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Chapter 50

Tension filled the air in his grandparent's quarters.

After leading Harry into their living room, his grandparents requested that he recount the entire story. He went on to explain the night's events, feeling like a scolded child under their withering gazes. Naturally, he was not stupid enough to tell them the entire truth. He omitted the fact that he had been apprehended, instead telling them that he had quietly followed Quirrell and Peter to discover their hiding place.

"I cannot believe you were so stupid," Minerva finally said. "When did I raise such an irresponsible grandchild?"

Harry wanted to point out that she hadn't raised him, but he decided it was best not to, given how angry she appeared.

His grandfather did not appear to be any happier. He seemed to want to reach out and strangle his grandson. "Why didn't you come to us when you discovered the knight entering the forest?"

"Let us set that aside for the time being," Harry insisted. "Right now, we don't have time for this. We need to go and catch them before they realise we are onto them. Otherwise, they will abandon the hideout, and we will be right back where we started."

"Quiet!" Minerva snapped.

Harry fell silent and fixed his gaze on the ground. He was well aware that he would face consequences for his reckless behaviour tonight. Why did he have to personally reveal the night's events to his grandparents? He should have sent them an anonymous message instead. However, they were likely to recognise his handwriting.

Charlus summoned a patronus and gave it a message to deliver to Madam Bones. He sent another message to the headmaster.

"We need to meet with the headmaster," Charlus said. "Let us go up to his office."

Harry followed his grandparents as they made their way up to the seventh floor. He was exhausted from the events of the previous few hours and wanted to go to bed. But the night wasn't over yet, as he had to lead everyone back to Voldemort's lair. His mind was on autopilot, replaying details from the night's events on a loop as it tried to make sense of everything. A terrifying thought struck him, causing him to pause.

"What's the matter?" Minerva asked.

Charlus raised an eyebrow at Harry, annoyed that his grandson was wasting time during an emergency. But then he noticed Harry's expression and became concerned.

"I just realised I missed something," Harry said. "Do you remember how I mentioned overhearing Peter Pettigrew and Rupert discussing working for Dumbledore?"

"What about it?" Minerva stopped being angry with Harry and pulled him into a hug.

"How long do you believe he has been working for Dumbledore?" Harry asked. "Did he have anything to do with my parents' death?"

His grandparents were stunned. They had never considered that possibility before.

"I know he is a bad man, but to purposefully plan their deaths?" Minerva appeared stunned. "Surely he wouldn't do something like that. Not to me, his apprentice."

Charlus, on the other hand, was incensed. Knowing how much Dumbledore desired to destroy his family, he knew he was perfectly capable of getting his hands dirty to eliminate his son.

"Think about it," Harry said. "Sirius used to be the secret keeper, but he relinquished the position so Peter could take over. Have you ever wondered why he did that?"

Minerva sighed. "Sirius said he was an obvious target, and no one would ever consider going after Peter. It was supposed to be the perfect plan."

"That sounds suspect," Harry replied. "Peter was well-known to be my father's friend at school. Why wouldn't he be a target? I would argue that he was the ideal target because he couldn't defend himself as well as someone like Sirius or Remus."

There was a long silence as they considered the implications.

"We will look into it later," Charlus eventually said. "For the time being, we have a more urgent matter."

When they arrived at the office, the headmaster was already sitting behind his desk. Flitwick sighed as he saw Harry enter the office behind his grandparents.

"Perhaps I have become a Seer in my old age because I predicted you would be somehow involved in this incident, Harry. What is going on, Charlus?"

Charlus rubbed his face tiredly. "Hold on a moment. Madam Bone will be here shortly, and I don't want to have to say everything again."

A few minutes later, the fireplace erupted in a green flame, and Madam Bones' head emerged. She emerged from the floo after obtaining permission. Shacklebolt and Proudfoot followed her.

"Why am I being called in so late?" Amelia barked, her eyes narrowing, when she saw Harry. "Ahh, I see. Harry has caused yet another incident."

"That is hardly fair," Harry protested.

"Quiet!" Amelia took a seat, groaning as she rubbed her neck. "All right, what happened?"

"It involves sensitive information involving Voldemort," Charlus explained. "Can you trust your aurors to keep this between us?"

That caught their attention. Amelia considered the two men who had accompanied her before making her decision. "I brought these two because they are two of my most dependable aurors. They know when to keep their mouths shut."

"Charlus, what is this all about?" Flitwick inquired. "If there is another incident within the castle, I am going to retire to some remote island and someone else can deal with this headache."

Charlus glanced at Harry, silently instructing him to repeat his version of events. Amelia cursed a blue streak after Harry recounted the night's events. She eventually calmed down and started planning what to do next.

"There are four Aurors in the castle right now," Amelia said. "With the remaining knights in the castle, it should be enough to bring Quirrell and Peter down. I do not want too many people to learn that Voldemort is still alive because it will cause panic. That is, if you are willing to join us in the hunt, Charlus?"

Charlus nodded. "I won't let those bastards get away with attacking my family."

"I will be there as well," Minerva said, looking at her grandson. "But only to keep an eye out for this troublesome child. He will have to show everyone how to get to the hideout."

"We also need to take care of Rupert, who works for Dumbledore," Harry reminded them.

"We can delegate that task to the knights," Amelia said. "Our main priorities are Quirrell and Peter."

The headmaster summoned the aurors and knights to his office. Apart from Rupert, there were only four knights left in the castle, and they had all arrived fully armoured for battle, despite not knowing the current situation. Harry wondered if they wore the armour to bed, and how uncomfortable that would be.

They briefed the newcomers on the current situation. After learning about Rupert, one of the Runic Knights, a woman with a long scar on her cheek and fierce brows, stood up.

"That scumbag has betrayed the order!" she snarled. "I am going to skin him alive. But it pales in comparison to what I plan to do to Voldemort and Pettigrew."

"Calm down, Sheena," an older knight advised. "If he truly betrayed us, he will be held accountable. I suggest that we make haste and apprehend them."

"Voldemort is mine," Charlus declared. "I want to show him what happens when he messes with my family."

"I can take care of Peter," Harry said, his expression as serious as his grandfather's. "I have to pay him back for betraying my parents."

"You will not do anything," Minerva stated, tapping him on the back of the head. "You will remain outside the hideout while the adults deal with them."

Harry slouched in his chair. Why didn't his grandparents recognise that he had the right to avenge his parents?

"Let's get this over with," Amelia said.

They marched out of the castle and down towards the forest. The sound of rustling grass alerted everyone, who pointed their wands and swords in the direction of the noise.

The light from their wands fell upon a snake lying in the grass. Despite the fact that Nagini had shrunk in size, Harry recognised her.

"Wait!" Harry dashed forward and grabbed Nagini. She snaked up his body and wrapped herself around his neck. "This is Nagini. I ran into her in the woods on my way back."

They continued on. After moving through the forest at a brisk pace, they arrived at Voldemort's hideout thirty minutes later.

"How come we didn't find this place?" Reena frowned, tapping her sword against her thigh in agitation. "We had to have searched the entire forest within Hogwarts boundaries."

"Maybe Peter asked Rupert to overlook this location," Harry speculated.

"That is a plausible scenario."

"They cast a spell to part the water," Harry said, pointing at the pond. "There is an entrance beneath the boulder."

"Did you happen to notice the type of spell used?" Charlus asked.

"No. But after exploring the area, I discovered another entrance around the back."

Harry led them around to the back and pointed out the small cliff edge above their heads, which was obscured by some trees. Minerva summoned some stone stairs, which Sheena climbed to investigate the hidden entrance.

"There doesn't seem to be any wards protecting this entrance," Sheena observed.

Harry wondered how she would gain entry. She tapped the sword against the rock, murmuring an incantation. A portion of the rock transformed into sand and flowed over her feet, exposing the entrance leading into the tunnel.

"Your swords can be used as wands?" Harry asked in astonishment.

Reena gestured for him to be quiet. The other knights followed her into the tunnel to investigate, while the others waited outside in anxious anticipation. His grandparents stood between Harry and the potential threat, wands at the ready.

Reena emerged from the tunnel and told them that the coast was clear.

Amelia turned to her aurors. "Proudfoot, you and Ollie will stand guard at the entrance by the lake in case Quirrel and Peter manage to escape. The rest of you will come with us."

Minerva pushed Harry deeper into the trees and conjured some chairs for them to sit in. Harry had a hollow feeling in his stomach as he watched his grandfather enter the tunnel. He hadn't realised until this moment that his grandfather was heading into a perilous situation and might get injured or worse.

Minerva ran a hand through his hair to comfort him as she noticed the expression on his face. "Your grandfather is a powerful wizard, so he will be fine. He could face Voldemort in his prime and not suffer a loss. Now that Voldemort is weakened and inhabiting a decaying body, he has no chance against him."

Harry nodded.

Nagini hissed. "Your grandmother is correct. I sense that your grandfather is a strong wizard. Voldemort's wraith will have to flee from its host."

"I can't stop myself from worrying, though."

They waited for what felt like an eternity. As Harry was about to get up and investigate, his eyes widened when he noticed a black mist emerging from the tunnel, barely visible against the moonlit sky. Minerva stood there with her wand raised, but the wraith didn't seem to notice them. It flew deeper into the forest.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. "That takes care of Voldemort for the time being—"

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. He had a feeling something was going to happen, so he scanned his surroundings with vigilance. He was about to say something to his grandmother when he heard a hiss. His eyes widened as he noticed a cat standing in the spot where his grandmother had been. The cat disappeared into the shrubbery.

Harry pursued her, but he quickly lost sight of her. He heard shouts and turned to see his grandfather and others emerge from the tunnel.

"Pettigrew! Get back here, you bastard!" Charlus yelled.

Harry ran up to him, ready to tell him about his grandmother, when he heard a rustle behind him. He spun around to see the cat emerge, holding a rat in her mouth.

As his grandmother dropped the rat to the ground, Harry summoned his wand and stunned it. His grandmother had just transformed and was about to speak when she noticed Harry holding the tip of his wand to the rat's head.

"Harry!" Minerva held out her hand. "That's enough. He has been apprehended and will face punishment for his crimes. There is no need to harm him."

Harry barely registered her words as he gripped the rat tightly. A crimson haze blanketed his mind, and he felt an overwhelming surge of rage at the sight of the rat. He had the urge to end Peter's wretched existence, knowing that a single spell would suffice.

He tensed up when a hand was placed on his shoulder. His grandfather spoke to him. "Your grandmother is right, Harry. Killing Peter for what he did to your parents will not bring them back. It will only cause more pain."

Kingsley approached him, extending his hand to the rat. After a brief hesitation, Harry placed the rat in his hands. He spun around and buried his face into his grandfather's chest. As the boy sobbed in his arms, his grandfather wrapped his arms around him. His grandmother joined him, and the three of them held the boy as he succumbed to his pain. The others backed away to give him privacy, and they stood there for several minutes before he recovered his composure.

His grandfather held his grandson's face in his hands. "We have captured Peter, and we will eventually catch Voldemort and Dumbledore as well. Nobody will hurt my family ever again."

6th April

Harry was startled awake when he felt something jump onto his bed. He looked up and saw his two girlfriends giggling mischievously at him. Suddenly, a sharp hiss filled the room, startling both girls. Nagini poked her head out of the blankets, causing them to scream in fear and leap out of bed.

Nagini had returned to her normal size of about twelve feet long. She had told him that she could change her size to some extent, but that it took effort to maintain it.

"Where did that snake come from?" Daphne exclaimed. After getting over her initial surprise, she didn't appear to be afraid of the snake.

"It is a long story," Harry explained. "Her name is Nagini. She will not bite, so you can pet her."

Daphne showed no hesitation in stroking Nagini's broad head, who hissed in pleasure.

"That's the spot. Right there."

Susan was more hesitant than Daphne, but she still reached out and stroked Nagini's head.

Nagini slithered out of bed and across the floor to the window, where Fawkes and Hedwig slept. She lay down and closed her eyes to get some more sleep.

"That is a scary snake," Susan said, shuddering. "But she is beautiful in her own way."

Daphne smiled. "I approve of the new addition."

"Are you creating a menagerie in your dorm room?" Susan asked. "Did you ask the other boys for their opinion on the matter? Something tells me they will not be so accepting of Nagini."

The girls laughed at him, but they became concerned when they saw the dark circles under his eyes. They crawled across the bed to hug him.

"I am sorry for waking you," Daphne said, pressing her cheek against his. Susan repeated the gesture, and the lingering bad mood from the night before vanished.

"What's the time?" Harry asked.

"It's almost eleven," Susan replied.

"What!? Don't we have classes?"

Daphne kissed him on the cheek and leaned back against the pillow. "The headmaster announced that there would be no classes today. It's to celebrate the fact that Quirrell and Peter Pettigrew have finally been apprehended."

Susan scrutinised him. "Considering your lack of sleep, it appears that you were involved in another dangerous situation.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Harry replied.

"Perhaps we should torture the truth out of him," Daphne said, reaching out and tickling his sides, making him squirm.

"Stop that," Harry gasped.

Susan also joined in on the tickling. They pinned him down and started torturing him mercilessly. He fought back by reaching out and tickling their ribs in return. They tussled across the bed, shrieking with laughter, until Harry accidentally grabbed Susan's bottom. She squealed, and he quickly pulled his hand away. In retaliation, she punched his shoulder.

"May we come in right now?" Hermione poked her head through the curtain. When she saw their dishevelled appearance, her head vanished.

"What are they doing?" Padma looked in, her dark eyes glinting with curiosity. "Don't stop on my account."

"You are a pervert!" Susan exclaimed.

"Get up quickly." Terry's head appeared above Padma's. "We have the day off, and you are wasting it by lying in bed."

Harry sighed. "Sleeping in is exactly what you do on your day off."

When they opened the curtains, they discovered all of their friends waiting for them. They sat up in bed to make space for their friends to sit down.

""Did you know there was a giant snake lying next to the window?" Hannah asked, hiding behind Susan.

"I approve," Blaise and Tracy said in unison.

"Tracy should be in Slytherin," Terry grumbled.

"So, how should we spend today?" Hermione asked. "I think it is time to start preparing for the end-of-year exams. "They aren't far away."

"We still have two months," Hannah grumbled. "Two weeks is more than enough for me to study."

Hermione ignored her, lifting the bag from her shoulders and removing several journals. She handed them out, and when they opened them, they discovered that they contained detailed study notes for the entire school year.

Hermione's eyes shone with excitement. "If we want to maintain our position as the top students, we need to get started immediately."

The rest of the group looked at one another and unanimously rejected her proposal.

"What else are we going to do?" Hermione huffed.

"I can't leave the castle," Harry grumbled. "I have been grounded by my grandparents until the end of the school year."

"That's right," Daphne said, crossing her arms. "You still haven't told us what you did last night."

Harry groaned as the others pressed him to share the story. Because they were so persistent, he was forced to tell them what had occurred. They were astounded when he told them about his forest escapes, with some details carefully omitted.

Daphne and Susan both smacked his shoulder.

"Why am I receiving so much abuse today?"

"Because you are an idiot," Daphne and Susan both said simultaneously. The others were quick to agree. Harry grumbled at their betrayal.

"Where's Neville?" Harry asked, attempting to change the subject.

"He is down in the greenhouses with Professor Sprout," Daphne explained. "The plants discovered in Quirrell's hideout were donated to Hogwarts. The Aurors got up early this morning to thoroughly investigate the hideout."

"I am surprised you aren't down there as well."

"I was worried about you," Daphne said, pausing. "Besides, there are no rare plants, so I decided it wasn't worth my time."

"What about the magical beasts?" Harry asked.

Following Peter's capture, his grandparents took him back to the castle. As a result, he was unsure what had happened to them. Nobody had mentioned the troll that he and Nagini had killed, either. He hoped they didn't find out who killed it because he would be in even more trouble than he was already.

"They were all set free," Hermione said. "Aside from the acromantula."

"Have they donated anything else?" Harry asked.

He remembered the treasure room from which he had obtained the ward breakers. He didn't care if the owners claimed ownership of the items. Many of the objects probably contained dark magic, which he didn't want to mess with.

"Not that we are aware of," Susan replied.

Harry's stomach growled, letting him know how hungry he was right now.

"Breakfast is already over," Daphne admitted with a guilty expression. "We should have saved something for you."

"It's fine," Harry said dismissively.

His thoughts about eating something gave him an idea of where they could meet, so he crawled out of bed. "Give me ten minutes to clean up, and I will show you something amazing."

He took a shower and then retrieved his workshop trunk from his inventory before leaving the bathroom. He placed it on the floor beside his bed and tapped it with his wand to unshrink it. Another tap increased the size even more, making it easier for them to climb inside.

"What is this, Harry?" Hermione asked.

He lifted the lid to reveal the ladder. "Why don't we go down and find out?"

Everyone was taken aback by the trunk, prompting them to scramble down the ladder, eager to discover where it led. Harry followed them last, climbing down the ladder until his feet hit the bottom. A short corridor led to a set of double doors that were already open.

"It is a replica of your workshop," Daphne said, smiling. She was the only one here who had seen his workshop out of all his friends.

"That's right," Harry said. "When I add more stations to my home workshop, I will also include them in my trunk workshop."

"This must have cost a fortune," Blaise commented. "I assume that you bought it from the trunk shop in Diagon Alley."

Harry nodded. "It was expensive, but it was worth every galleon."

After showing them around the first floor, he took them to the second floor, which housed his bedroom and kitchen. He took some cold chicken from the fridge and started eating it.

"This is a nice place to get away from Hogwarts," Tracy said, jumping onto the bed. "You should have gotten a trunk with a quidditch pitch inside."

"Please forgive me," Harry replied sarcastically. "Next time, I will give your opinion more consideration."

"As you should!" Tracy grinned.

Later that evening, Harry was sitting in the common room with his friends when he received a visitor. When his name was called, he looked up to see who it was: Sheena, the knight who had participated in the raid on Voldemort's hideout.

"May I help you with anything?" Harry asked.

"If you don't mind, I would like to speak with you privately," Sheena said.

Harry looked around at his friends, who shrugged, unsure of what the knight wanted. He stood up and followed her out the tower and down the corridor.

"I would like to thank you for revealing Rupert's betrayal," Sheena told him. "Many of his crimes were revealed as a result of his interrogation."

"He was working for Dumbledore," Harry said. "Did he say why he was working for him?"

Sheena shook her head. "Even with Veritaserum and a Level 5 Legilimens, we couldn't find anything about Dumbledore."

"I heard him talking to Pettigrew."

"I saw the memory you submitted, so I believe you," Sheena assured him. "However, Dumbledore must have access to some sort of magic that completely conceals information about him. It's frustrating that we might never know why Dumbledore wanted Rupert to retrieve the item in the unicorn's grove."

"Did you find the grove?" Harry asked.

He used his occlumency to keep his expression neutral, not wanting to reveal anything. It would be problematic if the knights obtained the item before he did; otherwise, he would be unable to complete the unicorns' mission. Because he was temporarily grounded, he would have to wait until the end of the school year to retrieve it.

"The grove isn't difficult to find," Sheena said. "The issue is breaking through the ward. It contains ancient magic that we have never come across before. We will not risk our lives for something that isn't even ours to take. Sometimes you just have to keep your greed in check and leave things alone."

"That's good advice."

Sheena smiled and ruffled his hair. "Does that mean you have given up on obtaining the schematics for the knight's armour?"

"No way."

Sheena took a card from her pocket and gave it to him. "If you want to be a knight, you can take the yearly recruitment tests when you reach the age of fifteen. I will write you a recommendation letter."

"Why me, though?" Harry asked.

He wasn't sure how he felt about the offer. Becoming a renowned artisan was more appealing to him, but it was something to think about.

"I found out you were being trained by Master Footshredder," Sheena said. "I can only think of one reason for him to accept you as a disciple. You were born to be a knight."

Harry thanked her and they said their goodbyes. He returned to the common room and put the idea out of his mind for the time being. It wasn't something he needed to worry about for another year.

25th June

Harry was travelling through the Forbidden Forest in his demiguise form. His destination was the unicorn's grove, where he would finally finish the task assigned to him. He needed to hurry because the Hogwarts Express was leaving in two hours. Fortunately, a demiguise ran extremely fast across the ground. He only had to be wary of any magical creatures who might view him as a snack.

As he ran, he considered his summer plans. There was still plenty of work to be done. The rest of the school year had flown by quickly, with no further incidents to disrupt it.

Peter Pettigrew's trial began a month after he was arrested. He was found guilty of multiple heinous crimes. Under Veritaserum, he admitted to betraying Lily and James Potter, as well as providing information to Voldemort, resulting in several deaths during the previous war. The charges were also updated to include his most recent crimes. This included kidnapping Master Karlsson on Quirrell's orders, which led to his death.

Amelia Bones decided to keep Voldemort's existence hidden, but it wasn't easy. She had to avoid any questions that mentioned the Dark Lord and blame everything on Quirrell. Unfortunately, when questioned about working for Dumbledore, not even the Veritaserum could compel him to answer. So they couldn't pin any more crimes on Dumbledore. Not that he needed any more, given that his current count would have him spending the rest of his life in Azkaban.

Peter was sentenced to be sent through the veil for his crimes. The execution took place immediately after the trial ended. Harry was present at the trial but didn't stay for the execution. He had intended to, but when he first saw the Veil of Death, he was instantly repulsed by it. Something about the thing made him nervous, and he found himself leaving the room before he even realised it.

Despite having the workshop trunk, he had spent little time inside it. Because school had been disrupted all year, professors assigned more homework. He wanted to spend more time with his friends because he wouldn't see most of them over the summer because their families had other plans.

He wasn't completely idle with his artisan work. He was already researching his new artifact, which required exchanging several letters with Gabrielle. When it came to his second artifact, he honestly wondered if he was taking on more than he could handle. Many artisans had tried and failed to create it, and he was likely to be one of those failures.

The artifact's function would enable a Veela to completely suppress their allure. Honestly, he was really doing it primarily for Gabrielle because he didn't want to have men constantly leering and drooling at her. Not to mention the more aggressive men who would try something more.

He wanted his next artifact to fit into a piece of jewellery, so he was considering adding a gem crafting station to his workshop. Aside from spending time with his girlfriends, he intended to work hard to improve the workshop and his skills.

Aside from that, he wanted to expand his spell card repertoire and enhance their performance. To accomplish this, he was finally studying inscription layering, which involved stacking arrays on top of one another, allowing him to do more with them. It was much more complicated than he expected, and he was taking his time learning it.

Harry slowed as he neared his destination. The grove was completely hidden from view, surrounded on all sides by a dense tangle of vines that appeared to be entirely impenetrable. No witch or wizard, as far as he knew, had ever entered the grove, so he would be the first. The unicorns had entrusted him with the secret, but that didn't necessarily mean he would be able to enter.

Harry returned to his human form and approached the vine wall. He took a deep breath and extended his hand.

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