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Nigel really hadn't expected to see his former girlfriend that morning.

It was a perfectly normal morning on his way to work. The sun was shining, the streets were as busy as ever. Nothing out of the ordinary. His car was, as usual, caught up in the morning traffic when he saw them.

College students were on their way to the nearby college building and it was not unusual to see young men and women walking along carrying books and other school supplies. Alchemy, a russet haired girl he vaguely knew from his schooldays was amongst them, although this time she was not alone like she usually was. There was a young dark skinned woman wearing glasses walking by her side.

He recognised her almost immediately and he sat up slightly in surprise. Taranee went to college in a different part of the country and it was rare to see her in Heatherfield these days. A full scholarship at her dream university in another state meant that she only ever really came back for the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But those holidays were weeks away and everyone was still in college. And most of her old friends were in college in different parts of the country, so it was definitely unexpected seeing her there walking with Alchemy.

He smiled slightly to himself as he watched the two girls walk along. Taranee was looking even better than ever in his opinion, even in casual blue jeans and a long sleeved red top. She was talking to Alchemy and the two girls were clearly having an animated conversation of some kind.

Nigel turned his attention back to the road and onto the traffic, but it was still unmoving and showing no signs of changing anytime soon. He switched his attention back to his former girlfriend, more out of boredom and mild curiousity than anything else.

The two girls approached the entrance and for a moment they paused, clearly finishing their conversation before doing something entirely unexpected.

Taranee and Alchemy placed their arms around one another and kissed. And not even a small, chaste kiss to the side, but a a deep and steamy kiss that drew the attention of those around her and Nigel swallowed. He had never expected this! For a few moments, he stared, his brain not entirely connecting what he was seeing at first.

Then he turned away, his face now red. It made him feel like a creep just looking at them like that in what was clearly a heartfelt gesture at the very least. They deserved better than that and he should not have kept looking. Especially when they both kissed like that. His mother had raised him better than that.

He turned and looked briefly at them once more and was almost relieved and disappointed to see that the two girls had parted and were heading their separate ways. Alchemy was heading towards her classes and Taranee was walking away with a huge smile on her face. Her whole body was glowing and there was a spring in her step, a spring that was more like that of her friend Hay Lin than Taranee and Nigel shrugged. It was none of his business who Taranee dated. They were no longer together and while they were good times, they had their own paths in life to take. And if Taranee wanted to date her friend Alchemy, well that was entirely up to her. (He found himself thinking of his former friend Uriah. He would probably have stared and made a stupid lewd comment. That didn't make him feel any better at having stared at the two of them, no matter how briefly.)

The traffic began to move and Nigel switched his concentration to the road once more, pushing all thoughts of his ex girlfriend and her girlfriend out of his mind.