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He yawned, watching the first commander grab a few drunken crewmates and drag them into the infirmary. After all these years, there's been no sign of the fruit anywhere, but he was a patient man, waiting is how he's lasted so long. Either way, the others leaving meant more cherry pie for him.

Near Pangaea Castle, Mariejois

I remained unyielding while staring vacantly at the gigantic building in the distance, blood dripping down to the rubble. The echoes of rage had dwindled, concealing itself deep within my psyche.

Never have I felt such anger before, but here I am now.

For unlocking your Conqueror's Haki, you've gained +10 WIL!

You Have Reached 10 WIL!
A Perk Can Be Chosen!

With a quick thought, the screens are mentally wiped the screen away, shelving those things for later just like the others.

My eyes glossed over the flames as they almost immediately returned to their previous state, if not being more vibrant. Most of the people were unconscious, their wills incapable of staving off my own.

"A filthy human did that…" A shocked voice exclaimed, hints of fear lingering within their tone.


I turned towards the people, a hint of some recollection bubbled within me, and a quick use of [Observe] confirmed it as such.

Aladine, [Slave]

Arlong, [Sun Pirate]

Kuroobi, [Sun Pirate]

My gaze surveyed all of them as they stared back. Alarm, bewilderment, and hesitancy were evident on their faces. I'm trying to decide whether to say something or just continue watching.

If I had been in their positions, future knowledge or not, I'd be feeling rather startled.

"–igold, is s-she out li-like the o-others?" I heard Sandersonia speak, stuttering a bit with some of the words.

Ah, the sisters…crap.

"She became unconscious th-the second it happened," I could just touch the apprehension in her voice.

Koala being unable to handle the pressure is understandable, if a bit irritating. She's a child who has been seriously traumatized by the Celestial Dragons.

Another justification on the checklist for all of them to be slaughtered.

"Henry," I tensed somewhat at my name being called. "What did you do?"

Hancock was just ogling me as if she'd seen a ghost. With a quick side-eye, I scanned the Fishman again, seeing them still watching me with bated breath. It's akin to watching a lab rat undergoing and executing a world-breaking revelation.

Gosh…this is awkward.

"Hey, uh, we should all get out of here." I ignored the question, briskly trekking down to where the others were — still silence from all of them.

I figured that'd be the retort.

Both legs felt numb, just like the rest of my body was feeling.

The rubble is making it hard to—

"It's okay, I got you," Hancock murmured and I let out a deep breath, noting that the Kuja was giving me some support with her shoulder.

She's gentle, moving her finger to avoid the wounded areas.

"We should patch you and Regi up, there's still—"

"NO!" I hissed, causing her to flinch and release the hand momentarily. "I'm sorry, Hancock…but I can't do that."

My back immediately straightened itself, allowing myself to stand tall regardless of the pain.

"As long as I'm on this land…I will never sleep again."

It's something I'll hold dear to me, situation and arrogance be tossed aside. As if I'd allow that to happen after everything.

"We don't have time for it anyway," I groaned, walking down to the pavement. "The old man isn't even moving, but I know damn well he'd say the same thing."

An unspoken request on my end.

I knew many things were running through Hancock's and her sister's minds. My little speech and Haki explosion are a large part of that. However, we're still in enemy territory, and fleeing should take precedence.

Everything else can come after that.

She tightened her fist into a ball and I could see the Kuja's frustration coming to the forefront.

"Fine. Have it your way."

I sighed, knowing that I'll be able to—

"Doesn't mean I can't carry you," She quickly interjected my thoughts. "You're too slow, Henry."

Normally I'd be opposed to such a proposition, and yet, a groan from Regi only compelled me to accept the terms. This wasn't the place for persisting arguments at all.

"What about them?" Marigold questioned, pointing out the groups in the distance.

A few people and Fishmen were lying on the ground, their bodies immobile. If they're recaptured, then it's purely my fault. Arlong and his posse didn't wish to engage us, more so focused on their brethren, though the 'Aladine' fellow wasn't discriminating between any individuals.

'I'll come back...I promise.' And when everything is finished, they'll be able to live normally. It felt horrible and made me sick to my stomach, but that's all I could do. 'I'll come back and kill them all.'

Eight hundred-year-old prophecies be damned.

"Let the Fishmen handle it," Hancock replied, grabbing my arm and wrapping it around her neck. "You two move ahead, I'll be in the back."

They nodded and we raced off before I could get a word in.

The area around sped up as I witnessed Sandersonia and Marigold transforming into their hybrid states. One of them picked up Koala while the other carried the cart with the old man resting atop it.

Boa Sandersonia, [Slave]
(176/260) → (236/320) [Hybrid Form])

Boa Marigold, [Slave]
(195/220) → (255/280) [Hybrid-Form])

I'm stupid for not using [Observe] when they're like this sooner, but my drowsiness was already beyond its limit and I ought to keep pushing onwards.

We had the wind on our backs and I peeked over the future pirate empress to look at the old man. He was in horrible condition, especially around his facial area. At least the blood wasn't spewing out everywhere.

"I'm going to kill that bitch," I gritted my teeth, remembering Vegapunk's little spy. Undercover agent or not, I'll have her lifeless on the floor someday.

Hancock didn't have anything to say about that, her eyes fixated on watching the others closely in front.

It's time to get the hell out of here.

Beyond The Celestial Dragon's Gate, Mariejois

The Boa siblings leaped from building to building. My hand gripped tightly onto Hancock's right shoulder.

It's honestly embarrassing to be held around in such a way. With each passing moment, my pride stung, but I'll endure long enough until the coast is clear. At least I took the opportunity to hide the Celestial Dragon's gun and holster in the [Inventory].

We decided — more like they did — that it'd be faster to avoid all the rubble on the roads by jumping around. The siblings took a few moments to ensure the bleeding had stopped from both Regi and I, though just enough that it wouldn't be life-threatening in the near future. Frankly, I'm surprised they could do this while still carrying the cart holding the old man in it so casually.

Kuja training must be no joke. Although, I still found it amusing seeing them in their hybrid forms jumping around — an odd site.

"That's a lot of people running," Marigold stated as the crowd of stampeding slaves drew nearer. "Let's avoid them by going through the ruins around the side and then slip down the stairs."

"Good thinking, Mari," Hancock remarked and I nodded at the improvised plan.

Koala was still unconscious in Sandersonia's arms as we slipped past the mass gathering. The closer we got, the more chaotic everything seemed to be. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if some slaves were trampled over or even outright killed.

How exactly did it all play out originally?

"Nyuu~ This way everyone! The Bondolas still have plenty of space!" An octopus Fishman that has eight appendages, pinkish skin, and gray hair molded into five spikes blurted out from down the stairs.

The sisters heeded the call and zoomed past the mob, running down the steps, and sidestepping around into anyone with ease until we were near the bottom.

I turned my head slightly, noticing Hancock carefully observing the Fishman with determination as she slowed down. She'd been fairly distracted looking at the Sun Pirates and mercenaries that passed by, though I'm not certain why that's the case. Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with a little nudging.

"Maybe you should ask if he knows any ships that could head towards your home?" I gently whispered the suggestion, even knowing the chances of that happening were low. "Or at the very least someone who can get you close."

Perhaps my memories are still a bit hazy, but I distinctly remember Hachi being good friends with the Dark King Rayleigh. I'm not sure if they've met at this point, however, the Fishman did not bear any hatred towards humans…hopefully.

Hatchan, [Sun Pirate]

'So I was right, it is him.' I sighed, discomfort creeping itself into the forefront of my thoughts. 'Please don't let this be an alternate timeline...'

The future empress slowed down in her running, ostensibly thinking about the recommendation.

"Mari...Sonia!" She called out. "Wait a few moments and hold him for me."

With that, the siblings had stopped albeit understandably confused in doing so. Marigold cautiously set down the cart that had Regi in it, taking me out of Hancock's hands.

The teen hastily strode with vigilance, moving away from us, but with the same relentless aura. As expected from a Conqueror's Haki user.

"Are you in pain, Henry?" Marigold asked somewhat worriedly.

"Everything still hurts," I chuckled awkwardly.

I might've been patched up a bit, but it's a rushed job, especially knowing Regi is much worse off.

"I'll get through it...like I know the old man will." He was stuck here for twenty years, he's not going out just yet. The years of isolation and being branded as garbage must've taken a toll, whether he likes to admit it or not. "If the old idiot dies somehow, I'll drag him back from the pits of hell out through pure spite alone."

Marigold merely hummed and I presumed that I'd provided a sufficient enough answer. Sandersonia, on the other hand, appeared distraught from my perspective. The green-haired teen was jittery and I could only imagine it had been due to my outburst not too long ago.

All the more reason to explain myself once the time is right. Letting things fester will just leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

"She's alive..." Hancock stated in awe, returning from her side trip. "I can't believe it…"

"Who's alive?"

"The former empress of my people," She muttered, wrapping my arm around her shoulder as she'd done before. "Her name was Shakuyaku and I honestly believed she was dead after leaving so suddenly...or so the elders say."

The younger siblings were stunned, though I feigned confusion and mild comprehension. Everything now made sense with my knowledge and a sprinkle of surprise.

Hachi somehow already knew Shakky at this point and about her people. They likely met through Rayleigh. Having thought that, I'm not certain how the Dark King and Octopus Fishman met either.

There's no use in dwelling on such things, there are more important matters to adhere to.

"We'll head to Sabaody Archipelago, he wrote down a few notes here and this supposed 'Vivre Card'." Hancock unruffled a small piece of paper with her other arm. "Sabaody Archipelago...Grove 13...Shakky's Rip-Off Bar."

"That's good and all, though perhaps it's best we should worry about this stuff once we've actually escaped." Maybe it's because I learned this stuff with my foreknowledge, but I just can't wait here while like this.

"Time to go then," She affirmed, and were running as per usual.

We avoided any sort of obstacle that could obstruct our path from reaching the Bondolas. The trip was brief — as it should be with who is around and currently carrying me — and we entered the strange elevator-like contraption without much of a fuss.

I don't recall much about these machines, but I did remember that before the Reverie only the top portion was shown, not the interior.

The view outside the window is stunning, with the expansive white clouds that stretch for miles and miles like it's never-ending. The Bondola is packed with people, some of whom are having loud conversations and others who are lost in their own little space.

The atmosphere is buzzing with both exhaustion and relief.

"Heso! Hey, you over there!" An older woman happily shuffled around a few other slaves to pause in front of Sandersonia. "You're the girl that helped me get the rubble off of my back! I'm beyond grateful for what you did!"

She was feeble, maybe a little older than Regi, her delicate frame showing signs of the passing years. A fine network of wrinkles adorns her face, etching both glee and sadness. On her back is a pair of small wings — not certain if they'd be capable of gliding or even flying for short distances, as it's never been shown anywhere in the series. They also have fair skin, distinctive pointed ears, and bright blonde hair. Their eye color is bright blue despite the darkness in the room.

Alessia, [Slave]

An unknown.


"Oh, are these your friends?" She questioned as I focused back on the conversation, lost in thought for a brief period.

"Only he is," Sandersonia pointed at me with a thumb then towards her sisters. "They're my siblings."

I can't help but notice the older woman's watchful regard. Her furrowed brow and wide-eyed stare give her a sense of wonder and curiosity that is almost palpable. Even though she might be a little out of place among us younger people, there is a sense of yearning in the way she's surveying us.

What an odd person.

"Are you still planning on going home, Miss, or...umm...Missus Alessia?"

"It's miss," She corrected with a small chuckle. "And yes...I plan on heading back to Skypiea."

Now that's a very familiar name.

It adds more context to how she has those wings.

"I was only captured about two years ago, but perhaps it's time for me to steer back home. My journeys of five years can finally come to a close with my life still intact." Alessia sighed, clearly saddened about the mishaps her voyage bore. "At least now I can go see my husband and daughter..."

The woman I now saw looked so broken. It's as if her heart had been shattered into a thousand pieces. I can sense misery through her eyes, which have a look of utter desperation and sorrow. Her body was hunched over and she shifted slowly. There's a deep sense of loss about her that hits me hard even from a distance.

"I just wanted to escape the fighting."

For a moment, I saw their faces soften, and her eyes filled with sadness. Then, like a switch had been flipped, their gaze hardened and she looked back up at us.


I thought about the Skypiea arc for a moment, trying to reminisce if there were opposing factions. Be that as it may, I could merely recall that there were two or possibly three different coalitions battling each other for an island of dirt — something along those lines. Enel and the Straw Hats played a large role within the grand scheme as well.

"Oh dear...what happened to both of you?" She glanced between myself and Regi, apparently noticing our conditions.

"We got caught up in a small scuffle." My lips twisted upwards bitterly. "It wasn't a big deal."

"Those injuries don't look like that to me," The older woman said worriedly. "I'll pray to Sun God Nika for your quick recovery."

I smiled, masquerading a hint of annoyance at the so-called 'God' being mentioned.

"If you must."

She seemed to accept the answer.

"If any of you ever visit Skypiea, be sure to head for Angel Island." Alessia beamed, glimpsing at each of us. "I'll be quite the famous woman once you reach there with my storytelling."

"Perhaps someday," Sandersonia nodded and I wholeheartedly agreed.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of sky islands.

They seemed so mythical and magical.

The thought of standing on a tiny piece of land that floats so high above the ground is almost too much to comprehend. It must be a breathtaking view from up there, with nothing below but an endless white sea. The thought of being able to see everything from that far up is captivating.

"Look..." Marigold gasped, jostling my attention, and I turned toward the way she was staring.

A diminutive fuzzy light appeared in the far distance, like a shimmering star reaching its hand out towards the planet.

I felt it in my bones.

It was time.

As the Bondola increases its speed of descent, I can't help but notice the excitement bubbling up inside me. The anticipation for what awaits my eyes outside the metal doors is almost overwhelming. The soft hum of the machinery fills the air, a comforting reminder that this journey is real.

We gradually move downwards and I find myself stealing glances at the people around me. Some are engrossed with each other or lost in their own thoughts, unaware of the beauty about to unfold. But there are a few like me, like the sisters, whose faces lit up with anticipation, their eyes fixed on the outside.

The glow seems to inch up as if urging us to hurry and witness the spectacle that awaits. I shift my position slightly, trying to catch a glimpse of the horizon through the small opening between the ocean floor and the sky. The golden rays peeked through the gaps, creating a warm atmosphere that felt inviting and serene.

Lost in my thoughts, I visualized the view that awaited me. A blend of pastel hues and canvas painted by nature itself. The vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples merge seamlessly, promising a breathtaking sight that will stay etched in my memory forever.

Eventually, as the Bondola reached the midway point, the sunrise unveiled itself in all its glory. The sky is ablaze with radiant colors, casting a magical glow on the landscape below. The diminutive-sized town below came alive with a new energy, bathed in the gentle light of the rising sun.

I take a few steps forward, my heart uplifted by the sheer beauty before me. The crisp morning air fills my lungs through the vents, invigorating me against all else. I take a moment to pause, absorbing the tranquility and serenity that the sunrise carried.

In this fast-paced planet of Haki monsters and Devil Fruits, it's instances like these that remind me to slow down, appreciate the beauty of the world, and find joy in the simplest of things.

"The sun is incredible, old man," I mumbled next to him, leaning against the glass window of the Bondola with a hand. "I just hope you'll be able to see it soon."

There was no response on his end, as expected, but that's not what I cared about. Sometimes things just ought to be spoken, regardless of what was gleaned from the reciprocate.

Hancock kept a firm grasp on my right arm, unwilling to let it leave from around her neck. Despite that, I saw it more as a gesture of reassurance.

I let in a deep breath, savoring the chilly air as it filled me. With each inhale, my body relaxed despite the discomfort, and I could discern the tension temporarily melting away with each exhale. I allowed my mind to roam, letting go of the clutter in my head and embracing the present moment.

How mesmerizing.

Red Port, Paradise

I've severely underestimated Fisher Tiger's coordination skills.

Perhaps I'd become a bit complacent at the timeline staying somewhat the same concerning the raid on Mariejois, but this is exceeding beyond what I'd anticipated.

The Sun Pirates have created a blockade around the docks and seemingly kept all residences from leaving at all.

Horned Snail, [Transponder Snail]

I have no idea what those snails do, but they're everywhere.

An unknown Fishman was calling out and pointing toward the docks while another was yelling about something else, though I was unable to hear as we weren't close enough yet.

I often overlook it, but this place is an extremely prominent location in the One Piece cosmos, serving as a vital gateway for ships entering and leaving two different portions of the Grand Line. It's situated right at the midpoint of the planet's most dangerous and unpredictable sea.

My lips flattened, remembering the true cause of this absurdity.

Fisher Tiger was meant to have scaled the Red Line with his bare hands and freed many slaves single-handedly. I'm unsure what the man's bounty was previously, but once word gets out that he had been behind this daring attack, it's going to be significantly higher. The World Government can't throw this one under the rug when there are so many witnesses.

The Red Port, or whatever the hell this place was, is surprisingly still somewhat intact.

Buildings that had clearly been set ablaze were long since put out. The pillars of smoke into the sky are scarce, akin to the muffled sounds of terrified echoes and screams through the streets. The pirates appeared to be less engaged in fierce battles and more concerned about keeping citizens away, while the slaves escaped by stealing random boats. People could still be seen scrambling to find safety, seeking refuge in any available hiding spots, or simply barricading themselves inside their homes.

The Sun Pirates have long since won and had this place on lockdown.

A creaking sound caused me to grab the handrail. There is a tense sensation in the air, as the Bondola comes to a sudden halt before settling into place.

As soon as the doors slid open, pandemonium ensued.

Everyone ran out akin to a zombie horde, their footsteps pounded against the ground with a mixture of fear and determination. The air filled with a clamor of the echoing cries of freedom, as the resounding yells of longing for liberation permeated the atmosphere.

The collective voices carried the weight of centuries of oppression, as they shouted with a mix of urgency and hope, aware that their lives were on the line. The piercing bellows embodied the pent-up frustration and suffering, reverberating through the night as a piercing outcry against the injustice they had endured.

Amidst the chaos, there were shouts of encouragement, as the Fishmen stationed nearby offered words of support to the escapees.

"Hold on Henry, we're going to jump onto the roof again to get by quicker," Hancock instructed, and I felt myself getting back into a familiar position.

As I was dragged through the dock, sweat dripped from my brow, and I turned slightly towards one of the sisters. Somehow Koala is still unconscious, though given that she's a child it's understandable.

"Over there, I see an empty boat!" Sandersonia pointed out and we slightly adjusted our course, skillfully navigating to it.

It looked a lot like Sanji's boat — a little bigger, maybe. Luckily, nobody seemed to have stolen it quite yet, so we're in the clear. Hancock jumps down by the railing, allowing me to cling onto it for support. My back leaned more into it, giving myself a small period of rest.

"I'll be fine out here, go help the other two." I smiled gently, watching her grow more agitated. "I'm already patched up a bit, Regi is in dire need of medical attention."

She stared directly into my very soul and then left without a word. I instinctually winced, but kept quiet while two of them carried the old man and Koala indoors. I've taken the initiative far more than I'd liked. It's only fair after what had happened that she and her sisters get some sort of answer.

Before long, we're already sailing off, just like the rest of the many ships around. You'd think there'd be a war going on with so many of us.

The boat pressed onwards and sailed through the calm waters, a soft creaking of wood harmonized with the soothing lull of the waves, creating a serene symphony that resonated with the tranquility of the moment. The occasional splash of water against the sides reminds everyone of their surroundings, grounding us in the reality of this situation.

We'd escaped.

Obviously not unscathed, but we made it past all the insanity with our lives intact. After all that hell, screaming, and torment...it's behind us.

Just one more time…I stood tall, even letting Hancock's deadly gaze through the boat's front window subside with a little gesture.

The widest grin that I could muster became etched onto me like an immovable statue. My eyes locked on the endless ocean and the rising sun. In these few seconds, every ounce of pain had vanished, substituting the little strength I had left.

My arms stretched open like I was attempting to embrace the universe itself. Everything slowed down and it appeared to go on forever. A fierce determination roared from within, making me feel unstoppable.

One day I will be...but for now, I'll savor this moment.

Quest Complete:
Escape The Holy Land

+5 to all stats
+5 to [Resistance: Physical]
+New Title: Survivor

You Have Reached 10 VIT!
A Perk Can Be Chosen!

You Have Reached 10 DEX!
A Perk Can Be Chosen!


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End of the Slave Arc.

Yeeesss...Henry, spread those arms like Eren Yeager. The world is now opening up and he's taking his first steps out.

Poor Queen Otohime, the PR between Fishmen and Humans just got worse than it already had been.

Fun fact: Rayleigh and Hatchan met 6 years before Fisher Tiger's attack. I thought it'd make sense for The Dark King to give him a Vivre Card after saving his life.

Random Question: Who's backstory are you most interested to see?

Personally, I want to know what made Akainu such an extremist. I'm betting on it having to do with the Rocks Pirates.

Avery Henry

(HP: 140/140)

Age: 15
Race: Human

STR: 15
VIT: 14
DEX: 14
WIL: 22

[God Slayer]


[Note: For the user to gain a title's ability, they must be equipped with it and are only allowed to use one at a time.]

Decreases STR, VIT, DEX, and skill gain by 75%.

A permanent slave brand imprint of the World Nobles.

[Adrenaline Boost I]
Your STR can be temporarily enhanced by 15% three times a day.

[Conqueror's Haki]
The user possesses the disposition to stand above all.

[2 Perk Point Upgrades Are In Reserve.]
[DEX, VIT, and WIL Stats Have 1 Perk Choice Currently Available.]

[Observe - Lv. MAX]
The user's ability to gauge one's HP, Status, and Title.

[Running - Lv. (7/10)]
The user's ability to dash at full speed.
Current increase to DEX is 70%.

[Sneak - Lv. (3/50)]
Hides your presence according to the level of the skill and the awareness of others.

[Resistance: Physical - Lv. (13/90)]
Decrease all physical damage by 13%.

[Physical Conditioning - Lv. (5/10)]
Improves the rate at which your Strength, Vitality, and Dexterity increase during training by 15%.

[Bloodlust - Lv. (8/50)]
The user projects the desire to kill, maim, or harm in any capacity.

[Sword Mastery - Lv. (5/200)]
The proficiency and understanding of swordsmanship.
Increases the user's physical stats by 5% when fighting with a sword.

[Sword Mastery: One Sword Style - Lv. (6/50)]
The user's aptitude in wielding a singular blade.

[Sword Mastery: Two Sword Style - Lv. (1/50)]
The user's aptitude for wielding dual blades.

[Meditation - Lv. (3/25)]
This ability grants the user a sense of tranquility, peace, and balance.

[Martial Arts - Lv. (1/100)]
The user's proficiency and understanding of hand-to-hand combat.
Increases the user's physical stats by 1% when fighting unarmed.

[Singing - Lv. (3/50)]
The user's proficiency in performing songs or tunes by making musical sounds with their voice.

[2 Celestial Blade, [Common Grade]]
A standard sword used by the guards in Mariejois.

[God's Judgment, [Very Rare Grade]]
The signature golden gun of a Celestial Dragon.

[18 Collar Bombs]
A Celestial Dragon places these around a slave's neck to ensure no escape.

If I missed anything, be sure to tell me :)