Got a new idea. Yeah those happen. In this story I think I'll crossover multiple universes all together. Obviously I am not a professional power scaler so I might be off on how strong some characters are. Also for anime only's be wary for almost all anime's I know of I already read the manga.

Goku and Vegeta were training on Beruus' planet. Broly was watching them fight not knowing if he should join them. The fight was going as it normally would where neither side seemed to get an advantage over the other. Beruus was doing what he normally would and was just asleep while Whis ate something Leno had made. Cheelai was who knows where and the Oracle fish was muttering something while she was asleep. Goku and Vegeta were training harder than before now that Freeza had finally surpassed them.

None of them were prepared for what was coming.

Meanwhile in OPM

"What's with that dumb look, Chrome Dome!" Tatsumaki yelled at Saitama because of his bored look. It had been a while since they had started their fight and Tatsumaki still hadn't managed to get him to fight back. She was already going all out and hadn't even made him change expressions.

"That's the second time you make fun of me for being bald you midget." Saitama said making her pick him back up and drag him across the concrete. Having enough Saitama grabbed her again and planted his feet on the ground stopping them completely. Tatsumaki tried flying out of his grab but it was useless, she couldn't make him let go. She tried saying something snarky to make him but couldn't because of a loud sound behind her. She couldn't turn her head either to see what was going on.

Saitama wasn't one to get surprised. Heck he thought he had already seen it all but what he saw now was absolutely mind boggling. In front of him was what seemed to be a hole. It was just there in empty air floating. If he hadn't stopped Tatsumaki then she would have flown them inside. He had to rub his eyes to make sure he was seeing things right. Unbeknownst to him Tatsumaki had pushed past her previous limits in anger of someone force hugging her and was making her capable of lifting him for a few seconds. Saitama thinking he finally learned how to fly just started smiling until he was swung into the rip in space time. Tatsumaki blinded by her rage hadn't considered that he would still be holding on to her and was dragged into the rip with him.


Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi were looking at Ten tails Madara. He looked down on them from where he was standing as of to show them his superiority. Behind Madara was Black Zetsu who was taking over Obito's body. Suddenly in between them was what seemed to be a whole in the air. Team seven got in defensive positions thinking this was a new attack by Madara.

Meanwhile Madara was looking at the hole with curiosity. He definitely didn't do that. "Hey black Zetsu. Was that you?" He asked turning around and when he did he quickly grabbed at the hand of his will that was coming at him. "What's the meaning of this Zetsu?!" Madara demanded as he watched Black Zetsu quickly melt away into the ground. "Zetsu!" Madara said.

Team seven seeing all that play out was caught by surprise. "Hey Kakashi sensei, what do you think this is." Naruto asked. "I have no clue." Kakashi said flatly. "Sasuke?" Naruto asked. "Don't look at me. I didn't do it either." Sasuke said. They didn't realize that Madara was seizing the opportunity by using Limbo clones to catch them by surprise. Together team seven was thrown into the rip in space after having let down their guard.


The mission had become an absolute disaster. Sakuna had force fed Megumi one of his fingers and had knocked Itadori across multiple buildings. Seeing this happen from a distance everyone was coming to try and help but it was unlikely that any of them would make it in time. Hana had just gotten tricked by Sakuna and gotten a piece of her shoulder bitten off. Itadori jumped back crossing the entire distance he had just been thrown and got a hit to the face by Sakuna but that wasn't enough to stop him. He got his bearings and started walking towards Sakuna not intending for anything to stop him. He tanked Sakuna 1000 cuts cursed technique and landed a hit square in the jaw absolutely shocking Sakuna. They both started falling down the building and went straight through a hole in the time space.

I'll end it there for lack of time. If anyone else has any suggestions feel free to comment them. If I know the story and just forgot then I'll add it. If I don't know the anime then I'll have something to read. Till next time.