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AN: Inspired by the song, The Dornishman's Wife from Game of Thrones. It's a very good song.

AN: Trigger warnings for infidelity, (none explicit) magical torture and murder.

Rodolphus Lestrange looked up at the building in front of him and growled.

The building was a fairly nondescript house. A simple three bedroom house with no distinguishing features to make it stand out. The precise opposite of their own home and yet she came here. She came to this small, petty wizard to tease and mock him. To show her utter contempt for him and his family and their marriage.

Rudolph was no fool. He knew full well that his wife didn't love him. The feeling was entirely mutual and the situation was compounded by their inabilty to provide a family heir. His mother was already asking questions and putting pressure on Bellatrix. Bellatrix growled in return, but said very little. He even turned a blind eye to her many affairs (and she had many, many affairs.) It was hardly unexpected really in pureblood marriages like their own. He was even willing to tolerate the idea of raising another man's child, as long as they could pass it off as his own.

But this? This blatant, open disrespect was something he was not prepared to accept.

Not only was she having an affair, she was doing so almost publically. His mother and father were even aware of it. At least he kept his affairs private and out of the limelight.

The gossips of pureblood society talked and talked a lot. It was embarassing to hear. Bellatrix was not even trying to be discrete with this one and that was what made it so bad. The open flirting, the publically visible dates to all kinds of public places.

He walked towards the building, where he could hear his wife and her lover cavorting away. No doubt they had no idea that he was here, that he had tracked down their little love shack. For that matter, did they even care? They probably thought that he was never going to show up. That he lacked the ability, the strength to do what was necessary.

Well he was going to show them that he wasn't to be disrespected like this! He gripped his wand and stepped forward.

He pointed his wand at the door and muttered a quick spell. A dark purple-green blast of magic hit the simple wooden door, causing it to expand rapidly, swelling like a leech, before exploding into the hallway and filling it with razor sharp spikes.

He smirked as he walked into the hallway. It was unfortunately empty, but there was no doubting his particular signature spell. A nice little bit of black magic of his own invention. An excellent way of clearing out any room and announce his arrival.

He heard the sounds of rapid scrabbling about in the rooms above. They had not expected his arrival, that much was clear. Bellatrix was shrieking away at her lover and her lover in turn scrabbling rapidly to grab some clothing. Probably his wand as well. It didn't matter to him. The outcome would be the same in any case. Rudolph had no doubts as to his abilities. He was capable of challenging Aurors in his opinion. This upstart, this intruder in his marriage was going to be no challenge.

He strode confidently up the stairs, wand held casually by his could hear swearing coming from the bedroom and Bellatrix shrieking something unintelligible at her lover.

The door burst open and Rudolph found himself face to face with his foe. A slim wizard in his forties with short blonde hair and a slightly hooked nose glared at him. In the room behind him, Rudolph could see his wife looking on with eager interest, not even making an effort to get dressed. Instead she remained in the bed, watching him like this was nothing more than a spectator sport.

"HOW DARE YOU BREAK INTO MY SPARE HOME!?" the man bellowed, his eyes widen and his face turning an unusual shade of puce. Specs of spit flew from his mouth and Rudolph glared at him. "DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM!? WHO YOU'RE FACING!?"

"Harold Gunderhein. Pureblood from America. Married to Harriet Gunderhein, formerly Harriet Forsoothe, also a pureblood of the highest calibre," Rudolph said with a calmness he didn't feel. He channeled his anger inwards as he tried to bring his burning anger under control. This bloated fool was no match for him when he was in control and he knew it. He continued. "Winner of the American League Professional Dueling Champions League at twenty-six." He paused and glared at Harold. "And the man openly having an affair with my wife."

It's not his fault that you can't keep a woman satisfied!" Bellatrix called out and Harold smirked.

"Go home kid. You're no match for me," he said. Rudolph smirked.

"Expelliarmus!" he yelled and Harold's wand flew out of his hand. The colour fled from Harold's face.

"You WERE a duelling champion. But that was a long time ago," Rudolph said as he slowly advanced towards Harold. "Now...now you're nothing more than a has been."

Harold tried to leap for his wand, but he was far too slow.

"Crucio!" Rudolph yelled and Harold began to scream. Bellatrix watched on eagerly, leaning forward and licking her lips. Her eyes were bright and excited and eager, as though she was watching a particularly enjoyable show. He raised his wand once more. "Crucio."

At this point, Bellatrix was not longer even trying to hide her interest. She gazed on eagerly as she watched Rudolph torture her much older lover. She licked her lips in excitement and leaned forward, almost climbing out of the bed to see more. Her wand lay on the bedside table, but she made no effort to reach for it. There was no movement towards it even. She seemed to be excited by the sight and she was clearly unfazed by what she was seeing. There was no fear, no concern of any kind.

He released the spell and Harold lay on the ground breathing hard.

"Is this the best you can do?" he sneered as he walked up to Harold, who was still twitching slightly and was beginning to curl up on himself. Rudolph spat at him. "Pathetic." He looked up at Bellatrix who was at this point practically salivating. Harold began to moan slightly with the pain and Rudolph looked down at him once more.

"Crucio," he said in an almost bored tone. The anger he had felt walking into this building was replaced by a cold, harsh desire to continue punishing the man in front of him. His anger felt oddly disconnected and in it's place was a certain odd sense of joy in the pain he was causing.

Bellatrix certainly seemed to think so. He could practically hear her thoughts, begging him to continue. The undisguised hunger in her eyes as she drank in the scene before her and for the first time in his marriage, he was unsettled by her.

It was a small thing. Barely even worth registering really in the grand scheme of things. But the lack of loyalty to her lover, the even eager, silent encouragement in her eyes was both entrancing and unsettling at the same time. Like she would happily watch and cheer if it were him on the floor instead of Harold.

He released the spell and Harold curled up into a ball. He looked down in contempt as Harold began to crawl towards Bellatrix, his hand reaching out in a begging gesture.

"Please Bella, my beauty, my-"

Bellatrix cut him off with a shriek of contempt and she snatched her wand from the bedside table.

"HOW DARE YOU!?" she screamed angrily. "How dare you even think that someone as pathetic as you is worthy of my attention!?" She paused as she stood up and pointed her wand at him.

"Crucio!" she screamed and Harold began writhing about in anger once more. "TO THINK THAT I ONCE THOUGHT YOU WERE WORTHY! BUT LOOK AT YOU, BEGGING FOR MY HELP LIKE A WEAKLING!"

Harold continued to writhe about in pain as Bellatrix glared at him with a mixture of anger and excitement. Her eyes blazed with passion and her hair seemed to be wild, moving in all different directions. She was...absolutely beautiful. A witch in her prime crushing the unworthy. Rudolph licked his lips with quiet excitement. He had never seen his wife so passionate, so aroused to such anger and joy at the same time. She was absolutely beautiful, standing there wearing a skimpy shift and towering over a man writhing in pain. She was more beautiful in fact than she had ever been in his opinion, even more than even their wedding day in fact.

At some point, Harold stopped moving but Bellatrix didn't seem to notice.

Finally she lifted the spell, breathing heavily and she stepped towards Rudolph with desire in her eyes.

"Shall we dispose of this weakling together?" she asked as she looked at Rudolph and then at Harold. Rudolph smirked and raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!" they yelled in unison. A flash of green leapt from their wands, hitting Harold in the chest and knocking him back. Bellatrix looked at him and smiled, before eagerly dragging Rudolph towards the bedroom. Rudolph smiled and allowed her to drag him along as she started to pull his clothes away.