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When Miranda had come to Earth, it was to escape her past. A new start away from a world that had no place or purpose for her anymore. (Strictly speaking, there really wasn't any place for her on Earth either, but at least it lacked the baggage that followed her on Meridian.) And she was grateful to Queen Elyon for granting her a pardon and her freedom, she really was. It was probably more than anything anyone could have reasonably expected. She even had a job and a place to stay. Admittedly it was nowhere near as large or luxurious as the palace she had once lived in, but it was comfortable enough for her needs. But despite everything, she was faced with a complication she had never expected.

It wasn't the work. She was used to hard work and she was a lot stronger than she looked. And the bookstore was a nice place. Comfortably familiar really, but distant enough to avoid uncomfortable memories. And it was a lot better than some of the places she had been forced to hide in over the years.

It wasn't the culture shock either. She had blended in on Earth many times before, albeit for more nefarious purposes than this. In fact, Miranda knew how to fit into most places with ease. Nobody had questioned her presence on Earth when she had been there before and she had fitted in perfectly into any number of worlds. Earth was simply another world on the list.

It wasn't even the socially awkward young men who tried to flirt with her with the most cringeworthy pick up lines that they had no doubt picked up from the internet. Turning them down with well placed words was something that she was well versed in and they very rarely even felt bad when she finished.. (Although one man had given her a long rant about how girls didn't want 'nice' guys like him before storming out.)

No, the problem was something entirely unexpected. And arguably more...awkward. And keeping her awake at night.

More importantly, it was keeping her awake right now.

Miranda laid in her bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering why she had to be like this. Why she had to fall for the wrong people time and time again. Why, out of all seven billion people on this planet, she had to fall in love with someone who was happily engaged to someone else? (And she had no doubt that they were happily engaged. The way that he made her face light up and her smiles and the joy in her eyes...well there was no doubting their feelings. It was almost painful really.)

And the girl in question had no reason to care about Miranda beyond making sure that she didn't create any more trouble. They were, at best, distant acquaintances with a somewhat difficult past. Well, actually a very troubled, I-can't-believe-you're-even-thinking-about-it-past that had almost killed the girl in question on more than one occasion and her friends as well. Including her best friend no less.

Yeah, that...would make things altogether more complicated and then some to say the least.

At this point, Miranda was seriously questioning her sanity. Because she HAD to be crazy to be even THINKING about someone like that with their particular brand of history.

She tossed and turned in her bed, resisting the urge to turn on the light and try reading. Reading would be hard when her attention was...distracted like this to say the least. And it didn't really solve the problem either.

She turned in her bed once more. Perhaps she should list the reasons why it was a bad idea to like this girl.

The first one was easy. They had what could generously be described as a troubled past. They had fought on different sides of the Meridian Civil War and then on opposite sides during the Nerissa crisis with the Guardians. Miranda had first taken Phobos's side because he promised her revenge for her family and to help her people. Then it had been about revenge against what she had thought was a corrupt and weak government, led by a weak and naive queen. That was a very good reason not to date her and she knew it. The idea of explaining how they went from enemies to lovers would make things difficult for them both and was not something that she wanted to put her through.

Now things were different though. Miranda had realised that Queen Elyon was not the weak, naive young girl she once was. She had actually given Miranda the justice she had long sought and it was better than any revenge. And Miranda had changed, saving lives instead of taking them. It was why she was now free after all and living a peaceful life here on Earth, with a new start and a new future.

Miranda turned in her bed once more. She was trying to think of reasons why she SHOULDN'T date the girl in question, not why her objections were wrong. It was ridiculous and then some!

Well there was the fact that they were from different worlds. The people of Earth were not aware of the existence of magic, let alone Meridian. How would they even explain her existence?

But that really held no water with her either. Caleb was from Meridian and he was getting married to the Guardian leader after all without any problems. And they had provided convenient documents to keep anyone from asking too many questions about Miranda's background. (Yan Lin knew some rather surprising people for a supposedly innocent old lady. Miranda was almost approving in fact.) The point of her moving to Earth was to provide a fresh start for her. There would have been no point leaving things half done after all.

Miranda turned in her bed once more.

How about the fact that the girl in question was already in love with someone else? Surely that should be a dealbreaker, right?

Well it SHOULD have been. But then again...polyamorous relationships existed and Miranda was not adverse to the idea of sharing if it meant having her. And...well she could always ask...

Miranda groaned and turned in her bed once more. She was supposed to be convincing herself that this wasn't possible! She KNEW that this girl was off limits. She was one of the Guardians and Miranda was a shapeshifter. Even with Queen Elyon slowly pushing forward reforms, Miranda knew full well that she would always be second class and she knew it! Especially compared to a Guardian and close personal friend of the queen no less! She would put a target on her back and the backs of her people! She couldn't risk it! It was the way that it had to be, no matter how much she wished to the contrary. And there was no good reason for her to not be in love with her, to date the Guardian in question, to kiss her and date her and-

Miranda let out another frustrated growl of anger. There her mind was, going off on it's own in a direction she had very specifically told it not to go in! It was maddening. Like an insect that would not leave her alone no matter how much she tried to be rid of it.

Miranda sighed. She was a practised actor. A spy and assassin in her past and possibly even future. A tool for the rich and powerful no doubt. Even someone as sweet and kind as Elyon would no doubt be happy to use Miranda like that!

But then again, did the Heart of Meridian really need to resort to such trickery? She was not like her brother in the slightest and even on Meridian, in the darkest corners, it felt altogether lighter.

Miranda snorted to herself. She was getting poetical in her old age. Or perhaps it was something to do with the fact that she had fallen in love with Cornelia Hale. She wasn't sure.

Miranda turned in her bed once more. She had said that word! That word she had been avoiding when thinking about the statuesque blonde Guardian and with her name as well. That wasn't supposed to happen! And yet, somehow it had managed to slip out despite her best efforts to the contrary.

Miranda rolled in her bed once more. This was going to be a long night.