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"Molon Labe!"

"What does that mean?"

"It's High Valyrian. A statement of defiance, meaning 'Come and take them.' in layman's terms"

"Take what, exactly?"

"Our weapons, our freedom."

~A future scene.

Darken the Skies

Conflict was coming.

Naruto could see it in every face they passed, hear it in every whisper as they descended into the depths. It wasn't paranoia, though some may have styled it as such, but rather the simple truth.

War was on the horizon.

But none of that mattered now.

"Is this truly wise?!" Alicent exclaimed from what she heard from her beloved.

Naruto grinned a little and gave her a nudge.

"You're mad." Alicent balked at him.

He held up his fingers and pinched them together, "Just a little." he told her quietly, and while it was meant to be humorous...she didn't exactly see it that way.

"No, it's ludicrous! Absolutely insane I tell you." she balked at her intended.

Naruto turned to face her and held her shoulder's gently, "Listen to me love, if men weren't meant to ride dragon's, then the Valyrian's would never have taken the eggs they discovered, and I'm pretty sure, that if a meager herdsmen who herded sheep can mount a dragon, then you can too." he told her before adding, "Dragons cannot be truly "tamed", but they can be bonded with and trained. Valyrian shepherds were the first to control them using magic, and rode dragons for millennia before the doom, and they were not Targaryen or Velaryon."

Alicent clutched her cloak tightly about herself.

"And what happens if none of the dragon's bond to me? What then?" she asked raising a brow.

"Then I'll get you an egg from the vault." he responded oh-so-sweetlyy, "Don't worry not, you'll be fine."

Alicent huffed as she crossed both arms beneath her bosom, "Fine, but if I die, then I am going to haunt you for the remainder of your days, after I haunt Rhaenyra first for being a lousy friend." she told him with a pointed look towards him as she poked him in the chest several times for good measure.

This only caused the crown prince to laugh.

He'd take it.

When she dithered he gave her another gentle nudge to spur her on and then they were off, descending into the Dragonpit together.

You see, he'd taken it into his head to give her a Dragon.

And not just any one dragon. If he was able to get the grumpy lump of scales up and moving, he was sure he'd love Alicent. They were so alike it was almost comical. He sure was a timid beast when out of the pit, but when around those he trusted, he was as wily as they came. He was also the fastest of the dragon's that the Targaryen's possessed. Faster than even Meleys when it came to sheer speed. After all, he was just as old, if not older than, the she-dragon, yet he gave as good as he got when it came to the things he wanted to do.

...if he could but make them meet.

Perhaps if he pulled this off, so too could he make a miracle with Rhaenyra.

How little he knew.


While Naruto and Alicent were of to the Dragonpit, Rhaenyra was elsewhere in the Keep.

Her anger toward the duo had reached an all time high, and even now her thoughts went towards him in the hopes that that by doing this she would get him to notice her. That he would finally look her way and realize the error of her ways.

Cole wasn't much to look at in all things considering that Naruto was a much more enticing specimen to look upon. Hell even that portion was smaller than Naruto, and having fantasized it many times she could say that the Kingsguard didn't stack up to her expectations in the bed. He was a pitiful lover and didn't really leave her satisfied despite having climaxed twice before the knight.

Now, that wasn't to say that Cole was a terrible lover, he was quite gentle with her.

But, she was just hoping for more...


The consequences of this night would come back to haunt her in the near future, and her only regret was that she hadn't taken better precautions. Despite it being safe for her, there was always the danger of her being found out and potentially exiled from the House and her inheritance as Naruto's one true bride.

Cole pulled himself up off her as he smirked, "So, how was that?" he asked her.

She wouldn't answer the man's ponce question with what she truly desired to speak, but she was honest nevertheless, "I cannot say, you are the first I have ever brought to my chambers in such a fashion." she told him.

"Well, maybe another round would suffice to change your mind?" he questioned.

"Or get the both of us caught, you beheaded, and me banished from my home. Get out before you are spotted. I will take care of the cleanup here." she told him as she pushed him off and quickly began to dress herself. God's she was sore.

"Fine-fine, leave me to the wolves why don't you." he grumbled.

She was still caught up on her pompous prince charming.

He'd change that soon.


Naruto smiled as he looked at the keepers.

Alicent didn't miss the questing looks they sent her way.

One of them stepped forward as per custom and spoke to the prince, "Fair day, milord, what can we do for your excellency?" he asked cordially.

"I intend to take my intended to the depths of the pit. I need to see her before I depart for some business." he told him, drawing a look from Alicent.

"What business?" she said to him before the Keeper could speak. "This is the first I have heard such things."

"It's between me and your father, love, it's not like I'm leaving the Kingdom for extended periods of time." he told her, calming her racing heart. Before she could ask otherwise, he looked back to the keeper.

"Take us down." he commanded the man.

The Keeper's eyes were wide in shock, "S-Surely your excellency would prefer a much more gentle beast than that one, she doesn't come out unless she wishes to sun herself in the open. She'd kill her as soon as she laid eyes upon her." he told the Prince, "By the Seven themselves, she has only come out one time in the last twenty years, and that was when you were born my Prince. "Surely you realize the danger your lady will be in-

"There will be nod anger. Not with me there." he told him, "Now take us down. That is an order."

"Y-Yes, your excellency." the man stuttered.

"Naruto, which dragon are you introducing me to?" she asked slowly.

"You'll see." he said calmly as he looked ahead, following in silence as he held Alicent close as they followed down the steps.

"Will you at least tell me this dragon's name?" she questioned.

"When we get to her." he said quietly.

Oh dear Gods, which manner of dragon was he intending to bring her too?!

Taking a torch from the wall much like the Keeper, he stalked forward. The dark tunnel's seemed to licked the shadows provided from the flames, embracing the light in a strange harmonic eerie coupling. Their footfalls echoed through the dark, until they finally reached the bottom of the tunnel. The deepest reaches of the Dragonpit beyond what any other could have said to have gone before.

Few living could claim to have laid eyes upon the beast that stayed at these depths.

The Keeper stood outside of the cavern entrance, staying outside the cut door in the stone, "I know you plan on entering regardless, Your Excellency, but please, don't bring her further than need be. You can still turn back before it is to late." he urged silently, so as to not wake the beast within, never such a monster should be provoked.

"That is why I am going in first." he responded before he turned to Alicent, "When you hear me call your name you may enter, but move slowly, do you understand?"

She dared a nod.

"I'll be just inside the entrance to the pit itself, you'll see me clearly when you enter." a flick of his wrist ignited the torch just outside the cavern, "Leave us." he ordered the Keeper who bowed nervously and quickly departed without a sound.

Naruto inhaled deeply and went to enter, only for Alicent to grab his arm. "Naruto, please, you don't have to get me a specific dragon." she told her beloved. "Its enough that you broke custom and brought me here in the first place; you needn't risk your life-

"I know...but this is the one I know will love you more than any other." he told her, "I can feel it in my bones. I have to do this for you, so that we need not grow apart."

Alicent shook her head, "And what makes you so certain that this dragon will accept me?" she questioned.

"I don't...it's just a feeling I have." he told her as he gently tugged her hand off, "I will always be here, for you, for our child and all our future children." he said as he turned and entered the cavern, his voice soon followed, but not in the normal Westrosi tongue, but that of High Valyrian...and...


..was he...

was that insufferable oaf singing!? Now, of all times!?

"Drakari pykiros...

Alicent sighed as she placed a hand to her forehead, of course he was. For some ungodly reason, everything loved hearing when Naruto sang. Man, woman, child, old, young, even beasts enjoyed his melodic voice-and dragon's were certainly no exception to this; supposedly Vermithor in particular had a special love for his singing much like Silverwing did whenever he visited Dragonstone.

Even Syrax enjoyed it when Naruto sang to her, hells, the young hatchling's liked to flock him when he sang in the dragonpit with a couple of the elder's poking out to sing their own songs.

"Tīkummo jemiros," her lover sang softly before his voice faded away.

Naruto's voice echoed with each step as he delved deeper and deeper into the cave of the dragon he wished to garner for his beloved, a stairway in the darkness loomed before him as he continued to sing out to the beast. He could hear her muffled breaths, he small minute movements as her scales raked across the stone of the cavern basin,

"Yn lantyz bartossa. Saelot vāedis," he sang as he slowly climbed the steps to a flat alter-like base within the depths of the dark cave, the flames from the torches illuminating his figure and none else, "Hen ñuhā elēnī; Perzyssy vestretis; Se gēlȳn irūdaks," he continued, but came to a stop upon hearing muffled groans from the beast, the warbling of her throat as she allowed him to know she was awake and listening to his song, "Ānogrose" he sung as he stopped, slowly placing the torch upon the ground at his feet.

Her lowly warbles were higher in pitch as she gained his scent, that of her father's own off of him, a welcome smell of one whom she had clamored out of her hole to cry a welcome towards two decades ago, "Perzyro udrȳssi." deep snorts and grunts of pleasure filled the air as both man and beast felt ease between one another, her approach giving Naruto pause in his singing for a moment as her warbled grunts drew ever nearer,

"Ezīmptos laehossi, Hārossa letagon," he sang, and then the darkness was banished by a snarl and rush of flame as the dragon within unleashed her fire. A blazing siler-white inferno that melted the stones above and granted more light to their dark surroundings.

And still, he continued to sing, allowing her to surround the both of them in glorious light and fire as she joined him in song, "Aōt vāedan" he spoke softly as the she-dragon stopped roaring and looked down upon him, the glowing rocks above illuminating the beautiful creature he had called forth with his voice.

"Hae mērot gierūli;" he sung as she loomed over him, soft trills as she approached, a soft keen pouring from her maw, urging him to continue his beautiful song, "Se hāros bartossi, Prūmȳsa sōvīli," he sang softly as she gave a low growl to him, preening upon his lovely vocal's, "Gevī dāerī" he finished on a soft note as she placed her head down upon the stone, her blue eye gazing down upon him as he placed the back of his hand under her snout.

Having never met this dragon unlike the other's in the upper caverns, this Dragon was unique among all other's.

"Alicent, you can enter!" he called out boldly and loudly enough for her to hear his words.

Gathering her courage, she did just that.

Her soft shoes scuffed softly across the stones as she entered the cavern while Naruto held the beast's gaze. Hearing her soft footsteps as she drew near, he shushed the dragon gently as she tried to draw away and pulled back slightly into the dark, her silhouette being all he could really see, but looking down, he could also see the tell-tale glimmer of a familiar group of objects...

It made sense why she was so shy...

...they had never hatched after so many decades...

...she was still waiting for her rider to birth them with her.


Alicent could scarcely wrap her head around it all; in truth, she wasn't sure she wanted to.

Down she went, following her fiancé down into the crypt that held what would hopefully be her own dragon. There he stood, at the edge of the dias, a torch burning on the ground as he gazed ahead, and then...

A dark shape reared out of the gloom.

Alicent jolted.

Gods be good.

But there were no gods here, only the might of dragons.

"Careful, now." Naruto took her hand in his own and touched a hand of his own to the massive dragon's snout, "Don't make any sudden moves." he urged her.

Yea, sure, when there was a massive dragon not even a foot away from her.

Then, quite suddenly, Alicent found herself face to face with that very same dragon.

"What's her name?" she asked softly as she tried her best to follow his intsruction.

"Aethrak, Lover of the Wind's, in High Valyrian." he whispered back.

Aethrak was a monstrous beast as she was gorgeous, beautiful as she was terrifying. Bigger than even the most stoic of the youngling's, but as fierce as Balerion and as swift as Meyles. While flying, she could bend her lithe body in such a way that she could increase upon her already impressive speed. A distinct feature of Aethrak is the various eaglelike body parts she had developed at a younger age. She possesses sharp talons-enough to sheer through stone itself-at the ends of her feet, wide wings that looked like they folded when diving and streamlined spikes around her body that help her fly through the air at high speeds.

Aethrak is noticeably larger than Meyles and Vermithor and is currently the largest of any dragon after Vhagar. Most of her scales are white, shadowing black ones that run down her back and neck with a few navy grey colored scales on the underside of her neck and tail. Her wings and frills are white-black mix, down to the wing-bones which are black. Many of the scales on Aethrak's dorsal side, and most of those along her frills are dark to the point of being almost black, while her neck is striped with bright silver and black frills. Her eyes are blue. When laying down, her head is comparable to that of a carriage and easily matches it in size if not being slightly bigger.

Aethrak lived up to her namesake; Lover of the Winds-and while not so large as her lover's own Black Dread, she was still quite impressive and oh dear, here she came...! Alicent absolutely froze as the massive female dragon approached her. A low growl rumbled in the dark. It rattled her very bones. This close, she could smell the scent of fire and brimstone, but also another, fainter scent. What was that...?

"She's protecting her eggs." Naruto warned her. "Don't upset her."

Alicent would've guffawed if she weren't so terrified. Don't upset her, he said?! It was a little late for that!

Aethrak would gobble her up in a single bite and there would be naught she could do. This time she did laugh, almost hysterically, "Are you going to eat me, then?" she demanded of the beast.


Aethrak didn't budge.

...to hells with it. She only had her life to lose.

Baby notwithstanding that major fact.

Naruto would have Rhaenyra if that did occur. Even if she died, here and now, the two would have someone to support them.

Plucking up the dying dregs of her courage, Alicent stepped forward, and pressed both hands to the dragon's snout, just below the beast's nostrils, as Naruto had taught her when he had brought her to Balerion that fateful day. She felt as much as heard Aethrak inhale deeply; saw the precise moment the beast tested her scent.. This was it. The moment of truth. She might accept her, which was all to the good, but if she didn't...

...well, it had been a good life.

At least she wouldn't die a maiden...

Abruptly, the dragon's growl died off. Was this it, then? The moment of her death? Would she die here-ack?! Oh dear heaven's!

Without warning Aethrak had lurched and quite suddenly Alicent found herself pushed as that silvery snout pushed itself into her chest. The dragon -her dragon?- trilled happily like a hatchling finding a long lost friend. No fire came, no blood, only the faint musty smell of the beast currently nuzzling her. A long tongue flitted out and-oh dear! her newest companion had just licked her, head to toe. So much for her dress.

Naruto rumbled a laugh. "It seems she likes you. Congratulations love."

With those words, all the tension bled out of Alicent. Every bit.

The redhead laughed again, softly now, despite herself.

Was it truly that easy? What a lovely day.

"Come, we will fit her with a saddle and bond the two of you right away. And we can go flying together, you and me and Balerion and Aethrak."


Upon entering the Red Keep, both Naruto and Alicent were welcomed to the sight of a massive Feast, and banquet that had literally come from nowhere. He could see his Uncle mingling through the crowd. He had a cup of wine in hand, and he was being quite boisterous about something. Naruto had to blink to make sure he wasn't seeing things, "What the fuck?" he questioned, "Where in the name of the Seven hell's did this come from?" he asked as he looked at the equally shocked Alicent who had felt her jaw drop in utter shock.

"What is His Grace doing?" she questioned.

"I have no clue, but I am about to go see if I can settle him." he said as he pushed forward through the crowd, excusing himself through the noblemen and women alike with a few peasants carrying trays of the best prepared food in the Seven Kingdoms had to offer. He could see his Uncle clearly now as he was before him. He stopped in front of the King as he grasped his shoulder, "Uncle, what is going on, where did this banquet come from?" he asked.

"Ah~ my nephew, the Prodigal Son of Westeros graces us at last!" he cheered as he toasted his cup high, "Cheer's for the Heir of the Iron Throne, and Shadow Conqueror of the Seven Kingdoms! He Who is Loved by Dragon's, and Subduer of Balerion the Dread himself, my heir and chosen son-Naruto Targaryen!" he cheered as people cheered happily and hoisted their cups up in celebration.

Oh dear God's, the man was soused out of his mind!

"Your Grace, I think it'd be best if you took to your chamber's for the remainder of the evening!" Alicent called out to the King, hoping to calm the man down before he either hurt himself or well... mostly himself...He was to drunk to present himself like a proper king should.

"Hah!" As if we couldn't discredit the newest of our kinsmen!" the King exclaimed happily, "Praise the future queen of our lovely dynasty; the Rider of the Winds, Aethrak the sole Daughter of Balerion the Dread and Meraxes the Silver Queen!" he called out as he hoisted the cup up once again, "The woman who's fire within allowed her the privilege of siring the future heir of the Throne, and rider's of the dragon's of House Targaryen!" he laughed happily.

"Your soused off your arse!" Alicent exclaimed in shock.

Viserys was being extremely rowdy, the wine that a wine bearer had just filled his cup with was splashing out with each movement the man made as he spoke both boisterously and proudly-as if he had been the one to perform the deed with her-and the he exclaimed, "See that? She has a dragon in her belly. A prince, I'd wager!" he declared as he stumbled back and sat down roughly, the chair squeaking in protest.

By the Seven, he needed to stop drinking!

"Go to bed, Uncle, you're drunk." Naruto grumbled out in a mix of annoyance and embarrassment, a hand rising to cover his reddening cheeks.

Why? Was was it always him that somehow managed to get pulled into these awkward situations.

Viserys only laughed. "And why shouldn't I be! Today is a day for celebration!" he declared, "More wine, more food, more music!" he commanded with a joyous laugh that had the crowds cheer happily.

Oh dear heaven's... this wasn't gonna end well... for anyone!


While Naruto and Alicent were trying to calm down their drunken King, elsewhere across the world things were about to change once again.

As it stood, Laena Velaryon smiled in triumph at what she had dreamt coming true before her very eyes, after three years of that same dream near constant each night.

She'd found her.

It had taken time, but here at last, she was triumphant. Father couldn't nay-say her now.

She'd found her quarry, tracked her to this abandoned beach.

Laena grinned like the child she still was at heart. "Found you~!"

Vhagar growled and lifted her head to glower at the small human, sand sloughing off her back. Fire built in the back of her throat.

"No!" She hissed in angry Valyrian and thrust an open palm forward in the face of its flame. "Obey, Vhagar! Yield to me!"

A low grumble sounded from the massive she dragon, but she pulled back at the sharp words of the child, the flames within her maw dying down while the flames licking up her throat were swallowed without hesitation. Laena didn't hesitate to walk over to the ropes laid across her massive bulk and grabbed ahold of one, watching Vhagar intently, the She-dragon watching silently to see her intent to mount her. The Eldwyrm silently praised her for her sheer ferocity to dare speak down...er up to her, so she would allow the attempt. If she failed to mount the saddle of Visenya, she would fall, and she would die, and she would return to her slumber and await Balerion's call.

His once weak flame had ignited into the raging inferno like that of his youth. Her clutch brother was simply waiting for the right time to call out to her, who knew.

Laena took the settling of Vhagar as consent, and grabbed a rope that led up to the saddle upon her back-and so began the first of many climbs.

She climbed...and she climbed... and climbed higher and higher still. The length was quite ridiculous to be quite frank, why hadn't she simply walked up the back of her wing, or up across the body! AHA~! With a exhalation of exhaustion filled relief, she clamored into the saddle, Vhagar watching her silently as she did so. Massive wings pulled in, readying to pus off the ground, sand billowing from the movement. Laena licked her dry lips, as she looked at the ropes strung to the saddle and slowly unwound them from the handles in place. The massive length of rope wound down around Vhagar's neck, and Laena swallowed the lump in her throat as she prepared for what could either be the greatest moment in her life, or the end of it.

"Fly!" Laena commanded boldly. Vhagar warbled a response as she turned to the human upon her back, sounding curious if the child truly wished to take the skies, "Obey me, Vhagar!" she commanded, "Fly!" she ordered the dragon.

A gurgled growl filled the air as Vhagar pushed down upon the world. A massive foot lifting up off the ground, a wave of sand crashing down as the massive beast stomped down, shaking the world. A wing slid under her body as she pushed up, a crash of thunder from her standing tall in all her glory. Sand rained down upon the ground as Laena gawked in surprise, her body shifting in the saddle as Vhagar rose to her full height. She remembered when she had seen Balerion land upon the grounds of the castle, he had shaken the world, he was larger than the Red Keep itself, and Vhagar wasn't even close to being half the Black Dread's size.

But, she should have realized that by claiming such a massive creature, she would still need to prove her worth to her.

Sand was shaken from bronze scales, Laena gasping as she held on for dear life, nearly being flung from this height would surely kill her!

And then, she was off. Vhagar began to race ahead with incredible speed for something her size, surprising given she was big as a small castle. Then, her wing's flared open, the massive feet of the Dragon Queen treading upon the earth filled the air like thunder, each step another crash that shook the heavens and rendered the earth.





And she began flapping her wing's, claps of the storm filling the air before she pressed down upon the earth one last time before she took to the skies, a roar of triumph filling the air as she soared for the first time in decades!

And, Laena's cries of shock and terror filled the air soon after, he body nearly flung from the saddle as she held onto the rope with all she had.

Don't look down!

Don't look down!


Vhagar reached the height of the heaven's in record time, the wind rushing through Laena's hair as she pulled herself up to the saddle and grabbed the handle's upon it. Vhagar snarled as Laena sat in her seat and pulled on the ropes, and she dove, once more the young girls cries filled the air.


As they neared what could be the end of the both of them, Vhagar pulled up, ripping a hill apart with her mighty feet as she pushed off once again, her powerful wing's beating against the forces of the world. Laena cheered happily before she cried out and ducked into the saddle. Vhagar had flown them through a flock of gulls, and had even eaten quite a few of them. Wing's tilted under the light of the moon, dipping into the cool darkness of the waters right beneath her, stirring it up before she turned the other way and dipped the other wing down into the refreshing water's as she turned about.

With a yank on the ropes, Laena had Vhagar take to the heaven's themselves, the dragon roaring in approval as she beat down, her wings ripping through the water once-twice-thrice, and then she was among the clouds!

She had done it. She had kept her promise to Naruto!

Oh she could wait to see the look of surprise on his-GROARG~! Laena cried out as the world shuddered under the roar of another dragon. Vhagar roared in response as the Dragon Queen turned about, and Laena looked up in shock to see the massive form of Balerion himself, flying next to a white dragon almost as large as Vhagar. And upon both those dragon's were people. Laena cried out as she waved to the massive beast's rider, a gesture which was reciprocated as Laena steered Vhagar back around to join her brother and this unknown white dragon. The trio of massive dragon's soaring across the heaven's as elegant as any sight one could dream up.


Landing, the trio of dragon's lay down so as to allow their rider's to climb off, and Laena rushed over when she realized her cousin was legitimately there to witness her claiming her dragon. Looking upon Balerion now, and gazing at Vhagar, the girl realized, that even with her immense size; she was far out of her league compared to the Dread. Simply put, Balerion could bite down and rip Vhagar in half without question, and this other dragon that flew with Balerion wasn't ridden by another Targaryen, but by Alicent herself made the young girl excited to know that another rider had been added to their numbers.

Naruto looked upon Vhagar in just as much awe as he would Balerion, his hand running across the preening she dragon's snout as Aethrak nudged the other female in affection, showing that despite not being Vhagar's hatchling, were both close with one another. Laena looked at Naruto and Alicent in slight confusion, but her curiosity held much of it at bay as she simply decided to ask him, "Tell me cousin, what has brought you here to the other side of the world?" as she placed a hand upon her hip

"I am here to end a war." Naruto's tone said it all, "With Balerion and Aethrak in the fight, we could pull the Crabfeeder from his lair and end this farce once and for all."

"The Stepstones are in 'that' direction last I checked cousin." Laena stated as she pointed towards where her father and Uncle Daemon were battling the forces of the Crabfeeder even now.

"I know, but I couldn't help but notice Vhagar in flight, and I had to see what had caused her to fly so...strangely." he hummed as he looked to Alicent who was giggling to herself as Laena blushed in embarrassment.

"I just claimed Vhagar, you oaf!" she said as she began to lay into the larger male using her fists in the only way she knew would stop his tasteless humor.

Meaning that she began to punch him in the shoulder repeatedly.

Naruto still laughed as she laid into him, but when he did calm down he looked to Laena happily, "Well, I for one, am glad someone as kind as you could have claimed Vhagar as their mount, congratulations."

"Thank you." she said before motioning to Alicent, "And what's her reason for being out here?" she questioned.

"Bonding her to Aethrak. Happened only a couple hours ago. I wanted to fly over and check in on my father before heading back to make sure that Uncle Viserys didn't wake up with that bad of a hangover." he answered honestly.

"And what has happened to King Viserys that has gotten him to act so... strange?"

"You'll find out I'm sure." Naruto said with a shrug.

"Is it due to how Alicent managed to claim her dragon?"

"Something like that."

"That's not an answer Naruto!" Laena scowled.

"I know, but I need to return Alicent back home before Otto sends out all the dragon riders to find her. And then I need to speak with him about something." he sighed.

He was not looking forward to this discussion.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again, cousin." Laena said happily as both her cousin and friend departed.

He failed to notice the last, longing look she sent his way.


War was ugly.

It was an unfortunate fact of life, one that often made Daemon despair.

The War in the Stepstones had been going poorly. He didn't deny that much.

But now it seemed things would sun turn in their favor.

Daemon read the letter he'd been given.

And he began to laugh.


He briefly considered burning it, but thought better of it, if only to see the look on Lord Corlys face.

"Much has changed in our absence it seems." the former heir said jovially.

Lord Velaryon blinked for a moment, baffled.

Daemon handed him the letter.

And his eyes grew most wide indeed.

"Your son has gone mad!"

"Perhaps." he shrugged one shoulder. "One of us often does. However..."

Something rumbled above.

It was their one, and only warning.

A mighty shadow swooped down out the clouds over them.

No, not just one shadow. More. Dark wings blotted out the very skies.

The silence that followed was a beauty, a blessed thing indeed. He resolved himself to savor it as long as he could.

Balerion the Black Dread had come to the Stepstones in all his wild vigor, but not alone.

And there, riding upon his back...


The boy did so love his entrances.

The earth shook as the massive dragon landed, causing many to stumble about as if they had been in their cups.

My, how he'd grown.

A curious pang tugged at his heart. Was this what pride felt like? Pride in his own blood? It had been ages -years!- since he'd felt this stirring in his chest.

"Brave of you boy, but foolish." he grinned at his son as he disembarked. "I thought you would've learned your lesson by now."

"What can I say?" Naruto's smile was shameless. "I've always been a slow learner."

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Granted, some are pretty far in the future, but still.

Timeskips are coming soon~!


Naruto caught the crossbow bolt in his hand.

"Always loved crossbows." he grinned, considering the barbed shaft. "Never used 'em myself. They take too long to reload. I, on the other hand...

He whirled and flung it back, skewering them in the face. Their corpse pitched back. The others balked.

They were still balking when Balerion swooped down out the clouds and landed beside him.

"Go ahead." he cooed. "Run for it. More fun for us."

Otto's hand flew to his throat. "What is this...?!"

A finger tapped his shoulder. He turned.

And saw them.

Hail prince Aegon's second nameday!"

Balerion sniffed.

Who was this small mewling creature and why was his partner offering it to him? Humans were strange.

"Say hello to my son, Balerion.

His partner's mate looked concerned. She needn't be.

The Black Dread sniffed once and laid back down.

Protect the child.


"Ooomph!" Naruto grunted. "Jeez, you hit hard!"

The boy's mother smiled. "Is it any wonder? Your son takes after you, husband...

"Its not fair." his son sulked. "They're all bigger than me, and they all have dragons. I don't."

"You're young. There's still plenty of time," he sighed as he saw the pained look on his face. "Alright. Come with me."

"What?" the boy balked a little. "Where are we going?"

"To the dragonpit. Where else?" he slung an arm around his shoulder. "We'll enter it together. Today's the day you find yourself a dragon. I've got one in mind..."

"Get up! Your master has need of you." he said boldly, unwavering as he gazed into the darkness of the cavern.

"F-Father?" his son stuttered.

"Awaken, Vhadrak!" the older blond commanded with a roar, as a pair of mad crimson eyes opened themselves into the darkness, the only visible thing of the massive beast that could rival his wife's dragon-Aethrak-in sheer size.

"Is the safety and security of the realm not worth a single boy's life?"

"You'll never stop at one!" he righted himself with a grunt, turned his head, and spat out a bloody tooth. "I'll take you all on!"

As King of Westeros, and the rider of Balerion the Black Dread himself, he could wage war on anyone he pleased, but he didn't want to wage war, especially against his family and loved ones. But the constant infighting and belittling shared between his family was drawing a very obvious line in the sands. Even when he wasn't heir, he wanted to protect and safeguard what Aegon had built Westeros into when he conquered through flame and destruction, a united continent.

He had done much when he had claimed the title of Heir, and it wasn't simply for the right of sitting on the Iron Throne. It was for Alicent, Rhaenyra, Laena and his father. Ever since Rhaenyra had ran off, things had gone from bad to worse.

He would be paying a visit to Dragonstone shortly after to visit a few old friends to make sure nothing happened to them.

And as of right now, he was being forced to choose; relinquish his seat... or wage war...

"The only reason we haven't gone to war with the Blacks yet is because they're surprisingly smart enough to stay away from open conflict with us seeing as we have a lot more dragons under our command Your grace." Daemon stated.

"Nevertheless, war is what they want. Rhaenyra is half mad by the fact I killed her lover and disinherited her eldest for being a bastard, from which evidence shown and looked at clearly shows his father. The mere fact that she is even considering the idea is only because Otto pissed her off to the point she would have declared war on us, on me, for being a unworthy ruler, regardless of my attempts to sway her back into a peaceful solution." Naruto stated before he stood up and walked around the table to stand ahead of all the gathered allies to his house and spoke with a presence that held their attention, "This boils down to one thing, and one thing only." he spoke, "The cause of the demise of her son, was caused-no thanks in small part to Vahdrak-Aemon having spooked the poor boys dragon into reacting out of sheer terror, and this is a thing we can no longer ignore." he said softly.

He may not have liked her siring a bastard, but the boy was family regardless, and he did feel sorry for the boys death and felt a tad responsible for it when Aemon was patrolling the Kingdom to ensure all Lords were remaining Loyal and accepting offer's of marriage if the Lord wished to remain in good terms with the King. Rhaenyra had gone too far in killing his beloved Aunt Rhaenys and her dragon Meyles in her combined assault. Naruto sighed as he looked up, a fire in his eyes and a thirst for vengeance in his heart, "Rhaenyra has sent us a message... That she can take whatever she wants. That no one can stop her." he stated seriously.

With a shrug of his own shoulders he continued, "Well we will send her a message." he told his council before looking to his heirs with passion. Each of them had as much a serious face as their father did; Aegon, Aemond, Heleana, Baela, Rhaena, "You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you... You tell the other Houses to come." he declared, the determination in their eyes only growing from a set of conflicting ideals to a united front, "Tell them Naruto the Shadow Conqueror of House Targaryen calls to them!" he said jabbing a hand towards the window and then at himself, "Because you fly now, with me! My Sons! My daughters! My heirs and children! And we will show these would be Kings and Queens... That they cannot take whatever they want!" he declared boldly, "Because today... Today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them! Today, we bring our enemies FIRE AND BLOOD!"

Cheers rang through the air as Naruto finished his rallying speech and he grabbed Alicent's' and Leana's hands and ran out the door, through the throne room out of the door and across the bridge to a large familiar clearing, the earth shaking as Balerion came crashing to the ground so his master could run up his large wings with his wives behind him. Sitting in the saddle built for his dragon, Naruto's beloved wives sat down and held on. Leana sat behind him while Alicent sat in front of him. Grabbing the two leather reigns on the dragon's neck, he pulled back and gave a loud, "HYAH!" as Balerion rose to his legs, the crowd cheering as the dragon gave a loud, "GROARG~" as he rattled the entirety of King's Landing with his war-cry, the heaven's trembled and the earth quaked under the might of the Dragon King before he leapt up into the air and took off, his body snaking through the sky as he quickly gained momentum with frightening ease for a behemoth his size.

Flying around the large castle he had begun to call home, cheers were heard as his children rushed to their own dragons and climbed onto their backs and took to the sky to follow their father and king, a roar from the Black Dread filling the heavens as he soared through the air to his destination.

"As Queen-!"

Naruto rounded on his cousin with a snarl of fury, "BUT YOU'RE NOT QUEEN!" he bellowed, his voice echoing through the room, "And you won't be anymore..." he growled, "I have sacrificed much to achieve peace. So too must a new generation sacrifice to maintain that peace. Responsibility! Duty! Honour! These are not mere virtues to which we must aspire! They are essential to every soldier, to every king!"

"I must,..." Viserys breathed harshly, his lungs protesting with each word spoken, "admit, my confusion." he said as he gazed across the foyer, "I do not understand, why petitions are being heard, over a settled succession..." he huffed in exhaustion, "The only one present,..." he breathed out raggedly, "who might offer, keen hindsight, into Lord Corlys' wishes..." he huffed as he tried to speak through the pain, "is the Princess Rhaenys." he said calmly through heavy bated breath.

The Queen that Never was, Princess Rhaenys, bowed her head solemnly, "Indeed, Your Grace." she admitted. Stepping forth past Vaemond, she allowed the crowd to look upon her as she spoke, "It was ever my husbands wish, that Driftmark, pass through Ser Leanor to his son; Lucerys Velaryon." she spoke up with conviction, "His mind never changed, nor did my support of him." she told Viserys, "As a matter of fact, the Princess Rhaenyra, has just informed me of her desire to marry her sons Jace and Luke to Prince Naruto's daughters; Baela and Rhaena." she said softly, "A proposal, in which I heartily agree, as a way to settle the growing tensions between the lines of succession." she said pleadingly.