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Hay Lin frowned as she looked at her latest drawing.

The drawing itself was a good one, capturing the perfect moment and portraying the subject matter in the best way possible. There was nothing wrong with the picture from a technical perspective or artistic one. The woman in the picture was dressed nicely, wearing a pair of blue denim jeans and long sleeved light grey top. Nothing particularly egregious or inappropriate about it really.

This should have been perfectly fine. Really. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Nothing whatsoever.

No, the picture itself wasn't a problem in itself.

No, the problem was that she wasn't meant to be drawing this woman.

She was meant to be drawing the love of her life. The person she loved. That was the assignment. And if it had been anyone else, it would have been fine. If it had been one of her friends, she wouldn't have been worried. Had it been a fellow classmate, it would have been fine.

But no.

No, instead of drawing anyone who would be...well acceptable at least, the person she had drawn was...far too old for her. She was old enough to be Hay Lin's mother after all! Even though she had been only eighteen when she had given birth, that was still eighteen years older than Hay Lin.

She sighed and shook her head. This was insane! Hay Lin was twenty years old! She was supposed to date girls and guys her age! Guys and girls who were as young and inexperienced as she was, not someone she had known since she was thirteen! Someone who had been far too old for her when they had first met. A fully grown adult no less! And the woman in question had never acted inappropriately towards Hay Lin. Never indicated that they should be anything more. She had been nice and kind and done absolutely nothing wrong.

Hay Lin glared at her pencil.

Usually it did what she asked of it. When she went and drew pictures from the heart, she could just allow it to flow freely and the pencil would do the rest. The familiar sensation of the pencil gliding over the paper was practically ingrained into her psyche at this point. She just allowed it to flow and flow it did. The technical aspects came easily to her, instinctively at this point. She was capable, practiced and she didn't need to frown and bite her lower lip and guide her way through the drawing. She knew what she was doing.

Which still failed to explain the picture staring back at her.

Long black hair. Long, beautiful black hair that cascaded over her shoulders.

A wonderfully shaped face that had aged well. Despite being thirty eight, the woman looked like she was in her late twenties at most and her nicely toned skin was beautiful.

Her eyes were dark and beautiful. You could easily get lost in those eyes. Even as a drawing, they threatened to drown anyone who looked too closely. Hay Lin wasn't sure that she would be able to ever turn away.

And it was a very nice picture. But it was not what it was supposed to be.

It was supposed to be a picture of the love of her life. And Hay Lin had eagerly taken the assignment. She was single and eager to see if she was attracted to anyone. Maybe a classmate or friend or someone in the student dorms. That would have been easier to deal with at least.

But no. She had to draw someone completely off limits. Someone she had known for years. Someone who was old enough to be her mother no less. Actually was the mother of one of her closest friends. A close friend and fellow Guardian no less. And was even married. Twice!

"So much for finding the love of my life," she grumbled as she reached forward to rip the picture away. But then she paused. It was a good picture and it would be a shame to destroy it. And...destroying it made her feel...uneasy. Like she was doing something wrong somehow.

Hay Lin leaned back and gave an uncharacteristic sigh. Of all the people she fell in love with, why did it have to be Susan Vandom?