I woke up one day to see a woman standing over me, she smiled so kindly to me. She told me that she was my goddess, she told me I was meant for great things, but what I was, was a weapon.

She never dared to tell me the truth, I had to learn it myself.

Chapter 1:

A platform, a man, dressed in a black sleeveless robe with a red sash over the tunic, his face covered by a hood, a sweatband on each wrist, dark grey long sleeve trousers and steel boots. He had two blunt daggers at hand.

Two Jaffa stand with wooden staffs, ready to attack him. Their goddess stood outside of the training platform and said, "Begin.".

The Jaffa struck at him, the man used one dagger to disarm the first Jaffa, dodging his second opponent's attacks, he disarmed him with ease. But they recovered quickly, attacking again, the individual kicks one in the gut, the other receives a roundhouse in the face.

The Jaffa went down. While he stood tall. His mistress looks at them, but walks away. The man, burning with anger, storms off and proceeds release all his range, taking his swords, and slicing furiously at one of the training dummies.

Despite his mistress's disapproval, she watches him, more of his strength placed into his ruthless attacks, "He's ready, ready to serve his god." She says, her First Prime, looks at her, "My mistress, if he learns of his true nature, he'll be dangerous, we must not proceed with our plans.".

But the Goa'uld looks at her First Prime, "You dare not trust your god! Be aware, I do not tolerate hesitation, the Goa'uld will rise, we will reclaim what belongs to us, rightfully.".

The First Prime bows his head, "Forgive me, I merely fear of what might come. You risen from the dead once, and you shall rise to your former glory.". The Goa'uld nods at her First Prime, "Indeed I shall, for I am Nirrti, the last, of the gods.".

Meanwhile, far away, the hero of the Milky Way, the son of a Replicator and Human, treks through the sludge of a swamp in the Pegasus Galaxy, with his commanding officer, now Lieutenant Colonel Evan Lorne, treks in the direction of their objective, a Wraith research lab, that could lead to the possibility of turning the tide of the war, in their favour.

Lieutenant Aiden O'Neill spent the last year in Atlantis, living the life he dreamt of, acceptance, loyalty, and new friends, and it's not just Lorne and his team, Aiden made friends all over the place, he plays golf with Sheppard, spars with Ronon, works with McKay in the lab, his relationship with Teyla is a little tough, due to the fact that she reminds Aiden about his lost love. And it hurts him today still.

Doctor Keller is nice, due to The Healing Touch, as he likes to call it, he saves a lot of time and resources for Atlantis's medical personnel. Although, he could tell she has a king size crush on McKay, and the self-centred ass doesn't realize it, Aiden promised Keller he won't speak a word of it after he caught her making goo-goo eyes at McKay's rear.

Does he think she's cute, fuck yeah he does, but there was no way he would date her, she was at least ten years older then him. But still, a guy could admire, right?

Teyla is attractive as well, great body too, but it was obvious she had her eyes on Sheppard, and the truth was, he had no idea how old she was. Despite the fact he's nineteen, 6'3 foot, he added an extra inch due to a lack of gravity on a mission, an IQ of 401, and being half Replicator, he caught the eye of most female staff, not just geeks, even a few of the military women liked him, and not in an appropriate way.

Lorne raises his hand, and the team went into an attack formation, Aiden keeping an eye to the trees, after learning some Wraith always attacked from the trees.

And indeed, one Wraith jumped, the team jumped away, while Aiden engaged in a wrestling match with one, but with a swift blow, he pushes it off of him.

Jumping to his feet, Aiden unsheathed his combat knife, none of his team dared to move, but still kept their guns aimed at the Wraith. They learned a while back, when Aiden is locked into a fight, he is not to be messed with.

The Wraith attacks, trying to slam his hand into Aiden's chest, but Aiden swings his knife, cutting the slit. The Wraith screeches, and goes for another attack, Aiden cuts again, this time, getting the Wraith to drop onto his knees. And without hesitation, slams the knife into his throat. Decapitating the head.

"Geez, kid, does everything you do involve a gruesome death?" asked Lorne.

"I see it as one Wraith less to worry about." Aiden merely remarks. Cleaning his knife against the Wraith's clothes, he searches the body, fishing out a Wraith tracking device. Tossing it to Lorne, who catches it and stomps on it. "Another thing we need to talk about.".

"Understood, sir." Aiden nods and points to the tree line, the team aim their guns at where he was pointing. Aiden then takes a small stone, and tosses it, it bounces off of thin air, causing ripples. "Cloaking shield.".

Enhancing his senses, another ability he discovered, he can enhance his sight via concentration, enhance his hearing by listening at something specific for longer then 15 seconds, enhance his smell, well, he just needs to take a deep whiff. Touch, simple, he just touches something.

So, feeling his way, he finds the entrance. And, with a punch, the shield deactivates. Lorne takes the lead and the team work their way to the centre of the lab, where human bodies were, not normal bodies, but lab rat humans.

"Christ, this is just too much." Lorne says, and it was, Aiden, grips his gun tighter and about to do what he does best, kill Wraith. But Lorne grabs his arm, "Listen, I know you hate the Wraith, but you gotta keep your head in the game, understood.".

"Yes sir.". He hated the Wraith; he hated them more then he hated himself. For, a not so long ago, one fed on him, when he thought he was a goner, the nanites in his blood reactivated, causing them to replicate and rebuilt him to his younger self, that's how his powers evolved. He hated the Wraith for reactivating the nanites, even Todd was on his shit list. And that says enough.

But an alarm goes off, and the team knew, they were fucked. Running towards the exit, Aiden made point to quickly copy the files, he was basically a flesh computer. When he finished memorizing, he made a run, just as he jumps out, the lab vaporizes along with the computers. His face, covered in the leaves.

Lorne and one of the marines named Sgt Brogues, dragged him towards a tree, somehow, he was caught in the blast and was knocked unconscious, and he had a gash wound on the back of his shoulder.

"Fuck, patch him up. Hand me the First Aid Kit." Lorne orders.

"But sir, he has healing powers." Corporal Moon, a rookie points out.

Lorne, looks at her quite frankly. "How is he supposed to heal himself if he is unconscious!? Come on, get the kit!".

But Brogues beats her to the punch. He and Aiden formed a bond in the past year that they knew each other. A bond that's friendship like. So, when he was told to keep watch over Aiden, he knew to stick with it. "Come on, buddy, don't die on us now!".

A groan escapes Aiden's mouth, and his fist lightly clenches. He groans a word in Ancient, and his wound on his shoulder started to heal by itself. But he was still unconscious.

"COLONEL! He just healed himself, then passed out!".

Lorne runs over, checking for a pulse. "He's alive. Let's get him out of here." Brogues and another marine named Clark, carries Aiden to the gate. Moon dials and sends her IDC, dragging Aiden, Carson and his crew were ready for them. "Alright lads, get him set up for observation.". When Aiden was placed on the gurney, and wheeled to the infirmary, Moon followed like a tail.

Lorne immediately went to talk to Sheppard. Because Aiden was their best operative. And they need him for their war against the Wraith. "Sir, I am worried about my 2IC, he's been, emotionally involved in this war. Ever sinceā€¦ the incident.".

"So am I, Lorne, we are losing allies because of them, keep working.". Sheppard went back to his paperwork.

In the infirmary, Moon refused to leave Aiden's side. He was breathing, sighing, she pulls her cap off, dark hair falling down her back, she couldn't be taller then 5'8. Her brown eyes focusing on the rise and fall of his chest. She was quite on the slender side. But as Aiden likes to say, has a very distracting six.

Yes, they are seeing each other, a physical relationship, just physical.

She arrived around a week after Aiden.


Corporal Moon arrives in Atlantis, and she was settling in, she was looking for the Mess, but couldn't find it, she sees a stranger, "Excuse me, but I am a little lost, can you lead me into the right direction? I was looking for the Mess.".

"Oh sure, I was on my way as well, you must be new.".

"Yes. I arrived today, you?".

"Last week," he holds his hand out, "Lieutenant Aiden O'Neill, Air Force.".

"Corporal Brie Moon, Marines.".

"Since when did the Marines recruit the good ones?".

She laughs at his corny joke.

"Too corny?" he asks.

"A little. You not bad yourself." She comments, making sure that her gaze lingers at his chest long enough for him to notice.

"Eyes up here, Corporal." He jokes back.

"Yes sir.".

Flashback ends.