Yeah… Kinda surprised myself that I am actually making a fic like this. A story where there ACTUALLY might be smut written in this, *Sigh* well you know the situation, another soul being dragged into another world after dying. But I want my character to have zero damn knowledge on the world he'll be rebirthed into; this world being Highschool DXD. Now enough of this, let's get on with the story and enjoy!

Big props to a-shifty-sword for the motivation and for inviting me to a great Discord server!

Chapter 1: Days gone by…

2077 A.D.

Cold, too fucking cold. The New York Ruins have always been a somewhat active, frozen hell hole. The once great city now served as a lawless frontier, with the only justice and laws found in small communities and settlements that weren't controlled or overrun by bandits, thugs, and the occasional grotesque mutant pack that crawled out of a ruined building. After the war, when there was no more fighting left to be had and no nukes left to throw across the world, survivors had to focus on the aftermath. War with the Neo-communist nations started a nuclear conflict, the likes which have never been seen before. Russia, China, and North Korea had banded together in hopes of creating a new united world power.

North Korea had the funding and backing of its neighbors since 2030 and finally made their move with some Chinese and Russian assets in 2040, striking at the DMZ, all early warning system alarms and communication were sabotaged and silenced by China's Crimson Dragoon unit, cutting the head off of any possibility of reinforcements to repel the oncoming invasion. Only until reports of North Korean military personnel storming nearby towns and villages did the South catch wind on the incoming invasion. All mobilizing efforts were too late as the North Korean Army sent an air force of 5 Tu-95 Bears and a couple squadrons of Chengdu J-20s. The bombers rained down liberator robots by the hundreds, sparking the first conflict of the invasion, North Korean troops backed up alongside a couple battalions sent by China and Russia came after. The South Korean Army was overrun within a day.

The Communist Coalition set up shop in Seoul, planting down defenses and more troops, from air units to heavy armor. South Korean citizens were either forced to accept the new status quo or subjected to "rehabilitation camps". Those who were sent never came back.

Communist forces would spread out and face NATO forces, trying to hold back the tide of this new threat. Few countries were able to stop the Red advancement, others were swiftly taken over and occupied. America, Britain, France, Japan, and Canada worked together to build up a united assault to push into enemy territory or to retake occupied countries.

This mighty push into the continent came with huge losses for both sides, Russia and China weren't the only players tinkering with ideas of new tech. America delved into the branch of power armor tech, making suits that made soldiers into walking tanks, harnessing their own laser, plasma, and gauss weaponry. Utilizing robotics into war machines.

Japan, forced to fend off cloaked Crimson Dragoon units from infiltrating, invented their own stealth technology, an infantry based piece of equipment simply known as the Suterusufīrudomojūru, or stealth field module.

Britain and France created a series of VTOL aircraft dubbed "Vertibirds". Followed by the massive "Mammoth" heavy tank.

Canada with little help from the US, crafted new mines and grenades based on plasma and electromagnetic pulse tech.

These contributions along with resistance factions popping up in Communist held territories, forced the Communist Coalition on the defensive. With territory after territory being retaken and liberated of all hostile occupants. Things were looking up for the people of the world.

Unfortunately, this war wouldn't end well for anyone. With the United Forces right on their borders, the Communist Coalition sent out an order to unleash every nuclear warhead directed at almost every major populated city of each country along with possible military presence. With sudden news of Nuclear Armageddon threatening to break out, every nation capable of nuclear arms, launched their arsenal at the Triple Red Threat.

Unfortunately it goes without saying that this almost spelled the end of civilization as humanity would have known. Fortunately, pockets of Humanity survived, living in massive underground bunkers and underground metro tunnels, or outside the blast radius in the wilderness; devoid of any hint of civilization.

Raiders, mutated animals and monstrosities, wandering pilgrims, and stalkers roam the Ruined Earth. Either in search of prey or for salvage that can be used to rebuild or trade. The New York Ruins are one of the most populated bastions, housing communities in the tens of thousands. But it has the most hazards.

Adrian's POV

Dawn light finally broke through the storm clouds. I would've thought a flood was coming for our little station if the storm let on. Starting the day in this ass-end of the world is (and will always be) a pain in my ass, especially having to get my gear ready and in tip-top shape. Scattered on my hammock is an AR-15 that has seen better days, a pair of binoculars, a worn out combat knife, a gas mask, and a leather rucksack.

The Rucksack has a set of basic tools from a lighter, grappling hook, canteen with water, spare ammo magazines, and a ration set of dried meat. This was my saving grace in this post apocalyptic hell.

Grabbing my equipment I make my way through the train station, though our community boasts a smaller size compared to others, we have some of the best craftsmen. How little station survives off of selling crafted goods and salvaged inventions. Our UV light bars became pretty valuable for spooking off any light sensitive mutants, handmade grenades filled with nails and bolts. We could even bring back old robots recovered from the ruins to somewhat working order, serving as pack mules usually.

Our main concern however is food, water is of no concern as our station's filters cleans out the toxins and contaminants usually well. But for food, there is nowhere in the station with quality soil for farming. We relied on caravan traders for supplying our food storages, but trouble has been brewing recently. Mutant packs roaming in bigger numbers on the surface and in some of the more abandoned stations, raider gangs conquering other smaller gangs to form raiding parties.

Breaking out of these thoughts, I notice our entertainment section of the station, where children gather to play what little pre-war games are still available. Such as an old Xbox One and Playstation 4, with a small pile of games left. A couple of boys were playing army with old Warhammer 40K miniatures.

Walking closer to the surface entrance, I see our station's recon operations commander, Dan Alcott. A hard ass, grumpy old bastard with an ingenious mind for planning out routes through the ruins. He's the major reason why our runners even make it back in one piece.

"Adrian, just the right bastard I wanted to see", he grunted. And from how he looked and clutched his cigar, something told me it just wasn't gonna be a regular run out today. Something was eating at him, varying emotions were displayed upon his face as he tried to spit out what he wanted to say. "Look, it's finally happened, merchants won't be making trips to our station anytime soon or in the foreseeable future. The increase in raiders and mutants roaming about has become too much of a hazard for travel to be considered safe, even in the tunnels between stations.", Dan sighed, before gazing upon Adrien.

"That's why I need some of our best topside recon members to search the surface for supplies, be it medicine, food, ammo, guns, or even tools. It would also help to map out certain routes free or having little activity to use in the future. I've already sent out five men an hour ago, but I'm still looking for any volunteer willing to help keep this station alive. So, will you help out? I am willing to let you keep half of your findings as payment."

"I'll do it, only on the condition that you grant me access to the crafting lab", the word 'lab' was a bit overselling the fact that it was a portion of the station isolated for the builders, a section walled off with sheet metal. This place was where all our makeshift gadgets come from. From disposable UV lights and flares, to homemade explosives and guns.

I can see the cogs turning in the old man's mind, finally reaching a conclusion with a small smile. "Fine, You'll get your access, take this dog tag as proof you've been given clearance to use them. Now hurry up, I don't want the station to start dipping into its emergency supplies just yet. Be careful out there, Adrien."

"Yeah you too, Dan."

(End POV)

After dealing with some disgruntled shop mechanics and engineers, Adrian strolled out of the lab with a universal charger to power up most battery operated devices and circuit breakers. A nifty little geiger counter to keep up with any hazardous areas with lethal amounts of radiation, and a nifty little watch that kept time on how long each filter lasted before he had to replace one for his gas mask.

Making his way to the station entrance, he can already make out the heavily armored figures of the station entrance guards, four guards in hulking salvaged suits of power armor. Two with flamethrowers and the other two carrying heavy assault rifles, all were situated behind sandbag fortifications on either side of the large, metal sliding door leading up to the surface. One of the guards looked at Adrian, while the other got the door prepared for what would be another surface trip for the young Stalker,

"Good luck out there, Adrian. Shit has been hitting the fan recently up on the surface, too many raiders banding together for raids on other stations, need more elimination missions to keep their numbers down. Hell, I'll be willing to put a bounty for each kill, a handful of caps for each mark."

Adrian contemplated this information, before finally giving a response in return. "Alright, a right hand for each raider scum I take down, is that agreeable?"

"That's plenty fair, a right hand for each mark brought down. Good luck out there Adrian!", and with that, both men shook hands, unknowingly for the last time.

As Adrian ascended the steps of the station entrance, he could already feel the intense cold temperatures drifting from the harsh climate of the surface. Even in his thermal gear, there was a chill that went deep to the bone, threatening to freeze him like a popsicle; and that is exactly what the city above looked like.

Sunlight fell upon the city, showing the aftermath of nuclear fire and nature trying to reclaim the land. Most of the skyscrapers and buildings were skeletal in their structure, some collapsed, some were damaged enough to start leaning on other buildings for support. New York, The Big Apple or "The City that Never Sleeps", looked as though it was a tomb for Humanity; one final testament to Mankind's quest for total destruction.

As Adrian took the first few steps on snow laced grounds, he can see one of the few problems on why it was difficult reaching the station's entrance. Two buildings collapsed on either side of the road that the entrance was on, leaving people to navigate the old apartment building right across from the station. The building held no dangers within, besides the occasional mutant or ragtag team of raiders, but the structure itself was a hazard.

Adrian himself can see the physical decay of the building, worn away by the elements. The front entrance itself can barely allow more than one person through at a time, debris blocking most of the passage. Squeezing through the gap, he can barely just make out the hallway of the ground floor, with just the slightest of light seeping through the cracks and collapsed segments of the ceiling. Most of the apartments in the building were locked or collapsed in, with the few intact ones serving as temporary shelter, as evident with the kerosene or electric powered lamps and discarded ammunition.

Helping himself to some of the rifle rounds scattered by previous residents, Adrian picked up an oak baseball bat, it was light and modified with razor wire wrapped around the top of it. Giving it a few swings, it was definitely sturdy enough to be used as a melee weapon, something to keep attached to his pack. Adrian stowed away some crafted pipe bombs hidden in the bedside drawer, along with a bullet lighter.

As he left the room, it took a few steps forward, the newly acquired loot jingling along the way before the natives of the surface finally showed their faces. A loud, shrilling shreek alerted Adrian as more followed all around, the noise echoing across the building. Adrian scanned his surroundings from the holes in the wall, ventilation shafts, and the open rooms; he wasn't alone.

Crawling out of crevices of the damaged building were haggard looking humanoids, their skin was sagging, their flesh looked to be rotten or on the stage of decomposition. The creatures had pale white eyes with no iris, sharp canines jutting out from their lower jaw. Some of these beasts had noxious fumes visibly coming off them, almost as if the smell of death was ever present, it made Adrian sick to his stomach.

These were Ferals, a bunch of degenerate denizens of the surface and some of the metro tunnels. Victims of the nuclear fallout after the bombs dropped, exposed to nuclear elements and hazardous chemicals; being reduced to an inhuman and feral state.

"Oh fuck me!"

Breaking out of his trance, Adrian sprinted down the hallway opposite of the Ferals, with more crawling out of more crevices whenever he tried to further the distance between him and the oncoming hoard that was in pursuit. Weaving and sprinting around corners, going further into the apartment complex, more shrieks could be heard; adding onto the mass convergence after him.

"You've got to be kidding me! Where did all these fucking Ferals come from! These fucks weren't here last time, or the day before!" Adrian was starting to get faint of breath, exhaustion finally about to set in. Up ahead, he can just make out an emergency exit, this spark of hope was enough to pull him through the exhaustion.

This is it, he thought, Just a stone toss away from making it away from these bastards!

Just as he was about to make it to the door, a Feral fell from a hole in the ceiling ahead, getting up and growling at him, preparing to charge at him.

With a swift yank, he freed his newly acquired melee weapon and heaved it back with two hands. With the Feral now charging at him, he released a swing at the oncoming mutant, at that single instance; bone and flesh met against metal and oak wood. The solid sound of bone cracking could be heard as the Feral flew a short distance backwards, landing in a broken heap of drywall and foundation. And with that, Adrian continued his sprint to the exit. Crashing through the single metal door, allowing light to flow through before abruptly closing back up.

"Jesus Christ! Never doing that shit again, now gotta hea-aave! This Sh-iiiiiit in place or fight a fucking hoard of Ferals!", Adrian huffed out, using old furniture as a barricade for the exit.

"Well, time to find a new path back to the station. Won't be able to go through here in the foreseeable future. A new path for me and every other upside scout or merchant who need to travel, the fate of the station in the palm of my hand, as if I need anything else to add to the pile of stress factors in my life!"

Making his way out of an alleyway, Adrian made it out onto an open street, right across from him was a park; Central Park.

With no one to contest with, nature took it upon itself to reclaim the land, growing out from the border of the streets and sidewalks. Trees and grass sprouted from cracks and crevices, wildlife teeming through the now untamed park. Adrian tried eyeing past the thick, rugged brush of green; barely being able to see past its border.

Seeing a choice on taking the streets with raiders possibly roaming, or the forest filled with mutant and wild animals, Adrian came to a decision on how to traverse the area.

"Overgrown park it is then!" And with that, Adrian crept through the thick brush of vegetation and into Central Park.