Chapter 1 The Sky is Falling

Serena looked across the shimmering water as the boat moved graceful across the ripples. Birds flew overhead and landed in a nearby tree and began singing. The sun was turning orange because of dusk's approach.

"It so quiet here." She said, looking up at the azure sky.

There was a light baby tittering and Serena looked down at Caleb. He was bent over the side of the boat playing with the water.

"We should be getting back to the shore." Darien said. Serena looked up at him sitting across from her. He moved the paddles with slow, strong movements. The breezed ruffled his black hair and Serena had to stop herself from moaning. He looked so go right now she wanted to jump into his arms and kiss him until they were both breathless. When the boat touched the dock, Darien helped her out.

"Thanks for the ride." Serena said with a smile and let Caleb down on the ground.

"It was nothing compared to the rides you give me." He said wickedly. Serena's head shot up.

"Shh, don't say that out loud." She put a hand up to his mouth and he laughed behind it. She bent closer to him and pressed her lips lightly against his ear. "You might make me strip you right here in front of these people." She huskily whispered and shot a darning tongue in his ear. He cupped her face in his hand and bent her head up to kiss her. Their hot tongues spared with one another. Mmmm, Serena thought absently. He tastes like the ice cream we had earlier. Then suddenly something landed on her head. Startled, she fell to the ground with Caleb landing on top of her.

"What the..." She looked up sharply and saw a pink haired little girl on top of a surprised Darien.

"Hey who are you?" She demanded and picked herself and Caleb up.

"None of your business Blondie." The girl snickered back. Serena narrowed her eyes.

"You're the one who landed on us." She snapped back. The little girl looked at her and Serena sucked in a breath. She looks like me! How is that possible? Her features were identical to her own face and her hair! What was this? They took her style! Well, she grudgingly admitted, her buns were pointy, but still!

"Hey now..." Darien started but the girl cut him off with a hand.

"Shut up lover boy." She said and picked herself off of a rather confused Darien. "I want the silver crystal." She demanded. Serena gasped.

"What do you know about the silver crystal?" She demanded. The girl simply rolled her eyes.

"I'll get it some how." She stated and ran away. Serena watched her disappear in the crowd of people with a strange looking black ball floating beside her.

"What was her problem?" Serena muttered. Darien was silent, staring in the distance where she left.

"She seems familiar somehow." He said softly. Serena stared at him. Strange little girl.

They headed back to their apartment. When the door opened and the lights flipped on, she let out a strangled cry. The whole apartment was a mess! Paper, pillows, clothes, anything you name was on the floor. Caleb squirmed and Serena let him down and he hobbled to something shiny. One look at Darien and Serena swore he was going to die. Darien was a neat freak after all, and this was equal to a heart attack to him. She had to snap her fingers a couple of times to get him out of his distressed daze.

"What happened?!" He finally exclaimed. Serena shook her head, unable to give him an answer. The phone rang and Serena rummaged threw the messy front room for the phone.

"Hello?" She watched Darien go into the kitchen and then return armed with rubber cleaning gloves, a cleaning apron and various cleaning sprays. He began attacking the dirty rooms with a vengeance.

"Serena? I'm glad your home, you'll never guess who just came in today!" Her mother exclaimed. She moved out of the way before Darien ran her over with the vacuum cleaner.


"Your cousin Rini!" Serena frowned.


There was a groan. "You don't remember her? What's wrong with you? Did you lose your memories?"

Serena stood up and hopped away before she was dusted off the couch by Darien's demented black feather heavy duty duster. "No mother I haven't. Who are you talking about?"

"Just come over. We have a lot of catching up to do." Click. With a moan, she hit the END button on the phone and threw it to the side of her.

"Serena!" Darien hissed and she jumped and grabbed the phone to hang it up. Truly, Darien was possessed and evil when it came to cleaning.

"I need to go to my mother's." She looked down and saw Caleb curled up in a little ball on his beanbag. "Can I leave him here?"

Darien nodded absently and she left him to continue on his cleaning rampage.

~ ~ ~ ~

The door was whipped open before she had time to knock.

"Finally meatball head." Sammy said with a roll of her eyes.

"Oh Serena!" Her mother cried out as soon as the door was closed. "Look Rini, its Serena!"

Past her mother and little brother, she saw her so called 'cousin'.

"You!" She hissed and stalked to the pink haired little girl she had met this morning. The nerve of the brat!

"Hello cousin." Rini said sweetly. Serena wanted to wipe the little smirk off her face.

"Now Serena, that's no way for you to talk to your cousin." Her mother chided her with a wagging finger.

"But-sh-she's not our cousin! I think I would remember a cousin!" Serena protested.

"Jeeze, you're dense Serena." Sammy said and went into the other room, bringing with him a flowery book. "She spent the whole summer with us." He said and opened the book. Serena peered down and saw various pictures of them together. She took one out and studied it. This can't be real. Her eyes shot up and glared at Rini. What was with this little girl? Saying she was their cousin and making her family believe it. Just who exactly was she? She did something to them, and she was going to find out what.

"I'm going to Raye's. She said we had to study. I'll see you later." She said in a hurried tone and left. Raye would be able to help, she hoped.

~ ~ ~ ~

Later, at the temple, Raye let out a frustrated sigh and opened her eyes. Her violet eyes stared in to the flames and narrowed.

"Nothing. I see nothing. Are you sure you just don't remember her?" Raye asked, wiping her sweat off her face.

"I'm sure." Serena replied stubbornly and tucked her legs under her with a pout. She was NOT going crazy!

"Do you think another negative force is coming?" Lita asked.

"I don't know." Serena sighed and looked down at her hands.

"Here you go girls!" A cheery, elderly voice sang out. Raye's grandfather came in with a tray of tea and banana nut buns. Serena's stomach grumbled, and she attacked the buns.

"Thanks grandpa, you can leave now." Raye said and shooed her grandfather out.

"Serena!" Mina cried and Serena looked up from her buns.

"What? I left you all one!" She protested. She looked down at her tea and frowned. There was milk in it. With a disgusted sigh, she pushed the porcelain cup away. She looked at them, about to say something, but Raye slumped down on the table. Soon, all the others slumped down as well. The sliding door opened and Serena saw Rini peeking her head in. She ducked down. That little brat put some kind of sleeping potion in the tea.

"Sleeping like little babies." Rini nodded in victory.

"Hello cousin." Serena said sweetly, standing up. Rini's eyes widened and she started running away, but Serena was faster and caught her shirt. "You need a good whipping you pest. Why did you put that in their drinks?" She demanded and raised her hand, very tempted to lay it across her backside. Soon, the water works began. Feeling a little guilty for scaring her, Serena began letting her down when a bright golden light blasted through the room. Rini's forehead began to glow and soon, the moon symbol appeared. What? Who was she?

"There you are you little brat!" Hissed a new voice. Serena looked up to see a pretty young woman dressed in purple and strips with a scary looking tutu on. Ut oh, she dashed in a closet and changed quickly. Feakin' negaverse, what was going on now?

"Who are you?" Serena demanded, and laid Rini down beside Mina, placing her body in front of her. Even though she was a brat, she was still a little girl.

"The name's Catzy. Let me take that little irritation away for you." She said. Ah, very tempting, but it was just the evil glint in her eyes that had her grudgingly protecting the pink haired little terror.

"I don't think so."

"You will give her to me." Catzy threatened. A shadow crossed her face and Serena turned to see Tuxedo Mask cradling Rini in his arms. A dark attack was thrown at her and Serena rolled out of the way. She took out her scepter and their attacks clashed.

"Uhh! I'll be back. Catzy said and left when a part of Serena's scepter beam cut her face. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Darien looking strangely at Rini. His face was a bit pale. And what was with him? Every time he got close to her, he was always pale.

"What's wrong?" She softly asked, placing a comforting hand on his arm. He shook his head in confusion.

"I don't know. I feel a strong bond. Like I know her." That was the second time he said that. What was up with these two?

"We should return her to my parents."

~ ~ ~ ~

Her mother fretted over Rini as soon as they arrived.

"She's just tired. I'm sure she'll be okay." Serena assured them. She looked to Sammy and motioned for him to follow her. Darien went into the other room to get Caleb, whom he dropped off when he had to transform.

"What is it?" Sammy asked when they were alone.

"You have to keep a close eye on her for me. Something's going on. Looks like the negaverse is after her. If you sense anything or think that anything is wrong I want you to call me."

He nodded. "Right."

~ ~ ~ ~

"Do you know anything about her Luna?" Serena asked her kitty as soon as they returned home.

"No, I don't. Are you sure you saw the crescent symbol on her forehead?" Serena nodded and brought her legs up to her chin. They were in the bedroom. Darien was mad that his cleaning expedition was delayed due to the sudden appearance of the new enemy. He was making up for his lost time by cleaning the kitchen with bleach, grumbling that there were germs everywhere. The smell was giving her a headache.

"Is she part of my family or something? I thought only moon royalty had that symbol." Luna sighed and looked at the dark night sky.

"I don't think your mother had any siblings. But then again, her past is shrouded in darkness so I'm not too sure. She does look like you after all, and her hair is in the traditional buns." This was going no where, the more they thought about it, the more questions they had. "One thing I do know thought, is that she's important. We have to keep her safe no matter how annoying she is."

Serena pouted. "Rini acts like a spoiled princess or something." This was going to be tough...