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She poured him another drink, even as he was reminiscing about the past. He smiled seeing the bounty of the person captain gave his hat to all those years ago.

The Colosseum District, Mariejois

I flinched, seeing another explosion going off in the distance. My body struggled to remain standing as it felt like an earthquake was underway.

"This is all types of crazy..."

I'm uncertain regarding if Eiichiro Oda ever doubles back onto the events with Fisher Tiger's raid, but I believed it to be a one-person invasion, not this absurdity. The only thing that stayed the same is how vibrant the fires made the darkened sky, just like in the flashback.

Jinbe had run off somewhere after freeing a good amount of people. Supposedly, there's some sort of task he's meant to accomplish that hasn't been fulfilled quite yet.

Then my gaze shifted, spotting the sheer amount of Fishmen that were surging into the area, and slaughtering the guards like butter.

'Do all of them belong to the Sun Pirates?' My eyes narrowed with the intent to use the [Observe] skill.

Tansui, [Sun Pirates]

Hack, [Mercenary]

Chew, [Sun Pirates]

Pisaro, [Sun Pirates]

Papaneel, [Mercenary]

Chew and Hack weren't an issue to remember, but the others were forgotten in my memory, or perhaps they're never in the story at all.

Why are they even here? Is this some twisted alternate reality?

You'd think after Koala's backstory, Hack might've been mentioned somewhere in there. I'm certain the Fishman would have brought up the topic at some point.

Did my existence already change things so heavily?

Either way, I moved to help those that could still be rescued, and with the help of [Observe], it was a simple task. Even as my back still ached from the explosion, I carried on, pushing rubble and debris off of the unfortunate.

"Thank you."

"Praise your soul!"

"You're my savior..."

I stood up straight for the last one as it made me feel jittery inside.

That's when something went off in the sky just above the enclosure, causing me to partially obscure my eyes because of the sheer brightness.


I shifted towards the voice calling out to catch Regi with the siblings in tow. Other than that, they seemed to be in adequate condition, outside of their horrified expressions while peeking around.

Glimpsing at so many lifeless bodies does that.

"Thank goodness you two are okay!" I smiled, dashing to meet them in the middle. "I thought the collars might've gone off and got ya or something else."

It genuinely felt relieving seeing them fine.

"If we're okay?!" Sandersonia looked appalled, "You flew out of the building when everything exploded!"

I blinked twice.

"Oh...right, that happened." Maybe I've been getting a little too comfortable with how this world's logic operates.

She seemed irritated after my little admission, but only resigned herself to a sigh.

"In any case, we should all head towards the Celestial Dragon Gate, preferably the one that leads towards the Paradise end," Regi explained while pointing in a fixed direction, his serious tone causing me to shiver.

It's never too often that you will witness him being so solemn. He's just the type of guy to switch his attitude almost like the flip of a switch.

I'm not sure how he accomplishes it truthfully.

"Wait!" Marigold exclaimed, the horror appearing on her face, "Elder sister isn't here! Those people still have her!"

The blanched part of my appearance is unmistakable. Frankly, the disarray of the whole crisis ultimately left me rather light-headed.

Even so, I grabbed onto his ragged shirt, shaking it wildly.

"Old man, there's no way in hell we're leaving just yet! We have to find Hancock first!"

I'm not going to escape this place without getting her out, even if all the odds are stacked against me. I'd much rather fight and die than live with knowing the love fruit user is still stuck here.

The tremulous boiling sensation within me began to slowly bubble, but the old man interrupted my thought process.

"I know where she's being held," He proclaimed, frowning slightly.

This genuinely baffled me as I stared at him completely flabbergasted. The sister duo wasn't far behind, looking onward in confusion.

"What the hell do you mean?"

Regi chuckled sardonically at the question.

"Kid...didn't I already tell you that I've been here for twenty years? I know my way around this place better than most do." The ex-pirate then grinned, "When you've traversed about for a decent while, you'll be able to see quite a lot of things."

He grimaced.

"Even if all of those times were in the dark."


I guess it made some sense, for the most part. It's just another reason to actually start doing something.

"Then let's go now!" I clamored, every bit of my body running on adrenaline. "The sooner, the better!"

Who knows how long we've got before the Cipher Pol agents or Marines finally grab a hold of the situation?

Sandersonia seemed to agree with my sentiment.

"We must save my elder sister quickly! It's the o—"

"No," Regi snarled, causing all of us to jerk reactively. "You three wouldn't be able to survive there. I'm sure it's crawling with a bunch of monsters or worse...God's Knights."

God's Knights?

What the hell are they?

I don't recall them from the story, at least as far as I've read.

"What?" The green-haired teen stepped forward and seemed like she was moments away from snapping. "Are you telling me to not save my own family?"

Marigold gave the impression of being angry as well, though settled on letting her sister take the lead.

"I'm not saying that," The ex-pirate now appeared more thoughtful. "I'm saying you should leave it to me."

The next few seconds between us were silent, only the bombs and screams echoing all around could be heard.

"But...why?" Sandersonia asked, confusion etching itself in her facade. "I don't understand…"

His lips twitched upwards at the Anaconda fruit user's perplexity.

"A long time ago, I thought family is just something you were born into, and anyone who thought too much about it should be laughed at." She looked at him like he grew a second head, but the man continued. "It's not until after I met a little sun that everything really changed for me."

A quake caused most of us to tremble. Regi, however, stood firm and stared right at me.

Celestial Blade, [Common Grade]

"Kid. Go save that Koala girl." He put a sword in my hand and I recognized it being the one many guards tended to use. "I remember hearing you muttering something about her so she must mean something to ya, right?"

I opened my mouth to speak, though nothing came out, so I abandoned it for meekly nodding in agreement.

Maybe I've got to learn to keep silent about certain things.

"Good, that means you know where she is if Rosward has them." The ex-pirate stroked his beard. "I'll meet you three at the gate, leave if I'm taking too long."

Now there's something I have no patience on.

"You better get her out, old man." I gripped the blade together as I'm staring directly into his eyes. "If ya don't, I'm coming after you two myself."

The smile from him said it all.

"I said before that I trusted you, Henry," Regi spoke with the oh-so-familiar dastardly smirk. "Now...I ask for the same."

The man ruffled my hair and I heard the sound of chuckling.

"Also, who else would be there to kick your ass every day?"

I sighed whilst hiding the giggling with a scoff.

"You are one shitty old geezer."

He reared his head back and laughed.

"I'm the best shitty old geezer you know..." The buffoon grinned, showing more teeth than usual. "Now get the hell out of here you three and don't you dare die!"

Regi gave us a two-finger salute, giving me a personal soft smile, then slammed the ground with his right foot multiple times and blurred into the shadows.

'Did...did he just...?'

The bastard accomplished it in one try too.

We stood there briefly, still eyeing the direction he disappeared to before I'd make a statement.

"You heard the man! It's time to move out!" I said, running in the direction of Rosward's home, listening to the other two hastily following close behind.

There's a quote in my old life that this malnourished body of mine hasn't forgotten.

'As we run, we become.'

We pushed together as a unit, feeling my arms ache as myself and the youngest Boa siblings finally got a collapsed wall off of someone's back.

I helped the individual up as they wobbled to their feet.

"Can you walk?" Marigold asked, somewhat concerned.

A brief use of the [Observe] skill informs me that they seemed to be in sufficient shape, physically at least.

"Yeah...it hurts, but I'm free!" The young woman answered, choking on her own words as she wept.

"If ya want to thank us, I suggest running like the other folks." I pointed to where everyone else was heading. "Follow them and they should lead you out of here."

Considering I knew everyone was heading toward those elevator things — Regi called them Bondolas, which probably meant I forgot their names, if it has ever been stated.

"Okay, I'll do just that"

And they did, following the herd and shouting for the last time.

"Thank you!"

She was one of the many we've been aiding as we moved closer toward where I knew Koala would likely be held.

The old man was going to take his sweet time and we all knew it. Assisting these people is merely another method of passing the time on top of doing some good while simultaneously heading for our objective.

Unfortunately, several people were beyond saving, and it genuinely pained me. Seeing families being forced to abandon their loved ones behind was sickening to watch, even when they asked them to do just that.

I internally scowled.

It's just another reason to keep going.

"Alright, I think next we shou—"

"Wait! Someone, I beg of you!" An outcry caused us to pause, seeing yet another person roughly a block away. "Help us! Please!"

That's my queue.

"I'll handle this, you go support Sandersonia," I instructed Marigold, hastily racing ahead toward the distress.

Quickly weaving through the torn-up roads, it didn't take me long to reach their location.

On arrival, I was greeted by a young man with short green hair and brown eyes, trying to pull a blonde-haired woman from under some rubble. He sported a blue sleeveless dress and was presently barefoot.

The individual looked up trepidatiously.

"Don't worry, I'm here to help."

And with that, I pushed the rubble off and I moved the unconscious woman out of harm's way. All that training has started to truly show its worth.

Only a second later did he reach out and hold the woman close. It was touching to see the relief appearing on his face.

"She's unconscious and somewhat hurt, but other than that she'll be alright."

One Piece's silliness will heal her eventually, considering mending broken bones are well within its repertoire.

"What is your name?" The green-haired man implored, keeping the woman in his arms. "...please."

I frowned a bit, though ultimately didn't see the issue with the question and relented.

"Avery Henry."

He smiled graciously.

"Avery Henry...from the bottom of my heart, thank you." Tears formed in his eyes. "I'll never forget this...never."

The green-haired man who appeared to be in their twenties then ran off and carried the other slave, keen on escaping this hellhole.

Curiously, I used the [Observe] skill on them.

Stella, [Slave]
(13/30 [Unconscious])

Gild Tesoro, [Slave]


'I don't know who they are, just like the others.' I thought inquisitively. 'At least they'll be alright from now on.'

"Henry!" Sandersonia rushed over with Marigold, "If you want this 'Koala' person saved then we must do it quickly!"

She's right — we've done enough as it is. The longer we linger, the more our chances of escaping decrease.

My eyebrows furrowed as I nodded, turning towards the direction where Rosward's home resided.

"Alright, follow me!"

Hopefully, Koala will still be there...for all of our sakes.

Domain Of The Gods, Mariejois

Skill Level Up!

Sneak Lv. (2/50) → (3/50)

Skill Level Up!

Running Lv. (6/10) → (7/10)

I stealthily dipped into an alley, eluding the gunshots being fired onto the street.

It's obvious that once we reached the Residential District, a sharper increase of guards was to be found. They're likely evacuating the nobles and getting them away from the madness occurring everywhere.

'And we're trying to break into one of their houses.' As if the thought could make the entire situation any more insane.

The two Boa siblings are currently going on a rampage, ripping through the guards, and swerving around anything else thrown their way.

Now that's [Observation Haki] at its finest.

I'm fairly certain Sandersonia is launching poison around too. Those poor bastards never stood an inkling of a chance.

"Kill the monsters and don't let those animals escape!"

"Aye Captain!"

I frowned at the proclamation, dashing down the passage to witness the commotion. A few guards moved to flank the sisters from behind with spears and swords in their hands.

Yeah...not gonna happen.

The blade Regi provided was quickly unsheathed as I'm dashing after them. There's no time to react from the first victim's position, swinging my blade and slashing at their exposed neck.

-64 HP[Sneak Attack Critical!] (6/70)

Blood splattered onto my tattered clothes, but I committed to the action, and ended the person's pitiful existence.

-6 HP (0/70)

The three other guards seemed to finally detect me at last. Sadly, it was too late and I'm already striking again, aiming at the one with the spear.

"DIE!" I bellowed, seeking to strike them at the same spot as the previous scumbag.

-48 HP (22/70)

The wound isn't as deep as the previous one, but it at least got them out of the commission. Either way, hearing the gurgling scream while they dropped to the ground was worth every second.

It's exhilarating being able to kill these mongrels.

"You animal..." One of them uttered, who was clearly outraged. "How dare you!"


It seems that all these damned people are the same.

"I'm not here for your little superiority nonsense," I glared at the two, the fury on my face growing more pronounced. "I'm here to slaughter you fuckers!"

Without wasting any more time, I lunged with the sword aiming at the slightly more colorful guard.

They diverted the blow with their own blade and I'm forced to step back away from the other one's spear thrust.

It was there when I locked swords with the multicolored guard and an idea formed.

Perhaps recklessly, I combined the usage of [Adrenaline Boost] and the [Running] skill.

The unexpected strength and speed boost allows myself to stagger the person, slashing their exposed arm. Whilst the increase in strength is rather small, it still surprised them.

Skill Level Up!

Sword Mastery: One Sword Style Lv. (5/50) → (6/50)

I would've smirked at this point, but noticed the amount of damage I've achieved through health points elicited a grimace.

-18 HP (102/120)


-9 HP (44/90)

The supposed captain immediately cuts me on the thigh, relentlessly attempting to slash anywhere.

Through solely the training against combating stronger opponents, I've slammed a foot into their abdomen and used the opportunity to stab their own leg.

-35 HP (77/120)

-6 HP (38/90)

Before any more opportunities could be taken, a spear graced the right leg and I stumbled, though hurriedly recovering my footing.

"To think an animal is giving us some trouble," The captain spit out blood. "You dirty varmint."

I scowled at him, letting the fury in me take the wheel, and bombarded the man viciously. He blocked the blows with his blade until I used the same strategy as before and lashed out at their torso.

-16 HP (61/120)

Fighting two of them at the same time is getting frustrating. I need a way to defend myself from the other one while still being capable of attacking.

I circled around to dodge a spear thrust, leaping backward and gaining some distance.

My right leg bumped into the already dead guard, watching their body turn gave me an idea.

The blade from the deceased combatant was picked up and I swung it with my left hand a few times to feel its weight.

New Skill Gained!
Sword Mastery: Two Sword Style Lv.
The user's aptitude in wielding dual blades.

I grinned maniacally.

Feinting a charge at the captain, I spun and stabbed at the spearman, tearing through their meager amounts of armor.

-18 HP (42/60)

They blundered in maintaining their stance and were pushed back, presenting me the chance to pounce in with a flurry of attacks.


-15 HP (27/60)


-11 HP (16/60)


-16 HP (0/60)

He was down, but I'm not quite finished yet.

I didn't care about the stunned expression on the last one's face, only racing with swiftness bestowed with the [Running] skill.

-31 HP (46/120)

The initial shock offered me the moment required to sink the sword into them and cleave their head off with a liberal use of [Adrenaline Boost].

-46 HP (0/120)

That weakling of a captain's miserable life had finally reached its end.

Skill Level Up!

Sword Mastery Lv. (4/200) → (5/200)

A minuscule increase in both my skills and body, though that's enough for me to sigh.

"That was longer than I expected," I expressed, feeling the faint indications of exhaustion in every breath. "At least these assholes are dead."

If I get to eradicate more of these filthy dogs, then I'll be a happy man.

Now where exactly did Sandersonia and Marigold run off to after the fighting?

A gunshot went off from immediately behind me and someone on the ground dropped an object from the corner of my eye.

"Watch where you're fighting, human." A deep melancholic individual spoke under the sound of something snapping into place. "This one was about to shoot you."

My gaze peered at the now dead guard, the same person who had their neck slit.

Dammit, I forgot about that guy.

He wasn't moving much before, so I thought he'd bleed out.

I smiled gratefully, turning towards the figure who saved me from potentially dying.

"Thanks for..." My voice delayed itself as I'm eventually able to see them in full. "...the save."

Maybe I should've been extremely surprised, but considering that we were practically in the thick of everything, this wasn't too much of a jaw-dropper.

The person didn't have a shirt on, revealing a muscular chest, a very familiar tattoo, and black pants with sandals. The most visible addition was a coat that hung from their shoulders like a cape.

Fisher 'The Adventurer' Tiger, [Sun Pirate]

That has to be the first ever title of someone [Observe] captured and I thought Jinbe was the strongest Fishman currently.

'I still can't understand why are the Sun Pirates even here?' I raised an eyebrow, still questioning what this development will entail. 'I don't remember him being something like that this early...'

The crew's creation being so premature was bizarre nor did I comprehend why he's extremely powerful. Perhaps Fisher Tiger was always like this or the changes I've made were already having drastic effects.

Nonetheless, those thoughts were shrugged off, opting to talk to the man instead.

"Hey, I just wanted to—"

"Leave and escape, human." He immediately scowled, taking a second to glance at me. "I don't want your thanks."

An expected response, but that won't prevent me from communicating what I desire.

"Let me just say one thing," I waited for him to look back and pay attention. "If you ever get out of this place, get into contact with the Revolutionary Army, they'll be your best bet."

If I failed here then at least the backup plan could succeed.

The Sun Pirate's captain appeared confused, but I can tell the man understood what I'm implying. He's thinking about the offer and that's all I need to know.

"Thanks for everything!" I shouted, running off to where the sisters could potentially be. "And don't you dare forget about what I said!"

I've done everything that can be done, maybe it's time to let it all play out for now.

That's when I saw Marigold and Sandersonia up ahead — they seemed already to be waiting for me. The siblings were focused, even with blood staining each of their hands since we all knew to hurry up.

Time was still ticking after all.

Near Pangaea Castle, Mariejois


I dashed forward, carefully avoiding those who were running in the opposite way. The sounds of eruptions are gradually getting closer as I'm approaching the destination.

"Stop you anim—!"

There's no time to react on the guards' end. I whirled around them, grabbed them by the head tightly, and crushed their neck with the newfound ability of mine in one swift motion.

"Thanks for the sword!" Fortunately for me, the dead man doesn't reply as I'm seizing the sheathed blade.

Nothing like some good ol' robbing.

My eyes periodically flickered down at both hands, clutching them in confusion.

I'm still not sure how I got the bombs off of those siblings and Henry or even myself, but I've made the impossible somehow happen.

All because of one word.

"Haki..." I murmured, unsure if I'm pronouncing it right.

Apparently, that's the name both of them are under — asking Hancock for a more thorough answer was eye-opening. I'm aware of this 'Armament Haki', though to think the tingly sensation was 'Observation' is something I should've put together sooner.

I remember leaping into a pool before becoming a slave just to see if I had accidentally eaten a Devil Fruit. When the story was told to Henry, he called me a madman.

After all the crazy shit I've done, maybe I am...just a little.

"Here it is," I sighed, coming to a halt whilst looking onward and hugging the wall.

The building was mostly all white with black strips covering the foundation. However, none of that mattered when I saw a gigantic egg being held up on the rooftop.

This is the place.

'It's bigger than I remembered,' Presumably because I haven't seen the area in many years.

The protection around the perimeter was light and it's making me wonder if they're diverting their forces to combat the Fishman invasion.

Both of my eyes closed and I reached out with the sixth sense. It felt like passing through a jungle at first, though the more focus the lights began narrowing down.

A figure then propped up into appearance like a diamond in the rough. The acquainted presence on the second floor was exhausted and tired, but generally fine.

"Found ya, Hancock."

It was more challenging than normal, presumably due to them wearing seastone cuffs.

Now at this point, I'd normally take the stealth approach, but because of the chaos and time constraints, I think generating a little destruction won't hurt.

So with that, I jumped up to where I felt they were holding her and threw a punch, shattering through the wall.

"I think we'll need to —AGHHGHGHH!"

"What the hell?!"


Slicing through the supposed scientist, I stayed calm while bullets zoomed by my head — I've learned through experience that 'Observation Haki' doesn't work without doing so.

Eventually, after taking out all the garbage, my target was before me.

"Regi..." I smiled hearing Hancock's voice, though seeing a dozen or so other people each strapped up to a chair was strange.

Sadly for them, I just don't give a damn about their predicament. They'll die here while I'll live, that's what fate has decided.

She seemed delighted that I'd arrived, though once I stood in front of her, the girl's confusion became evident.

"It's made of seastone," The child explained. "You'll need a key."

"Obviously it is, they wouldn't take the chances on you getting out if this thing wasn't." Then I smirked, "And don't worry about the key part, just still stay still while I free you."

I focused on that feeling from before, visualizing myself ripping through the stone from the inside like previously. The pain of possibly being unable to protect Henry fueled my anger and drive.

Then a familiar crack formed, and using the momentum, I tore through the rest of them without halting. I'm gradually getting better at this whole 'destroying from the inside' thing.

The black-haired teen stood up, stretching and dusting herself off. I'm sure that finally getting your full strength back was alleviating.

Of course, that's when she asked the most immediate question.

"Where are my sisters and Henry?"

"They'll be fine, they're waiting for us by the gate." Or I'll track 'em down and give them the biggest whooping they've ever felt.

A win-win scenario in my book.

"Hey! Can't you save us too!" One of the lab rats looked at me contemplatively and started shaking in their chains. "We can't get out!"

"They're right!"

"Please help!"

"I beg of you!"

It's like a damned domino effect with these people.

"Regi..." Hancock looked at me, then back at the other prisoners."...Shouldn't we?"

I let out a deep sigh.

"Sorry kid, we can't save everyone." Time was of the essence and we were running out of it. "Fate shall let us see the sun, wasting that opportunity would be idiotic."

Despite appearing conflicted, Hancock reacted with a nod, understanding the reason.

"What in the blazes happened here?!" A voice shouted rather distortedly.

You've got to be kidding me...

My snarl made itself known as I'm turning towards the person...or I at least thought it was.

"The hell are you supposed to be?" I questioned, perplexed about their appearance.

They're some sort of small mechanical creature, similar in size to a young child. Its head is shaped like an egg with two appendages on top resembling rabbit ears or a power plug, and eyes bulging out of an opening in the front. The most prominent thing I recognized is the number three branded on its forehead.

"I am Vegapunk!" The little robotic thing exclaimed, appearing a bit disoriented. "You...why would you kill all these peo—?!"

My blade sliced through the air, letting the crescent aura strike his torso, and send him flying rearwards. If this was Vegapunk in some bizarre way, then there's no way I'm not taking this asshole down right here!

"Gihihihihi! I just took down Doct—"

And that's all I could state before my Observation Haki screamed a single command.


Without hesitation, I grabbed the brat while jumping out the busted wall and avoided the sickle of air that passed by my previous spot. The attacks cleaved through the wall and slammed into multiple lamp posts outside like it was nothing, letting them fall to the ground.

Another near-death experience.

"How interesting...a slave running towards the commotion?" A voice spoke, before revealing themselves by coming down to the pavement. "Now that's odd."

The figure leaped down to the pavement while I held my breath.

She was evidently young with short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, red lipstick, and red-painted fingernails. Her attire consisted of a uniform made of a black dress with a pink necktie, a dark matching cape, and gloves. They also don fishnet stockings with fluffy rims and a garter belt.

No...it couldn't be.

'But that's impossible…' I paled, taking a few steps backward. 'Miss Stussy?! Here of all places?!'

There's no mistaking who this person was. It's the same woman who'd do anything to get into Newgate's pants.

And yet, after all these years, she appeared as if not a day has gone by.

What in the world is going on?

Today's just getting more and more insane!

"Who the hell are you?!" I asked, trying my best to keep some sort of composure.

"It matters not who I am," The frigid tone in her voice suggests to me that she isn't pleased. "Your damage towards a renowned World Government affiliate shall not go unpunished."

I snapped.

"Oh? So you're a government dog now, Stussy?" The grip on my blade tightened. "I should've known a wannabe scientist like you would bend the knee."

She raised an eyebrow, appearing slightly confused, but quickly composed herself.

"As I've said, your harm against Vegapunk is beyond unacceptable." Her amused facade changed into a more unnerving one. "You'll pay dearly for that."

This bitch...she's a traitor to all true Pirates for giving in to the World Government! I should kill her right here!

Although, it seems someone else is about to emerge and have other things to say.

"Hey! What gives!" A horned man appeared by leaping from the open wall and turned to the Cipher Pol agent, clearly aggravated. "This was going to be my fight, so you can bug off!"

She glanced at him like he was nothing more than a fly, and compared to her, he probably is.

"My job is to protect Doctor Vegapunk, Who's-Who." The blonde-haired woman said with an eerie amount of calmness to it. "Are you trying to stop me from my job which was approved by the Five Elders?"

That shut the man up, but he still turned to scrutinize Hancock.

"What about grabbing this dark-haired one? I don't know what the things Devil Fruit is, but I'm betting that it's dangerous if Vegapunk wanted it."

She frowned deeply, clearly contemplating, and annoyed at the man.

"As long as it does not impede me from my job, then do whatever you wish."

They faced us — one with bloodlust and the other showing conviction.

"Clashing against two monsters, huh?" I grinned, sinking my Haki into the bloodied sword. "Fate sure likes to be a comedian."

Is this how you felt, captain? When Garp and Roger teamed up against you?

The teen lifted her leg in some sort of battle stance and the individual known as 'Who's-Who' positioned his right hand to where solely the pointer finger was sticking out.

There's no escaping two deadly Cipher Pol agents.

So as the tension between the four of us unwound, I glanced at Hancock and she peeked back determinedly.

We both understood the ultimate objective from our own personal perspectives.

'There's no way I'm not fighting with every fiber in these old bones until I've laid eyes on it.' My body tensed, fuming with determination. 'I promised you that we'll see it together...kid.'

The sun awaits us both.

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Well…that escalated quickly.

The Chad Regi barely knows anything about Haki and yet he's pulling off some advanced shit.

That's funny as hell.

So in the previous two chapters, my goat Buggy D Clown said he wanted to get One Piece, and we're finally going to learn what happened during the Reverie soon with Imu's sudden appearance.

Oda is dropping bangers after bangers.

Random Question: What is your favorite One Piece moment of all time?

Mine is when Jinbe stood up against Big Mom, even while she was using her Conqueror's Haki with the intention to steal his soul. The dude didn't flinch whatsoever, saying that he was going to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Peak moment.