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Cornelia sat up sharply, breathing hard and her face was flushed.

She'd had that dream again.

For several seconds, she stayed in her upright position, barely moving as she tried to gather her thoughts. Outside, the Sun was barely poking it's head over the horizon as the first rays of daylight crossed the world.

Cornelia reached over to her bedside lamp and switched the light on. She was alone in her bed, despite what her dream had felt like. A wholly inappropriate dream that really should never have happened but did. A dream that just kept on coming! She had had this dream twice this week already and similar dreams Dreams that she KNEW she shouldn't have, but did anyway.

Her face flushed as her mind wandered back to her dream. Her arousing, energetic dream that left her feeling more aroused than she thought possible. The wonderful, impossible dream that kept on haunting her long after it was finished. The same dream that she KNEW was impossible. The woman was old enough to be her mother, a grown woman with a daughter the same age as Cornelia for Candracar's sake! She had a career, a failed marriage and a thriving teenage daughter whose friends included Cornelia! Cornelia on the other hand had only turned eighteen less than a week ago and hadn't even graduated high school. It was ridiculous. She should not be thinking about this woman like that. Even if she was beautiful and probably a young mother and she had that amazing smile and sense of humour and-

Cornelia groaned. She was supposed to be persuading herself NOT to think about how much she loved the older woman, not diving into the reasons that she did!

Her mind wandered back to her dream. Her impossible, amazing dream that left her breathless and aroused and wanting more.

It always started the same way. Her friend (Cornelia tried not to think of her friend by name. That had a tendency to pull her into thoughts about the older woman and...well it was complicated.) would come over to Cornelia's house and her mother would be in tow. Her beautiful mother wearing a tight, revealing dress with a plunging neckline that drew Cornelia's gaze. She would invite the two of them into her house, as though it was the most natural thing in the world and they would all sit down on her sofa. Her friend would take her mother by the hand and lead her to Cornelia and put their hands together with a smile. And she would look at Cornelia and say she knew and nod in approval. (Cornelia was ninety-nine percent sure that would never be the case in real life. In fact, her friend would almost certainly freak out. And Cornelia's parents would understandably freak out and words like predator would be thrown around. But in the dream, this would disappear.) Then her friend would disappear as Cornelia began kissing the older woman and then the two of them would make their way to Cornelia's bed, pulling away at their clothes eagerly and...

Well there was a reason Cornelia woke up feeling both intensely aroused and wanting more.

Cornelia sighed again. She was eighteen, not fourteen. She was supposed to have this figured out! She was hardly a girl with her first crush and even then she was more put together then than she was about her latest...infatuation. She was Cornelia Hale, the queen of cool, the girl who drew the attention of others and reveled in it. She was NOT some chaotic mess who just-just-just woke up from erotic dreams with a love interest and sat on her bed wishing for more! No, she was the one who actually actively pursued the people she was interested in, regardless of gender and even when it didn't work out, (She was well aware of her attraction to both sexes.)

But this was different. Very different in fact. Cornelia KNEW that she didn't stand a chance, She KNEW that the older woman was not interested in her like that. She KNEW that it was highly inappropriate and would probably raise more than a few red flags if they were to ever actually date. The older, more mature and experienced partner and the lover less than half her age was hardly the stuff of great romance novels. More like horror really. She KNEW all of this and she STILL couldn't stop dreaming inappropriate dreams about her. Still couldn't stop dreaming about how it would feel to kiss and caress and date and...well more explicit things that made Cornelia blush even in the privacy of her own mind.

Cornelia groaned again. This was WRONG. She was supposed to fall in love with someone her OWN age. A boy like her ex boyfriend Caleb or Peter Cook who actually liked her or even a nice girl like Irma or Will or someone ELSE.

Instead, she found herself dreaming erotic dreams about a woman who was far too old for her and would never even see her as anything more than her daughter's friend. Who was married to a wonderful man and had never even hinted at an attraction to other women. It was stupid and silly and she was hopelessly trapped by it. Hopelessly trapped and stupidly in love.

Cornelia groaned once more and started playing with a loose strand of hair. She had told herself that she was absolutely NOT going to use the L word when thinking about her current infatuation. That opened ANOTHER can of worms that she was not inclined to deal with right now. Or indeed ever really.

Cornelia pulled her bedsheets over her head and tried to go back to sleep. A peaceful, dream-free sleep that didn't involve erotic dreams about wildly inappropriate women old enough to be her mother that left her waking aroused and frustrated. (She didn't even want to...relieve herself while thinking about those dreams or that woman or anything of the sort. That would only encourage them really.) But sleep remained out of reach and the statuesque blond knew why.

Because try as she might, Cornelia could not stop thinking about Susan Vandom.