A/N: A Jr. POV fic for my bestie, I've been working on this for a while.

All rights and characters belong to Bandai Namco and Monolith Soft.

There wasn't a better feeling than opening the Foundation for the first time. Nothing else could ever compare.

The sense of accomplishment felt so fulfilling.

I truly loved every moment of it. At the same time, I couldn't recall the last time that I'd felt so free.

If I told anyone this, they wouldn't believe me. They'd ask: Wasn't I free already? Pfft. I wish that was the case.

Names and memories don't exactly slip away from your mind easily.

Especially if they all belonged to someone most precious to you.

My absent thoughts are then attracted to something else.

Shades of green and black enter my consciousness.

Blurring away the past in an instant.

I realized that it was reality setting in, reminding that I must've zoned off.

Damn, is my attention span really that short!?

Those mixed colors that I saw actually appeared to be Gaignun, he was standing in front of me, ready to catch my fall.

When my eyes opened, I weakly fell forward. I couldn't help but wonder why I was even weak in the first place. It wasn't like I caught anything.

After my head bumped into his chest, my body pulled itself away. "Is everything all right?" I wanted to say yes, but really... it wasn't.

In no less than ten minutes, I had to do a public speech, and I definitely wasn't prepared for it. My vision could barely stay still.

It kept shaking. over and over again. I'd hate for anyone to suffer the same amount of motion sickness as this. It's fucking terrible!

"Other than wanting to puke, I'm fine- kinda." With my reply sounding so ambiguous, Gaignun couldn't help but dissect it.

If there was the human equivalent of a lie detector, it was totally him. Never have I managed to slip away from how I truly felt.

Getting anyone else involved was the last thing I'd want.

But I can't argue, I really was feeling like shit. I had other worries on my mind. About this new planet called Second Militia, and this girl that we're gonna be seeing soon called MOMO.

When I woke up the next morning, I was feeling whole lot better.

I didn't have any of those pulsing headaches, the usual pounding in my chest wasn't there either.

After the sunlight shone through the room's windows, I gratefully murmured.

"Thank god." To be completely honest, I didn't have a clue as to why I felt so terrible other day.

But I knew one thing at least. My stomach always turns over whenever I reflect upon the past.

My brain tries to handle it on it's own, but it's all too much. I bet if everyone else knew the truth, they'd agree the very same.

With the thought of my past tucked away, I get up from my bed. As always it's neatly made, thanks to Gaignun.

I never get the time to make it myself.

There always too much bloody paperwork to do. Even with all the comfort I have, I still struggle to sleep on most nights.

When I reached the kitchen counter, Gaignun was already there. Slowly, he poured milk into both of our drinks. "Sleep well?" At first I shrugged, to imply an half half response.

"On and off." With an acknowledged nod, my brother sliced into his bacon.

Surprisingly. Gaignun's picky with how he eats. Given by how he separates the eggs away from the seasoned tomatoes.

Just scent alone was enough to make my mouth water. Usually, I'm not hungry in the morning. My priority was always getting everything done before finally having a nice break to look around, and see how all the locals are.

But now, I'm definitely not letting my food go cold. Right as I pop a few beans into my mouth, Mary joins us.

As per usual, she begins the day with a warm, cheerful smile. "Morning Little Master, we sure have a big day ahead of us, huh?"

"Tell me about it, we're getting ready for New Years Eve next week, and we haven't even gotten the food ready and ordered yet."

With a sip of coffee, Gaignun smiled.

"And who's fault would that be?"

Of course, I fired up immediately. Completely missing the sound of Gaignun's sarcasm.

"Not mine, damn it!" "I can't control when mindless dickheads ship food over!"

"They're probably busy getting pissed or something."

Whilst Mary stirred her coffee around, she "thankfully" agreed with me. Phew.

"Kinda makes sense, considering it's the weekend." "But then again, we're paying em' for the quickest service possible."

After a few moments of silence, we get back to eating our breakfast.

Everytime the salty bacon hits my tongue- it's... it's like heaven. Smokey, delicious goodness. Beautiful.

For so long I've been used to eating just rations, and various types of soups.

Back when me and Gaignun were children, we didn't have the luxury choosing what we really wanted. So if some sweets were lying around, we wouldn't have any qualms about taking them.

It reminds me. I get asked the same question everyday. And everytime, I regret giving out an answer.

You have another brother, don't you?

Unlike most people, my nights weren't blessed with silence. I'd always hear this voice, calling to me. It sounded blurry at first, but as days went on. The voice would become clearer and clearer.

I discovered that it was the cheerful voice of my other brother, Albedo.

With his hands held against his back, my twin pulled a seemly innocent smile.

"What's that face for, aren't you happy to see me?"

"It's what you've always wanted Rubedo, for us to be together again!"

I wasn't going to allow that bastard to justify any of this. Not whilst the opportunity presented itself! I've already through hell, in ways that my brother could never comprehend.

"How the hell could I smile, why should I be as happy as you are!?"

"You almost killed-!"

Right before I could finish, another voice spoke out. Silkly deeper than the last.

"Spare me your repetition, you're the one who killed our entire squadron."

My instincts were the first to rush through, and as a result I immediately fired back, guns relentlessly blazing.

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about!" "Back then, I fought like my fucking life depended on it!"

It didn't matter how many shots I went with, Albedo still walked, completely unfazed.

For once my life, I completely forgot about my twin's regeneration. It didn't matter how I attacked, it wouldn't cut it.

Any injury would just grow back in an instant, as if it never happened in the first place.

"Again with the pathetic gunfire!" "You've forgotten how to sate me haven't you!?"

I expected this kind of reaction. He hadn't changed either. We're both as stubborn as ever. So whenever someone asks, I just state our relationship as this.

Guns and roses, it's how it's always been.