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Will had always known that her friend Hay Lin was pretty.

She was, objectively speaking, a very attractive girl. And Will was fine with that. Really, she was.

And, in Will's personal opinion, her friend was probably the most attractive girl in their friend group. But that didn't mean anything. No, really, it meant nothing at all. It was just an observation. Nothing more really. It didn't mean anything. Nothing at all.

And it was true that Will's day was always brighter just for seeing the girl in question. Hay Lin's bubbly and bouncy personality made everything seem lighter and the way she dived enthusiastically into new things was always something special. And the way her face always lit up was truly a beautiful sight to behold. Will loved to see that expression of pure joy on her face. Will had caught herself staying at that expression more than once. It didn't mean anything though. It was just...an appreciation for natural beauty and her friend. Her FRIEND, she stressed to herself. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a FRIEND. Who admittedly always made her heart beat faster, but that was a perfectly normal reaction to Hay Lin's radiant energy. You just got caught up in it and there was nothing you could do but be swept up in the tide.

It was nothing more.

And then there was the look of furrowed concentration on her face when she was drawing. Her sketchbook was filled with amazing art and Will just loved to watch her as she drew. It just looked amazing to watch and merely served to highlight how pretty her friend really was.

But that was just an observation. That's all. Nothing more than a look. An appreciation of her friend's natural talent with a brush or pencil and the effort she put into her art. (Dreams of playfully wiping a stain off of her face or breaking her concentration with a kiss were just that. DREAMS. Nothing more.)

And of course there was her friend's playful nature. The childlike joy of finding something new to be excited about, even in the most mundane of circumstances or items. It was cute really.

And there was of course the way she perfectly fitting her role as air Guardian. She was light on her feet and had an intuitive grasp of flying that Will had never managed, even with extensive practice. It was...endearing.

And although Hay Lin featured extensively in her dreams. Not just the ordinary ones where she was part of the group, but the dreams that were...more intimate, more private in nature. And the dreams that were more mundane, but no less special. Like dates and things like that.

But that was just dreams really. Nothing real about them. They didn't actually make them real just dreaming about them. Apart from a handful of examples, her dreams were just that. Dreams. The wanderings of the subconscious making sense of the day, of her experience. And they were definitely not anything more than that. Nothing like Nerissa's created nightmares, or Candracar's dreams that were a lot more...ambivalent and clear at the same time. It made no sense to try and make something out of nothing. Even if it did leave her looking curiously at her friend for days afterwards and blushing whenever they were in close proximity.

But it was nothing really.

Besides, everyone knew that Cornelia and Irma were practically the group designated lesbians. They were the ones who couldn't keep their hands off of one another. Clearly Will's subconscious had locked onto their dynamic and transferred it to her friend Hay Lin. That was the obvious answer really.

And it was true that Will had never really approved of Hay Lin's boyfriends after Eric had moved away, but that was because not one of them was really worthy of her friend. Her FRIEND, she emphasised. Nothing more than that. The boys were nice and handsome and sweet, but none of them had really measured up to being...enough for Hay Lin. Hay Lin deserved the best and these boys...fell short.

And of course Will complimented her on her dress for Lunar New Year. A beautiful piece of red and gold that looked stunning on her and enhanced her friend's naturally beautiful features. (Yes FRIEND. F-R-I-E-N-D. Why was she getting this slight nagging feeling whenever she mentioned that? Obviously something was wrong with her or something.)

And the fireworks that had been let off to celebrate had been very pretty and the way that they lit up Hay Lin's face was nice. The sheer childlike joy as she watched them light up and explode in the sky was beautiful, especially the way the light played off her face.

And yes, the situation was a bit...potentially intimate. They were alone after all. Taranee had to go home and Cornelia and Irma were going off to have some alone time. (Read, snogging one another senseless. And possibly more if the rumours were true.) It was the sort of thing that happened in romance novels, where the love interests came together under the stars.

But that hardly meant anything. Lots of things happened in romance novels that never happened in real life. That was hardly something that happened in real life. It didn't mean anything. Just...that it reminded her of that kind of situation. It was nothing special. Just a moment between friends. Friends. FRIENDS. Nothing more. Very close friends.

And yes, the little jolts of electricity that ran up her arm whenever the two of them touched was probably something Guardian related. She was the leader of the Guardians after all and they did have a habit of getting new perks out of the blue. Probably a new transformation or something like that. It's not like it meant anything more. After all, Hay Lin was her friend. FRIEND. F-R-I-E-N-D.

And then she kissed her.

She hadn't intended to kiss Hay Lin. It just...happened. She leaned forward and kissed her friend on the lips. A kiss that Hay Lin soon returned and even deepened and soon the two girls were locked into an embrace that could rival Cornelia and Irma.

As they finally separated, they looked at one another and smiled. DEFINITELY not just a friend. And for the rest of the night, the two girls kissed and kissed.