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Warning: abuse

"Yes Megumi?" Said the 15 year old "?! Bubba Misaki what happened to your face?! It has more bruises a-and a g-ash on your cheek?!" Megumi said as she was on the verge of tears "I broke fathers favorite cup and was punished it's ok tho" Misaki said as he smiled "kids I'm going to the Fushimi estate now!" Mrs. Yata yelled, was the head housekeeper of the Fushimi estate for years before Misaki was born she had become great friends with Kisa the wife of Niki she's known Saruhiko for years and she's done her best trying to keep him happy and he liked her and he liked it when she talked about her family he's always wanted to meet the women's family since she talks great about them but he doesn't know about how Misaki 'gets into fights' he thinks the family is perfect because that's what Mariko says, And now he's finally gonna meet them

At the Fushimi estate

Mariko found out that she was gonna have to clean the entire estate by herself because the other maids & housekeepers got the flu and couldn't help clean so she had asked Saruhiko if he could go to her family and give them a letter she wrote that told them that she was gonna be at the estate the entire night so Their father will have to feed them and so he decided to go there and hand the letter Mariko had also said that Minoru likes inviting people in when they knock on the door so if he invites Saruhiko in, just agree

At the Yata small home

Knock, knock, "hello?" Minoru said as he opened the door "oh it's Fushimi!" Minoru exclaimed Minoru has seen Saruhiko in many newspapers or on the news "come in come in!" Minoru said as he opened the door even more so Saruhiko did so "um your mother wanted me to give this to you and your family so just give this to your father" Saruhiko said "oh papa isn't home but Misaki is here so you can hand it to them in person" Minoru said "ok?" Saruhiko thought that Mariko had two older sons and one younger daughter not and older daughter "Misaki!" Minoru exclaimed and to Saruhiko's surprise he saw a 15 year old boy walking towards them the boy was wearing black Jeans on they were ripped on the knee & a long white jacket that had the cross on the sleeves the sleeves were rolled down & his hood was up it had demon horns & the young Yata Megumi was clinging onto his leg & had a bunch of bruises and scratches on his face he had a huge bruise on his eye and a bloody red scratch over his eye on the bruise "Hm?" Misaki said "Fushimi has a note from mommy!" Minoru exclaimed "oh, then hand it over" the teen said to the other "here" Fushimi said "Misaki don't be meannnnnnnnn! Offer him some tea!" Megumi yelled letting go over his leg and rushing to the kitchen CRASH "Megumi!" Yelled Misaki "hold on a sec" Misaki said as he rushed towards the crash and when he got to the kitchen he saw the tea pot broken on the floor and Megumi sitting on the floor behind the broken tea pot with tears in her eyes and cuts on her palms and water spilt on her dress "MISAKI!" Megumi yelled for her "shhhhh sweetie I'm here" Misaki said as he picked up the young child and put her on his hip and bounced her up and down to sooth the young girl, "shhhhhhh, shhhhhhh" Misaki said in a soothing voice Saruhiko and Minoru had rushed over to the kitchen and saw the mess "Megumi! You rodent!" Minoru yelled at the child "Minoru don't yell at her she didn't mean to" Misaki said to the boy as he got up from the floor with the child still on his hip "waaaaaaa haaaaa!" Megumi cried "sorry ya had to see this sir" Misaki said as his dull eyes glanced from the child on his hip and to Saruhiko, "it's ok" Saruhiko said "Misaki!" Megumi whined, Megumi than buried her face in Misaki's chest "hey Minoru can you clean this up while I put Mwgumi to bed her at least get to calm down?" Misaki said "yeah sure Misaki" Minoru said as he walked towards the broom "here I'll help you out" Saruhiko said walking towards Minoru as Misaki walked to the living room "what do you know about cleaning rich kid?" Minoru said to Saruhiko "I sometimes helped out your mother and the other maids and housekeepers when I had nothing better to do" Saruhiko said "mmm whatever" Minoru said as he rolled his eyes

"I'm home!" Mr Yata said "hi father" Misaki said while still in the rocking chair with Megumi on his lap with tears "why is she on your lap brat" The man said "well she umm got hurt and started crying so I've been here for three hours trying to calm her down" Misaki said "SHE GOT HURT!?" Mr. Yata yelled "YOU GET DOWN TO THE BASEMENT FOR ANOTHER PUNISHMENT!" And at that moment Saruhiko walked in laughing manically "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LAU-" Mr. Yata was cut off when he heard police sirens "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" "FBI open up!" A police officer could be heard from the door and then CRASH! The police broke in " your under arrest for abuse!" One of the police officers yelled as the others grabbed mr. Yata and cuffed him