Lao Shi had every reason to be tough on Jake. His grandson was so much like him, it was frightening. Not to mention, he knew all the things Jake will have to face as he continued to learn about his role as the American Dragon. America was less than three-hundred years old, it was about time it had its, own magical protector. Thankfully, most of Jake's territory would be in New York City.

Unfortunately, that didn't mean he couldn't strictly stay there most of the time. And with Jake's cocky attitude and always leaping into action, it could only spell disaster for his grandson.

Despite what Jake might think, Lao Shi did in fact love his grandson very much. Jake had accomplished a lot and had grown since accepting his role as the American Dragon. Yet, Jake still had much more growing to do. If his grandson wished to make a difference he'll need a lot more than his "Mack Daddy skills" to succeed.

But there was more at stake than Lao Shi wished to admit. When Jake turned 13, Lao Shi knew he would need to be harder on him. Jake needed to answer when called upon and react without question. This was to ensure Jake wouldn't fall so easily. He needed to harden his resolve and keep him on a tight leash.

What was Grandpa afraid of exactly? The same thing that could destroy any dragon, no matter how powerful: Love.

Cupid always joked that he was the dragons' greatest weakness and greatest strength, and he wasn't wrong. When Jake started showing an interest in girls, Lao Shi sought to keep him focused on his training.

Sadly, Jake had fallen in love before Lao Shi could tell him the truth about imprinting. Of course, he thought to leave such a talk to Susan, his beloved daughter, as it would be involved with the "special" talk that parents gave their children when they reached a certain age. However, Johnathan decided it was best to explain the birds and the bees to his son, despite Susan's attempts to sway him.

In Jonathan's words, "Now dearest, this is a man-to-man talk. And Jake-aroo's gotta understand that he can come to me for any questions." Sadly, Susan couldn't find any other time to talk to Jake about the dragon part of the "birds and bees", despite her many efforts. Jake typically ran away or something else would come up much to her annoyance.

Lao Shi did assure his daughter he would explain it to Jake when he felt his grandson was ready. The Chinese dragon had convinced himself he had time to tell Jake.

Then Jake came into the shop with this starry look in his eyes, one that made the older dragon's stomach drop like a stone in water. Even Fu Dog knew what it was. He whistled aloud and said, "Man Jake, you look like you've found your imprint. Agoo, goo goo goo." Jake didn't hear him though, as he was busy swaying to his own inner music while doing chores.

Jake was so caught up in his own fantasy world that he nearly made out with a disgusting old mop head!

Lao Shi knew he was too late. His grandson imprinted on someone. This was bad.

Imprinting was a very special case for dragons. It happened instantaneously, once they lock eyes with one special person. It was as powerful as the sun and inescapable as a black hole. No dragon could stop it from happening, but Lao Shi hoped he could somehow lessen its effects.

Once a dragon imprints someone, they would only want that one person, no matter their race. Magic creature or human, it didn't matter. Lao Shi had been a massive playboy, always chasing skirts and showing off whenever he could. Until he locked eyes with his imprinted and the rest was history. After her passing when Susan was eight, Lao Shi moved them to the States in hopes of finding a better life for himself and his daughter. This was mostly due to the Chinese government being more strict with women than it had been previously.

He did try to move on, but that was near impossible. He couldn't imprint on anyone else. No dragon could. It was a double-edged sword.

When Lao Shi learned that Jake's imprint was the hunts girl, the older dragon nearly had a heart attack. Even Fu Dog fainted from the irony. A dragon imprinting on their sworn enemy was a comical jab from the universe itself. Sure, Lao Shi has flirted with the enemy before, but he's never imprinted on one.

On the same token, he couldn't blame his grandson for this as Jake had no control over who he imprinted on. Lao Shi knew he needed to talk to Jake about his dragon heritage and mating. It would at least keep his grandson safe right?

Sadly, whenever Lao Shi started the conversation, "Jake, as you know your dragon abilities are growing strong by the day, and so are certain urges-"

"Na ah, gramps! Nope, we ain't having that talk!" Jake would then pop on his helmet and skate out the door at lightning-fast speed, leaving Lao Shi behind to swear in Cantonese.

When Rose first introduced herself, Lao Shi could tell she had the same feelings for Jake as he did for her. It was sweet, but frightening, even when she assured them she would not let Jake get hurt by her or the hunts clan. His grandson was still in mortal danger with her. Lao Shi didn't want to lose another loved one. He knew it would hurt Jake, but Lao Shi felt it was a necessary pain.

He had asked Rose to break up with him, for Jake's sake. Hopefully, his grandson could move past Rose and find someone else who wouldn't wind up leading him to his doom. Lao Shi could only hope. Sadly, once a dragon imprints it's impossible for them to move on. His daughter Susan, despite having the magic skip her generation, was still a dragon trapped in human form. She imprinted on Jonathan and later married him, despite Lao Shi's feelings about her being with a human. There was no control over who the dragon imprinted on.

Jake had fallen hard for Rose. He went through the same motions as any dragon who faced rejection from its imprint. He pined for her, wrote songs for her, and even made a pillow for her. All in hopes to gain her favor again. A dragon, in ancient times at least, would do the same to win the heart of their imprint. At times it could turn into an unhealthy obsession, depending on how strong the bond was. Lao Shi had suspected it was weak given Jake's age and how limited his interactions with Rose were.

Once again, Lao Shi was proven wrong. Jake's love for Rose only grew, and so did Lao Shi's concern. However, at this point, Lao Shi decided to stop meddling, this was due to Hailey scolding him for not giving Jake enough time to be a teen. So far, all of his efforts had resulted in Jake getting hurt and Lao Shi decided he would let the chips fall where they may. Stepping back enough to let his grandchildren grow, but still being present to help them when the situation called for it.

Jake did, thankfully, turn his attention to a few other girls, but Lao Shi knew that it wouldn't last. Rose was his imprint and his heart will only want her. However, Jake surprised his grandfather by making the ultimate sacrifice. Wishing Rose away a better life.

Dragons were selfish and selfless lovers. The reasons why they were depicted as damsel stealing, treasure hoarding monsters was because they were, at least in a certain sense. They sought to keep their treasure, namely their mate, safe no matter the cost. Some even did so by force. It was why they were considered devils in Western cultures, and saints in Eastern. Every culture had its own depiction of what a dragon was and all were right to some degree.

Love brought out the best and worse in people.

Jake was heartbroken, but he wanted Rose to be happy. He wanted her to live a normal life with her true family and was willing to endure the emotional pain to give her that freedom. Even Lao Shi had to admit, Jake was a better dragon than he'll ever be. He was incredibly proud of his grandson.

Months passed and all seemed to find, though Lao Shi learned from Fu that Jake had been keeping tabs on Rose's social media ever since she moved to China. Even Jake couldn't ignore his natural instinct to protect his mate.

Then the events of One-Thousand Victory Toast came when Jake and his family visited China. No one expected the Dark Dragon to enact his revenge and try to take over the magical world. It was worse than expected as no one knew how to defeat a dragon. Lao Shi, his family, and all the dragons were close to being trapped in the temple with the Dark Dragon for a thousand years. Then Rose appeared, gowned in her huntsman uniform with her famous long braid. She ran in fearlessly and took on the Dark Dragon head-on. The portal that would seal the temple away was closing and Jake, of course, ran in to save her.

Lao Shi felt his entire world was being consumed by the vortex too. He couldn't bare to lose his grandson. He feared the worse until Jake and Rose rushed out of the dust cloud created by eh falling debris, a little sore and injured, but okay. Everything was okay.

Lao Shi fought not to cry at that moment. He was so thrilled to see his family was safe but was also furious that Jake was so reckless. They were very much alike indeed. It was almost scary.

Jake and Rose shared a victory kiss, and Jonathan, who now knew the truth, was still processing the information. Lao Shi felt his son-in-law handled the news better than anyone expected. After all, the man would scream like a little girl whenever he saw a spider. But, no, after finally getting over the initial shock, Jonathan Long accepted it and fully embraced his little weird lizard family. He was no longer stuck in the dark anymore and could finally belong.

Jake and Rose couldn't be together all the time, but they would still be in contact. Knowing Jake, his grandson would fly to the end of time to be with Rose. Lao Shi decided he wouldn't ruin Jake's happiness by explaining the imprinting. He would wait until Jake came to him about it instead. His grandson had to have suspected something was going on. Oh well, Lao Shi wouldn't worry about it anymore. He needed to start giving Jake more credit. Despite his shortcomings, Jake Long was wiser than he appeared. Just like his grandmother: Li Shifu.