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Yata Megumi

Age: 3

Personality: sweet, nice, reckless

Random info: she likes smacking into walls & people

Yata Misaki

Age: 15

Personality: violent, Kind, reckless

Random info: very protective of his younger siblings Minoru & Megumi but sometimes yells at Minoru but never Megumi

Mrs: Yata


Personality:Sweet, nice, loving, caring

Mr Yata


Personality: mean, hateful

Random info: hates Misaki loves Minoru & Megumi

July 21,2005,Tuesday


Hospital Shizume

Room 24

Mrs Yata was in room 24 of 'Hospital Shizume' it was a day after Misaki's birthday and his mother was now giving birth to his new sibling his younger brother—well they were excepting a boy but they got a girl his father was in awe when he heard the news because he always wanted a girl but never got one, when he married Mrs Yata who's name was Mariko she was pregnant with Misaki and she excepted a girl and told him that she was gonna have a girl but they ended up with a boy and Mr. Yata was angered because he was hoping for a girl to spoil rotten but he got a step-son he wanted a step-daughter and when Minoru was in Mariko's stomach he thought that he was getting a girl but he didn't get a girl but Minoru was super cute he was adorable so he didn't care and now he was getting his dream child a girl to spoil her, "You can come in" the nurse told Mr. Yata & Misaki she was really surprised when she saw the amount of bruises & scratches on Misaki's face "are you ok?" The women asked him, all he did was nod When Mr. Yata saw his daughter he was in awe and rushed to pick up the child "what's her name?" The man asked "oh I actually wanted Minoru & Misaki to name her" the women in the bed said as she handed the baby to the man "ok what do you guys want to name her?" The man asked the children "Megumi!" Minoru exclaimed "and you" The man said "Megumi" Misaki said dully "Mm Yata Megumi perfect" the women said

3 years later



June 9, Friday

"Misaki!" Megumi yelled rushing towards Her older & favorite brother