His stomach eyes, watching every movement the half ayakashi did. Her cord swishing side to side.

She had been searching for something under her bed. A small gift she made for the stray god. She bent down further, lifting her skirt slightly up.

stripes.. never would've guessed..

His head quickly darted the other direction, blood crawling up his face, resulting in a pink aura dusting his pale cheeks.

"Ah-hah! I found it, Yato!" She turned towards him, holding a small scarf.

He looked at her, then at the object in her hand. Yato glanced up at her cheerful expression .

"I-I.. well.. yours looks like it's getting a bit raggy..? so.. I learned how to stitch and stuff.. and made you a new one!"

A smile tugged at the corners of Yato's lips. He gently picked it up, examining the scarf. His index finger ran across each stitching, stopping at what seemed to be..words?

Yato, The God of Fortune.

Yato glanced up at her then back down at the scarf. Her initials had been stitched at the end, claiming that this was her work, nobody else's. His face was extremely flushed. He swallowed a lump in his throat.

"T-thank you, Hiyori.."

He set her work down on his lap, as he untied the scarf that had already been wrapped around his neck. Yato slowly set it down on Hiyori's desk. He glanced up at her while he began to tie the new one around him. The fabric was extremely soft.. He watched her cord lash around the back go her. It seemed to do that when she was happy, or excited.

Yato couldn't help but admire the girl in front of him. Her beautiful long hair, falling gently passed her shoulders. Her eyes, oh god her eyes… so beautiful..But her kindness. The kindness that made her stick by and help Yukine with homework. The kindness that made her push her uncomfortable feeling aside and go to that stupid theme park with him. The kindness she had, risking her life to save his dumbass. Everything about her had seemed so perfect.. Not seemed.. She WAS perfect. He was utterly in love with this girl.

You're my goddess, Hiyori..

Yato watched as her pale face washed over with shades oh pink. Had he said that out loud?

Her hands fidgeted with the end of her skirt. "W-what did you say…?" Her voice was shaky

Yato jumped up, his face only growing redder.

"Oh goddd…" He said as he put the palms of his hands over his eyes.



"Ya-to..?" Hiyori sung.

He lifted his head up a little, meeting her eyes.


"I'm your goddess?"

Hesitated, he nodded. Had it always been this hard to talk to her?

"Yato.." She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Do..do you have feelings for me?"

He groaned into his hands. If he said yes, would she reject them? If he said no, would her face dull? He felt small hands grab his wrists, pulling them down. His arms fell to his sides, yet he still felt the touch of her skin on his.


He met her eyes once again, absorbing her gaze. He murmured something that couldn't be heard.


Yato sighed, gulping loudly.

"Y-…" He paused.

She had never seen him so nervous.

"Yeah.." His eyes wondered away from hers.

Hiyori's heart fluttered with emotions.

She inhales heavily, exhaling a long breath of hot air. Tugging on his arms, she pulled him closer. Her body leaned forward as she placed a gentle kiss on his lips, pulling away quickly. Yato's eyes widened, looking at her bashful expression. She had been looking at the ground. Yatk cupped her face, forcing her to glance up at him. Slowly, he leaned down, feeling her lips on his. Hiyori's eyes fluttered shut. Her arms snaked around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Yato places his free hand against her back, pushing any space between them away. His kisses were soft, and slow, molding against hers perfectly almost as if she was a missing puzzle to his set. Their lips moved in synchronized rhythm. As their kiss deepened he slowly pushed her to the bed. Their lips never parting as she fell onto a soft pillow. His hand trailed up her shirt, feeling the soft bare skin on her waist. Hiyori ran her fingers through is deep colored hair. As they pulled apart, hot and heavy pants were all to be heard.



"I..I love you.. a lot.."

He smiled down at her.

That was all he ever wanted to hear.

"I love you, Iki Hiyori." He said before placing one last kiss on the tip of her nose.