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Warning: cussing, blood & death & gore, abuse

Authors note: Remember this takes place a year after the Dresden Slate was destroyed

Chapter 1 The Strain At His bar

Humming, thud, "hm?" A man in a the bar was confused after hearing a bang on the door "Anna go check who that is" the man told a young girl who was sitting at a table looking at marbles that were rolling all around a map of the city, the child then nodded and jumped onto the floor from her seat on the sofa, footsteps, creaaaak, "!" The child was startled "what is it Anna?" The man asked the child "it's a teen passed out" the girl murmured loud enough for the man to hear "whaddya say?" He asked walking towards "a teen with chestnut hair and a Himuka Middle School uniform" the child said "uh so there is a teen" the man said while crouching down and picking up the strange teen who had bumped into the door

Back in the bar

Plop, "nnh ng" the teen groaned after being dropped on the couch, "she's waking up" the young child said "your awake" the girl said to the teen after they opened their eyes "holy shit!" The teen yelled startled "you ok kid?" The man asked "who the fuck are you?!" The teen yelled pulling a pocket knife out of her skirt pocket "you " a small male walked into the bar "uhhhh what's going on?" The male was very confused as to why a teen had a pocket knife that looked sooo familiar to the bartender's throat, "tell me who the fuck are you before I kill you and your kid!" The teen exclaimed grabbing a dagger from her other pocket, and pointing it to the child's throat "hey!" The male yelled at the teen "?!" The teen was startled and accidentally gave Anna a small cut on her throat, "Anna! You Fucking bastard!" The short male yelled at the teen who was maybe 15-16 "ow!" The small girl flinched when the sharp dagger cut her throat "grrr" the teen started growling until she just vanished and appeared behind Misaki touching him "holy fuck!" The male yelled after feeling the touch of the teen "who gives you true right to fucking give Mr. Kusanagi & Anna a death threat then to hurt Anna, then to ducking touch me without my permission!" The male yelled at the teen who touched his back. The teen had sparkling eyes after seeing the reaction of the male,

That reaction...that same reaction...is it him?...have I found bubba?,


"Bubba!" A little girl yelled at her older brother while tugging on his magenta red jacket from his uniform "what?!" The teen yelled angrily "the fuck do you want?!" The teen yelled "mmm...wahhhh!" The little girl cried out after hearing the loud yell from her brother, "wait wait d-don't c-cry y-you know when you cry I cry stop crying umm we can play dolls," the teen told the girl who was crying as tears started building up in his eyes while he was rubbing the tears from his sisters eyes "really? Can we even play wif your antique doll?" She asked "of course! Just grab your dolls and bring them to the living room and I'll grab my antique doll okie dokie?" He asked in a sweet voice with a soft smile "ok!" The little girl said as she ran to her sister Makoto's room to steal a Saruhiko Fushimi doll

Day later (still in Flashback)

"Bam!" The young girl said as she knocked into her brother's back "Megumi! What gives you the fucking right to touch be let alone knock me to my feet without permission!" The teen yelled at the little girl while getting to his feet

End of Flashback

Tears started to come up into the teen's eyes after being yelled at the short man who resembled her older brother "look what you did Yata you made her cry" Kusanagi told the short male with an irritated tone "serves her right for trying to kill you and Anna and hurting her and fucking touching me without my permission!" The male yelled at the taller male "mmm...wahhhhhh!" The teen broke down into tears as she sunk to the ground "I-I'm so sorry I-just I-I've b-b-been h-having T-troubles a-at h-home e-ever s-since m-my o-older b-brother l-left u-us!" The teen cried out footsteps, plop, "it's ok I forgive you!" The small child said as she caressed the teen's back "but why would you have troubles at home after your brother left?" The small girl was curious on what was going on in this teen's home so she asked "well even tho my mum never liked my b-brother she blamed me for leaving him leaving and she started to hurt me until I passed out" the teen explained while sniffling "omg!" The small male exclaimed as he ran to comfort the young teen "do you have any scars?" The child asked the teen "yeah it's on my thigh" the teen said lifting her skirt up to see the scar just a bit "uh" the child and males gasped "umm what's your name?" The child asked "oh it's Megumi..." the teen trailed off "last name?" The bartender asked "Yata" the teen said "yeah what's up..?...wait a fucking second how did you know my last name?!" The male exclaimed "what? No I mean my name is 'Megumi Yata'" the teen said "what's your full name?" "It's Misaki Yata" the shorter male said "! I knew it! It is you!" The teen exclaimed as she jumped onto the male "whaaa? Wait a sec Megumi?!" He exclaimed "bubba!" The teen exclaimed "could you come home? Minoru & Mitsuki & Makoto miss you" the teen said "how about I visit but I'm not living their but you four could live with me" the male said "uh really!?" The teen asked with sparkling eyes from the thought of living with her Brother and leaving from her abusive childhood home "really, we can go now and you and Makoto, Minoru, & Mitsuki can all pack and we can move you guys into my apartment" he said "yes yes yes!" The teen was super happy

At The Yata household


To be continued