.'' responded Kirito.

''Hey Kirito...Can I ask something?'' asked Liz.

''What is it now?'' he demanded.

''Back then, why did you save me?'' she questioned.

Kirito looked at her, then back at the star. ''I'd rather die with someone than let them die alone. Especially if it's a little girl like you, Liz.'' answered Kirito.

Liz looked surprised, then she smiled. ''You really are stupid. No one else would think that way.'' she commented.

Ben couldn't help but smile. ''What about you, Ben why would you come to Sword Art Online?'' Liz asked the teen hero.

''Because I'm a hero and it's a hero job to help and save people who are troubled or trapped in a virtual world.' answered Ben. ''Okay, let's get some sleep.''

''Hey guys. Hold my hands?'' requested Liz.

Ben and Kirito look surprised as they look to their right and left where Liz was looking at them. ''Okay.'' they replied.

''It's warm. You two and I are data in a virtual data world, but...'' stated Liz while they hold hands.


Liz then smiled and close her eyes, enjoying the warmth of Ben and Kirito's hands.

Lizbeth then woke up as she sat up and stretched herself. ''Huh?'' She looked to her right, hearing someone digging and the sight of Kirito digging the snow hit her, as the memories of last night came back to her. She shook her head to shake the memory out of head as she walked toward Kirito.

Ben woke up as well walking towards the Black Swordsman.

''What are you doing?'' asked Liz behind him.

''Huh?'' Kirito looked behind him to Lizbeth and Ben was wide awake and standing behind him. ''Look at this.'' he said as he showed them a crystal like one.

Ben and Liz look surprised, then Liz touch the crystal for information.

'Crystalilite Ingot'

''Could this be...'' said Liz was continued by Kirito.

''Yeah, the metal we came to find. The Dragon eats the crystals, creating this in its stomach. That's why no one received any.''

''You did it. But's what id doing here?'' wondered Ben.

''This hole isn't a trap. It's the Dragon's nest. In other words, that ingot is the Dragon's excrement. It's poop.''

Lizbeth looked at the crystal, then at Kirito, then at the crystal again. ''Kyah!'' Liz thrown the crystal to Kirito who catch it with ease.

''Regardless, we've achieved our goal. All that's left is...'' muttered Kirito.

''You said this is the Dragon's nest, right?'' she asked.

''Yeah.'' answered Kirito. ''and the Dragon is nocturnal, which means it won't be until...

Realization came to them, the trio looked up toward the dark sky, where they see a shadow moves toward them at high speed.

''I'ts here!''

Kirito narrows his eyes as he quickly picks up Lizbeth with fireman style. ''H-Hey! What?!'' he then unsheathed his sword and made a circle slash motion the snow on the ground covering them. When the Dragon arrive, it blow away the snow with its wings, but there's no sign of Kirito and Lizbeth.

Unknown to the Dragon Kirito was running up on the wall still carrying a screaming Lizbeth. ''Liz, hang on!'' he ordered as he jump off from the wall onto the dragon and stab his sword at its back.

The Dragon roars as it flies back above out of the hole. Ben knew he would have to go after them.

''It's Hero Time!'' exclaimed Ben as he called out his catchphrase. Ben quickly activated the Omnitrix and slammed the dial down after he selected the icon head he wanted as his body engulfed in a flash of green light.

When the green light died down standing in Ben's place was a moth-like alien, whose four wings and two antennae-like wing folds can fold up into a poncho-esque robe with a hood, giving him the appearance of a phantom. He has a black body with blue patching on his slender chest, and running along his legs and arms, the latter reaching up to the back of his neck. He has cyan patches that resemble ice chunks on his legs and arms. Thick black lines border the back of each wing, which also contain three cyan patches of their own. His face is blue and has harsh black lines surrounding his eyes and mouth, which all meet at the center of his face. He also has a black marking on his head that extends over his scalp, forcing the remaining blue parts of his forehead into a Y-shape. His eyes are bright green, with small darker spots inside. His mouth is a frown showing four bluish-white teeth, which rarely moves, even when speaking. He has three pointed fingers and a thumb on each hand, and three toes on each foot; two in front and one unfolded his wings. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

''Big Chill!'' he shouted in eerie whisper voice.

Big Chill spread his wings and flew off in the air to fight the Dragon.

''We're outside!'' called out Kirito.

The Dragon stops mid-air outside, throwing both Kirito and Lizbeth into the sky.

''Kyaaaaaahhhh!'' screamed Liz, then when she opened her eyes, the sunrise of Aincard greeted her, the beautiful sun lighting the darkness. ''Amazing!''

Kirito gives his hand to her, Lizbeth blink then smiles taking the hand.

Suddenly Ben as Big Chill grabbed the duo by the shoulders.

''Thanks, for the save Ben.'' Liz tell the Necrofriggian.

''You're welcomed.'' he responded.

''Guys!'' retorted Liz, getting both of them's attention. ''You know something?''

''What?!'' they yelled not quite heard what she said.

''I...I like you two!'' confession Liz.

''What? I can't hear you.''

''I did.'' remarked Big Chill.

But the boys were taken by surprise when Lizbeth hugged the Black Swordsman and the Necrofriggian. ''It's nothing!'' she replied with a big smile.

Big Chill landed them safely on the ground.

Floor 48:Lindas...

''A one-handed long sword, and double-edged sword, right?'' asked Liz taking the two now heated crystals to the iron. The group consisted of Kirito, Lizbeth and Ben as they had managed to reach Lizbeth's shop safely. With Liz preparing to forge Ben and Kirito's weapons, after getting the ore from the Dragon's nest, and found another one after defeating the Dragon, which they laid on her smithing table, Ben and Kirito watch on as they waited for the sword to forged.

''Yeah, thanks.'' answered both Ben and Kirito.

Liz takes a deep breath, then she starts to hammer the heated crystals. ''The warmth of Ben and Kirito's hands...The way I feel. I wasn't imagining it. When I finished a sword I can be satisfied with, I'll tell them how I feel.'' After several more hit, the crystals start to glow red and take shape.

After the glows died down, the first crystal turned into a teal colored crystal long sword with pointed guard and dark green grip. The second crystal turned into a green colored long double edge sword with a black European knight guard with a Omnitrix symbol in the middle of the guard.

''It's name is Dark Repulsor. If I've never heard of it, then it isn't in the information brokers' directory.'' informed Liz looking at the weapon status. I have no clue what yours called, Ben.''

''Try them out.''


Both boys nodded, they then took the swords and practiced a few swings.

''H-How do they feel?'' asked Liz, nervously.

''Heavy...It's a good sword.'' answered Kirito with a smile.

''So does mine.'' agreed Ben with a smile as well.

''All right!'' cheered Liz feeling very very happy.

''It feels like a soul is forged into it.'' said Kirito as Lizbeth nodded and clench her hand.

''Now, then...The job's complete. We'll pay you for the swords. How much?'' asked Ben after he and Kirito sheathed their new swords.

''Um, well...I don't need any money. In exchange...I want to be your exclusive.'' offered Liz.

''What would that mean?'' inquired Kirito.


Liz started blushing. ''When you return from the field, stop by and let me maintain your gear. Everyday, from now on!'' she told them.

Kirito started to blushed as he looked at Liz.

''Kirito, Ben, I...I..''

But before she could finish the door of the shop open and Asuna enter the room.

''Liz! I was really worried!'' exclaimed Asuna suddenly entering the room.

''Asuna?'' asked Lizbeth.

''Liz!'' yelled Asuna as she suddenly rushed to Lizbeth and hugged her. ''I couldn't send messages to you, or track you on the map...Where were you last right?'' she questioned worrying for her friend.

''Sorry, I got stuck in a dungeon.'' answered Liz as Asuna let go of the hug but kept her hands on her shoulders.

''A dungeon? Did you go alone?'' asked Asuna surprised.

Liz shakes her head. ''No, with them.'' she replied pointing to Ben and Kirito who were watching them.

Asuna turned around to them and see Kirito. ''K..Kirito.''

''Hey Asuan.'' he greeted. ''Long time no see. It's like two days.''

''I see you two have already dropped by. If you told me, Kirito. I would've gone with you.'' Asuna told the Black Swordsman.

''So you three know each other?'' asked Liz.

''Yeah, we're on the same team together.'' answered Kirito.

''He said he was looking for a new powerful sword. So told him and Ben about you and your shop.'' explained Asuna.


''Why's acting like that? I swear if you did anything weird to her.'' Asuna told Kirito.

''I didn't do anything!'' claimed Kirito.

Ben watched the two arguing.

Liz told Asuna about how Kirito broke her best sword and everything. Asuna apologized for that. Liz told her don't apologized.

After a while later Ben, Kirito, and Liz went out as Liz ran away from them earlier and arrived at a stone bridge. just by a little ways from Lizbeth's shop.

Liz learned that Kirito was with Asuna was upset first and a certain alien hero was single. The trio talked and got to each other.

''Um...Kirito...Ben...?'' asked Liz as she looked at them.

''Yeah?'' they asked.

''Do me a favorite,, okay tell Asuna what you told me. And pulled an end to this world.'' she requested with tears of enjoyment. ''Until I'll keep doing what I do best.''

''I promised. I will.'' responded Kirito.

''Me too.'' agreed Ben. ''I will help everyone in the game and stopped the mastermind behind it.''

''If you've ever needed your weapons and gear repaired, come by anything.'' she said. ''My door always opened.

''Sure.'' stated Kirito. Ben nodded in agreement.

''Don't forget now you'll always at my shop.'' retorted Liz with a smile at them.

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