All right inspiration is here. Time to shred.

Saitama and Tatsumaki

"What the hell did you do baldy!" Tatsumaki screamed blaming Saitama for their problems. They were in an entire new place. It looked like Earth but complete different. It didn't look like any city they had ever seen before and they were in some kind of large building with the words 'Capsule Corp' written in large letters.

In front of them was a blue haired woman holding a equally blue haired little girl. "Um if you two are another aliens looking for a fight I could show you some places you can eat that might change your mind." She said with a few sweat drops of nervousness. "Um sorry Ma'am, don't worry we're humans. Though I could use some food." Saitama said ignoring the screams of Tatsumaki. "Um, sure. I'm Bulma by the way."

Team 7 Kami's Lookout

Dende and Mr. Popo we're watching Piccolo meditating in the center of the lookout. Suddenly a group of 4 suddenly fell on top of him. Piccolo surprised flew back and watched them struggling to stand up. "Naruto you idiot get off of me!" Sakura yelled as she hung on to Sasuke and punched Naruto off. Sasuke just stood indifferent and Kakashi actually turned out to be a shadow clone. He suddenly appeared behind Dende with a kunai .

"Where are we?" He asked. Mr. Popo grabbed Kakashi's wrist faster than the ninja could react and threw the kunai away. "Please put that away sir. You are speaking to the guardian of Earth." Noticing that Piccolo was about to attack Mr. Popo held up a hand to stop him. "Piccolo calm down. None of them have any ill intentions. Well except the black haired one." He explained to them. Piccolo put down his hand and grunted "None of them have power levels that would make them dangerous either way." He muttered loud enough for all of them to hear. "What did you just say!" All of team 7 yelled except for Kakashi yelled at him.

Sakuna/Megumi, Yuji, Maki and Gojo in Planet Beerus

"Wow what just happened." Gojo muttered as one moment he was sitting inside of the prison cube to suddenly find himself in the middle the fight of two other people. They were both flying about to punch each other and seeing this Gojo tried getting out of the way but couldn't move. Turned out that he just had to let gravity let him get out of the way.

Gojo was wondering how the two were flying around like that but when the hits connected he felt a strong gust of wind come from their hits. "Dang getting hit by one of those would be pretty bad."

Elsewhere in the world Maki and Yuji were fighting against Sakuna. While they were dead set on defeating him they failed to realize they had an audience. Said audience had been eating ice cream but were shocked when four other people suddenly appeared in the planet. All three of the fighters suddenly felt paralyzed. The one doing the paralyzing was Beerus and he wasn't happy. "Okay, my planet is not a battle ground. I don't know how you got here but you better get out now." Sakuna smirked and pulled out his domain expansion and was getting ready to unleash the full variety of his powers on everyone caught in it.

I'll leave it there cuz I don't really know what to keep writing right now. The next chapters will probably have to be each fight at each place or a lot explaining so yeah.