Chapter 9

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The Palmer family sat at the picnic table eating lunch. "Is camping always this dangerous Mom?" Victoria asked.

Jess grimaced and shook her head. "Only when you're out hiking and run into a moose or grizzly bear."

"We're sorry that you had to experience dealing with drug dealers, Victoria. But it looked like you made some new friends. Do you want to join the Fireside Girls?"

Vic grinned. "May I? I really enjoyed being with them."

"We're glad you did. I picked up an application for you. Of course you can join." Jess said. Jess winked at Jimmy remembering how much they enjoyed their alone time in the tent.

"What do you want to do this afternoon and for dinner?" Jimmy asked.

"Amy and Amanda want me to sleep in their tent again tonight. I that ok?" Victoria asked.

Jimmy and Jess smiled at each other and nodded. "It's fine with us. I guess it's a good thing since we haven't brought your sleeping bag back to our tent."

"Let's fill out your membership application so you can take it with you tonight and be official." Jess said.

Vic grinned and gave her parents a hug. "Thanks Mom and Dad."

"The only thing we haven't done on our wish list is fishing." Jimmy said.

Victoria grimaced. "Do we have to?"

Jess shook her head. "No. It's rather late in the day to go fishing anyway. How about a hike? There is a nice trail to a lodge in the hills a short drive from here."

"I remember seeing a brochure for that place. We can eat dinner there with a nice view." Jimmy said.

Victoria nodded. "That sounds like fun. After what we saw today, it will be nice to not cook dinner."


Gage Winchester met with his bosses in Washington DC after following the DEA agents taking the drug dealers in and giving his report. He made sure he got full credit for the arrest with a passing mention of the Palmers. Unfortunately for Gage, the head of the investigation knew Jess and Jimmy found the drugs and were far more instrumental in arrest than Gage was. While Gage travelled to meet with his bosses the DEA head called them beforehand to share his report.

"Do you want to transfer offices Gage? You seem to be more interested in getting involved with investigations out of you jurisdiction." The department head asked.

"No, no, no. I want to stay in Colorado." Gage responded.

"Then why do you keep sticking your nose into other agencies investigations?"

Gage just sat there not willing to provide and answer.

"I hear that you can't seem to let go of an old flame even though that has been extinguished for several years."

Gage continued to sit there and shake his head.

"I also hear that the woman you won't get out of your head is now married to someone else."

Gage looked at his boss with a frown, still refusing to speak.

"You have nothing to say for yourself Winchester?"

The silence was deafening. Gage opened his mouth to speak but then shut it before a word came out of his mouth.

"It is clear Winchester that you need to take a long vacation away from here and to stay away. I'm also reassigning you to another office far away from here."

Gage looked up and finally started to speak. His boss raised his hand to silence him. He handed him a plane ticket. "Here is your ticket back to Colorado. It leaves in one hour. Also you will be receiving orders to your new post it Guam. That is all."

Gage stood up and looked at his boss in disbelief. He took the ticket and got out of the office as fast as he could.


The Palmer family drove the five miles to the trail head and started up the hike. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon with the abundant trees providing shade to the hikers. Jess decided to wear some hiking shorts and s sports bra since it was so nice and warm. Victoria wore her favorite pair of shorts and her new Fireside Girls T-shirt. Jimmy wore his sports shorts he bought with Victoria and one of his Bermuda T-shirts. Jimmy carried the backpack holding bottle of water, snacks and light jackets in case it got cold. Victoria took the lead while Jimmy and Jess followed closely behind holding hands.

An hour or so into the hike, they reached a beautiful lookout point where they stopped for a break. Jimmy passed out the waters and snacks that they enjoyed while looking at the view. Jimmy brought some binoculars and looked through them while Jess and Victoria took some pictures with their phones.

"That's interesting," Jimmy said as he spotted two men struggling with a large package they were carrying down a steep hill on the other side of the valley.

"What do you see,?" Jess asked.

"If I didn't know better I would say it looks like two men trying to carry a parcel of drugs down the hill. It sure looks like the same type of package we found in the lake."

Jimmy passed the binoculars to his wife.

"You're right. It sure looks suspicious. Let's take some pictures and zoom in with our phones."

"Should we call this in?" Jimmy asked.

Just then they saw the men stumble and fall, sliding down the hill. The package they were carrying hit the ground and broke apart into several smaller parcels. "Oh no," Jess said as she looked through the binoculars. It sure looks like the same drug packages we pick up in the lake. There must have been several drop zones."

Jess passed the binoculars back to her husband and took out her phone, dialing Parker.

"Palmer, you're supposed to be on a relaxing camping weekend with your family." Parker said.

Jess grimaced. "You're right Parker. We just can't seem to keep from seeing things we're not supposed to. Take a look at your phone for the pictures we just sent you."

Parker paused to look at the pictures. "Is that what I think it is?"

"It sure looks like it to us. We're on a trail to the Lodge on the opposite side of the canyon. We have no intention of investigating further. Maybe you can contact the DEA to investigate." Jess said.

"I don't want you to do anything else but enjoy the rest of your weekend. I'll contact the DEA and let them do what they do."

"Roger that. See you on Tuesday."

Jimmy and Victoria looked at Jess. "Parker is going to contact the DEA. We're going to enjoy the rest of our weekend starting with finishing this hike."

Jimmy took Jess' hand and the three Palmers headed back up the trail.


The Lodge was a large log cabin structure with a beautiful wooden patio overlooking the countryside. They all went inside to use the restrooms and clean up a little before getting dinner. It was a little cooler at the top of the trail so Jess put on a light jacket to keep warm.

Jimmy and Jess waited for a table with their arms around each other. Victoria found a nearby video game and started to play. "I sure have enjoyed camping with you my wonderful wife but can we avoid drug dealers next time we go?"

Jess chuckled. "I know you're joking but I sure have enjoyed camping with you and Victoria too." Jess pulled Jimmy down for a kiss which was gladly returned. "I love you my fabulous husband."

Jimmy grinned. "I love you too my fantastic wife."

Victoria glanced over at her parents and smiled.

A few minutes later they were shown to a table with a panoramic view and given menus. After perusing the selections, Jimmy ordered some fish to share with his wife and Jess a steak. Victoria wanted some fish and chips.

"What do you think of camping Victoria?" Jess asked.

"It's a lot of fun, ignoring the drug bad guys and your old boyfriends trying to hit on you." Victoria responded. "I like that we get to spend this time together and with my friends."

"Glad to hear it." Jess responded. "Next time we'll try to find a drug dealer free zone."

"I know it's not your fault Mom. But I do want to go camping again."

Jimmy and Jess smiled at their daughter and looked at the waiter as their food arrived.


It was just before sunset when they arrived back at camp. The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed the luxury of not having to cook and clean up. Victoria and Jess walked down to the Fireside girls campsite to make sure everything was still ok for Vic to stay with them for the night. It was. Amy walked back with Victoria to get Vic's belongings and the two friends said goodnight to Jimmy and Jess.

"I'd like to wash the dirt from the trail off before we turn in." Jimmy said to Jess.

"So would I," Jess responded. "Let's put our suits on and head to the pool."

Jimmy took Jess' hand and led her to their tent. It looked rather empty since Victoria took all her clothes with her. Jimmy wrapped Jess in his arms giving her a tender kiss before sliding her jacket off her shoulders. He pulled her close then removed her sports bra and kissed each breast. Jess grinned at him and said "I want you just as much as you want me. I just want to be clean for you."

Jimmy grinned back and said "I want to be clean for you too. Let's hurry to the pool so we can hurry back here"

Jess smiled and kissed Jimmy while sliding down his shorts. She then lifted his shirt off over his head leaving him naked. She took a step back and admired her husband's body. "Mmmmm. All mine."

Jimmy slid Jess' shorts off leaving her naked. He paused to admire his wife's body. "Mmmmm. All mine."

They wrapped each other in a hug pressing their naked bodies together and kissed deeply. Jess grinned at her husband. "This is the one thing I don't like about camping." Jimmy raised an eyebrow. "I can't take my handsome husband straight into the shower with me."

Jimmy chuckled. "Well sweetheart, let's get our swimsuits on and go." He handed Jess her string bikini and put his board shorts on leaving them untied. He helped Jess tie her strings leaving them a little looser than normal. Jess raised an eyebrow. "Do you want my bikini to fall off, sweetheart?"

Jimmy grinned. "Yes, my love, but only when I'm the only one who gets to enjoy it."

Jess chuckled and grinned. She kissed Jimmy and slid her hands inside his swimsuit to his bare bottom. "You better be careful my handsome husband or your suit might fall off, with a little help from me."

Jimmy grinned and the Palmers headed up to the pool.


Jimmy and Jess went into the pool but were not the only ones there. A group of teenage girls not part of the Fireside girls were there playing Marco Polo. To avoid the others, Jimmy and Jess went to the corner of the pool in the deep end. Jess wrapped her legs around his waist and Jimmy stood shoulder height in the water with his back to the wall. They kissed deeply holding each other as close as possible. In spite of their efforts to stay out of the way of the game, Jess was bumped into several times by the players so they decided to shower off and head back to their tent.

Jess helped Jimmy wash his hair as he helped with her hair. Once they were finished showering off, Jimmy dried Jess thoroughly as did Jess to her husband. Once dry, Jimmy put on a T-shirt and wrapped a towel around his waist. Jess reached under the towel and slid his suit off since it was wet and helped him put on a dry pair of shorts. Jimmy helped Jess put on one of his Bermuda T-shirts which was like a dress to her. Jimmy pulled the strings of her bikini top and pulled it away from her body. He debated internally whether to do the same to her bikini bottoms. Jess wrapped her arms around Jimmy's neck and kissed him. She raised an eyebrow. "Aren't you going to remove my bottoms too? It will let me completely dry off on the way back to our tent." Jimmy chuckled and grinned. He reached under the T-shirt and pulled the strings. "You mean like this?" Jess kissed him and nodded as he pulled the bottoms away from her body, glad his T-shirt was long enough for her modesty. Jimmy and Jess put on their flip flops and picked up their wet belongings and turned to look back at the pool. The girls were absorbed in their game and the words Marco…Polo continued to echo around the pool.


After stopping at the restrooms and complete their nightly routines, Jimmy and Jess stopped to say goodnight to Victoria. Hugs and kisses were shared and Jimmy and Jess headed to their tent. They turned on the light to hang up their wet clothes on the clothes line before turning their attention to their sleeping bags. Standing on their sleeping bags, Jess removed her husband's shorts and T-shirt leaving him naked. Jimmy lifted his T-shirt over Jess' head leaving her naked. The crawled into their sleeping bags and turned out the light. "I love you Mrs. Palmer," Jimmy said to his wife with a kiss. Jess smiled at her husband and said "I love you Dr. Palmer." Jess rolled Jimmy onto his back and climbed on top of him. She proceeded to kiss her way down his body as they began to show how much they loved each other for the first time that night. Jimmy woke Jess up for round two a few hours later and Jess woke Jimmy up for round three shortly before dawn. When it was time to get up in the morning, Dr. and Mrs. Palmer felt totally relaxed and in love, very thankful for the Fireside Girls.


Victoria returned to their campsite when Jimmy and Jess were cooking breakfast.

"We have a lot to do before the 1pm check out time." Jess said.

"Did you roll up your sleeping bag, Victoria?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes, Dad. I got all my stuff ready to go. I need help bringing it back."

"No problem. We'll go down and get it after breakfast." Jess said.

They cooked a big breakfast using up as much of the leftover food as possible. Amy came by with Amanda carrying Victoria's sleeping bag and other belongings.

Victoria said "Hey guys. Thanks for bringing my stuff."

"No problem. We needed to get it out of our tent anyway to take it down." Amy replied.

"Are you two hungry? We have plenty of food." Jess offered.

Amy and Amanda looked at each other and nodded. "We'd love to. Thanks."

Everyone sat down at the picnic table. With three hungry preteens the food was devoured.


Working together the Palmer family packed up Dolly in an hour and headed down the road toward home. Jess' phone rang and a she put in on speaker.

"Parker. I thought this was a holiday. What's up?"

Parker chuckled. "I thought you might like to know what happened with the drug mules you spotted."

Jimmy spoke up. "Did the DEA catch them?"

"Better than that. They found them and followed them back to their lair. They seized two other parcels of fentanyl besides the one you saw and captured the ring leader Morgan Fernandez. They now have leads into the cartel.

"Wow. That's great news." Jess responded.

"I bet Winchester tried to take credit for the information and capture." Jimmy said.

Jess looked at her husband and chuckled.

Parker spoke up. "The head of the DEA knows that the Palmers are the source of the intel and the capture of the drugs and drug runners. He call the NPS who weren't happy with what he did and for keep trying to get you to work with him, Jess."

"Is Gage on his way back to Colorado?" Jess asked.

"More than that. He's been sent on a long vacation and is being transferred to Guam. He won't be around to bother the Palmer family any more."

Victoria grinned. "That's the best news yet. I was tired of him hitting on my mom and showing up uninvited."

Parker laughed. "Have a safe trip home. See you tomorrow."


Jimmy pulled into the driveway of their home. Victoria had to be woken up from her nap in the car. It took a while to unload Dolly and put their gear in the garage. Jimmy and Jess set up their tent in the backyard to clean and air it out for the next use. They decided to leave it up overnight to dry out. Once everything was put away, the tired Palmer family went into their house and collapsed on the couch.

Jess sent Victoria to take a shower and put on her pajamas. Jess called Kabob Palace for delivery of their favorite foods. When the food arrived, Vic was showered and ready for bed after they ate. All sat around the kitchen table enjoying the food and getting their fill.

Jimmy and Jess put the leftovers in the refrigerator and cleared the table. After that was done, they tucked Victoria in bed.

"Did you enjoy our family camping trip?"

Victoria smiled and hugged her parents. "It was great. Let's do it again."

Jimmy and Jess smiled and kissed her good night. "That we will sweetheart." They turned out the light when they left the room.

Jess entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. She wrapped her arms around Jimmy and kissed him senseless. Jimmy kissed her back while sliding her yoga pants off and then lifted her shirt off over her head, leaving her naked. Jess took off Jimmy's shirt and pants, leaving him naked. Jess took Jimmy's hand and pulled him into the shower. The Palmers wrapped their arms around each other and kissed deeply while the warm water cascaded over their bodies.

Jess grinned at her husband. "One of the best things about going camping."

Jimmy smiled. "I agree."

"I love endless hot showers. Especially with the man I love with all my heart."

Jimmy responded. "I love endless hot showers with you too. But crawling in bed naked with you afterward and making love all night is even better. I love you too with all my heart."

When they were all fresh and clean and dried off, Dr. and Mrs. Palmer crawled naked into bed and immediately got started making love all night.