Author Notes: This takes place sometime in Young Justice - Season 1 - after Zatanna joins the Team.

This rough draft of a short story is loosely based on an old Garfield comic strip, and my attempt at comedy. I originally uploaded a version of this on Tumblr, which was meant to be dialogue only (albeit with some sparse action descriptions, couldn't be helped), as something of a psuedo-script. So I figured I'd write it as a short story. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in this short. They are the properties of their respective owners.

"Hey, Zee, can I ask you something?" Wally said as he sat down next to Zatanna inside the kitchen of Mount Justice. In front of him was a bowl full of a variety of potato chips, pretzels, popcorn and other types of food he was prepared to make history.

The dark haired mage looked up from her salad plate. "Shoot."

"So, you're into magic, right? Sorcery and the whole bit?"

"What about it?"

"Why don't you show me one of your favorite spells to use? Like, if there's a situation where you happen to find a guy... cute." The emphasis on the last word was followed by a wiggle of his eyebrows. "If you catch my drift."

Zatanna tilted her head. "I thought you didn't believe in stuff like magic."

Wally held up a hand. "I don't. But... let's just say, for the sake of curiosity... I wanna know your favorite spell that you use for fun. Humor me."

"You really wanna know, huh?"

"Yeah, I do. C'mon, babe. Show me something, anything, I don't care what it is." He then took a few potato chips from his bowl and toss them into his mouth like a pig, gorging them in a sloppy manner. He was thinking that he would be entertained somewhat.

It was then that Zatanna then got an idea. Her mouth turned upward into a tight lipped smile. This would make a nice joke to pull on him. It would serve him right for trying to low-key hit on her, besides. "Ok, then. Otatop spihc emoceb god doof!"

Wally, with his mouth completely full, was about to ask what spell she had just performed when the food inside his mouth completely changed. Not to mention his face when his taste buds realized what he was eating now.

"Dog food?!" He spat out the chewed up bits of dog food from his mouth on the kitchen floor and started coughing. Afterwards, he wiped some saliva from his mouth before glaring at Zatanna.

"That is SO not funny!" The speedster then snatched a bottle of water and began to drink it to wash out the remains of what was left on his tongue.

Zatanna simply pointed at the water bottle. "Retaw emoceb toh ecuas!"

It didn't take long for Wally to see what she had done next. Spitting out what was in his mouth, he looked at what he thought was a water bottle. "AHH! HOT SAUCE!" He jumped out of his seat and ran back and forth around the kitchen island.

"Believe in magic yet?" Zatanna asked with a smirk.

Wally was too busy panicking to hear what she said, and he didn't care, either. He fanned his hands in the direction of his mouth to cool his tongue. It didn't help, as his mouth still felt like someone had caused it to burst into flames.


Thinking quickly, he opened the refrigerator door, only to find there was nothing cold to drink. So he ran over to the kitchen sink.

"Nehctik knis sepip golc pu!"

Frantically, Wally turned the cold water knob, but nothing come out of the faucet. It was somehow clogged up. "AWW MAN!"

Desperate, he darted past Artemis who just entered the kitchen and down the corridor towards the nearest restroom."GANGWAY!"

Artemis looked on in confusion over her shoulder. "Um... what the hell just..."

She then saw Zatanna innocently blink her eyes while sitting in her chair with her salad, as though nothing happened.

Placing her hands in a gesture of dismissal, the blonde teen archer turned and walked away. "You know what? Never mind. I don't even wanna know."

A/N: My apologies for not uploading stories as often as I should. I've had to deal with life issues, immediate family issues, occasional mental health issues, not to mention studying for a portion of the HSE Test.

All that aside, is there anything in this story that needs restructuring, adding or subtracting, let me know. I'll plan to rewrite this in the future.

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